A Two-Day Malacca Itinerary: A Walk Through the Old and New – Malaysia

A Two-Day Malacca Itinerary: A Walk Through the Old and New – Malaysia

Are two days enough in Malacca, Malaysia? Well, yes, and here is advice o how to make the most of your Malacca Itinerary and see all the best places.

History, tradition and culture are always on the mind when you venture to a beautiful city like Malacca, Malaysia.

How could it possibly be avoided? It can’t.

Malacca City brings out the best of the old stuff and throws in a dose of the new for good measure, and any tourist who visits will not leave disappointed.

When you venture to the city during your hectic Malaysian tour for a couple of days, a thought-out Malacca Itinerary is required to assure you see all the best places.

Therefore, grab a pen and paper, jot down these fantastic things to do in Malacca and have your itinerary updated for your visit to the old town.


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Malacca Itinerary

Prepare your Malacca Itinerary and prepare for a culture hit.



A two-day Malacca Itinerary: A Walk through the Old and New – Malaysia

Are two days enough in Malacca, Malaysia? That’s an open question with no right or wrong answer, as two days is only scratching at the surface. Yet, when time is at a minimum, here is advice o how to make the most of your Malacca Itinerary and see all the best places.


Malacca or Melaka

Malacca or Melaka is the spelling that confuses me, even after having a Malacca City tour.

I know it’s the same place, and even when wandering the streets, the Melaka name will appear more often, which is the local’s spelling of the word.

Although for foreigners, Malacca is more common in spelling, and I know it’s what I have always used, even if I am wrong.

Therefore, I’ll stick with Malacca spelling in this article, even though the Melaka spelling appears also.


Malacca or Melaka

How do you spell it? Malacca or Melaka.


Getting Around Malacca

The most famous Malacca Sightseeing Attractions are within a stone’s throw, so getting around by foot is a convenient path to take. Especially for those gorgeous river walks.

The trishaw is set up at the most popular tourist attractions, with many located at the famous Stadthuys. For a small fee, the driver will take you on a short Malacca tour and make the day even more straightforward for you without breaking a sweat. 

A River Cruise is a great way to sit back and take in the best sights along the Malacca River, and it can drop you off at various Jetty stops along the way.

Another way to embrace your Malacca day trip is to hire a bicycle and pedal to several Malacca sights; alternatively, hire a GRAB driver or taxi for places further away.


Malacca tour

The trishaws are lined up in front of the Stadthuys.





Malacca Itinerary – Day one – Visiting the best Malacca Tourist Spots

Day one of your Malacca Itinerary will give you the most fulfilment of your Melaka trip.

Excitement will be the overwhelming outcome once you wander into the city’s heart and spend the day taking in the fun places in Malacca.

Therefore, let’s begin your hectic Malacca day tour, which will keep you busy deep into the night while visiting the traditional and modern attractions.


A Walk-through of old Melaka

Any trip to Malacca will include a walk-through of Old Melaka, visiting heritage buildings made long ago and discovering the city’s rich history by visiting various museums.

Throughout this Malacca one day trip, you’ll see a few famous Malacca attractions from the Stadthuys, AFamosa and the Maritime Museum.

So, let’s start day one precisely the same way I did, by doing a gorgeous river walk that leads to the best places to visit in Malacca.  


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Melaka trip

A walk through Old Malacca gathers many tourists from all around the world.



The Stadthuys

The Stadthuys is visited by many travellers to Malacca and has been an iconic landmark in the city since 1650.

 Established by the Dutch, The Stadthuys is the oldest Dutch-designed building in the Southern Hemisphere.

 The vibrant colonial building stood out in its terracotta red colours. The Stadhuys was once known as the residence of a Dutch officer and successive governments of the Portuguese and British. 

 At the front of the Stadthuys, tourists gather and enjoy the buoyant atmosphere and take photos in front of the I love Malacca sign.

 There is also a row of tricycles, market stalls with local souvenirs and the boutique Christ Church Melaka next to the star attraction in the same Terracotta colours. 


Melaka tour

The Stadthuys.


Ruins of St. Paul’s Church

From the Stadthuys, you continue the Malacca tour for a short walk and ascend the stairs to the old wreckage of the Ruins of St Paul’s Church.

St Paul’s Church is a historic building built in 1521, making it the oldest church in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. 

It’s pretty lovely to walk through the hollow hall of the church and view the architecture of a heritage church and the ruins that lay before you today.

The church that was partly dismantled when invaded by the Dutch in 1641 is part of the Malacca Museum Tour and is situated on the summit of St Paul. 


Ruins of St Paul's Church Malacca

Walk inside the Ruins of St Paul’s Church.



A Famosa

From the ruins, it’s time to head to another heritage building as your Malacca itinerary steps up, but not before you descend the steps and walk through a marketplace that leads to the A Famosa.

In Portuguese, a Famosa, which means “The Famous”, is a former fortress among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in the Far East. 

It’s one of the city’s hottest Malacca tourist spots. Every person gathers in numbers for a photo opportunity before leaving by trishaw or foot to the next stunning Malacca attraction. 


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A Famosa Malacca

The crowds dazzle at A Famosa.



Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

The Sultanate Palace Museum Melaka is a wooden replica of the 15th-century Palace, which belonged to the Sultan Mansur Shah, with the modern-day building was completed in 1985.

When you pay your RM2 entrance fee to the ancient Malay Kingdom, you’re fixed on the fascinating architectural structure and the stunning gardens surrounding the building.

Inside the three-storey Museum, the main focus is to showcase the knowledge of the Malays side of Malacca’s history, which dates back many centuries. 

The Palace also displays the traditional costumes, historical replicas of past times, the weaponry used in the day, ancient drawings and musical instruments. 


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Museums Melaka

Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum. 



Maritime Museum

From the moment you see the stunning replica of the 34-metre-high and 8-metre-wide ship stationed next to the harbour. You’ll be hooked to pay the entrance fee and see the marvellous relics inside the Maritime Museum.

The Museum’s primary focus recognises the long history of Malacca city as an international trade route, and you’ve left in awe the model ships on display.

Inside are beautiful paintings portraying the role of the Straits of Malacca for early traders, the maritime history, and the golden age of the Sultanate when known as the Emporium of the East. 


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Maritime Museum Malacca

Maritime Museum Malacca.



Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

You’ll desire to escape the heat and visit a shopping mall for relaxation and retail therapy throughout the day wandering the city.

Throughout the day, wandering the cityDhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is ideally located from the Sultanate Palace Museum. The ideal midway point is to browse retail outlets, dine in fantastic restaurants, and enjoy the mall’s entertainment.


Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Dhataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.



Menara Taming Sari Tower

It’s the home to the best views in Malacca.

The Menari Traming Sari Tower is a 360-degree revolving ride that rises to 80-metres in height and allows you to capture a birds-eye view of a remarkable city.

The Tower is open every day of the week from 10 am to 11 pm, with extended opening hours on weekends.

The entrance fees for international visitors go at 23RM for an adult ticket, and there are other packages and prices available to the public.

It’s at the base of the Menara Taming Sari Tower, where the atmosphere shines as you browse through various marketplaces of souvenirs and food stalls that serve the tastiest of local cuisines.


Malacca city tour

Enjoy the best views of Malacca City Menari Traming Sari Tower.



