An evening in Kuala Selangor is the tonic you need for your Malaysia trip when you’re looking for a brief getaway from Kuala Lumpur.


It’s a short detour you must partake in during your Kuala Lumpur holiday.

An evening in Kuala Selangor will be a welcomed decision to your Malaysian Itinerary as you leave the chaotic streets of the big city behind and check out the laid-back town along the West Coast.

There are several searching reasons to visit Selangor, which we found out during our evening tour of the boutique town when a tour guide from Kuala Lumpur took us for a drive down the Motorway Way to visit a Kuala Selangor attraction or two.

What happened next was an evening of surprise as we saw many hungry monkeys, had a delicious seafood dinner along the Selangor River with spectacular views and watched the magic of the Kuala Selangor fireflies in the night sky.


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Selangor River

An Evening in Kuala Selangor – Malaysia.



Where is Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

Depending on the traffic getting out of the city, Kuala Selangor is approximately 90-minutes from Kuala Lumpur and is perfect for a short tour or for spending a couple of days in the quiet coastal town off the strait of Malacca.

The best way to get to Selangor is via bus or train, which only costs around 16-Malaysian Ringgit ($4). You can also go via taxi for around 165-Malaysian Ringgit ($40) or hire a car and tour Malaysia with freedom.


Kuala Selangor attraction

On the way to a beautiful destination which is only a short drive from KL, it makes for the perfect evening.


Finding a Kuala Selangor Tour from Kuala Lumpur

Fireflies and Kuala Selangor tours are frequent day trips from Kuala Lumpur that go deep into the night. Most tours run for approximately 6-8-hours and usually departs Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon, meaning you’ll be in Selangor to watch a magnificent sunset and to have a picturesque dinner by the river.

The best firefly tour in KL to Selangor is found through Get Your Guide with excellent prices, and you can have a large selection of trips to choose from when visiting Selangor.





Kuala Lumpur trip

A day tour with the monkeys, fireflies and a delicious seafood dinner, what more could ask for in an afternoon and evening in Malaysia.?

The monkeys at Taman Alam

When we went on our Kuala Selangor evening tour, our first stop was at Taman Alum Kuala Selangor Nature Park, a beautiful nature strip of over 200-hectares with lots of flora, fauna and species of wildlife.

Within the reserve, there is plenty of black and brown coloured monkeys running around and eager for scraps of food, that they’ll do anything to get their feed. The black monkeys will even jump all over you and sometimes you’ll have two or three hanging over your shoulder.

While both species of monkeys are friendly enough, the nearby locals will give you a significant bit of advice upon arrival. That advice is, the black monkeys are free of viruses, even if they were to accidentally scratch or bite you.

However, the grey monkeys are not, and you’ll have to visit a doctor if scratched or bitten by one. The grey monkeys don’t typically jump on you, nor are you suggested to feed them; however, it is a word to the wise if visiting Taman Alam.


Taman Alum Kuala Selangor

The monkeys at Taman Alum Kuala Selangor are the enjoyment of the tourist spot.

Delicious Seafood along the Selangor River

If you love seafood, you’re going to love the Kuala Selangor Seafood, with many restaurants situated off the main river and providing the perfect scenic dinner with a magnificent sunset.

The best seafood restaurant in Kuala Selangor is Kuang Wah Seafood, with an array of assorted seafood such as fresh crabs and prawns, fish and other seafood delicacies.

There is even a choice of different Asian cuisines like sweet and sour pork and a large bowl of fried rice which will go perfectly with your meal.

The Seafood at Kuala Selangor is nothing short of sensational, as you sit down for a perfect evening tasting the delicious cuisines and enjoying the spectacular views over the Selangor River.


Selangor River

A seafood feast by the Selangor River, it’s delicious food with a fantastic view at sundown.



The Kuala Selangor fireflies create a little light in the dark

When the sun has fully set over the Strait of Malacca, it’s time for the firefly, Malaysia Style.

I will have to apologise from the outset; I have no quality pictures of the event because to get the full effect of the flies, it needed to be pitch black, meaning cameras were useless.

To catch a glimpse of a few fireflies in the clear night sky, it took place on a slow and quiet longboat. In this scenario,it’s a case of wait and see for the experience, because while fireflies are often out,it’s a matter of how many are seen, and fortunately, we saw quite a few.

The experience was not bad; however,it’s only worth the tour price if other attractions are included; it’s not enough to visit Selangor only to view the fireflies.

For our tour, we got quite fortunate. There were many fireflies along the banks of the river. It was a beautiful evening in Kuala Selangor, with the peaceful sounds in the nature reserve the only things heard.


An evening tour to Kuala Selangor,it’s the perfect little getaway where you can experience a few excellent attractions in the one trip. When you’re looking for extra activities during your Kuala Lumpur Itinerary give the West Coast a call, it may be what you are seeking during your Malaysia Holiday.


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fireflies Kuala Selangor.

A family tour from KL to the fireflies.

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