11 of the best things to do in Miri City in Sarawak of Borneo – Malaysia

11 of the best things to do in Miri City in Sarawak of Borneo – Malaysia

It’s a beautiful city in the Sarawak state of Borneo, and there are plenty of things to do in Miri City for a dream vacation.


There’s something about Miri!

It’s a gorgeous coastal town in the State of Sarawak in Malaysia, that captivates its tourists with laidback streets, friendly locals, and abundant attractions to occupy your Miri itinerary.

When looking at the best things to do in Miri City, you’ll find various fulfilling activities and a sense of satisfaction when thinking of adding this fantastic city to your Malaysia Itinerary.

I loved every moment of my trip to Miri, and using my busy feet to get around to various places; I captured the best bits of a fascinating city.

It’s now a pleasure to share the best things to do in Miri City of Sarawak.


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things to do in Miri CIty

Get out and find the best things to do in Miri City.



11 of the best things to do in Miri City in Sarawak – Borneo

Most of the places to visit in Miri are in the city precinct, except for a few distant National Parks, which will need prior planning before attending.

To get around Miri and make your way to the best attractions, you’ll need to hire a vehicle, use GRAB transportation or move around by foot.

Let’s hop into it and find out what’s on in Miri.

Therefore, you can have the proper preparation for your vacation by the beach and enjoy the hot Miri weather of this dazzling Sarawak City.





A unique city with dazzling city art.



Enjoy an Ice-Cold Tea at Times Square

Times Square is a booming modern-day infrastructure of living apartments, a business district and the home to the best Iced Teas in town with classy restaurants and cafes.

Times Square is a Miri attraction still on the rise with further development.

At the entrance, you’ll find the best fruit flavoured iced tea that’ll offer a refreshing drink in the air-conditioned tea house.


Times Square Miri

Times Square Miri.



Visit the Miri Fish Market

Do you love the smell of fresh seafood in the air? Then you’ll love wandering through the local fish market.

The locals pack the Fish Maret in large numbers to purchase the fresh Seafood for their dinner or business purposes.

For tourists, it’s captivating to see how the locals go about their everyday work in their operation of a fish market stall.


Fish Market Miri

The smell of seafood is in the air!



A quick peek at Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple.

It is a tiny Chinese temple, but a temple of unique design, which is worth the visit with its proximity to Times Square and the Fish Market.

The Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple is the oldest temple in Miri City, and many worshippers of the Buddhism faith come for prayer and to light a candle daily.

For the visiting tourist, the attraction in Miri is an opportunity to either worship or snap a few photos of the beautiful structures within the temple.


Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple

Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple.



Enjoy Vintage Miri Views at Canada Hill

Canada Hills rises above Miri city to create panorama views of the region below and towards the South China Sea. Miri sightseeing is at its finest at Canada Hill and is situated right near the city centre, making it a short walk or GRAB transportation to the famous location.

While many people arrive in the evening to watch a sunset, there are other things to do besides sightseeing and hiking. It’s the dedicated spot to mining in the city back in its existence with the iconic Grand Old Lady monument depicting the mining days of the past with an In-depth timeline of mining history.

Next to the famous Miri tourist attraction is the Petroleum Museum, which showcases how Miri turned from a small fishing village to a vibrant city through its mining operations.


Canada Hill Miri

The views of Miri City from Canada Hill.


Escape the heat and head indoors to a shopping mall in Miri

Miri Shopping is a great way to pass the time, and within a ten-minute walking distance, you’re going to find two of the biggest malls with a wide range of stores.

It’s an excellent opportunity to escape the heat and enjoy retail shopping in various outlets, have a sit-down meal and spend a little time in a Starbucks and other convenient cafes.

Let’s start with the Bintang Megamall. Inside are several retail stores of electronic, sporting and clothing outlets. There’s also a range of famous food stores of McDonald’s with KFC and other bites to eat various cuisines.

Further in the city limits is the Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, a complex known for an enticing food court of Asian Cuisines and having your regular cafes and retail outlets.

Best Shopping Malls in Miri include:

  • Permaisuri Imperial City Mall
  • Bintang Megamall
  • Boulevard Shopping Complex
  • Permy Mall
  • MYY Mall
  • Bintang Plaza


Permaisuri Imperial City Mall

Permaisuri Imperial City Mall.



A picturesque Stroll in Central Park and Marina Bay Park

The stunning coastal setting picks itself with the paved footpaths and the open parklands, further enhancing your Miri sightseeing.

Marina Bay Park and Miri Central Park sit side by side, making it an ideal opportunity for a daily walk, fun on the open grass for the kids and to sit down with a cold iced-Milo and admire the city’s beauty.

It’s merely a fantastic place to visit, particularly when the Miri weather begins to cool late afternoon and Coco Cabana is only a stone’s throw away.


Marina Bay Park

Marina Bay Park.



An Evening at Coco Cabana

I will never forget my perfect evening at Coco Cabana, one of my most joyous memories and one of the best places to visit in Miri.

While I was at Coco Cabana, a prominent Japanese BonBon festival was happening over the weekend, and the atmosphere with the night entertainment and food stalls was electric.

While events are regular at Coco Cabana, it’s not always happening every weekend.

It doesn’t take away from the Miri attraction, especially in the evening time when the atmosphere heats up with good food and cold beer at the Sunset Bar.

At Coco Cabana, there is plenty of things happening. You have the Sea Horse Statue, a range of restaurants and it’s the ideal spot to watch the sunset to end another busy day in Borneo.


Coco Cabana Miri

The Sea Horse at Coco Cabana.


Enjoy a wander through Miri City Fan Recreation Park.

A beautiful park within the city region that covers a whopping 26-acres.

The Miri City Fan Recreational Park gathers many people throughout the day keen for a light stroll or a jog within the freedom of nature in the city.

The Recreational Park has a amphitheatre, swimming pool, stunning water features and a lot more for when you decide to spend some peaceful times in the outdoors of Miri Sarawak.



Miri City Fan Recreational Park

Miri City Fan Recreational Park.



Escape to Nature within the Miri Public Park

The Miri Public Park is the perfect place to escape to nature within the city limits for lovers looking for a romantic garden walk, or a family outing with plenty of fun for the kids.

You’ll also find a few food stalls, a grocery market, toilets and a restaurant at the entrance to the park.

However, it’s the Suspension Bridge is what captivates most visitors to the park, with the expansive walking bridge covering large proportions of the park and leading to various gardens.

It’s underneath that will have kids excited, with a complimentary swimming pool the perfect spot to cool off and have some splashing fun in the clean pool.  