Jonker street

The hustle and bustle of Jonker Street in Chinatown are one of the best places to go to experience the real Melaka.

The lively atmosphere of Jonker Street from early afternoon to deep into the night is electric as the crowds gather at this hotspot.  

The famous street is desired for shopping in retail outlets, delicious fruit flavoured ice tea, cold beer from a local bar, a local’s favourite of Chicken & rice and enjoyed an excellent coffee in a café.  


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Jonker street

The action heats up on Jonker Street.



Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple

While browsing the back streets of Malacca, the Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple is an ideal quick stop when desiring to appreciate the articulate design of a beautiful temple. 

The Hoon Teng Temple practices the three Doctrinal Systems of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, and many worshippers come daily for prayer and candle lighting. 

Tourists are also welcome to partake in their worship and take pictures of the incredible relic and structure. 


Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple

Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple.



A Gorgeous Malacca River Walk

A riverwalk will frequently happen throughout your Malacca trip, for the experience of a charming stroll by the water is unforgettable.

A walk along the river is the best way to view the elegant heritage buildings, experience riverside restaurants and cherish the fantastic street art scene throughout the banks of the river.

In the morning, the calm is around as the businesses are shut, the people are away, and the riverbanks are much more peaceful.

When the sun is setting, the river looks at its best in its glowing light through the evening, and the tourist takes advantage of their Malacca sightseeing experience.

At night, the lights from the buildings and the bridges take over and provide the ideal setting for lovers with the ultimate romantic stroll in the perfect location.


Malacca attraction

Explore the best Malacca attractions along the river.



Riverside dining for the ultimate romance experience

Most restaurants are closed throughout the early part of the day but come late into the afternoon; they open for business and many tourists, and the evening plan is set in stone.

There is no better place in Malacca to enjoy an excellent meal at dinner time, an ice-cold beer and watch the boats cruise past while sitting back and enjoying the cool evenings in a cultural city.


what to do in Malacca

A little romance is welcomed in Malacca.



Melaka River Cruise

Why walk the river when you can enjoy the best views on a Melaka River Cruise throughout any part of the day or night.

It’s what you can do in Malacca to pass the time away and get off your feet.

With the added audio commentary of each fascinating Malacca attraction down the stretch of the river, sit back, unwind and enjoy the sounds and sights of the river on a laidback cruise.


Melaka day tour

Let a river cruise guide you through the city.


Malacca Itinerary – Day 2 – The best of the rest

The second day in Malacca will be less hectic and away from the crowds as you prepare to leave Malacca for your next destination in Malaysia.

On day two, you’ll head in a different direction and spend a reasonable amount of time in the Shore Shopping Gallery, including lesser places of Bukit Cina and Villa Sentosa. 

Let’s get stuck into it, and if you have kids, their excitement will go up another notch.


The Shore Shopping Gallery

It’s not only a place for shopping; the Shore Shopping Gallery is an action-packed centre to visit with kids with many fun attractions for the whole family.

While the Shopping Gallery has the essential retail outlets, a Starbucks for a coffee hit and various dining options of international cuisines, it’s the fun attractions that will occupy your time for hours.


The Shore Malacca

Make your way to the Shore.


Each attraction does require an entrance fee and the convenient way is to purchase a package pass to three or four different venues at the ticket station on the first level.

You’re sure to have a whole lot of fun! 

Oceanarium: The Shore Oceanarium: An Aquarium on the 4th floor of a shopping mall; how cool is that?

I can assure you it’s not your everyday aquarium with only the basics.

It’s much more than what you’ll see because the Oceanarium has many species of the ocean, plenty of fun stuff to do with kids, and a fantastic 3D show the kids will adore.

Whether you’re travelling with kids or not, this is a must-see attraction for any tourists who love the ocean and to learn about marine life.



Visit many species of marine life in the Oceanarium.


Kidzania: We all know the famous kids’ attraction of Kidzania, a prominent place where the children can learn about different careers in the workforce.

It’s an environment where your children can learn the craft of being a baker, a mechanic, perhaps working in an office or even a fireman.

They are only a few of the careers to roleplay in Kidzania.




Sky Tower: Go to great heights again and see the very best of Malacca City from the Sky Tower at the very top of the Shore.

 Other exciting attractions inside the Shore Shopping Gallery include 3D Park, AV VR, HIPPOPO and the famous Toy Museum.


Gop to great heights at the Shore with the Sky Tower!



Toy Museum Malacca

The Toy Factory will have the kid’s favourite action stars inside.



Bukit Cina

If you want to spend time outdoors in Malacca, visit the fascinating cemetery for the old Chinese Settler at Bukit Cina.

The hillside attraction, which overlooks many parts of the city, is an ancestral burial ground of the Chinese community with over 12000 graves. 

Among the graveyards of the Chinese settlers, there are also 20 Muslim tombs inside Bukit Cina, which are seen by walking the pathways inside Bukit Cina.


Bukit Cina Malaaca

Great city views from Bukit Cina.


Villa Sentosa

Located in the Kampung Morten of the city along the Malacca River, Villa Sentosa is a traditional house, turned into a living-history museum and depicts the life of an early 1900’s home for the wealthy.

You’ll only spend a short time at Villa Sentosa, but it’s fascinating to wander inside and around the house and check out the furniture, antiques and the layout of a traditional Malaysian house. 

That wraps up your two day holiday in Malacca, so why not add this city to your travel plans when desiring to see the very best of an extraordinary Malaysian destination.

If you want to expand your Malacca itinerary for an additional day or two, you won’t be disappointed either because there is so much more to see while you spread your wings beyond the city limits.


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Villa Sentosa Malacca

Villa Sentosa.



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Six of the best Museums in Malacca to Visit For an Historical Education

Six of the best Museums in Malacca to Visit For an Historical Education

Malacca or Melaka in Malaysia resembles many beautiful things: ancient buildings, breathtaking attractions, an incredible variety of food, and a rich culture dating back centuries.

The influences of the Portuguese, Dutch, and British are alive throughout your Malacca tour, meaning the building structures in the heart of the City has a rich European flavour. 

It’s also the Historical State of Malaysia, home to numerous heritage buildings that speak volumes of the country’s past and delve into the fascinating culture.

However, if you want to get under the skin of Malacca’s history, the best discoverable way is to visit one of its many incredible museums. 

In doing so, you are going to find out a whole lot of incredible stories and facts on Malaysian History. 


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Museums Melaka

Six of the best Museums in Malacca you should visit for historical Education.





Six of the best Museums in Malacca you should visit for a historical Education


Below is a list of six of the best museums in Malacca which you should visit for a full education on the city’s history, traditions and culture.

It doesn’t cost a lot to visit these excellent museums when looking for things to do in Melaka. Therefore, you could make a great day out of it, gathering the knowledge of an incredible city.



1. The Stadthuys

An iconic landmark representing many images of Malacca, after all, the Stadhuys building has been around since 1650.

Established by the Dutch, it’s now recognized as the oldest Dutch building this side of the world in the Southern Hemisphere.

The vibrant Dutch colonial building, which stands out for all to see in its terracotta red colours, once served as the residence of the Dutch Officer, followed by the successive governments including Portuguese and the British. 

