It’s a beautiful city in the Sarawak state of Borneo, and there are plenty of things to do in Miri City for a dream vacation.


There’s something about Miri!

It’s a gorgeous coastal town in the State of Sarawak in Malaysia, that captivates its tourists with laidback streets, friendly locals, and abundant attractions to occupy your Miri itinerary.

When looking at the best things to do in Miri City, you’ll find various fulfilling activities and a sense of satisfaction when thinking of adding this fantastic city to your Malaysia Itinerary.

I loved every moment of my trip to Miri, and using my busy feet to get around to various places; I captured the best bits of a fascinating city.

It’s now a pleasure to share the best things to do in Miri City of Sarawak.


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things to do in Miri CIty

Get out and find the best things to do in Miri City.



11 of the best things to do in Miri City in Sarawak – Borneo

Most of the places to visit in Miri are in the city precinct, except for a few distant National Parks, which will need prior planning before attending.

To get around Miri and make your way to the best attractions, you’ll need to hire a vehicle, use GRAB transportation or move around by foot.

Let’s hop into it and find out what’s on in Miri.

Therefore, you can have the proper preparation for your vacation by the beach and enjoy the hot Miri weather of this dazzling Sarawak City.





A unique city with dazzling city art.



Enjoy an Ice-Cold Tea at Times Square

Times Square is a booming modern-day infrastructure of living apartments, a business district and the home to the best Iced Teas in town with classy restaurants and cafes.

Times Square is a Miri attraction still on the rise with further development.

At the entrance, you’ll find the best fruit flavoured iced tea that’ll offer a refreshing drink in the air-conditioned tea house.


Times Square Miri

Times Square Miri.



Visit the Miri Fish Market

Do you love the smell of fresh seafood in the air? Then you’ll love wandering through the local fish market.

The locals pack the Fish Maret in large numbers to purchase the fresh Seafood for their dinner or business purposes.

For tourists, it’s captivating to see how the locals go about their everyday work in their operation of a fish market stall.


Fish Market Miri

The smell of seafood is in the air!



A quick peek at Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple.

It is a tiny Chinese temple, but a temple of unique design, which is worth the visit with its proximity to Times Square and the Fish Market.

The Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple is the oldest temple in Miri City, and many worshippers of the Buddhism faith come for prayer and to light a candle daily.

For the visiting tourist, the attraction in Miri is an opportunity to either worship or snap a few photos of the beautiful structures within the temple.


Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple

Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple.



Enjoy Vintage Miri Views at Canada Hill

Canada Hills rises above Miri city to create panorama views of the region below and towards the South China Sea. Miri sightseeing is at its finest at Canada Hill and is situated right near the city centre, making it a short walk or GRAB transportation to the famous location.

While many people arrive in the evening to watch a sunset, there are other things to do besides sightseeing and hiking. It’s the dedicated spot to mining in the city back in its existence with the iconic Grand Old Lady monument depicting the mining days of the past with an In-depth timeline of mining history.

Next to the famous Miri tourist attraction is the Petroleum Museum, which showcases how Miri turned from a small fishing village to a vibrant city through its mining operations.


Canada Hill Miri

The views of Miri City from Canada Hill.


Escape the heat and head indoors to a shopping mall in Miri

Miri Shopping is a great way to pass the time, and within a ten-minute walking distance, you’re going to find two of the biggest malls with a wide range of stores.

It’s an excellent opportunity to escape the heat and enjoy retail shopping in various outlets, have a sit-down meal and spend a little time in a Starbucks and other convenient cafes.

Let’s start with the Bintang Megamall. Inside are several retail stores of electronic, sporting and clothing outlets. There’s also a range of famous food stores of McDonald’s with KFC and other bites to eat various cuisines.

Further in the city limits is the Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, a complex known for an enticing food court of Asian Cuisines and having your regular cafes and retail outlets.

Best Shopping Malls in Miri include:

  • Permaisuri Imperial City Mall
  • Bintang Megamall
  • Boulevard Shopping Complex
  • Permy Mall
  • MYY Mall
  • Bintang Plaza


Permaisuri Imperial City Mall

Permaisuri Imperial City Mall.



A picturesque Stroll in Central Park and Marina Bay Park

The stunning coastal setting picks itself with the paved footpaths and the open parklands, further enhancing your Miri sightseeing.

Marina Bay Park and Miri Central Park sit side by side, making it an ideal opportunity for a daily walk, fun on the open grass for the kids and to sit down with a cold iced-Milo and admire the city’s beauty.

It’s merely a fantastic place to visit, particularly when the Miri weather begins to cool late afternoon and Coco Cabana is only a stone’s throw away.


