New experiences bring new meaning and on a recent trip to Malaysia, I wanted to do exactly that for my own family and create an experience they would fondly remember for years to come.

A hike in a Kuala Lumpur Rainforest is exactly what the travel doctor ordered for this brand-new family experience full of adventure.

Hiking near Kuala Lumpur hardly seems a hair-raising experience, and for the extremist out there it’s not. However, chuck in a couple of growing boys, a five-hour hike through some tricky terrain can be quite the challenge.

A challenge a lot of young families should embrace, because what a great way to have a family-bonding activity in the great outdoors Hiking Malaysia and do a heap exercise in the process.

It’s another great way to get your kids of those electronic devices and instead, be one with nature in a rainforest near Kuala Lumpur


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Kuala Lumpur Rainforest

All prepared gfor the hike in a Kuala Lumpur Rainforest.



Booking the Kuala Lumpur Rainforest hike through Airbnb

Upon booking our Airbnb accommodation in Kuala Lumpur, a range of day tours were opened to us through Airbnb website that ranged from city tours to food tours, amongst other activities.

The Malaysia hiking tours option appealed immediately, especially when you throw in a lush rainforest and waterfalls, the decision was easy to make.

Through a few easy steps on the Airbnb website and couple of quick messages to the guide who runs the program, the hike in the Kuala Lumpur rainforest was confirmed and paid.

Keeping in mind this article is not a sponsored post and the hike was paid for out of my own funds, so my opinions in this article are real and my own.


Click the link to book your own hiking experience in Kuala Lumpur.


wet and wild hike Kuala Lumpur rainforest

We booked our hike through the Airbnb website.


The location of the Hike near Kuala Lumpur

The hike took place at Maya falls, or locally known as Lata Medang, a part of the township called Kuala Kabu Bharu. It’s only an hour drive Kuala Lumpur, give or take depending on traffic in the big city.

You don’t need to worry about getting yourself to the isolated area, because Thomas the guide will give you a ride as part of the day tour.


Mayo Falls

Welcome to Mayo Falls.


Thomas – The Experienced Guide who made the trip

Thomas, as mentioned previously, is the guide for the occasion, a down to earth character who is full of knowledge of the forest we hiked and Malaysia in general, with many searching questions asked to him answered.

An experienced guide on the Maya Falls trail, Thomas is equipped with a first-aid kit, ponchos in case of rain (more on that later), along with juice, water and snacks also packed in his heavy backpack.

At times, the terrain will get tricky with sloping hills and unpredictable surfaces, before the commencement of the hike, Thomas hands outs hiking poles and water shoes for when you get to the gorgeous waterfalls.

He also has a top notch camera and takes plenty of photos, so if you feel your camera may be a burden on this hike, leave it in the hotel room.


Kuala Lumpur rainforest

You’ll just lve the hike with the expereinced guide.


 Enjoying Local Malay Food Before and After the Hike

The day is not only about the hike, although that is the most rewarding part of the day. Before and after the hike you get to enjoy a few local Malaysian dishes for breakfast and lunch at a nearby restaurant in Kuala Kabu Bharu, all included in the price.

Not a bad way to start and end the day with a fine selection of Malaysian food that you probably never tired before.


breakfast KL

Enjoy local breakfast before the hike.


Heading into the Jungle

Once the drive is completed, and we have had our fulfilling breakfast, it’s time to head into the Kuala Lumpur rainforest for an adventure to remember.

Taking with us a few lightweight backpacks with the basic essentials included and our hiking poles, we head into the jungle to begin the uphill ascent.

Instantly, you fall in love with surroundings of the rainforest, it’s breathtaking, from the sounds of the creek, to the insects buzzing around with the cicadas leaving the loudest noise.

The local dogs join the crew on the walk too and never leave our sight for a second, there is no doubt they know the trail as well as the guide.


Kuala Lumpur rainforest

Let’s head into the jungle.


Often on the hike we stop for a few local facts and stories about the jungle which is told to us by Thomas, who explains about the cicadas, the wild bores and various information of the jungle that is all useful knowledge, It’s all intriguing and an education at the same time.

On the uphill ascent you do encounter a few tricky and vertical slopes that is handled with ease by my boys, so any parents with concerns you can erase those fears right now.

There isn’t too much danger for the young ones on this hike, however as with any forest around the world, you always need to remain cautious and diligent.  


Kuala Lumpur rainforest

The hike begins in the Kuala Lumpur rainforest.


The Three Tantalising Waterfalls

At the half way mark of the hike, before the downhill descent, you stumble across three gorgeous waterfalls that makes you appreciate this rainforest of Maya Falls even more than you had previously, if that was even possible.

You come across the first waterfall of the hike, it looks sensational, but as you get to the second waterfall, it goes to another level, before the stunning climax upon reaching the third and last lot of falls of the hike, it is by far the biggest and most spectacular waterfall of the trio.


wet and wild hike

Enjoy the feeling of the waterfall come over you.


It’s at that location that we stop for a well-earned swim in the gorgeous water-hole of Mayo Falls that has the breathtaking waterfall right above us for all to see.

We each have a go at standing under the powerful water surge from above and feeling the pressure of the water crash onto us, not too hard that we go falling over, but with enough power that brings a few chills and laughter.

It’s a great moment in the hike to get the cameras out and snap a few pictures at will, some action shots are incredible.

We have a few light snacks and guzzle more water, it’s time to go downhill, but the weather has now taken a turn for the worse, it’s going to be a wet and wild trek back to the vehicle.


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Mayo falls

Here it is, the waterfalls of Maya Falls.


A Wet and Wild Hike on the Return

A wet and wild hike is not what we signed up for, but in some ways, I am glad we encountered this problem on the downhill descent, because it took this hike to another level of experience when thinking back of our memories during our time in Malaysia.

Naturally, the downhill part is meant to be quicker, but the powerful rain and the storm above slowed us down. The ponchos came out and now the hiking poles are being fully utilised as the surface is certainly slippery underneath.


wet and wild hike

The weather begins to change for a wet and wild hike experience.


By now the sounds of the forest are long gone and the only noise heard is the sounds of the storm above, it certainly did turn dark suddenly and it’s only in the afternoon.

There is something special about the rain that makes the rainforest look even more beautiful, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but to me it just looks better with the water dripping from all the trees and plants inside the forest.

A couple of hours into the downhill descent the wet and wild hike is concluded, now feeling damp and cold from the water which has saturated our clothing. 

It doesn’t deter us, we are all laughing, smiling, and the experience makes us feel proud, it makes me feel proud as a father that my two boys marched ahead with the guide, with no complaints or moaning about the weather.

Meanwhile, mum and dad lagged several metres behind trying to keep with the leaders up front. The boys were warriors inside the Kuala Lumpur rainforest and I couldn’t have been prouder.


wet and wild hike

The rain begins to come down hard.


A great family outing in the Kuala Lumpur Rainforest

The experience is real and it gives great satisfaction upon reaching the finishing line after enduring the hurdles inside the jungle.

If you’re seeking a family bonding activity that creates challenges and brings you closer together, a hike is the way to go.

I know the Kuala Lumpur rainforest hike was one of the most memorable moments of our time in Malaysia, even if it did bring a wet and wild conclusion to the eventful day.


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Kuala Lumpur rainforest

The hike is a family fun experience to saviour.

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