The Stadhuys final works were completed in 1980, and by 1982 it was converted into a museum. 

Today, it’s is a top attraction and heritage building in Malacca. 

It’s home to the Melaka History and Ethnography Museum, where you’ll learn about the history of the city from 1400 through 1957, which is when Malaya achieved their independence. 



Melaka tour

The Stadthuys. 



2. Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum

The Sultanate Palace Museum Melaka is an awe-inspiring wooden replica of the majestic 15th-century palace belonging to the Sultan Mansur Shah.

The palace was painstakingly completed in 1985, following details taken from the 16th century Malay Annals text.

The text says that the Sultan Mansur Shah’s palace, which features seven tiers, was constructed entirely without the use of nails and relied on wooden carved pillars for support.

Unfortunately, the annals say that the palace was destroyed one year after the Sultan left the throne when struck by lightning.

The three-storey museum features several displays, including one of the traditional costumes, jewellery, and weaponry. 

Visitors will also get the chance to learn about the history of the Melaka sultanate through the intricate diorama display, which is a story of betrayal with a made-up lie. 


Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum

The Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum.




3. People’s Museum Melaka

Truly a one-of-a-kind institution, the People’s Museum in Malacca is made up of several small museums under one roof.

There are three floors filled with a variety of exciting exhibits, all housed in a 1960’s era council building located on the historic centre of town. 

 Each floor of the People’s Museum Melaka has its theme. The ground floor tells the story of Melaka’s economic progress, showcases the many ethnic groups living in Malaysia and traditional musical instruments.

On the first floor is a Kite Museum, dedicated to the kite and how it has helped in long-distance communication, during the war, and a leisurely pastime we have all enjoyed previously.

It also explains how the flying kites were made in different countries, the materials used to make kites, and much more detailed information worth absorbing. 

Other popular Malaysian pastimes are also depicted at the Museum, including traditional games such as Kelerent, Kabadi, Mahjong, Spinning Tops, Sepak Takraw, and much more.

On the second floor is a Beauty Museum, dedicated to different perceptions and interpretations of beauty from all over the globe. 

You’ll get to learn about filed teeth, body piercings, tattoos, lip disks, and other ways that various cultures use to show beauty. 

The People’s Museum also houses the Eurasian Community Gallery.

It’s interesting to peek into what exactly constitutes a Eurasian while providing historical titbits on Joan Margaret Marbeck, known as the Kristang Poet of Melaka. 



Enjoy the museums in Malacca with a Historical Tour with Klook!




4. Muzium TLDM Melaka

The Royal Malaysian Navy Museum, locally known as the Muzium Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM), showcases 19th century salvaged ships that sank in the Straits of Malacca.

 It houses an incredible collection of ships as well as a modern display of military uniforms, weapons, medals, emblems, and safety gear used back in the day.

The Museum Melaka, which was opened in 1995, is significant for educating the public about the role of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Several documents in the Muzium TLDM discuss how the navy was formed, evolved through the years, and the activities they engaged in during the time.


Muzium TLDM

Muzium TLDM.



5. Malaysia Architecture Museum

If you love architecture, you’re in for a treat at the Malaysia Architecture Museum.

It showcases the vast history of Malaysian architecture, from its humble early years to present day, when modern skyscrapers dominate the city. 

 The Malaysia architecture museum also provides a glimpse into the influences of the Chinese, Arab, Indian, and European settlers on the country’s architecture.

Thanks to their influence, Malaysia’s architecture is now recognized for its unique blend of designs.

Stunning wooden models, as well as graphics and multi-media, are all used in the Museum to tell the story of many popular buildings in the country. 

You’ll also get to learn about the features of a typical Malay home, Borneo’s longhouses, and many more amazing features of work. 

The building of the Malaysia Architecture Museum itself is worth noting; it dates back to the 1700s and used as a residence during the Dutch colonial period for government officials. 

By the British colonial rule, it also served as an administrative office. 

After Malaysia’s independence, the building became an office for the Malacca Water Board. 

By 1999, the Museum underwent restoration then turned into a museum that stands before you in 2004.


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6. Maritime Museum Malacca

Another iconic museum is the Maritime Museum in Malacca, which chronicles the long history of the city as an international trade route. 

Also known as the Flora de Lamar, the Museum’s nickname is taken from the Portuguese ship that sank in Malacca while on its way to Portugal. 

The boating and ship enthusiasts will have a ball at the many ship models on display!

There is a fantastic replica of the ship on-site; it’s 34 meters high and 8 meters wide, housing several artefacts and displays inside. 

Beautiful paintings depict the role of the Straits of Malacca for early traders, its maritime history, and the golden age of the Sultanate when it was once the Emporium of the East. 

Aside from displays, the Maritime Museum Melaka also depicts the various eras of Malacca, starting from the Malacca Sultanate through the Portuguese, Dutch, and British period. 


Maritime Museum Malacca

Maritime Museum Malacca.


There you have it!

The museums of Malacca offer a fun, insightful way to learn about the city’s rich history and heritage. 

As a bonus for the tourist, they’re all very affordable to visit, and an exciting education of a state’s history awaits. 


Museum Melaka

Enjoy the best relics in a Melaka Museum.



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One Day in Kuala Lumpur – What To Do in A Day in Malaysia’s Capital City

One Day in Kuala Lumpur – What To Do in A Day in Malaysia’s Capital City

When you only have one day in Kuala Lumpur, for whatever reasons it could be, here are the places you must visit in a day in Malaysia’s Capital City.


You better have your running shoes on when you only have one day in Kuala Lumpur. A day trip to Malaysia’s Capital City will be pretty hectic, and you won’t have time for a coffee break.

Just kidding, there’s always time for coffee on your KL City tour!

Anyway, you’re not going to be able to reach all of the Kuala Lumpur Tourist attractions on your big day out. A one day trip to Kuala Lumpur will not allow for it.

The reasons are that not everything within the city limits is near, and with the manic traffic, keeping close to the city and using the monorail or subway is the best option for a short trip.

In this Kuala Lumpur day tour itinerary, we’ll keep most activities compacted to the city. If you’re to follow this path, you’re bound to see plenty of Kl attractions of heritage buildings, shopping malls, beautiful gardens, taste great food and even visit a couple of famous buildings.

One day in Kuala Lumpur! Let’s get into the big day out, and by the day’s end, you’ll be buying a cold beer and chillin’ at the bar because the petrol tickets would have run out.


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discovering Kuala Lumpur

Discovering Kuala Lumpur – You’ll love it.



One Day in Kuala Lumpur – Places To Go In A Day in Malaysia’s Capital City



The first thing is first, the best transportation options in KL

Public transport is not expensive in Malaysia, and if you’re having a one day trip in KL, you should buy a KL Rapid Card. This pass will allow you to ride on the bus, monorail or train system in Kuala Lumpur. Your only job is to make sure you’re topping the card up with enough funds.

Personally, the best way around KL is to download the Grab App (UBER), register your details and go from there. The downfall with the Grab is the waiting time can be excessive, and when you don’t have time to waste, it causes unfortunate delays.

Alternatively, you can get around with a taxi, it’s twice the cost of Grab, but taxis are everywhere in the city, so it’s easily accessible.

Final word to the wise: don’t waste your time with a taxi/Grab in the morning or evening peak hours. While the KL traffic is extreme at most times, it’s a nightmare during peak hours.

