Miri City is a place full of mystery and surprises and being the second largest city in Sarawak – Malaysia, Miri is known for interesting and exciting tourist attractions.

As an important tourist destination, it offers a journey from historical to a modern site. The fishing village was just a sleepy town until oil was discovered in 1910.

Today, the booming oil town has undergone rapid transformation and attracts many people from Sarawak and other parts. Miri is easily accessible by air, land and also water and you can look for cheap hotel booking within the city.


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Miri Sarawak Malayisia

Visit the best Miri Tourist attractions when in town.


Check Out These Top Attractions to Visit in Miri, Sarawak – Malaysia


Interesting sights in and around Miri City

One can explore the Miri City that is filled with exciting spots and shops selling a vast variety of goods. Fish Market on Jalan Bendahara is where one can get fresh fish and seafood.

Taman Selera is a popular food centre where one not only buys fresh seafood but can also watch the sun setting on the horizon. Visit the unique seahorse lighthouse in the distance.

Tua Pek Kong Temple and the award-winning urban park complex is ideal for jogging or just sitting around. This hundred-year-old temple dates back to earliest days of the city and is dedicated to a deity.


Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple

Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple.


Botanical Garden and Islamic Garden are other attractions, where you can enjoy concerts at the Amphitheatre.

The tour of Miri city is not complete without visiting the Grand Old Lady, which is the number one oil well and offers an excellent view of Miri city. You can also visit the Petroleum Museum that offers a historical background of Miri City and the rise of the oil industry.

One cannot miss the San Ching Tian Temple with its elegant lotus design motif. It is the largest Taoist temple in Southeast Asia and is an impressive place to visit.


Coco Cabana Miri

Sunset in Miri from Coco Cabana.


The Taman Awam Miri is a huge family park with the botanical garden, jogging trails, and an observation platform. There are several picnic casuarina-fringed beaches such as Bungai Beach, Peliau Beach, Sibuti Beach among others.

The Tusan beach is a popular picnic area because of those series of cliff sides and sandy beach. There are a number of beautiful diving site offshore of Miri. Miri City Fan is a landscaped park with Chinese- and Malay-style gardens.

There are a library and an indoor stadium in the complex. Taman Bunga contains a topiary and bonsai garden, the conifer garden, ornamental garden, succulents, and orchids. Miri Crocodile Farm boasts of more than a thousand crocs plus some other creatures.

Niah Caves and Mulu Caves are rated as one of the leading attractions in Miri. Lambir Hills National Park houses a number of trails that can be easy as well as challenging.

Miri Handicraft Centre on Jalan Brooke is loaded with beautifully crafted ethnic arts and crafts such as Orang Ulu beadworks, the Penans Mats, woodcarvings, and basketry. There is a massive variety of textiles from around Sarawak.

The saberkas weekend market is one of the most colourful markets in Sarawak and sells tropical fruits and vegetables, satay and handicrafts. One can enjoy traditional shopping on the streets or go to the modern malls. Visitors from Brunei offers a lower price shopping experience.

Khan’s Islamic restaurant is one of Miri’s best North Indian eateries, and the simple canteen serves mouth-watering tandoori chicken and mango lassi along with other vegetarian dishes and curries.

Meng Chai Seafood is a first-rate eatery that serves fantastic seafood. Muara Restoran serves spinach-like greens, tofu, tempeh, meat, raw cucumber and rice under a tin-roofed shed.

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Tanjong Lobang Beach Miri

Tanjong Lobang Beach.

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