Are two days enough in Malacca, Malaysia? Well, yes, and here is advice o how to make the most of your Malacca Itinerary and see all the best places.

History, tradition and culture are always on the mind when you venture to a beautiful city like Malacca, Malaysia.

How could it possibly be avoided? It can’t.

Malacca City brings out the best of the old stuff and throws in a dose of the new for good measure, and any tourist who visits will not leave disappointed.

When you venture to the city during your hectic Malaysian tour for a couple of days, a thought-out Malacca Itinerary is required to assure you see all the best places.

Therefore, grab a pen and paper, jot down these fantastic things to do in Malacca and have your itinerary updated for your visit to the old town.


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Malacca Itinerary

Prepare your Malacca Itinerary and prepare for a culture hit.

A two-day Malacca Itinerary: A Walk through the Old and New – Malaysia

Are two days enough in Malacca, Malaysia? That’s an open question with no right or wrong answer, as two days is only scratching at the surface. Yet, when time is at a minimum, here is advice o how to make the most of your Malacca Itinerary and see all the best places.


Malacca or Melaka

Malacca or Melaka is the spelling that confuses me, even after having a Malacca City tour.

I know it’s the same place, and even when wandering the streets, the Melaka name will appear more often, which is the local’s spelling of the word.

Although for foreigners, Malacca is more common in spelling, and I know it’s what I have always used, even if I am wrong.

Therefore, I’ll stick with Malacca spelling in this article, even though the Melaka spelling appears also.


Malacca or Melaka

How do you spell it? Malacca or Melaka.


Getting Around Malacca

The most famous Malacca Sightseeing Attractions are within a stone’s throw, so getting around by foot is a convenient path to take. Especially for those gorgeous river walks.

The trishaw is set up at the most popular tourist attractions, with many located at the famous Stadthuys. For a small fee, the driver will take you on a short Malacca tour and make the day even more straightforward for you without breaking a sweat. 

A River Cruise is a great way to sit back and take in the best sights along the Malacca River, and it can drop you off at various Jetty stops along the way.

Another way to embrace your Malacca day trip is to hire a bicycle and pedal to several Malacca sights; alternatively, hire a GRAB driver or taxi for places further away.


Malacca tour

The trishaws are lined up in front of the Stadthuys.





Malacca Itinerary – Day one – Visiting the best Malacca Tourist Spots

Day one of your Malacca Itinerary will give you the most fulfilment of your Melaka trip.

Excitement will be the overwhelming outcome once you wander into the city’s heart and spend the day taking in the fun places in Malacca.

Therefore, let’s begin your hectic Malacca day tour, which will keep you busy deep into the night while visiting the traditional and modern attractions.


A Walk-through of old Melaka

Any trip to Malacca will include a walk-through of Old Melaka, visiting heritage buildings made long ago and discovering the city’s rich history by visiting various museums.

Throughout this Malacca one day trip, you’ll see a few famous Malacca attractions from the Stadthuys, AFamosa and the Maritime Museum.

So, let’s start day one precisely the same way I did, by doing a gorgeous river walk that leads to the best places to visit in Malacca.  


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Melaka trip

A walk through Old Malacca gathers many tourists from all around the world.



The Stadthuys

The Stadthuys is visited by many travellers to Malacca and has been an iconic landmark in the city since 1650.

 Established by the Dutch, The Stadthuys is the oldest Dutch-designed building in the Southern Hemisphere.

 The vibrant colonial building stood out in its terracotta red colours. The Stadhuys was once known as the residence of a Dutch officer and successive governments of the Portuguese and British. 

 At the front of the Stadthuys, tourists gather and enjoy the buoyant atmosphere and take photos in front of the I love Malacca sign.

 There is also a row of tricycles, market stalls with local souvenirs and the boutique Christ Church Melaka next to the star attraction in the same Terracotta colours. 


Melaka tour

The Stadthuys.


Ruins of St. Paul’s Church

From the Stadthuys, you continue the Malacca tour for a short walk and ascend the stairs to the old wreckage of the Ruins of St Paul’s Church.

St Paul’s Church is a historic building built in 1521, making it the oldest church in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. 

It’s pretty lovely to walk through the hollow hall of the church and view the architecture of a heritage church and the ruins that lay before you today.