Miri Public Park

Miri Public Park.


Hit the sands at the Tanjong Lobang Miri Beach

Tanjong Lobang Beach is the best Miri beach to visit within the city precinct.

Everyday, people flock to enjoy a stroll along the sandy beaches, get mesmerised by the incredible views along the coastline and watch a majestic sunset when the evening comes around.

In the Tanjong Lobang beach, there are various restaurants for the best seafood dinner in town and luxury resorts for the ultimate stay in paradise.

Beyond Miri Borneo, other beaches along the coastline include Tusan Beach, Bakam Beach and Lutong Beach. Easily accessible by hiring a car or using a local driver.


Tanjong Lobang Beach Miri

Tanjong Lobang Beach.

Dinner and drinks at a Miri Restaurant

What is a city in Malaysia if it doesn’t have a range of superb restaurants to enjoy the best local cuisine and an ice-cold beer?

Miri doesn’t let down with many beautiful restaurants spread out through the city, which you usually find by accident while wandering the streets.

You can indulge in a range of Asian and Western meals and mingle with friends or a loved one for a few hours in the ideal evening conditions.

The best restaurants include:

  • Ming Café
  • Dragan Seafood Restaurant
  • Khan’s Islamic Restaurant
  • Tanjong Lobang Seafood Restaurant
  • Kent’s Garden



Miri Restaurants

Great local food in Miri.



Spread your wings a little further than Miri City

It’s not always easily accessible to get away from the city unless you have organised a day tour or arranged a personal driver to take you out for the day.

If you want to visit Miri tourist attractions that require travel, the best way is to order a GRAB driver and pay the driver to wait for you while you explore.

Please note, some places you visit do not have reception or taxis waiting, therefore getting back without prior plans could prove difficult.

Anyway, here are some attractions to visit away from the City.


Niah National Park: A fair way out of Miri, therefore prior planning is essential, the National Park is famous for hiking and exploring the Limestone Caves.

Miri Crocodile Farm: If you want to see the terrifying crocodiles up close and personal, then Miri Crocodile Farm is the place to go. It’s around 25-minutes from the city and near the Brunei border.

Lambir Hills National Park: Lambir Hills is the best place to go close to Miri for hiking. At this National Park, you can elect to go on a short one-hour hike or partake in a longer 3-4-hour walk.

Following the colour codes of various hikes, the most popular trail in Lambir Hills is the Latak trail which leads to the beautiful Latak Waterfall.

Depending on how much time you have available at the National Park. You should try to spend as much of your time exploring Lambir Hills as possible, for the natural beauty is astonishing.


That’s a wrap of the best things to do in Miri City and beyond.

All you need to do now is include Miri in your busy schedule while exploring the Sarawak State and you’ll have an adventurous and relaxing holiday all in one.


Latak Falls

Latak Falls at the Lambir Hills National Park.




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8 Incredible Reasons to have a Holiday in Kuching – Sarawak

8 Incredible Reasons to have a Holiday in Kuching – Sarawak

It’s a holiday to cherish with several great reasons to have an unforgettable holiday in Kuching of the Sarawak State in East Malaysia.

A solo adventure gets rather lonely wherever you travel around the world.

However, when I ventured for an unforgettable holiday in Kuching Sarawak, loneliness was never considered. 

While I missed my family immensely travelling in Sarawak City and wished they were by my side while participating in Kuching activities.

I never had time to get caught up on what could have been. 

The incredible city of East Malaysia grabbed my attention from the outset as if it were destiny to visit Kuching and tell the world how fulfilling a Kuching holiday is for the tourist. 

From the bustling city centre to the picturesque National Parks, below is eight great reasons to have an unforgettable holiday in Kuching, Sarawak. 


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Kuching Sarawak

The reasons begin to add when seeking a holiday in Kuching Sarawak.



8 Incredible Reasons to Have an Unforgettable Holiday in Kuching – Sarawak

Kuching Travel hits the right points when seeking culture, food, attractions and a vibrant nightlife for all to enjoy.

The reasons to visit will add up, and so will your memories long after accomplishing all those things to do in Kuching.

Let’s get into it.


Wandering the streets of Kuching City

There is a steady stream of traffic while walking the city streets of Kuching, nothing too chaotic, if most times quite a pleasant walk.

Every day, I loved taking my time to check out the local markets or stop in at a Kuching café and make full use of the free WIFI while sipping a coffee. 

You would stumble across a bar in the evening, either tucked away in the city streets or overlooking the Sarawak River. It didn’t matter which way it came about, as long as the beer was cold, and you could rest your feet for an hour or two and enjoy local cuisine for dinner. 

I felt privileged to stroll in a beautiful walking city of clear pathways and drop into various restaurants, busy marketplaces, street retail outlets and shopping malls with the lot. 


What to do in Kuching

Kuching City is at its brilliant best.



An Adventure inside the picturesque National Parks of Sarawak

From the bustling city streets to the scenic National Parks, it’s how it rolls during a Kuching tour when you have the best of both worlds in the Southeast Asian City. 

While I didn’t get to the National Parks during my Kuching trip, how I would have loved a couple of more days, it wasn’t meant to be on this occasion, although I shall return. 

However, Bako National Park is the best of the lot, and I loved my time checking the beautiful coastal views and enduring the stunning rainforest walks, not forgetting the longboat cruise in between with more gorgeous views. 

I even discovered the great outdoors with a tour company called Backyard Tours, which took me on an adventure into the Borneo Rainforest and a stunning well-hidden waterfall. 

The wonderful outdoors makes Kuching tourism ever so accessible, and it’s another reason to step into the Sarawak State and find new adventures in the great outdoors. 


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Bako national park

Sightseeing on the longboat takes you to incredible sightseeing places inside Bako.



The Waterfront Kuching is Irresistible

What is the best word to describe Waterfront Kuching? Irresistible comes to the forefront of the mind.

While solo travelling, I was often at the Waterfront in the late afternoon to the evenings of every day and embraced the atmosphere along the Sarawak River. 

The electric atmosphere hits the fever point when the sun sets with people flocking for a gentle stroll, a majestic river cruise to see the best Kuching sights and enjoy an ultimate riverside dinner.

It’s when the night sky hits when the best show in town takes centre stage with the Kuching Waterfront Musical Fountain. The Nightly laser light event takes place in front of the iconic Bangunan Dewan Undangan Negeri and delights the watching audience.

It’s only a few of the crazy events at the Waterfront, enough to justify ample reasons to visit Kuching Sarawak and soak in the vibrant nightlife. 