Marina Bay Park

Marina Bay Park.



An Evening at Coco Cabana

I will never forget my perfect evening at Coco Cabana, one of my most joyous memories and one of the best places to visit in Miri.

While I was at Coco Cabana, a prominent Japanese BonBon festival was happening over the weekend, and the atmosphere with the night entertainment and food stalls was electric.

While events are regular at Coco Cabana, it’s not always happening every weekend.

It doesn’t take away from the Miri attraction, especially in the evening time when the atmosphere heats up with good food and cold beer at the Sunset Bar.

At Coco Cabana, there is plenty of things happening. You have the Sea Horse Statue, a range of restaurants and it’s the ideal spot to watch the sunset to end another busy day in Borneo.


Coco Cabana Miri

The Sea Horse at Coco Cabana.


Enjoy a wander through Miri City Fan Recreation Park.

A beautiful park within the city region that covers a whopping 26-acres.

The Miri City Fan Recreational Park gathers many people throughout the day keen for a light stroll or a jog within the freedom of nature in the city.

The Recreational Park has a amphitheatre, swimming pool, stunning water features and a lot more for when you decide to spend some peaceful times in the outdoors of Miri Sarawak.



Miri City Fan Recreational Park

Miri City Fan Recreational Park.



Escape to Nature within the Miri Public Park

The Miri Public Park is the perfect place to escape to nature within the city limits for lovers looking for a romantic garden walk, or a family outing with plenty of fun for the kids.

You’ll also find a few food stalls, a grocery market, toilets and a restaurant at the entrance to the park.

However, it’s the Suspension Bridge is what captivates most visitors to the park, with the expansive walking bridge covering large proportions of the park and leading to various gardens.

It’s underneath that will have kids excited, with a complimentary swimming pool the perfect spot to cool off and have some splashing fun in the clean pool.  


Miri Public Park

Miri Public Park.


Hit the sands at the Tanjong Lobang Miri Beach

Tanjong Lobang Beach is the best Miri beach to visit within the city precinct.

Everyday, people flock to enjoy a stroll along the sandy beaches, get mesmerised by the incredible views along the coastline and watch a majestic sunset when the evening comes around.

In the Tanjong Lobang beach, there are various restaurants for the best seafood dinner in town and luxury resorts for the ultimate stay in paradise.

Beyond Miri Borneo, other beaches along the coastline include Tusan Beach, Bakam Beach and Lutong Beach. Easily accessible by hiring a car or using a local driver.


Tanjong Lobang Beach Miri

Tanjong Lobang Beach.

Dinner and drinks at a Miri Restaurant

What is a city in Malaysia if it doesn’t have a range of superb restaurants to enjoy the best local cuisine and an ice-cold beer?

Miri doesn’t let down with many beautiful restaurants spread out through the city, which you usually find by accident while wandering the streets.

You can indulge in a range of Asian and Western meals and mingle with friends or a loved one for a few hours in the ideal evening conditions.

The best restaurants include:

  • Ming Café
  • Dragan Seafood Restaurant
  • Khan’s Islamic Restaurant
  • Tanjong Lobang Seafood Restaurant
  • Kent’s Garden



Miri Restaurants

Great local food in Miri.



Spread your wings a little further than Miri City

It’s not always easily accessible to get away from the city unless you have organised a day tour or arranged a personal driver to take you out for the day.

If you want to visit Miri tourist attractions that require travel, the best way is to order a GRAB driver and pay the driver to wait for you while you explore.

Please note, some places you visit do not have reception or taxis waiting, therefore getting back without prior plans could prove difficult.

Anyway, here are some attractions to visit away from the City.


Niah National Park: A fair way out of Miri, therefore prior planning is essential, the National Park is famous for hiking and exploring the Limestone Caves.

Miri Crocodile Farm: If you want to see the terrifying crocodiles up close and personal, then Miri Crocodile Farm is the place to go. It’s around 25-minutes from the city and near the Brunei border.

Lambir Hills National Park: Lambir Hills is the best place to go close to Miri for hiking. At this National Park, you can elect to go on a short one-hour hike or partake in a longer 3-4-hour walk.

Following the colour codes of various hikes, the most popular trail in Lambir Hills is the Latak trail which leads to the beautiful Latak Waterfall.

Depending on how much time you have available at the National Park. You should try to spend as much of your time exploring Lambir Hills as possible, for the natural beauty is astonishing.


That’s a wrap of the best things to do in Miri City and beyond.

All you need to do now is include Miri in your busy schedule while exploring the Sarawak State and you’ll have an adventurous and relaxing holiday all in one.


Latak Falls

Latak Falls at the Lambir Hills National Park.

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