During rush hour, stick to walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur or catch a train or monorail instead.

Be prepared for your Kuala Lumpur tour with a sim card through Klook!



Getting Around Kuala Lumpur

Let the monorail take you around the city.



Attractions left out of one-day Kuala Lumpur City Tour Itinerary.

A few tourist places in KL are bound to be missed in a mad rush around a major city.

In this Kuala Lumpur itinerary, a few distant attractions like the Batu Caves, Sunway Lagoon and Genting Highlands are excluded. These KL attractions are a distance from the City Centre, and it’ll demand a few hours of your time.

If your motto while travelling is less is more, by all means, add Batu Caves and include other major attractions, like the Petronas Towers and KL Tower.

No matter which way you go about it, you’re bound to have a great day out in KL.

Let’s begin the one day in Kuala Lumpur!


Batu caves

The Lord Murugan Statue at Batu Caves.



Begin the morning at Perdana Botanical Gardens

In the scorching heat of Malaysia, a morning walk through the Perdana Botanical Gardens is the ideal way to start the day trip in Kuala Lumpur.

With free entry to the gardens, it’s recommended to spend time walking in nature before heading to the hustle and bustle of the city.

There is a variety of things to do in the Botanical Gardens. You can visit the Hibiscus Gardens, walk through the Sunken Garden, view beautiful water features during your quiet walk and wander around the picturesque Lake Garden for shade and relaxation.

The activities will mount, but what will be appreciated most is the laid-back and peaceful nature of the Perdana Botanical Gardens.


Enjoy a picturesque one day in Kuala Lumpur with a Gardens tour with Klook!



Perdana Botanical Gardens

Perdana Botanical Gardens.



Go Heritage with Merdeka Square and Central Market in your KL one day trip

Once finished with the delightful gardens, it’s heritage time in your KL City tour with the Merdeka Square, known locally as Dataran Merdeka, in translation meaning Independence Square.

Heritage buildings within Merdeka Square include the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral and many more camera-worthy snapshots of well-constructed buildings.

Once you walk through Merdeka Square, the Central Markets is another landmark building not too far away and provides fascinating local shopping within a two-story building.

Central Market is an indoor and outdoor market layout where you can browse through different stalls in the comfort of a closed roof.

Inside Central Market, there is a range of goods for sale from traditional clothing, souvenirs, unique jewellery and beautiful art, which will undoubtedly capture your attention.

Outside the markets, the products are modern and may suit your style preference as you search for the next bargain on your KL trip.


Merdeka Square

Merdeka Sqaure in KL.



Explore Chinatown and enjoy the vibrancy in the Kuala Lumpur City Tour

Chinatown Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant marketplace decorated with Chinese lanterns and sells various goods usually seen in a famous Asian market. Including popular souvenirs to bring back home for memories of your KL trip.

By the time you have wandered through Chinatown KL, it should be lunchtime. There are many tasty Chinese street foods within the markets, such as the delicious dim sims, pork bun rolls, and other delicious goods to snack on while walking around.

You’ll also find plenty of sit-down restaurants too when you need to rest your feet at the halfway point of your one day trip in KL.


Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur Style.



Visit KL Towers and the KL Forest ECO Park  

A taxi or Grab is probably the best way to go from Chinatown to the KL Tower. Precious time can’t afford to be wasted in your busy afternoon schedule as you visit one of the best attractions in KL.

The KL Tower is appropriately priced to gain entrance to the Sky Deck, which has unbelievable city views.

There are added things to do other than take pictures of the city skyline at the Sky Deck. Inside, you can test your fear of heights by stepping into the glass cube and enjoying panoramic views at the Revolving 360 restaurant.

At the base of the tower, if you choose to avoid the Sky Deck, you can check out the mini-zoo and other minor attractions to enjoy the Tower experience from a different angle.

Not too far from the tower is the beautiful KL Forest ECO Park; it’s free entry and gives you respite from the typical heat of Malaysia.

It’s a laid-back nature walk on the doorstep to the city and has plenty of bushlands, gardens, skywalks and more views of the KL Tower.


Go to extreme heights when you visit KL Towers and see the Sky Deck with Klook!



KL tower

Eco Forest and the KL Tower.



Visiting Bukit Bintang and dinner at Jalan Alor Night Food Market

When the sun begins to come down over Kuala Lumpur, it’s time to go to the hottest tourist spot in the city, Bukit Bintang.

Bukit Bintang is a famous nightspot and offers plenty of shopping, cafes and Malaysian food experience at the Jalan Alor Night Food Market, the perfect place for dinner.

The Jalan Alor Night Food Court contains many food outlets with a variety of cuisines, such as grilled meats, Asian soups and famous Chinese dishes. At Jalan Alor, you can either sit down a-la-carte style or purchase street food and eat on the run to enjoy the carnival-like atmosphere of the food market.

For those who need more retail therapy in their one day in Kuala Lumpur, shopping is a must a Bukit Bintang, thanks to the number one Shopping Mall, The Pavilion. The Mall is a city within a city and has an impressive food court, cafes, bars and Retail Outlets that will dent the credit card.

There are other retail outlets along the streets of Bukit Bintang where you can purchase stylish and fashionable clothing. An extensive range of fashion accessories such as quality jewellery, sports goods, unique art and a selection of your favourite stationery.


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one day in Kuala Lumpur

Wandering through the Pavilion Mall!



Conclude the hectic day at Petronas Twin Towers under the night sky

Leaving the most famous tourist attraction in KL for last, The Petronas Twin towers light up the city at night and looks incredible, especially from ground zero.

Whether you elect to view the 86th floor of the Observation deck is up to you. The experience is not cheap, and sometimes that fate is out of your hands anyway as sessions are generally sold out and you need to book in advance.

It’s advised to plan accordingly and book a session time in advance, it’s worthwhile because you never know when you’ll see the Petronas again.

If you don’t make it to the top, no big deal, the best pictures of Petronas are taken from the base looking up at the incredible Twin Buildings.

The best vantage points are at the front of the towers or the rear at the KLCC park, where you can capture more great photos of a tower that certainly stands out in an incredible city.

When you’re done marvelling the star attraction, depending on the time you have available, there is plenty to do in KLCC.

You can go inside the Suria Mall under the Petronas and experience another fantastic shopping experience with popular retail outlets and excellent food choices.

Alternatively, you may want to wander the streets of KLCC and enjoy the vibrant nightlife in one of the several bars located in the area for a drink or two, recovering from a big day.

It’s one day in Kuala Lumpur; it’s been rushed, quite chaotic, and memorable all in one.

Who knows, if the days allow for it, you may change your Malaysia itinerary to include KL for a more extended stay, because one day, is never enough.



Suria Mall Petronas

Suria Mall and Petronas Twin Towers come together.



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An Evening Tour in Kuala Selangor – A Short Trip From Kuala Lumpur

An Evening Tour in Kuala Selangor – A Short Trip From Kuala Lumpur

An evening in Kuala Selangor is the tonic you need for your Malaysia trip when you’re looking for a brief getaway from Kuala Lumpur.


It’s a short detour you must partake in during your Kuala Lumpur holiday.