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riverside dining Kuching

An evening night cruise on the Sarawak River is a compulsory Kuching activity.



The affordability of having a holiday in Kuching

It goes hand in hand with an adventure in Southeast Asia that holiday is usually affordable, and Kuching doesn’t let down when searching for a budget getaway in Asia.

The food is affordable; the hotel rates are low, shopping won’t break the bank account, and conveniently cheap to get around the city limits with a taxi or GRAB.

Even when a day tour comes calling to places near Kuching to tourist attractions like the Sarawak Culture Village, the Orangutan Nature Reserve, and the Bako and Kubah National Park, the prices are more than adequate.

Therefore, save those precious pennies because a Kuching vacation doesn’t require you to be a big spender.


India Street Kuching

Take your wallet to India Street for a bargain or two.



Visit exciting places in Kuching for a detailed history lesson

Please give me a history lesson on any destination globally, and I’m one happy traveller.

In Kuching, history is alive with extensive information at several attractions, including The Sarawak State Museum, The Sarawak Culture Village and the Old Kuching Courthouse.

However, the essential information arrives with a boat trip across the river to Fort Margherita, and you discover the details of the Brooke family dynasty, the founders of Sarawak.


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Fort Margherita

Learn about the Brooke Family Dynasty at Fort Margherita.



The food in Kuching Sarawak is merely delicious

Did anyone say food, mainly Malaysian food?

Wherever you dine in Kuching City, delicious food is a constant, whether it’s a rundown restaurant serving the tastiest local cuisine or an elegant restaurant offering fine dining.

The best place to dine in Kuching is Topspot, a busy food marketplace on the 6th floor which serves a great variety of seafood, a selection of meats and the freshest of vegetables for a side dish with your meal.  

The other excellent place to dine is the number of food stalls set up along the Sarawak River at the Waterfront. You order a meal, an ice-cold drink, and you soak in the atmosphere by the riverbanks and get lost in the vibrant atmosphere.

During your adventures in the Malaysian city, you’ll find many top places to dine in Kuching when you research and narrow down the best eating places in Kuching.


Top Spot Kuching

Great seafood options are available at the Top Spot Kuching.



The Kuching People are the friendliest you’ll meet

Personally, the final verdict on any destination I visit depends on the locals, for I believe they create the best vibe in any destination.

The people of Kuching certainly are a friendly bunch; whether you’re dining at a restaurant for a meal or stumbling the streets, the locals are cheerful and always happy for a conversation.

I’ll never forget when I was wandering about, and one local stopped to give me a lift on the back of his motorbike; he didn’t want anything in return; it was all out of courtesy.

I’m not saying those great deeds will happen to you, but I explore you to reach out to the locals because they’re generally happy to chat and learn a little about you.


borneo rainforest

The locals will go out of their way to show the best hospitality.



It’s a Cat Haven for the feline lovers.

If you didn’t know about the fascination with cats and Kuching before your trip, it wouldn’t take too long to realise the two go hand in hand.

In translation, Kuching means cat, and the city embraces the name with Cat statues in various locations, cat cafes, cats on souvenirs and many felines wandering the city streets. 

However, the Cat Museum will capture your attention the most, a quirky museum that represents everything in the world of cats. Whether it cat species of the domestic variety to the mighty lion, cats featured in the entertainment industry and anything else you can think of, which comes to the loveable feline. 

It won’t be a Catastrophe to visit Kuching, far from it. 

You’ll have the time of your life to wander the streets, visit gorgeous national parks, explore the best Kuching Tourist places, and mingle with the locals.

Make sure your Malaysia holiday includes the Sarawak State, particularly the biggest city because you’ll have no regrets about the decision. 


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holiday in Kuching Sarawak

In Kuching Sarawak, it’s a cat thing.



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KLIA2 Transit – Kuala Lumpur – Best Things To Do While You Wait

KLIA2 Transit – Kuala Lumpur – Best Things To Do While You Wait

When you’re flying via Kuala Lumpur on a budget airline, particularly Air Asia, you’re going to require a smooth transit at the KLIA2 International Airport in Malaysia.

It’s a KLIA2 transit which will pleasantly surprise you too.

I have been through the departure halls during many of my Air Asia flights, and I always get excited when I know another layover is impending.

Therefore, what is the reason I get rather excited about a layover in a busy transit area? Well, I’ll tell you.

Inside the departure halls, there is crazy cheap food at the massive food court, plenty of charging points for your devices and cosy airport lounges to recharge the batteries.

Naturally, you’ll stumble upon a fabulous duty-free shopping precinct, bustling cafes for a coffee hit, elegant restaurants for a quiet meal and a KLIA transit hotel when a layover is overnight.

It means you don’t need to get disappointed when a long KLIA2 transit is on the horizon because a busy stopover is anticipated at Kuala Lumpur’s home of Air Asia.


Check out this four-day itinerary to Kuala Lumpur!




klia2 transit

A KLIA2 transit is waiting for you in Malaysia.



KLIA2 Transit -Kuala Lumpur – Best Things to Do While You Wait


Below are a few suggestions to make your long layover at KLIA2 airport more convenient when in need of transit for several hours in the Kuala Lumpur Airport.


A KLIA2 Massage at the Wellness Spa

A KLIA2 massage is what you need to eliminate any aches and pains caused by your previous flight into Kuala Lumpur.

The perfect preparation for the next leg of your journey is to stretch out the joints and pains with a quick massage. Alternatively, you may want to relax for a while inside the Wellness Spa at the Premium Lounge and choose from a selection of massages available for the guest.

The Wellness Spa is open from 7 am to midnight every day of the week.


KLIA2 massage

Relax at the Wellness Spa in the Premium Lounge



Go Shopping for your favourite retail brands

What is an International Airport without the top retail brands?

It’ll cost a pretty fortune; however, available is the quality goods in the range of Hugo Boss, Michael Kors and Quicksilver, to name a few top brands inside KLIA2.

Whether you need a Rolex, women’s & men’s fashion clothing, a range of jewellery and a whole lot more, the KLIA2 has you covered.


Duty-Free Shopping is at your mercy

Yeah, I get it! Duty-Free Shopping is available at every international airport. Like any other duty-free outlet, it provides the best range of beauty products, perfumes and liquor without the added tax costs.

The KLIA2 version exceeds expectations for travellers who wish to browse through the top range products, make a few purchases and put a dent in the credit card.

You’ll find the Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s massive duty-free area located in the heart of the Departure halls on level three.

 You can’t miss it!


klia2 airport

Browse the duty-free options inside the departure area.



