When you’re flying via Kuala Lumpur on a budget airline, particularly Air Asia, you’re going to require a smooth transit at the KLIA2 International Airport in Malaysia.

It’s a KLIA2 transit which will pleasantly surprise you too.

I have been through the departure halls during many of my Air Asia flights, and I always get excited when I know another layover is impending.

Therefore, what is the reason I get rather excited about a layover in a busy transit area? Well, I’ll tell you.

Inside the departure halls, there is crazy cheap food at the massive food court, plenty of charging points for your devices and cosy airport lounges to recharge the batteries.

Naturally, you’ll stumble upon a fabulous duty-free shopping precinct, bustling cafes for a coffee hit, elegant restaurants for a quiet meal and a KLIA transit hotel when a layover is overnight.

It means you don’t need to get disappointed when a long KLIA2 transit is on the horizon, because a busy stopover is anticipated at Kuala Lumpur’s home of Air Asia.


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klia2 transit

A KLIA2 transit is waiting for you in Malaysia.



KLIA2 Transit -Kuala Lumpur – Best Things to Do While You Wait


Below are a few suggestions to make your long layover at KLIA2 airport more convenient when in need of transit for several hours in the Kuala Lumpur Airport.


A KLIA2 Massage at the Wellness Spa

A KLIA2 massage is what you need to get rid of any aches and pains caused by your previous flight into Kuala Lumpur.

The perfect preparation for the next leg of your journey.

Alternatively, you may want to relax for a while inside the Wellness Spa at the Premium Lounge and choose from a selection of massages available for the guest.

The Wellness Spa is open from 7 am to midnight every day of the week.


KLIA2 massage

Relax at the Wellness Spa in the Premium Lounge



Go Shopping for your favourite retail brands

What is an International Airport without the top retail brands?

It’ll cost a pretty fortune, however, available is the quality goods in the range of Hugo Boss, Michael Kors and Quicksilver, to name a few top brands inside KLIA2.

Whether you’re in need for a Rolex, women’s & men’s fashion clothing, a range of jewellery and a whole lot more, the KLIA2 has you covered.


Duty-Free Shopping is at your mercy

Yeah, I get it! Duty-Free Shopping is available at every international airport, and like any other duty-free outlet, it provides the best range of beauty products, perfumes and liquor without the added tax costs.

The KLIA2 version exceeds expectation for travellers who wish to browse through the top range products, make a few purchases and put a dent in the credit card.

You’ll find the Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s massive duty-free area located in the heart of the Departure halls on level three.

 You can’t miss it!


klia2 airport

Browse the duty-free options inside the departure area.



Spend a few hours at a KLIA2 Lounge

When you have a few hours to spare without the need for a transit hotel, check out the Airport Lounge that comes with the comfort of a shower, a comfortable lounge chairs, alcoholic drinks and buffet dining.

Below are a couple of KLIA2 lounge suggestions for you to consider for your transit.

PLAZA Premium Lounge: A Premium lounge with the lot with a Wellness Spa, hot showers, buffet dining, charging stations and comfortable chairs for a quick shuteye before your flight.

Air Asia Premium Red Lounge: Air Asia passengers will love the comforts of the Red Lounge, which comes at a fantastic price for their loyal Air Asia customers.

Sama-Sama Express: If you don’t require a room but desire a comfortable lounge with a fantastic buffet option and drinks, the Sama-Sama Express has you covered with the added basics of hot showers and comfortable seating.


Stay a night or a few hours at the Sama-Sama Hotel

An overnight transit is hard work, and I can speak volumes of spending as little as six hours at the Sama-Sama Express Hotel.

For the fact, I have experienced the comfort and privacy of staying in the convenient KLIA2 transit hotel.

Located on the level 3 International Departure hall, the Sama-Sama is a boutique hotel where you can stay for a minimum of six hours or longer, sleep in a comfortable bed and have a refreshing shower before your next flight.

In the Kuala Lumpur Airport Transit Hotel, there is also the choice of enjoying a buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner at an extra cost, but at an excellent price for the visiting guest.


You can book your stay at the Sama-Sama at Booking.com!


klia2 transit hotel

Check in at the Sama-Sama Express.



Taste the foods of the World at the expansive food court

It’s a world of beautiful foods once you stroll into the extravagant food court and see a large selection of Malaysian, Indian and other cuisines at an affordable price.

Not to be outdone, there is also everyone’s favourite franchisees of Burger King and McDonald’s, including Louisiana Chicken for the taste finger-licking fried chicken.

It’s a food court where you can fly around the World, tasting various cuisines and sit back for an hour two and wait in comfort for your impending flight.


KLIA2 transit

The chicken Rice shop is popular choice at KLIA2 food court.



Unwind at the Sports Lounge and watch the best sport around the World

Are there any sports fans out there? I betcha there is!

On the second floor of the departure zone is a complimentary sports lounge that has comfortable seating, charging points and the most significant sporting events around the World on the big screen.

Don’t get the lounge confused with a sports bar, it’s not, you simply wander into the lounge, take a seat and watch the latest sports while waiting for your flight.



Sit back and relax in the Sports Lounge.



Enjoy pre-flight drinks in a variety of KLIA2 Airport bars

An Airport bar is rather expensive, but sometimes it’s a wise choice to enjoy an ice-cold beer off the tap and begin your holiday in style.

Whatever the alcoholic drink you desire, a red wine, a fine scotch on ice or a taste of vodka, the KLIA2 airport bar will provide you with the most excellent refreshments before your flight.

An elegant bar to enjoy a few beers is The BAR KLIA2 on the 3rd floor near Sama-Sama Express, it’s rather expensive but provide a range of food and beverages.  


klia2 bar

Which is your favourite beer off the tap?



Sit down at a cafe for a magnificent Coffee

Starbucks, McCafé and Gloria Jeans, take a pick!

A transit café will satisfy your desires whether you’re in need for a cappuccino, your favourite tea and other popular choices in the world-renown cafes available at the KLIA2 terminal.

Many of these cafes have charging stations; therefore, you can power up the smartphone, the laptop and other devices while sipping down a delicious coffee.


klia2 starbucks

Starbucks is a popular choice for all travellers.



A whole lot more is available at KLIA2

It’s the gift that keeps on giving when wandering through the International Transit Zone at KLIA2.

Naturally, you’ve got a Travelex for money exchange, a Gadgets Zone, Kids Zone, Movie Lounge, an Internet Kiosk and a pharmacy for when you’re a little under the weather.

If you know a KLIA2 transit on the horizon, there’s never any reason to fear!

The expansive budget airline airport has you covered in many ways when needing to wait hours for your next flight.

The good news is, it’ll be over before you know it.


Departing the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, check out a perfect day in KL!



Whatever you do, don’t get too comfortable, otherwise, you may miss your next flight



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