An evening in Kuala Selangor will be a welcomed decision to your Malaysian Itinerary as you leave the chaotic streets of the big city behind and check out the laid-back town along the West Coast.

There are several searching reasons to visit Selangor, which we found out during our evening tour of the boutique town when a tour guide from Kuala Lumpur took us for a drive down the Motorway Way to visit a Kuala Selangor attraction or two.

What happened next was an evening of surprise as we saw many hungry monkeys, had a delicious seafood dinner along the Selangor River with spectacular views and watched the magic of the Kuala Selangor fireflies in the night sky.


Are you visiting Kuala Selangor for more than a day trip? Find Accommodation at Booking.com!


Selangor River

An Evening in Kuala Selangor – Malaysia.



Where is Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

Depending on the traffic getting out of the city, Kuala Selangor is approximately 90-minutes from Kuala Lumpur and is perfect for a short tour or for spending a couple of days in the quiet coastal town off the strait of Malacca.

The best way to get to Selangor is via bus or train, which only costs around 16-Malaysian Ringgit ($4). You can also go via taxi for around 165-Malaysian Ringgit ($40) or hire a car and tour Malaysia with freedom.


Kuala Selangor attraction

On the way to a beautiful destination which is only a short drive from KL, it makes for the perfect evening.


Finding a Kuala Selangor Tour from Kuala Lumpur

Fireflies and Kuala Selangor tours are frequent day trips from Kuala Lumpur that go deep into the night. Most tours run for approximately 6-8-hours and usually departs Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon, meaning you’ll be in Selangor to watch a magnificent sunset and to have a picturesque dinner by the river.

The best firefly tour in KL to Selangor is found through Get Your Guide with excellent prices, and you can have a large selection of trips to choose from when visiting Selangor.





Kuala Lumpur trip

A day tour with the monkeys, fireflies and a delicious seafood dinner, what more could ask for in an afternoon and evening in Malaysia.?

The monkeys at Taman Alam

When we went on our Kuala Selangor evening tour, our first stop was at Taman Alum Kuala Selangor Nature Park, a beautiful nature strip of over 200-hectares with lots of flora, fauna and species of wildlife.

Within the reserve, there is plenty of black and brown coloured monkeys running around and eager for scraps of food, that they’ll do anything to get their feed. The black monkeys will even jump all over you and sometimes you’ll have two or three hanging over your shoulder.

While both species of monkeys are friendly enough, the nearby locals will give you a significant bit of advice upon arrival. That advice is, the black monkeys are free of viruses, even if they were to accidentally scratch or bite you.

However, the grey monkeys are not, and you’ll have to visit a doctor if scratched or bitten by one. The grey monkeys don’t typically jump on you, nor are you suggested to feed them; however, it is a word to the wise if visiting Taman Alam.


Taman Alum Kuala Selangor

The monkeys at Taman Alum Kuala Selangor are the enjoyment of the tourist spot.

Delicious Seafood along the Selangor River

If you love seafood, you’re going to love the Kuala Selangor Seafood, with many restaurants situated off the main river and providing the perfect scenic dinner with a magnificent sunset.

The best seafood restaurant in Kuala Selangor is Kuang Wah Seafood, with an array of assorted seafood such as fresh crabs and prawns, fish and other seafood delicacies.

There is even a choice of different Asian cuisines like sweet and sour pork and a large bowl of fried rice which will go perfectly with your meal.

The Seafood at Kuala Selangor is nothing short of sensational, as you sit down for a perfect evening tasting the delicious cuisines and enjoying the spectacular views over the Selangor River.


Selangor River

A seafood feast by the Selangor River, it’s delicious food with a fantastic view at sundown.



The Kuala Selangor fireflies create a little light in the dark

When the sun has fully set over the Strait of Malacca, it’s time for the firefly, Malaysia Style.

I will have to apologise from the outset; I have no quality pictures of the event because to get the full effect of the flies, it needed to be pitch black, meaning cameras were useless.

To catch a glimpse of a few fireflies in the clear night sky, it took place on a slow and quiet longboat. In this scenario,it’s a case of wait and see for the experience, because while fireflies are often out,it’s a matter of how many are seen, and fortunately, we saw quite a few.

The experience was not bad; however,it’s only worth the tour price if other attractions are included; it’s not enough to visit Selangor only to view the fireflies.

For our tour, we got quite fortunate. There were many fireflies along the banks of the river. It was a beautiful evening in Kuala Selangor, with the peaceful sounds in the nature reserve the only things heard.


An evening tour to Kuala Selangor,it’s the perfect little getaway where you can experience a few excellent attractions in the one trip. When you’re looking for extra activities during your Kuala Lumpur Itinerary give the West Coast a call, it may be what you are seeking during your Malaysia Holiday.


Are you visiting Kuala Selangor for a firefly tour? Find a great tour with Klook!




fireflies Kuala Selangor.

A family tour from KL to the fireflies.



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Kuala Lumpur Itinerary – A Four Day Guide to the Malaysian Capital City

Kuala Lumpur Itinerary – A Four Day Guide to the Malaysian Capital City

A Kuala Lumpur Itinerary – A Four-day guide to the Malaysian Capital City that provides many attractions you must visit during your stay.


When you are travelling through Malaysia and visiting the fantastic destinations in the Southeast Asian Country, it’s more than likely you’ll spend a few days exploring the capital city and setting up your Kuala Lumpur Itinerary.

KL is a busy city that requires a lot of energy because there are tonnes of stuff in and around the surrounding areas of KL. Fun activities in cultural activities, current day events, and exploring the great outdoors will create an action-packed Kuala Lumpur Itinerary during your vacation.

The minimum recommended time in Kuala Lumpur is around four days, and I mean the absolute minimum.

While there are other notable locations to visit in Malaysia, it’s essential to utilise the modern city and attractions, such as historical heritage buildings, Religious structures and modern-day skyrises that will give the tourist to the region the best sights in Kuala Lumpur.

If you wonder what to do in Kuala Lumpur for 4-days or even longer if you desire? Let me help you go through a range of activities, attractions and interests with this detailed travel guide to help you prepare for your vacation when you visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city.


Are you Visiting Kuala Lumpur? Look for hotels on TripAdvisor!


discovering Kuala Lumpur

A Kuala Lumpur Itinerary – A Four Day Guide to the Malaysian Capital City.




A Kuala Lumpur Itinerary – What to do Inside Four Days

Before we kick off the Itinerary, let’s try and help your Kuala Lumpur travel experience in terms of accommodation and getting around the big city.


Places to Stay in Kuala Lumpur

No matter how many days you stay in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll find a range of accommodations to suit various budgets; KL is an affordable city for a holiday.

Whether you are looking for a KL hotel through Booking.com, staying in cheap accommodation at a backpacker’s joint, renting a self-contained apartment through Airbnb, or a sample of Bukit Jalil hotels, you’ll have ample opportunities to find the accommodation that is perfect for your specific needs.

When I travelled with my family of four to Malaysia, we used Airbnb during our stay, and it was undoubtedly the right choice. Affordable, clean and large apartment, a great city location at a bargain price, there were no complaints on our behalf during our stay, and it will suit any family looking for a stylish place to stay.




Kuala Lumpur Itineray

Kuala Lumpur accommodation offers various options; some come with stunning views.