Spend a few hours at a KLIA2 Lounge

When you have a few hours to spare without needing a transit hotel, check out the Airport Lounge that comes with the comfort of a shower, comfortable lounge chairs, alcoholic drinks and buffet dining.

Below are a couple of KLIA2 lounge suggestions for you to consider for your transit.

PLAZA Premium Lounge: A Premium lounge with a lot with a Wellness Spa, hot showers, buffet dining, charging stations and comfortable chairs for a quick shuteye before your flight.

Air Asia Premium Red Lounge: Air Asia passengers will love the comforts of the Red Lounge, which comes at a fantastic price for their loyal Air Asia customers.

Sama-Sama Express: If you don’t require a room but desire a comfortable lounge with a fantastic buffet option and drinks, the Sama-Sama Express has you covered with the added basics of hot showers and comfortable seating.


Stay a night or a few hours at the Sama-Sama Hotel

An overnight transit is hard work, and I can speak volumes of spending as little as six hours at the Sama-Sama Express Hotel.

For the fact, I have experienced the comfort and privacy of staying in the convenient KLIA2 transit hotel.

Located on the level 3 International Departure hall, the Sama-Sama is a boutique hotel where you can stay for a minimum of six hours or longer, sleep in a comfortable bed and have a refreshing shower before your next flight.

In the Kuala Lumpur Airport Transit Hotel, there is also the choice of enjoying a buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner at an extra cost, but at an excellent price for the visiting guest.


You can book your stay at the Sama-Sama at Booking.com!


klia2 transit hotel

Check-in at the Sama-Sama Express.



Taste the foods of the World at the expansive food court

It’s a world of beautiful foods once you stroll into the extravagant food court and see a large selection of Malaysian, Indian and other cuisines at an affordable price.

Not to be outdone, there is also everyone’s favourite franchisees of Burger King and McDonald’s, including Louisiana Chicken for the taste finger-licking fried chicken.

It’s a food court where you can fly around the World, taste various cuisines, sit back for an hour two, and wait in comfort for your upcoming flight.


KLIA2 transit

The chicken Rice shop is a popular choice at the KLIA2 food court.



Unwind at the Sports Lounge and watch the best sport around the World

Are there any sports fans out there? I bet you there is!

On the second floor of the departure zone is a complimentary sports lounge that has comfortable seating, charging points and the most significant sporting events around the World on the big screen.

Please don’t get the lounge confused with a sports bar, and it’s not; you simply wander into the lounge, take a seat and watch the latest sports while waiting for your flight.



Sit back and relax in the Sports Lounge.



Enjoy pre-flight drinks in a variety of KLIA2 Airport bars

An Airport bar is relatively expensive, but sometimes it’s a wise choice to enjoy an ice-cold beer off the tap and begin your holiday in style.

Whatever the alcoholic drink you desire, a red wine, a fine scotch on ice or a taste of vodka, the KLIA2 airport bar will provide you with the most excellent refreshments before your flight.

An elegant bar to enjoy a few beers is The BAR KLIA2 on the 3rd floor near Sama-Sama Express; it’s rather expensive but provide a range of food and beverages.  


klia2 bar

Which is your favourite beer off the tap?



Sit down at a cafe for a magnificent Coffee

Starbucks, McCafé and Gloria Jeans, take a pick!

A transit café will satisfy your desires whether you require a cappuccino, your favourite tea and other popular choices in the world-renown cafes available at the KLIA2 terminal.

Many of these cafes have charging stations; therefore, you can power up the smartphone, the laptop and other devices while sipping down a delicious coffee.


klia2 starbucks

Starbucks is a popular choice for all travellers.



A whole lot more is available at KLIA2

It’s the gift that keeps on giving when wandering through the International Transit Zone at KLIA2.

Naturally, you’ve got a Travelex for money exchange, a Gadgets Zone, Kids Zone, Movie Lounge, an Internet Kiosk and a pharmacy for when you’re a little under the weather.

If you know a KLIA2 transit on the horizon, there’s never any reason to fear!

The expansive budget airline airport has you covered in many ways when needing to wait hours for your next flight.

The good news is, it’ll be over before you know it.


Departing the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, check out a perfect day in KL!



Whatever you do, don’t get too comfortable; otherwise, you may miss your next flight.



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A Two-Day Malacca Itinerary: A Walk Through the Old and New – Malaysia

A Two-Day Malacca Itinerary: A Walk Through the Old and New – Malaysia

Are two days enough in Malacca, Malaysia? Well, yes, and here is advice o how to make the most of your Malacca Itinerary and see all the best places.

History, tradition and culture are always on the mind when you venture to a beautiful city like Malacca, Malaysia.

How could it possibly be avoided? It can’t.

Malacca City brings out the best of the old stuff and throws in a dose of the new for good measure, and any tourist who visits will not leave disappointed.

When you venture to the city during your hectic Malaysian tour for a couple of days, a thought-out Malacca Itinerary is required to assure you see all the best places.

Therefore, grab a pen and paper, jot down these fantastic things to do in Malacca and have your itinerary updated for your visit to the old town.


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Malacca Itinerary

Prepare your Malacca Itinerary and prepare for a culture hit.



A two-day Malacca Itinerary: A Walk through the Old and New – Malaysia

Are two days enough in Malacca, Malaysia? That’s an open question with no right or wrong answer, as two days is only scratching at the surface. Yet, when time is at a minimum, here is advice o how to make the most of your Malacca Itinerary and see all the best places.


Malacca or Melaka

Malacca or Melaka is the spelling that confuses me, even after having a Malacca City tour.

I know it’s the same place, and even when wandering the streets, the Melaka name will appear more often, which is the local’s spelling of the word.

Although for foreigners, Malacca is more common in spelling, and I know it’s what I have always used, even if I am wrong.

Therefore, I’ll stick with Malacca spelling in this article, even though the Melaka spelling appears also.


Malacca or Melaka

How do you spell it? Malacca or Melaka.


Getting Around Malacca

The most famous Malacca Sightseeing Attractions are within a stone’s throw, so getting around by foot is a convenient path to take. Especially for those gorgeous river walks.

The trishaw is set up at the most popular tourist attractions, with many located at the famous Stadthuys. For a small fee, the driver will take you on a short Malacca tour and make the day even more straightforward for you without breaking a sweat. 

A River Cruise is a great way to sit back and take in the best sights along the Malacca River, and it can drop you off at various Jetty stops along the way.

