Transiting at the Sama-Sama Express Hotel in the KLIA2 airport – Malaysia is a convenient way to spend time waiting in long transit without leaving the airport.

Let’s get to the point, airports can be downright painful at times, especially when forced into a long transit that requires long waiting on a seat or corner area of the airport that, after several hours, feels like you sitting on needles as your back begins to stiffen. You feel every ache in your body. You begin to feel fatigued, but unfortunately, sleep is near impossible, and there is only so much money your credit card will allow you to spend when shopping in duty-free stores.

And don’t get me started if you have children. It only worsens for the poor old parents who do their best to entertain the restless little ones.

This article won’t solve all your transit problems unless you are in a significant airport worldwide with accommodation that doesn’t require you to go through immigration. Fortunately, that is a convenience you’re afforded, yes at a cost, when transiting at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Two (KLIA2 ) for tourists waiting in long transit. In this case, it’s the Sama-Sama Express Hotel inside the KLIA2 terminal. The AirAsia terminal of Kuala Lumpur.


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Sama-Sama Express hotel

People queue for a room at the Sama-Sama Express KLIA2 terminal.


The Sama-Sama Express – KLIA2 – Malaysia

The Sama-Sama Express Hotel is located in the Kuala Lumpur International 2 airport. A hotel where you can book a room for singles, couples or families in blocks of hours, with the minimum allocation being six hours per stay. For a transit hotel, the prices are quite reasonable for a hotel transit stay.

Below are the benefits of staying inside the transit KLIA2 Hotel.

  • The Benefits of the Sama Express: You can book your stay in a block of hours, with the minimum being six-hours, it’s perfect for a overnight transition, so you can wake up the next morning feeling relaxed and refreshed when you arrive at your next destination or vice-verca returning home.
  • What does the Sama-Sama Hotel offer for the guest: Inside the hotel are private bathrooms/showers, a restaurant with buffet option, comfortable bedding and a wakeup call so you do not toss your incoming flight. Although, you would be a fool not to set your own alarm clock.
  • The rooms inside the KLIA2 Hotel: The rooms are quite stylish, clean and surprisingly spacious, with plenty of room to move. The rooms are quite large and you can stretch, do push-ups or move about with ease.
  • Perfect for individuals, couples or families: The Sama-Sama Express rooms come with a range of options from small single rooms to large family rooms, use the website to book your appropriate room.
  • The Negatives: There are not too many negatives about a stay at the Sama-Sama Express. The rooms are not super sound proof and with guest coming or going frequently, as expect, you can cop a little hallway noise.
  • The price: The rooms start at about 245RM for the six hour period, convert to your own currency for your own pricing. It then goes up for an hourly rate until you check out for your next flight. You need to book upfront the required hours you intend to stay.
  • Where will you find it: The Sama Sama Express is located right near the main food court on the second level of KLIA2 airport. It’s situated right next to McDonalds and Popeye’s Chicken, you won’t miss the handy transit hotel.


KLIA2 Sama-Sama Express hotel

Have a good night sleep while in transit a the KLIA transit hotel.


My Verdict of the Sama-Sama Express Hotel

My wife and I stayed in Sama-Sama Express Hotel for seven hours during my visit at KLIA2 Airport. It was my first time we paid for a room after several visits to the busy airport and it was definitely worth the coin to stay, relax, sleep refresh and to enjoy a warm shower. I thoroughly recommend the fine hotel for any stay at the terminal for over six-hours that happens during the night, especially if you want to get to your holiday feeling refreshed and ready to go and your intended destination.


Do you have a long layover at the KLIA2 and need a room the transit Hotel? Check for availability on TripAdvisor!


Sama-Sama Express hotel

Watch aeroplanes come and go while enjoying a quiet drink in transit at KLIA.


* Please note this is not a sponsored post. I stayed and paid for this hotel without them having any knowledge of this article being written. It was all on my own accord.

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