Getting Around Kuala Lumpur

There are many ways to get around Kuala Lumpur, but before we get into the various modes of transport available to the traveller, let’s discuss a vital card you must get upon settling in and visiting Kuala Lumpur attractions.

I speak of the MyRapid card, an easy scan in and out procedure that gets you onto the trains, monorail and buses and then to visit places in Kuala Lumpur. Tourists can buy most cards at train stations or nearby convenient stores.

Another reminder, your best friend on the road is Google maps on your smartphone. It will give you the directions and the best and quickest routes to your destination, including approximate costs, which will assist your Kuala Lumpur itinerary four-day trip.


  • Getting around by train (MRT/LRT) – Probably the ideal way to get around, the train system will take you to the most popular locations in the city and beyond.
  • Go by Monorail – Used in the city area, a monorail is a fast and efficient way through the city that will give you views from the top.
  • Jump on a bus – If a train doesn’t take you the whole, the bus will take care of the rest. Not overly used in my own experiences.
  • Hail a taxi – Taxis are everywhere, and if you need to get somewhere quickly to save you a walk to the train station, the cab will get you there in no time and doesn’t cost you a great deal.
  • Order Grab – Grab is the Uber of Southeast Asia; at half the price of a taxi, Grab is the most efficient way to get around KL. Waiting times can be a while on the busy city streets and are not as common as taxis.
  • Take a walk – A Kuala Lumpur city tour is best discovered by foot, and with many footpaths and traffic lights, you can safely get to your destination travelling on your own two feet.


Be prepared for your Kuala Lumpur tour with a sim card through Klook!



grab in Southeast Asia

You are getting around KL during your Malaysia itinerary for four days.



Day 1 – Getting to know KL

Getting to know the area and the Kuala Lumpur attractions is a priority with any destination you visit for the first time or return.

You don’t want to spend too much time wondering what you need to do upon arrival; it’s essential to plan and get stuck into your trip from the outset, as your Kuala Lumpur itinerary will soon fill up you’ll wonder where the time went.



A stroll around Perdana Botanical Gardens

Kuala Lumpur weather may be hot, but a stroll through the Perdana Botanical Gardens is one of the things to do in KL and whether you begin with the Botanical gardens or not is entirely up to you. However, I recommend you put it on your list for it is a complimentary trip and a great way to spend time with nature.

Inside the gardens, there is a variety of things going on, from the Orchard/Hibiscus Gardens to the large Amphitheatre with occasional entertainment and a vast playground with castles and monkey bars for eager kids to climb for a bit of self-amusement.

The Lake Garden is the biggest attraction inside the Botanical Gardens. You can experience a relaxing stroll around the water, view the perfectly landscaped gardens seen throughout, be mesmerised by fountains, and go over a walking bridge to the central islands that offer more gardens and shaded infrastructure for further relaxing in the shade.

Other attractions near the Botanical Gardens include the Butterfly House and Bird Park, which requires an admission fee, and you could make a whole day out of it if you wish to visit the big three attractions in the area.

Time to spend at Botanical Gardens: Depending on time restraints, anything from 2-3 hours.


Enjoy a Gardens tour in KL with Klook and further explore the city!




Perdana Botanical Gardens

Perdana Botanical Gardens.



Fun and shopping at Berjaya Times Square

Kuala Lumpur has many top-quality shopping malls and the Berjaya Times Square is worth mentioning because of the uniqueness of the central shopping precinct.

Times Square contains the usual retail and food outlets like any other mall in the city. Still, the action is on the fifth floor, where you find yourself in a whole new world in the form of an Indoor theme Park that contains rollercoasters, carnival rides and other entertainment usually seen at amusement parks around the world.

Time to spend at Times Square: 1-3 hours should give you ample time.


Give the kids some fun in Times Square Theme Park with a pass from Klook!




Times Square

Have a roller coaster of a time at Berjaya Times Square.



Visiting the tourist area of Bukit Bintang

You’ll visit Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur on more than one occasion. The popular entertainment hub and nightspot offer a rich food experience at the Jalan Alor Night Food Court, a street food delight of many Asian cuisines that foreigners rush to when staying in KL. 

Other major franchise chains such as McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks are in the vibrant area with significant shopping outlets such as The Pavilion nearby. You’ll also find some of the best cafes in Kuala Lumpur in this famous tourist area.

For those wishing to dent their credit card a little more with other shopping, you can check out a variety of retail outlets along the streets with popular chains from all over the world in the range of American, Korean and Japanese Brands of clothing and fashion accessories such as jewellery, art and stationery.

You’ll make your way to the Jalan Alor Night Food Court at dinner, a famous street thoroughfare containing many food outlets at a reasonable price. You can sit in a restaurant and try delicious Malaysian food, eat on the run by purchasing a snack from a street vendor, or enjoy a BBQ feast as you select your meats and have them cooked on the spot.


Favourite things to do in Bukit Bintang

  • The Pavilion Shopping Mall
  • Dine at the Jalan Alor Night Food Court
  • Street or market shopping


Are you staying in the hustle and bustle of Bukit Bintang? Find great hotel rates at Booking.com!


jalan alor food

Jalan alor food court in Bikit Bintang.


Pavilion Shopping Mall

The Pavilion Shopping Mall is the best shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur and a place where the credit card will come out on a few occasions as you get out and splurge in a range of retail outlets and top-notch restaurants.

At one entrance into the mall, you wander straight into an indoor café strip, where many coffee shops and bars are situated along the stretch of the mall; for any coffee lover, it’s pure heaven.

Along with the beautifully designed layout of the mall, there is a range of retail outlets of leading women’s clothing, men’s clothing and a variety of accessories for sale. Inside there is also a great food court with luxury dining options and a mega cinema complex to watch the latest blockbuster movie.

The best part of the Pavilion Shopping Mall on Tokyo Street is a mixture of Japanese related retail stores, antiques, sweets and many great Japanese restaurants to get your taste of the famous Asian cuisine.

Time to spend at the Pavilion: Minimum 2-hours


Pavilion Shopping Mall

The Pavilion Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur.



Day 2 – Getting into the Heart of the city.

Kuala Lumpur city is large and is impossible to do during a day, so for day two of your KL city tour, let’s head to the famous tourist zone containing Chinatown, Merdeka Square and the ever-popular central markets.


Merdeka Square

There is something special about heritage-listed buildings worldwide, especially in Asia, where history and culture are proudly common throughout, with articulate facilities that create the fascinating appeal of traditional buildings that are centuries old.

Merdeka Square, also known as Dataran Merdeka, has many heritage buildings such as the Sultan Abdul Samad Building (now used as the office of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture of Malaysia), The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, Mary’s Anglican Cathedral and a whole lot more.

Get the camera ready at Merdeka Square. Many great photos of historic structures are guaranteed to be taken and put into the photo album for fond memories of your four days in Kuala Lumpur.


Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square in KL.



Central Market

While we are talking about what to do in Kuala Lumpur, a stone’s throw from Merdeka Square is the stunning  Central Markets, a landmark building built-in 1928. Central Market is an indoor market set-up where you wander through various stalls and browse in the comfort of a closed roof.