Another way to embrace your Malacca day trip is to hire a bicycle and pedal to several Malacca sights; alternatively, hire a GRAB driver or taxi for places further away.


Malacca tour

The trishaws are lined up in front of the Stadthuys.





Malacca Itinerary – Day one – Visiting the best Malacca Tourist Spots

Day one of your Malacca Itinerary will give you the most fulfilment of your Melaka trip.

Excitement will be the overwhelming outcome once you wander into the city’s heart and spend the day taking in the fun places in Malacca.

Therefore, let’s begin your hectic Malacca day tour, which will keep you busy deep into the night while visiting the traditional and modern attractions.


A Walk-through of old Melaka

Any trip to Malacca will include a walk-through of Old Melaka, visiting heritage buildings made long ago and discovering the city’s rich history by visiting various museums.

Throughout this Malacca one day trip, you’ll see a few famous Malacca attractions from the Stadthuys, AFamosa and the Maritime Museum.

So, let’s start day one precisely the same way I did, by doing a gorgeous river walk that leads to the best places to visit in Malacca.  


Go on a Historical Malacca Tour with Klook!



Melaka trip

A walk through Old Malacca gathers many tourists from all around the world.



The Stadthuys

The Stadthuys is visited by many travellers to Malacca and has been an iconic landmark in the city since 1650.

 Established by the Dutch, The Stadthuys is the oldest Dutch-designed building in the Southern Hemisphere.

 The vibrant colonial building stood out in its terracotta red colours. The Stadhuys was once known as the residence of a Dutch officer and successive governments of the Portuguese and British. 

 At the front of the Stadthuys, tourists gather and enjoy the buoyant atmosphere and take photos in front of the I love Malacca sign.

 There is also a row of tricycles, market stalls with local souvenirs and the boutique Christ Church Melaka next to the star attraction in the same Terracotta colours. 


Melaka tour

The Stadthuys.


Ruins of St. Paul’s Church

From the Stadthuys, you continue the Malacca tour for a short walk and ascend the stairs to the old wreckage of the Ruins of St Paul’s Church.

St Paul’s Church is a historic building built in 1521, making it the oldest church in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. 

It’s pretty lovely to walk through the hollow hall of the church and view the architecture of a heritage church and the ruins that lay before you today.

The church that was partly dismantled when invaded by the Dutch in 1641 is part of the Malacca Museum Tour and is situated on the summit of St Paul. 


Ruins of St Paul's Church Malacca

Walk inside the Ruins of St Paul’s Church.



A Famosa

From the ruins, it’s time to head to another heritage building as your Malacca itinerary steps up, but not before you descend the steps and walk through a marketplace that leads to the A Famosa.

In Portuguese, a Famosa, which means “The Famous”, is a former fortress among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in the Far East. 

It’s one of the city’s hottest Malacca tourist spots. Every person gathers in numbers for a photo opportunity before leaving by trishaw or foot to the next stunning Malacca attraction. 


Enjoy more heritage with a Melaka tour with Klook!



A Famosa Malacca

The crowds dazzle at A Famosa.



Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

The Sultanate Palace Museum Melaka is a wooden replica of the 15th-century Palace, which belonged to the Sultan Mansur Shah, with the modern-day building was completed in 1985.

When you pay your RM2 entrance fee to the ancient Malay Kingdom, you’re fixed on the fascinating architectural structure and the stunning gardens surrounding the building.

Inside the three-storey Museum, the main focus is to showcase the knowledge of the Malays side of Malacca’s history, which dates back many centuries. 

The Palace also displays the traditional costumes, historical replicas of past times, the weaponry used in the day, ancient drawings and musical instruments. 


Related article: Check out our guide to the six best museums in Malacca!


Museums Melaka

Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum. 



Maritime Museum

From the moment you see the stunning replica of the 34-metre-high and 8-metre-wide ship stationed next to the harbour. You’ll be hooked to pay the entrance fee and see the marvellous relics inside the Maritime Museum.

The Museum’s primary focus recognises the long history of Malacca city as an international trade route, and you’ve left in awe the model ships on display.

Inside are beautiful paintings portraying the role of the Straits of Malacca for early traders, the maritime history, and the golden age of the Sultanate when known as the Emporium of the East. 


Enjoy a voyage in the historical city of Melaka with Klook!



Maritime Museum Malacca

Maritime Museum Malacca.



Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

You’ll desire to escape the heat and visit a shopping mall for relaxation and retail therapy throughout the day wandering the city.

Throughout the day, wandering the cityDhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is ideally located from the Sultanate Palace Museum. The ideal midway point is to browse retail outlets, dine in fantastic restaurants, and enjoy the mall’s entertainment.


Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.



Menara Taming Sari Tower

It’s the home to the best views in Malacca.

The Menari Traming Sari Tower is a 360-degree revolving ride that rises to 80-metres in height and allows you to capture a birds-eye view of a remarkable city.

The Tower is open every day of the week from 10 am to 11 pm, with extended opening hours on weekends.

The entrance fees for international visitors go at 23RM for an adult ticket, and there are other packages and prices available to the public.

It’s at the base of the Menara Taming Sari Tower, where the atmosphere shines as you browse through various marketplaces of souvenirs and food stalls that serve the tastiest of local cuisines.


Malacca city tour

Enjoy the best views of Malacca City Menari Traming Sari Tower.



Jonker street

The hustle and bustle of Jonker Street in Chinatown are one of the best places to go to experience the real Melaka.

The lively atmosphere of Jonker Street from early afternoon to deep into the night is electric as the crowds gather at this hotspot.  

The famous street is desired for shopping in retail outlets, delicious fruit flavoured ice tea, cold beer from a local bar, a local’s favourite of Chicken & rice and enjoyed an excellent coffee in a café.  


Go on a Historical Malacca Tour with Klook!



Jonker street

The action heats up on Jonker Street.



Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple

While browsing the back streets of Malacca, the Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple is an ideal quick stop when desiring to appreciate the articulate design of a beautiful temple. 

The Hoon Teng Temple practices the three Doctrinal Systems of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, and many worshippers come daily for prayer and candle lighting. 

Tourists are also welcome to partake in their worship and take pictures of the incredible relic and structure. 


Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple

Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple.



A Gorgeous Malacca River Walk

A riverwalk will frequently happen throughout your Malacca trip, for the experience of a charming stroll by the water is unforgettable.

A walk along the river is the best way to view the elegant heritage buildings, experience riverside restaurants and cherish the fantastic street art scene throughout the banks of the river.

In the morning, the calm is around as the businesses are shut, the people are away, and the riverbanks are much more peaceful.