The church that was partly dismantled when invaded by the Dutch in 1641 is part of the Malacca Museum Tour and is situated on the summit of St Paul. 


Ruins of St Paul's Church Malacca

Walk inside the Ruins of St Paul’s Church.



A Famosa

From the ruins, it’s time to head to another heritage building as your Malacca itinerary steps up, but not before you descend the steps and walk through a marketplace that leads to the A Famosa.

In Portuguese, a Famosa, which means “The Famous”, is a former fortress among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in the Far East. 

It’s one of the city’s hottest Malacca tourist spots. Every person gathers in numbers for a photo opportunity before leaving by trishaw or foot to the next stunning Malacca attraction. 


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A Famosa Malacca

The crowds dazzle at A Famosa.



Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

The Sultanate Palace Museum Melaka is a wooden replica of the 15th-century Palace, which belonged to the Sultan Mansur Shah, with the modern-day building was completed in 1985.

When you pay your RM2 entrance fee to the ancient Malay Kingdom, you’re fixed on the fascinating architectural structure and the stunning gardens surrounding the building.

Inside the three-storey Museum, the main focus is to showcase the knowledge of the Malays side of Malacca’s history, which dates back many centuries. 

The Palace also displays the traditional costumes, historical replicas of past times, the weaponry used in the day, ancient drawings and musical instruments. 


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Museums Melaka

Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum. 



Maritime Museum

From the moment you see the stunning replica of the 34-metre-high and 8-metre-wide ship stationed next to the harbour. You’ll be hooked to pay the entrance fee and see the marvellous relics inside the Maritime Museum.

The Museum’s primary focus recognises the long history of Malacca city as an international trade route, and you’ve left in awe the model ships on display.

Inside are beautiful paintings portraying the role of the Straits of Malacca for early traders, the maritime history, and the golden age of the Sultanate when known as the Emporium of the East. 


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Maritime Museum Malacca

Maritime Museum Malacca.



Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

You’ll desire to escape the heat and visit a shopping mall for relaxation and retail therapy throughout the day wandering the city.

Throughout the day, wandering the cityDhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is ideally located from the Sultanate Palace Museum. The ideal midway point is to browse retail outlets, dine in fantastic restaurants, and enjoy the mall’s entertainment.


Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.



Menara Taming Sari Tower

It’s the home to the best views in Malacca.

The Menari Traming Sari Tower is a 360-degree revolving ride that rises to 80-metres in height and allows you to capture a birds-eye view of a remarkable city.

The Tower is open every day of the week from 10 am to 11 pm, with extended opening hours on weekends.

The entrance fees for international visitors go at 23RM for an adult ticket, and there are other packages and prices available to the public.

It’s at the base of the Menara Taming Sari Tower, where the atmosphere shines as you browse through various marketplaces of souvenirs and food stalls that serve the tastiest of local cuisines.


Malacca city tour

Enjoy the best views of Malacca City Menari Traming Sari Tower.



Jonker street

The hustle and bustle of Jonker Street in Chinatown are one of the best places to go to experience the real Melaka.

The lively atmosphere of Jonker Street from early afternoon to deep into the night is electric as the crowds gather at this hotspot.  

The famous street is desired for shopping in retail outlets, delicious fruit flavoured ice tea, cold beer from a local bar, a local’s favourite of Chicken & rice and enjoyed an excellent coffee in a café.  


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Jonker street

The action heats up on Jonker Street.



Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple

While browsing the back streets of Malacca, the Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple is an ideal quick stop when desiring to appreciate the articulate design of a beautiful temple. 

The Hoon Teng Temple practices the three Doctrinal Systems of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, and many worshippers come daily for prayer and candle lighting. 

Tourists are also welcome to partake in their worship and take pictures of the incredible relic and structure. 


Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple

Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple.



A Gorgeous Malacca River Walk

A riverwalk will frequently happen throughout your Malacca trip, for the experience of a charming stroll by the water is unforgettable.

A walk along the river is the best way to view the elegant heritage buildings, experience riverside restaurants and cherish the fantastic street art scene throughout the banks of the river.

In the morning, the calm is around as the businesses are shut, the people are away, and the riverbanks are much more peaceful.

When the sun is setting, the river looks at its best in its glowing light through the evening, and the tourist takes advantage of their Malacca sightseeing experience.