You can purchase a range of products from traditional clothing, souvenirs, and unique jewellery and sit down for a meal in a selection of restaurants. You’ll enjoy your time at the individual two-story market, with a range of stalls outside with a more modern range of products like phone accessories, hats, jewellery and modern-day clothing.




Central Market

Enjoy the vibrancy of Central Market.



Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

Chinatown is chaotic and full of culture, so what else would you expect when looking for fun things to do in KL.

Chinatown Kuala Lumpur has many marketplaces that sell all kinds of goods, from clothing, phone accessories, sporting hats, toys and plenty of other merchandise that come in handy for your everyday lives. You can also stock up on the “I Love KL” souvenirs to take home with you from your vacation.

Inside Chinatown, plenty of Chinese street food is tucked between the market stalls with delicious dim sims the way to go when you want to eat on the run.

On display inside, plenty of entertainment and Chinese lanterns decorate the area for an authentic East-Asia appearance that you look for during an Asian holiday.


Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur Style.



Day three – Spread your wings.

Perhaps it is time to spread your wings with a few short trips from Kuala Lumpur, with an enjoyable hike in a rainforest and the famous Batu Caves to enjoy the Kuala Lumpur sights further.


A wet N wild hike at Maya Falls

The nature outside of KL is quite beautiful so let me recommend a favourite of mine during my stay in KL.

An adventurous half-day hike at Maya Falls (locally known as Lata Medang) with an experienced guide who picks you up from the hotel, and provides breakfast and lunch, is an impressive 5-hour hike in the Kuala Lumpur rainforest. You will not only keep fit during your walk in the jungle but learn a few interesting facts about the rainforest along the way.

The half-day hike was organised through Airbnb day tours with Thomas’s experienced guide. It starts with a 45-minute drive from the city, where you have a local breakfast before driving out of the hike parking lot and wandering through beautiful terrain.

During the hike, you come across three gorgeous waterfalls, with each waterfall seen getting more spectacular on each occasion. After a swim and a few awesome pictures at the third and final waterfall, you begin your descent back through the picturesque rainforest, which becomes even more beautiful when it begins to rain and back to the car to finish off the half-day tour with a locally made lunch.

Time to spend on a hike: Allow around 8-hours for the trek from pick-up to drop-off.


discovering Kuala Lumpur

A hike in the Kuala Lumpur rainforest will provide an adventure and an opportune sightseeing moment.



Batu Caves

Batu caves are often discussed when visiting Malaysia, and generally, every tourist to the city will make their way to this iconic Kuala Lumpur attraction.

The iconic Murugan statue, which includes the 272-steps, takes you to the cave’s entrance point before entering the dark caves and viewing religious artifacts.

The highlight is always the monkeys, as they create playful scenes throughout your time at Batu Caves and even attempt to take anything that you are carrying in the hope of finding it. It’s best not to have any plastic bags inside as our little friends will mistake them for food, so avoid taking any plastic bags inside the caves.

Important note for the female travellers visiting Batu Caves: wear clothing covering your shoulders and pants that go past your knees, or you will not be allowed to enter the caves. If you arrive caught off guard, they have a large scarf at the gates to wrap around your waist if you are not in the standard dress they require. It requires a small refundable deposit.

Time to spend at the Caves: 1-2 hours.


Enjoy a thorough KL and Batu Caves tour with Klook!



Batu Caves

The monkeys are on the move at Batu Caves.



Day four – Visit More City Hotspots as your KL Itinerary concludes.

Let’s continue the Kuala Lumpur Itinerary with more city hotspots. On day four, the big players come to the fore with the KL Towers and Petronas Twin Towers, a much-anticipated attraction that provides excellent sightseeing in KL.


A Quick Wander through the KL Forest ECO Park and KL Tower

It’s time to visit one of the top attractions in the city that will provide sensational Kuala Lumpur sightseeing. The KL Tower is what I am referring to and is 15-minutes from the Petronas Twin Towers. You could organise to both on the same day if you wish.

There is a fee to go up to the Observation deck area and catch a fantastic glimpse of the city. Even if you don’t elect to go to the Observation area, you can hang around the bottom and check out the mini-zoo and other lesser attractions.

Once you have concluded with the KL Tower, it’s time to visit KL Forest ECO Park, situated 10-minutes from the tower’s base. At the ECO Park, you’ll enjoy the nature in the city inside this boutique little forest that has an array of gardens, skywalks, and brilliant views of the KL Tower up above that peeks through open bushes of the city forest.

The best bit about the ECO park is the complimentary entry and its appreciated time in the shade through the bushlands in KL. I recommend visiting the ECO forest during your stay in the city after seeing the KL tower.


Go to great heights in Kuala Lumpur with the KL Tower experience through Klook!




KL tower

Eco Forest and the KL Tower.



Wander through KLCC

Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) is a central area with attractions including the Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC Park, various bars and restaurants for a vibrant nightlife and retail outlets like the Suria Mall.

Like many central areas of any major city worldwide, KLCC is saturated with thousands of tourists looking to have a good time out in the big city; you can almost create your own little Kuala Lumpur city tour in this vicinity.

A word to the wise, the traffic never relents in any part of KL and its good advice to either walk or take public transport when venturing into the Let’s

Let’s look at what is on offer for the tourist at the KLCC.



Add the KLCC Shopping Mall to your Kuala Lumpur Itinerary.



Suria Mall

The Kuala Lumpur shopping adventure continues at the KLCC with the Suria Shopping mall; it’s ideally located at the base of the Petronas Towers and fits into your Kuala Lumpur Itinerary perfectly due to the central proximity.

It’s a modern shopping mall with a host of retail outlets, food courts and cafés. You can capture gorgeous views of the Petronas Towers during the evening and even watch a fantastic fountain light show at the KLCC Park that begins at around 8 pm daily.



The fountains light up at KLCC outside Suria Mall.



The Petronas Towers

The Petronas Twin towers are what travellers to the city often think of when seeking further Kuala Lumpur sightseeing places, and The Petdoesn’toesn’t disappoint.

Whether you are viewing from ground zero and looking above at the magnificent structure or glancing over the city from the 86th floor of the Observation deck during a tower tour, you’ll love the unique design of the twin buildings.

To partake in the Petronas tour to the viewing area at the very top requires approximately a three-day waiting list, with bookings in advance being essential.

The experience is quite good and certainly recommended to capture magnificent views from the top as you stare out into the large city that contains many skyscrapers. As you can imagine, the popular time slots are taken first, which is usually the sunset hours, especially when the skies are clear.

From ground zero, the atmosphere is chaotic as everyone scrambles for the best spot to take the best pictures of the Petronas Towers, with selfies taken at a premium.

Whether those photos are being taken from the front of the towers or at the rear of the picturesque KLCC, you’ll find a great shot, especially when the sun is disappearing over KL and the buildings begin to light up the night sky.


See the best views in KL with a Petronas Towers ticket through Klook!




Petronas Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers will light up the night sky during your Kuala Lumpur trip.



Other things to do in KL when staying a little longer.

It doesn’t have to end at four days in Kuala Lumpur. I recommend you stay longer. Below are extra activities you can do during your Kuala Lumpur tourism adventure to provide further highlights of your KL trip.


 An Evening in Kuala Selangor

If you are seeking any day trips from Kuala Lumpur, the small township of Kuala Selangor is recommended and is approximately a one-hour drive from KL. It’s a good evening trip to find a hired driver and do a few informal activities away from the traffic of the big city.