When the sun is setting, the river looks at its best in its glowing light through the evening, and the tourist takes advantage of their Malacca sightseeing experience.

At night, the lights from the buildings and the bridges take over and provide the ideal setting for lovers with the ultimate romantic stroll in the perfect location.


Malacca attraction

Explore the best Malacca attractions along the river.



Riverside dining for the ultimate romance experience

Most restaurants are closed throughout the early part of the day but come late into the afternoon; they open for business and many tourists, and the evening plan is set in stone.

There is no better place in Malacca to enjoy an excellent meal at dinner time, an ice-cold beer and watch the boats cruise past while sitting back and enjoying the cool evenings in a cultural city.


what to do in Malacca

A little romance is welcomed in Malacca.



Melaka River Cruise

Why walk the river when you can enjoy the best views on a Melaka River Cruise throughout any part of the day or night.

It’s what you can do in Malacca to pass the time away and get off your feet.

With the added audio commentary of each fascinating Malacca attraction down the stretch of the river, sit back, unwind and enjoy the sounds and sights of the river on a laidback cruise.


Melaka day tour

Let a river cruise guide you through the city.


Malacca Itinerary – Day 2 – The best of the rest

The second day in Malacca will be less hectic and away from the crowds as you prepare to leave Malacca for your next destination in Malaysia.

On day two, you’ll head in a different direction and spend a reasonable amount of time in the Shore Shopping Gallery, including lesser places of Bukit Cina and Villa Sentosa. 

Let’s get stuck into it, and if you have kids, their excitement will go up another notch.


The Shore Shopping Gallery

It’s not only a place for shopping; the Shore Shopping Gallery is an action-packed centre to visit with kids with many fun attractions for the whole family.

While the Shopping Gallery has the essential retail outlets, a Starbucks for a coffee hit and various dining options of international cuisines, it’s the fun attractions that will occupy your time for hours.


The Shore Malacca

Make your way to the Shore.


Each attraction does require an entrance fee and the convenient way is to purchase a package pass to three or four different venues at the ticket station on the first level.

You’re sure to have a whole lot of fun! 

Oceanarium: The Shore Oceanarium: An Aquarium on the 4th floor of a shopping mall; how cool is that?

I can assure you it’s not your everyday aquarium with only the basics.

It’s much more than what you’ll see because the Oceanarium has many species of the ocean, plenty of fun stuff to do with kids, and a fantastic 3D show the kids will adore.

Whether you’re travelling with kids or not, this is a must-see attraction for any tourists who love the ocean and to learn about marine life.



Visit many species of marine life in the Oceanarium.


Kidzania: We all know the famous kids’ attraction of Kidzania, a prominent place where the children can learn about different careers in the workforce.

It’s an environment where your children can learn the craft of being a baker, a mechanic, perhaps working in an office or even a fireman.

They are only a few of the careers to roleplay in Kidzania.




Sky Tower: Go to great heights again and see the very best of Malacca City from the Sky Tower at the very top of the Shore.

 Other exciting attractions inside the Shore Shopping Gallery include 3D Park, AV VR, HIPPOPO and the famous Toy Museum.


Gop to great heights at the Shore with the Sky Tower!



Toy Museum Malacca

The Toy Factory will have the kid’s favourite action stars inside.



Bukit Cina

If you want to spend time outdoors in Malacca, visit the fascinating cemetery for the old Chinese Settler at Bukit Cina.

The hillside attraction, which overlooks many parts of the city, is an ancestral burial ground of the Chinese community with over 12000 graves. 

Among the graveyards of the Chinese settlers, there are also 20 Muslim tombs inside Bukit Cina, which are seen by walking the pathways inside Bukit Cina.


Bukit Cina Malaaca

Great city views from Bukit Cina.


Villa Sentosa

Located in the Kampung Morten of the city along the Malacca River, Villa Sentosa is a traditional house, turned into a living-history museum and depicts the life of an early 1900’s home for the wealthy.

You’ll only spend a short time at Villa Sentosa, but it’s fascinating to wander inside and around the house and check out the furniture, antiques and the layout of a traditional Malaysian house. 

That wraps up your two day holiday in Malacca, so why not add this city to your travel plans when desiring to see the very best of an extraordinary Malaysian destination.

If you want to expand your Malacca itinerary for an additional day or two, you won’t be disappointed either because there is so much more to see while you spread your wings beyond the city limits.


Do you need to find a recommended hotel in Malacca? Look for prices at Booking.com!


Go on a Historical Malacca Tour with Klook!



Villa Sentosa Malacca

Villa Sentosa.



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A Picturesque Hike in the Lambir Hills National Park in Miri – Sarawak

A Picturesque Hike in the Lambir Hills National Park in Miri – Sarawak

When a jungle walk near Miri city in Sarawak comes calling out to you, don’t hesitate for a moment and plan for an epic hiking adventure in the Borneo rainforest.

A day trip to Lambir Hills National Park is the tonic you need when desiring to escape the beautiful beaches of Miri and see the tropics in a whole new light.

Therefore, pack the camera and fill the water bottles because what awaits you in the surrounds of the Lambir Rainforest is picturesque waterfalls and hiking on the trails of natural scenic beauty.

Let’s get ready to explore – Sarawak Style!


Are you visiting Miri? Find the best hotels at the best rates with Booking.com!


Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills National Park – Sarawak.



Getting to Lambir Hills National Park – Sarawak

Miri hasn’t got the modern-day transportation of rail and frequent bus services. Therefore, careful planning is required when you want to go to Lambir Hills for a day of hiking.

Lambir Hills National park is a good 3-40-minutes from the city centre, and reception from your smartphone is not ideal, if existent at all. It does cause a few challenges when needing to head back to the city.

The best way to visit the jungle is to order a GRAB driver or taxi from Miri City and pay the driver to come back at a designated time or wait for you at a negotiated fee.

Alternatively, you could organise a private day tour and travel into the Lambir Borneo Rainforest with a guide.


borneo rainforest lambir miri

Entering the trails of Borneo Rainforest Lambir Miri.



What to bring with you to the Lambir Rainforest?

Such essentials for a hike in hot conditions of the rainforest are required when planning a trip to Lambir Hills.

Below are the items you should take within your backpack when walking in the jungle.

  • Drinking water
  • Sunblock
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Snacks/lunch
  • A camera


Lambir rainforest

When hiking, be well equiped with supplies.


Entrance Fee to Lambir Hills

Before you enter, there is an entrance fee of 20-ringgit per adult required to pay at the main headquarters of Lambir Hills National Park Sarawak.