At night, the lights from the buildings and the bridges take over and provide the ideal setting for lovers with the ultimate romantic stroll in the perfect location.


Malacca attraction

Explore the best Malacca attractions along the river.



Riverside dining for the ultimate romance experience

Most restaurants are closed throughout the early part of the day but come late into the afternoon; they open for business and many tourists, and the evening plan is set in stone.

There is no better place in Malacca to enjoy an excellent meal at dinner time, an ice-cold beer and watch the boats cruise past while sitting back and enjoying the cool evenings in a cultural city.


what to do in Malacca

A little romance is welcomed in Malacca.



Melaka River Cruise

Why walk the river when you can enjoy the best views on a Melaka River Cruise throughout any part of the day or night.

It’s what you can do in Malacca to pass the time away and get off your feet.

With the added audio commentary of each fascinating Malacca attraction down the stretch of the river, sit back, unwind and enjoy the sounds and sights of the river on a laidback cruise.


Melaka day tour

Let a river cruise guide you through the city.


Malacca Itinerary – Day 2 – The best of the rest

The second day in Malacca will be less hectic and away from the crowds as you prepare to leave Malacca for your next destination in Malaysia.

On day two, you’ll head in a different direction and spend a reasonable amount of time in the Shore Shopping Gallery, including lesser places of Bukit Cina and Villa Sentosa. 

Let’s get stuck into it, and if you have kids, their excitement will go up another notch.


The Shore Shopping Gallery

It’s not only a place for shopping; the Shore Shopping Gallery is an action-packed centre to visit with kids with many fun attractions for the whole family.

While the Shopping Gallery has the essential retail outlets, a Starbucks for a coffee hit and various dining options of international cuisines, it’s the fun attractions that will occupy your time for hours.


The Shore Malacca

Make your way to the Shore.


Each attraction does require an entrance fee and the convenient way is to purchase a package pass to three or four different venues at the ticket station on the first level.

You’re sure to have a whole lot of fun! 

Oceanarium: The Shore Oceanarium: An Aquarium on the 4th floor of a shopping mall; how cool is that?

I can assure you it’s not your everyday aquarium with only the basics.

It’s much more than what you’ll see because the Oceanarium has many species of the ocean, plenty of fun stuff to do with kids, and a fantastic 3D show the kids will adore.

Whether you’re travelling with kids or not, this is a must-see attraction for any tourists who love the ocean and to learn about marine life.



Visit many species of marine life in the Oceanarium.


Kidzania: We all know the famous kids’ attraction of Kidzania, a prominent place where the children can learn about different careers in the workforce.

It’s an environment where your children can learn the craft of being a baker, a mechanic, perhaps working in an office or even a fireman.

They are only a few of the careers to roleplay in Kidzania.


Sky Tower: Go to great heights again and see the very best of Malacca City from the Sky Tower at the very top of the Shore.

 Other exciting attractions inside the Shore Shopping Gallery include 3D Park, AV VR, HIPPOPO and the famous Toy Museum.


Gop to great heights at the Shore with the Sky Tower!


Toy Museum Malacca

The Toy Factory will have the kid’s favourite action stars inside.



Bukit Cina

If you want to spend time outdoors in Malacca, visit the fascinating cemetery for the old Chinese Settler at Bukit Cina.

The hillside attraction, which overlooks many parts of the city, is an ancestral burial ground of the Chinese community with over 12000 graves. 

Among the graveyards of the Chinese settlers, there are also 20 Muslim tombs inside Bukit Cina, which are seen by walking the pathways inside Bukit Cina.


Bukit Cina Malaaca

Great city views from Bukit Cina.


Villa Sentosa

Located in the Kampung Morten of the city along the Malacca River, Villa Sentosa is a traditional house, turned into a living-history museum and depicts the life of an early 1900’s home for the wealthy.

You’ll only spend a short time at Villa Sentosa, but it’s fascinating to wander inside and around the house and check out the furniture, antiques and the layout of a traditional Malaysian house. 

That wraps up your two day holiday in Malacca, so why not add this city to your travel plans when desiring to see the very best of an extraordinary Malaysian destination.

If you want to expand your Malacca itinerary for an additional day or two, you won’t be disappointed either because there is so much more to see while you spread your wings beyond the city limits.


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Villa Sentosa Malacca

Villa Sentosa.

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