A tour to Kuala Selangor begins with the monkeys at an area called Taman Alum; a host of black and brown coloured monkeys are eager to scrap away for their piece of food. The black monkeys will significantly jump all over you to get what they want.

A delicious seafood dinner is followed, which is set along the Selangor River. Eating at a restaurant called Kuang Wah Seafood, the restaurant serves a range of assorted seafood such as fresh crabs, prawns, deliciously sweet and sour pork and a large dish of fried rice thrown into the fulfilling feast. Meals may vary depending on your tour or what your guide orders for you.

The fireflies cruise concludes the trip at the time the sun comes down to end another brilliant Malaysian day. You catch the quiet longboats that travel slowly into the river in darkness to get the best glimpse of the tiny insects lit up under the night sky along the banks of the Selangor River. It’s an activity losing appeal due to the build-up of the population in the area. However, you’ll still see many fireflies during the half-hour cruise along the river.

The fireflies conclude the Kuala Lumpur day tour. If you wish to partake in private time, you can find information inside a few travel agencies near Chinatown.


Kuala Selangor

View from our seafood dinner in Kuala Selangor.



 AVT fun at Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

A Malaysian style adventure park is another fun-filled day at the Taman Botani Negara Shah It’s.

It’s an exciting day of adventures like Skytrex (to conquer your heights), an Extreme Park adventure, a Jungle trek and ATV riding, a highlight as you ride through the park and navigate the rough terrain.

Getting to the park is quite complicated due to the distance from the city. I suggest taking Uber as the best viable transport to the complex, but you’ll be sure to have a fun adventure the family can enjoy once there.


That’s a wrap on all the things to do in the Malaysian Capital CIty during your Kuala Lumpur Itinerary, and naturally, there is a lot more to do. I suggest going with the flow and letting the KL attractions come to you.

Kuala Lumpur

Fun ATVs to ride and explore during your four days in Malaysia.


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Kuala lumpur sightseeing

KL itinerary


The Petronas Twin Towers – The Heart of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre

The Petronas Twin Towers – The Heart of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Whether you’re driving into the city, or wandering around by foot, the Petronas Twin Tower is usually seen from a distance, often distracting you while you’re out and about exploring the vibrant Kuala Lumpur City Centre and in all its glory at great heights, the Towers always impresses with its unique design.

It’s the number one attraction you think of when visiting Malaysia’s capital city, the Petronas Twin Towers, “how I would love to get close and take a few pictures.”

It’s the significant trademark that represents the city the most, is displayed in souvenirs stands in the form of a fridge magnet or miniature statue and sold in most market places.

However, it’s in its flesh where you’ll appreciate the towers most and all the magnificent tourist stuff that is situated in Petronas vicinity.

However when it comes to visiting the iconic towers, it’s important to note, that plenty is going on in and around the Petronas Towers than to take that perfect photo.

In this article, we have a few suggestions for you when you are visiting the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, the home of the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.


Heading to Kuala Lumpur for a vacation? Look for accommodation on TripAdvisor.



Petronas Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers KLCC.


The Petronas Twin Towers KLCC – There is Plenty Going On

When you go inside the heart of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, the Petronas Twin Towers rightfully takes over and demands the centre stage.

The Petronas Towers Observation Deck is not the only ticket in town, with plenty going on in and around KLCC Malaysia.



Check Out the View from Below the Petronas

The view at the foot of the twin buildings is where you get your best vantage point and tourists gather in numbers throughout the day and night to get the best glimpse of the Towers. The selfies are at a premium and it’s a click of the camera a minute, with Facebook and Instagram Live getting a solid work out.

There are even a few locals selling mobile phone lenses for around AUD$10 that do work a treat.

The best location for a photo is at the front of the Tower, it’s the spot where you can take a picture of the Petronas Twin Towers without any hindrance from surrounding videos as tourist get on their knees, hunch down low and use all sorts of angles to fit the towers in camera frame for an epic picture.

When you are done attempting to take the perfect photos, It’s time to admire the unique design of the Twin Towers and wonder how something so beautiful was created by man.


Petronas Twin Towers

At the base of the Twin Towers.



The Petronas Towers Observation Deck

Booking days in advance is essential when you want to go to the 89th floor of Petronas Twin Tower observation deck and look over the Kuala Lumpur City from high above.

The entrance cost is a little expensive, but if you enjoy witnessing the best views of the city, then the quick trek up the elevator to the upper deck will be worth your while.

During the Observation tour, you will get a history lesson of the building that was completed in 1996, a quick safety induction, before going to the halfway point of the Petronas Twin towers, to the Skybridge on the 41st floor for the first viewing area.

After 15-minutes on the central Skybridge, it’s time to make your way to the top where the 89th floor awaits and suddenly the city looks even smaller from high above.

Before the completion of the tour, you have a final stop at the Gift shop situated on the 86th and purchase yourself a little Petronas Twin Towers memorabilia to take home with you.


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Petronas Twin Towers.

Capturing the sunset from the Skybridge of the Petronas Twin Towers.



Go Shopping at Suria Mall – Kuala Lumpur City Centre

At the very base of the Petronas Twin Towers is a large Shopping Mall that caters for everyone’s retail therapy, with all the top brands located in the mega complex, not to mention the large food court that has a range of eating choices and is constantly packed to the rafters.

Being in the heart of a popular tourist zone, The Suria Mall is bound to grab your attention while you undoubtedly clock up the credit card debt. Even if you’re not the shopping enthusiast or not keen on spending big, you’ll enjoy wandering around the Mall and being a happy tourist in of Kuala Lumpur’s finest shopping malls.


Suria Mall

Inside the Suria KLCC Petronas Twin Towers.



Take a Stroll Through KLCC Park

A KLCC tour needs to include a picturesque city park that neighbours the Suria Mall, it’s here where you’ll have more gorgeous views of the Twin Towers and expand on your already impressive gallery of photos.

The boutique city park is an enjoyable stroll around the lake and through a few well-landscaped gardens and grass area. There is even a miniature water park for the kids to get relief from the steaming hot conditions to have a splash around.

It’s at night time when the KLCC Park really comes to life, the city lights really taking full effect and the tourists numbers increase two-fold. It’s around 8pm, when the people may lose focus on the Towers above for a moment and the nights’ entertainment begins with a dazzling fountains light display. It’s brilliant.



KLCC Park lights up at night.


Jalan P Ramlee – Hot Nightspot

It’s one of the best nightspots in Kuala Lumpur, a 400-metre stretch of fabulous restaurants and bars that is situated along the Jalan P Ramlee and has tourist partying all night, especially at the famous Beach Club Café.

In proximity to the Petronas Twin Towers, Suria Mall and KLCC Park, the Jalan P Ramlee is the place to be for a good feed and a few alcohol beverages when all you want to do is let hair down and have wild but sensible time in Malaysia.

There you have it! There is more to do at the Petronas Twin Towers than a gaze at the iconic building for a few pics. There is shopping, entertainment and a nightlife all waiting for you ion your visit to the ever-popular Kuala Lumpur City Centre.




Suria Mall Petronas

Suria Mall and Petronas Twin Towers come together in your KLCC visit.


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