Once you have paid the fee, the friendly staff will give you a map of the area and general advice on the best trails to take for the time allotted in the National Park.

Remember the opening hours of Lambir Hills is from 8 am to 5 pm, with no entrance permitted after 4 pm.

You’re now ready to explore!


Lambir Hills National Park Sarawak

Pay the entrance fee and go exploring.



A gentle stroll to the Latak Waterfall

When time is short at Lambir Hills, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best natural scenery within the National Park.

Along the Latak trail is a short 25-minute stroll that leads to a flowing waterfall of great heights, and you still have the experience of hiking in a rainforest.

The Latak trail is a family-friendly trek, with stable pathways and the surrounding trees producing quality shade and relief from the heat.

Throughout the trail, you’ll follow a creek line with the sounds of the flowing water always constant and better if visiting in the wet season.

Along the way, you’ll also come across two smaller waterfalls before reaching the trail’s main feature.


Lambir Hills National Park

A boutique waterfall onwards to Latak Falls.


The Latak Waterfall dazzles you upon reaching the scenic falls; its significant presence and flowing water is a magnificent sight, while the camera receives a workout.

In front of the falls is a large swimming area for a quick dip in the refreshing water, with a roped-off boundary stopping you from advancing any closer to the large waterfall. On the site, you’ll also find toilets and numerous picnic areas.   

From Latak, you can either return to the main headquarters or onwards to the next interconnecting trail, continuing to explore the Lambir Hills, National Park.

The choice is yours, depending on how long you’ve planned to stay.


Latak waterfall

Latak Warefall.



Exploring other trails within the Lambir Borneo Rainforest

If you have intense fitness levels, I highly recommend exploring more of Lambir Hills and exploring a few other adventurous trails.

Please note that hiking all of the trails is not possible within the opening hours of 8 am to 5 pm.

All up in the National Park, there are 14 trails, with the furthest trek taking approximately five hours from the headquarters.

Each trail is colour coded and commonly marked around the trees with signage at regular points. Meaning it’s easy to keep on the right track during the hike and not go astray.

Various trails lead to a waterfall, with a couple of tracks requiring a climb to reach a summit, and one path leads to an Oil Well.


lambir borneo rainforest

Which way will you go in Lambir Borneo Rainforest


Below are a few of the best trails to hike during your trip to Lambir.

Latak Trails: Already mentioned and the most convenient only being 20-minutes from the Headquarters. The result is the Latak Waterfall and a swimming area.

Nibong Trail: Another path that leads to a waterfall and is not too far from Latak, this trek is a 90-minute round trip from the headquarters.

BKT Pantu: Pantu can take you to some incredible heights if you want to reach a summit. This trek is a three-hour return trek from the Headquarters.

Oil Well trail: The Oil Well offers something different to a waterfall or a magnificent summit, a four-hour return trek.

Pancur Trail: Pancur is the longest walk in Lambir Hills, with the whole day required to arrive at the Pancur Waterfall and return to the headquarters.


Lambir Hills National Park

Show respect and keep the National Park clean of rubbish.


The best part about many of these trails is they’re interconnecting, and you can visit several trail points while hiking.

However, the trails aren’t looped; therefore, you must allow for enough time to walk back to the headquarters before business.

That’s a wrap of one of the best day trips from Miri City.

A fascinating rainforest walk of gorgeous waterfalls, scenic forest and many other natural beauties await inside the Lambir Hills National Park.

Don’t forget your camera!


Check out another brilliant National Park in Sarawak with this article, the picturesque Bako!


Lambir Hills National Park Sarawak

Bring the camera and take many memorable photos.



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Bako National Park Day Trip – Sarawak – Incredible Sightseeing and Hiking

Bako National Park Day Trip – Sarawak – Incredible Sightseeing and Hiking

Upon arrival, it’s quite clear why Bako National Park is the number one tourist attraction when visiting Kuching of Sarawak.

The vast beauty, the everchanging landscapes and the picturesque coastal views help create a memorable day trip when electing to hike in the paradise of a vividly beautiful National Park.

Whether you’re spending a day at Bako, or fortunate enough to stay a night or two in the Forest Lodge accommodation! You’re sure to have a busy, exhausting and fulfilling day, all in one, within the natural surrounds of Bako in Malaysia.


Enjoy a Bako National Park Day Tour with Klook and see the best sights with a guide!



Bako National Park Day Trip

A Bako National Park Day Trip in Sarawak.


A Bako National Park Day Trip to Remember in Sarawak 



Getting to Bako National park

How to get to Bako National Park from Kuching is straight forward, and it won’t cost a great deal, no matter which method you choose. 

Catching a bus is the cheapest way to get to the Bako Park by getting on the Red Number 1 bus from Kuching City for only 4-ringgit. The bus departs Kuching and the Bako boat terminal every hour between the times of 7 am – 5 pm.

For a quicker yet more expensive method of transportation, you can order a GRAB driver from the App. The prices vary, depending on which time of the day you travel, but it usually costs between 30-45-ringgit.   


How to get to Bako National Park from Kuching

All aboard the plank to Bako.



Bako National park Entrance Fee

Once you arrive at the Boat Terminal, you’re greeted by staff members once out of the vehicle and will help you organise boat and entrance fees to the Park.

The Bako National Park Boat fees cost 20-ringgit for a return trip, with the first boat to Bako leaving at 8 am and the last boat leaving Bako at 4 pm. If you haven’t organised an overnight stay, you don’t want to miss that last boat.

You’ll also pay your Bako National Park entrance fees with a foreigners fee costing 10-ringgit for the day, with further expenses for an extended stay over multiple days.


Enjoy a Bako National Park Day Tour with Klook and see the best sights with a guide!




The Longboat to Bako

At the boat terminal, it appears to look like organised chaos, when you don’t know whether you’re coming or going, with a bit of wait time required.

Finally, you’re head over to the jetty to the longboats on the Sungai Tabo River and confronted with a busy river filled with private and commercial boats.

While it looks chaotic on the waters, it’ll capture your attention from the get-go as you look downriver and out towards the nearby villages that saturate the banks of the river.

Once you’re on the longboats and heading to Bako, the fresh, crisp air flows through you for the duration of the journey and is a relief from the Malaysian Heat.

Through the journey, you’ll look out towards the surrounding nature and for hidden crocodiles from the safety of the boat.

The journey takes approximately 20-minutes and what awaits you on arrival at Bako National Park is a gorgeous beach and the highly anticipated day trip has officially begun.  



the longboats on the Sungai Tabo River.



