Anyone who has been to Malaysia’s Capital City has heard of the big attractions that lure the tourist to the city. You know, the likes of The Petronas Twin Towers, The KL Tower and Bukit Bintang, that rightfully gather many travellers from far and wide around the globe, to be in the vicinity of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur

What about those other incredible places in Kuala Lumpur that don’t receive the same credit as the big fish, yet will create an excellent local experience, giving the tourist a fantastic Malaysia holiday vibe. They are wonderful KL places which are best discovered during a Kuala Lumpur Day trip, while you’re out and about the Southeast Asian city, learning about the country’s Immense culture and rich history. 

Are you wondering which of these places I may be referring too? Let’s check it out shall we and go through five incredible places in Kuala Lumpur that I loved to visit during my visit and which you will appreciate too when you’re going on your own Kuala Lumpur holiday.


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Underrated places in Kuala Lumpur

Five incredible places in Kuala Lumpur to go to for an excellent local experience


5 Incredible Places in Kuala Lumpur to Visit for an excellent holiday experience


Batu Caves

I’ll be honest, Batu Caves is not exactly a tourist attraction unknown to visitors to Malaysia. Most times when you visit Kuala Lumpur, you’ll read about the caves, and perhaps weigh up if it’s worth the short from the city centre. Hold no fear; Batu Caves offers a local experience that showcases religion, temples and marketplaces that generates plenty of excitement in your KL trip.   

The Batu Caves is a large limestone hill with the dark caves on the inside and the outside is the famous The Lord Murugan Statue that stands out clearly for all to see and is a photography delight for tourist. When you look left of the colossal statue, you’ll find the 272-steps to the entrance of the main caves, another showcase of this KL travel place, as you weigh up whether the free admission is worth the climb to get into the caves. 

Any hesitation will last until you see the monkeys roaming about the staircases, that’s when you realise, that the Batu Caves could be a lot of fun, but make sure you watch your personal belongings, those monkeys are tricky.

Batu Caves

The monkeys are on the move at Batu Caves.


A little information to the women tourist who attends Batu Caves, you’ll need to wear long pants or shorts that cover your knees to go through the entrance and enter the caves, because of their religious ways. Don’t threat, however, if you don’t have the appropriate clothing for their standards, the staff at the gates will give you a large scarf to wrap around your waist for a small deposit fee that is refunded upon returning the scarf.

Getting There: Take the KTM Komuter train from KL Sentral Station to Batu Caves Station. Alternatively, you can order a Grab driver for a low price of around RM21.00, give or take, depending on what time of the day you travel to Batu Caves.


Batu caves

The Lord Murugan Statue and the 272-steps to the top at Batu Caves.


Jalan Alor Food Night Market

It’s one of the best food markets in KL or in Southeast Asia for that matter, and it will become quite clear from the time you enter the busy street during the evening time. It’s the food frenzy location where a delicious dinner will be found waiting at the Jalan Alor Food Night Market, making it one of the best tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 

You have your choice of dining in restaurants situated on the streets, whether it’s a sit down for an a-la-carte meal, or perhaps you want to select a few skewers of variety meats or seafood and have them cooked fresh right in front of you and eat on the run. Whatever the food experience you are after, you’ll be sure to find at these Night Markets.


Jalan Alor Night Food Court

Lots of skewers prepared at Jalan Alor Night Food Court.


When you’re finished with the main meal, it’s time for dessert; nothing screams dessert better than a delicious coconut ice-cream that can be bought from a vendor along the streets. If you prefer a little fruit? You can try a combination of mixed tropical fruits that are richly covered in a chilli sauce. Judging by my wife’s reaction to the so-called sweet, it was hot on the tongue, damn hot.

Getting there: The Jalan Alor Food Night Market is situated in the popular tourist area of Bukit Bintang, get off at the monorail station named Air-Asia Bukit Bintang or the Jalan Bintang subway station and walk a couple of hundred of metres to the food market. Follow your noses to the smell of the food, and you’ll find it.

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Jalan Alor Night Food Court

Have a delicious meal at the Jalan Alor Night Food Court.


Merdeka Square

A part of rich culture comes alive to create an excellent local experience in your Kuala Lumpur tour guide, and it happens inside Merdeka Square, AKA Dataran Merdeka. I love visiting heritage sights anywhere around Asia and capturing photos of century-old buildings that certainly have a lot of history to the premises. Merdeka Square is no exception.

The notable attraction within Merdeka is the 95-metre flag pole that proudly shows off the Malaysian flag and is situated in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, amongst other heritage building in the same vicinity with each building looking quite spectacular.


Merdeka Square

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.


The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is another point of interest inside the  Merdeka area, a KL tourist spot that has the “I Love KL” statue out front where tourists come to pose for a picture. Once inside the building, there are many photos and arts to view that gives an insight into Malaysian culture.

Getting there: Grab services or the subway is the best way to get to Merdeka Square, the closest subway station is Masjid Jamek, but check google maps for the best route by foot once you depart the station.


Merdeka Square

See a little heritage in Malaysia like Merdeka Square in KL.


Central Market

A shopping experience to appreciate in your Kuala Lumpur tourism experience which happens inside a unique market that is situated at an old heritage building that has been around for many years and sells products different to the general merchandise you find in the outside markets like in Chinatown, a little down the road.

After wandering around Merdeka Square in hot conditions of the outdoors, it was a welcome relief to enter through the Central Market and escape the heat. The calm atmosphere is an excellent quality of the markets, a place where you can walk around in peace and browse through different stalls of various arts and crafts, enjoy a local meal in a handful of restaurants and chill with a juice made from fresh fruits.

Getting there: Central Market is only a short walk along the Klang River from Merdeka Square, and often you can string the two together. Add other nearby locations in Petaling St and Chinatown to the list, and it’s a fulfilling day to have visiting underrated places in Kuala Lumpur.

Central markets

Wander around the Central Markets.


 Lake Gardens at the Kuala Lumpur Botanical Gardens

The Lake Gardens is a peaceful and tranquil area where you can admire the lush, colourful gardens that have a sparkling fountain lake and is situated inside the Kuala Lumpur Botanical Gardens. The gardens offer a great way to see ample of other Kuala Lumpur attractions in the one location with a Butterfly Park and Bird Park also located near the Botanical Gardens.  

Lake Gardens is a quiet area to escape the busy city and relax in the sounds of nature with plenty of spaces to take a seat or even enjoy a nap in the shaded areas provided. It may not be a unique local experience to the saviour, but sometimes you need to chill in the shade for a while, because when you are on holidays, you’re not always meant to be on the go, however, in a city like KL, these things can’t be helped.

Getting there: The best way to get to the Lake Gardens inside the Botanical Gardens is to order a Grab driver, it’s cheap and the least complicated way to get there.


Lake Gardens KL

Enjoy the picturesque surrounds of Lake Gardens.

Lake Gardens

Lake Gardens.


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