Transiting at any airport around the world for long periods can be frustrating for any traveller who is keen to get to their next destination and begin a new adventure.

Transiting at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand puts a new perspective into long layovers because this mega-airport that was built in 2006 is a vibrant modern and another adventure in its own as you stroll through a wave of fellow travellers or business people who have jet-setting in their thoughts.

With that in mind, Suvarnabhumi Airport focuses on traveller’s needs and nails it in many ways to keep those transiting for long periods as entertained as possible.

While the prices are on the expensive side for most purchases or activities inside the terminal. Suvarnabhumi airport offers plenty with a range of retail outlets for those who need to shop, rest with a massage at Bangkok Airport, try a variety of food outlets and bunker down at a lounge or transit hotels.

It’s just a few of the awesome things available inside the terminal when your stay in Bangkok is longer than anticipated. Now, let’s get into it and take a more in-depth look into this fascinating airport in Bangkok.


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Suvarnabhumi airport

Suvarnabhumi airport


Making the most of your time at Suvarnabhumi Airport – Bangkok


Have a transit Suvarnabhumi Airport Massage to cure those long flight aches

Partaking in a Bangkok Airport massage will not be the cheapest massage you find in Thailand, in fact, it’ll cost you about ten times amount than on the streets of Bangkok.

Airport prices can’t be avoided; sometimes your back needs some treatment after spending hours on a long haul flight. Or your feet need tendering to after a long walk inside the airport, a massage in Bangkok Airport could be the perfect treatment.

There are several parlours located throughout the airport, and you can get in a relaxing foot, shoulder, back or Thai massage at the Chang Foot Massage and Spa Bangkok Airport.


The Mind Spa

Have a Massage in Suvarnabhumi Airport.


Transit Hotels for when time at the Bangkok Airport is longer than expected

The Miracle Transit hotel is available for those who require several hours transit inside the airport. Book in blocks of hours, minimum six- hours and enjoy a good sleep and a refreshing shower ahead of your eagerly awaited holiday or next port of call.

The Boxtel is also another cosy Transit Hotel where a good sleep and a shower is provided and all within the airport walls without needing to go through customs.

Transit Hotels available inside Suvarnabhumi airport



Relax in Comfort at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Chilling on a relaxing chair with your smartphone out, or perhaps enjoying a transit nap, you are more than covered with plenty of lounges available inside the airport that comes at a cost.

Even if you don’t want to wander into a lavish lounge area, there are plenty of quiet spots throughout the airport in various locations to spread out and relax for a little quiet time.


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Shop till you drop with duty-free sales

Every International Airport has duty-free shopping available, at Suvarnabhumi airport, there seems to be a little extra.

It is an airport that covers about one kilometre in length, and when walking through the busy foyer, it will seem as if it goes on forever. Duty-free stores make up a lot of the space from one end to the other and finding the right alcohol spirits or perfume won’t be a problem. However, be prepared to spend big, it’s one of the more expensive duty-free stores in Asia.


Suvarnabhumi airport

Duty-free at Suvarnabhumi airport.


Dine in several specialty restaurants and cafe’s

At either end of the lengthy airport, you will find plenty of cafés and restaurants to sit down to enjoy a good meal or drink while waiting for your next flight.

At the airport, you’ll find Thai Cuisine, Western Cuisine, Starbucks, or a cold frothy, whatever your taste buds desire, this airport will have you covered, and generally, the food is not too pricey.


Airport food.

Enjoy delicious Thai food.



Take in the Airport arts or have a Prayer

While in Thailand, see Thailand, with some lovely cultural sculptures spread out through the airport. It’ll make you get your camera out for picture or two to further add to your collection while on holidays.

Also, at the Suvarnabhumi airport, they look after all diversity and religious needs with a dedicated prayer room, available for those travellers with religious needs who seek a quiet location for prayer time.

At most major airports throughout the world, you’ll find prayer rooms inside the terminal. It’s just another way to show that no matter the culture or religious views, you are looked after wherever you travel around the globe.


Suvarnabhumi airport

Magnificent Thai sculptures inside the Airport.


It’s the Suvarnabhumi airport.

It’s big, it’s crowded, and it’s expensive. Don’t let it fear you, at Suvarnabhumi airport; it’ll occupy travellers who are stuck in transit at Bangkok for a few hours and seeking duty-free shopping or a massage near Suvarnabhumi airport.

If stuck at an airport, there are worst places to spend a few hours of your life than at Suvarnabhumi airport, for example, your day job, where you would usually be if it weren’t for the holiday you are about to embark on.


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Suvarnabhumi airport

Suvarnabhumi airport on a dreary Thai day.

Suvarnabhumi airport

Lovely Thai decorated designed shops.


On the way to Bangkok.



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Bangkok airport

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Bangkok airport

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