The Bako Headquarters

Before you can go exploring in Bako, you start the Bako Headquarters and Canteen area.

At the headquarters, you’ll receive a map of the walking trails with the advice of the best trails to take for your allotted time in the National Park.

It’s at that time you must sign in and note the trail paths you’ll make for the day.

Usually, travellers on a Bako National Park day trip receive the same advice and take similar treks, meaning you’ll have many hikers on the same path. 

The Canteen area also provides you with the last opportunity to top up with the essentials, such as snacks and water for energy and hydration for the walk.

Make sure you carry at least two litres of drinking water for the day, it will get exhaustive walking around in the humid conditions and dehydration can creep in.

You’re now ready to take on the Bako National Park trails and discover genuine scenic beauty.


Bako Headquarters

Which way are you heading?


The best way to spend a Bako National Park Day Tour

Firstly, it’s essential to know your fitness limits and capabilities when at Bako. You don’t want to arrive back at the Headquarters after the last boat has departed and left stranded.

If you do stick to the specific trails I mention within this article, you’ll have plenty of time take in mesmerising views within the Park, without feeling the need for urgency.

On the map, you’ll see a total of 16 trails; some go for approximately 45-minutes and others into the hours.

For this day trip, I travelled on two separate trails, the number three Telok Paku trail and the number five Telok Pandan Besar trail.


Bako trail

An adventure along the Telok Paku trail.


I commenced with the Telok Paku trail, a beautiful rainforest trek with constant shade and a moderate trail which was relatively risk-free.

However, you need to watch your footing as the ground is continuously uneven throughout the trek with rocky slopes and unstable staircases.  

What awaits at the end of the trail of Telok Paku beach is an open sandy beach with beautiful sights of the rugged coastline.


Telok Paku trail

Telok Paku Beach.


In the waters are several longboats, and this is when things get interesting, but for the total betterment of your trip, especially if you’re eager to save energy.

The longboats are available to take you to another part of the National Park, where you can walk back to the main centre using a different track.

That’s a bonus because it means, you don’t have to walk back on the same track you came from initially, and you’re not seeing the same thing twice on your day trip.

The more people on the boat, the cheaper it costs. I was fortunate enough to round up a few more people to save money and take about the boat ride to the end of the number five trail, the Telok Pandan Besar.

The boat price is certainly worth the admission fee. Not only are you taken to the next location, but you’ll receive a short tour of the coastal area to a few hidden places only accessible by boat.

It truly is a mesmerising sightseeing experience.


Bako national park

Sightseeing on the longboat takes you to incredible sightseeing places.


After a fifteen-minute journey, you arrive on the beach of Telok Pandan Besar, a mostly deserted beach, with fewer people seen on the sands.

Once at the beach, there’s a staircase to ascend to the cliff that overlooks the beach. It’s one of the best views inside the Bako National Park, and much appreciated, before hiking back to the Headquarters.

The trek back is much longer than the first trail of Telok Paku, and the landscapes are vastly different. The Telok Pandan Besar trail is more open with a desert feel and much less shade than the jungle walk done previously.

The two trails take approximately take five hours in total, including time spent sightseeing and the boat trip between the two walking trails.

It’ll give you ample time for a leisurely walk back to the canteen, where you can enjoy a buffet lunch and a refreshing drink at a reasonable price. I’ll admit, the food is nothing fancy.  


Telok Pandan Besar

Telok Pandan Besar.



Other Bako National Park Trails for when you have longer to stay

When you have 16 trails within a National Park that comes in all sorts and sizes, you can’t help but want to go back to Bako for an extended stay.

On the Bako National Park trail map, you’ll receive a basic of the fantastic trails available, the approximate time to get the endpoint and back again. Quite useful for when staying at Bako for multiple days and wanting to see more.

Not all the walking trails, mind you, lead to a gorgeous coastline.

You can discover inland attractions such as the Tajor Waterfall, enjoy a loop trek along the Lintang trail, or head further into Bako and find more coastal areas in the name of Tajor and Tilok Limau.

Whatever you do, keep your map nearby, follow the colour codes of the trail at all times and keep a note of the approximate time it takes to walk the path.




Bako National Park Trails

Stay a little longer and endure more trails.



Bako National Park Accommodation

When you seek Bako accommodation, there is a range of Lodges available when desiring to stay a little longer and walk many more trails.

The Bako National Park lodge has a variety of rooms to cater a various number of guest for groups or families, and a hostel for the budget travellers.

You can check out the range of accommodation choices at the National park on their website.


Bako sightseeing

Stay at Bako longer for more sightseeing.



Further things to look out for at Bako

An adventure in Bako is fulfilling, especially with a range of hidden surprises to find during your day at the National Park.

From the plant species to the unique wildlife, here are a few things to watch out for exploring the Borneo rainforest.


The Bako Wildlife: The Bako wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes; you have unique red coloured long-nose monkey that lives large in the tree.

You’ll find the curious Silver Leaf Monkey and near to the Bako headquarters are the unique looking Wild Boar.

Other animals to look out for are slithering snakes, which are well hidden, and other common animals of various bird species, insects and other creepy crawlies.


Bako Park

The Wild Boar of Bako.



The Pitcher Plant: The Pitcher plants are commonly found on the walking trails and are carnivorous plants known as pitfall traps. 

The plant is a trapping mechanism featuring with a digestive liquid. It traps insects and even small mice with its formed leaves, and in which case, the insect cannot escape.


pitcher plant bako

The Pitcher Plant.


Crocodiles: At the main headquarters you’ll notice signs to be aware of crocodiles. A horrifying thought I know.

Don’t be too alarmed, crocodile attacks are sporadic, but it’s good to know they are about when visiting. 

When in doubt, listen to the staff members or locals in the area. 


The ever-changing landscapes: One moment you could be walking in the shaded rainforests with many surrounding trees, and in another instance, you’re feeling the heat in the open plains.

The vast changing landscapes of Bako is excellent while exploring the National Park, and it’ll captivate you for the whole journey and ease the pain of hiking in extreme heat.


bako sarawak

The ever-changing landscapes.


One thing is for sure while walking the Bako trails, you’ll end up somewhere merely gorgeous and the hard slog to get there would have been worth it.

It’s the final reward you get for having a Bako National Park Day Trip and discovering the real beauty of Sarawak in Malaysia.


Check out more sightseeing in Sarawak with a Borneo rainforest walk with backyard Tours!


Enjoy a Bako National Park Day Tour with Klook and see the best sights with a guide!



bako day trip

A day at Bako, where else would you rather be.



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