When you think of Southeast Asia Destinations, the instant thought process is beautiful beaches, palms trees with hanging coconuts and sipping cocktails all day long by the swimming pool without a single care in the world. However, t’s important not toexclude those inland destinations that often get neglected when planning your holiday to the famous tourist region of Asia.

Visiting towns away from the coastal areas does not mean paradise is instantly taken away, in fact, at times it could be the preferred option. When it comes to choosing any amounts of Inland Destinations for your Southeast Asia travel experience, the choices are plentiful and you are quite spoilt for options when doing your research of specifics locations.

How about a lending hand? Well, I can help you out, below are three places to visit in Southeast Asia, that are NOT on the coast, yet will still provide paradise in the tropics.

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Inland Destinations in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Destinations to Visit that are NOT on the Coast


Da Lat, Vietnam

Vietnam is full of chaotic cities and glorious coastlines but in the Central Highlands of Southern Vietnam there is another little secret that’s ready to be explored. Da Lat, is the city I am referring to and it is the picturesque scenery, beautiful lakes and a unique township that makes Da Lat a city that needs every traveller’s attention for your Southeast Asia trip.

Inland Destination

Inland Destination – Da lat, Vietnam.


What’s to like about Da Lat


–          The picturesque scenery –

Within the Da Lat area or the outskirts, the region is full stunning scenery that gives Da Lat its breathtaking views, add the abundance of natural water features and it becomes a photographer’s dream.

Day tours are naturally very popular in the area and a full day exploring the region is the best way to make the most of the outdoors in Da Lat. Hiring a personal driver is the cheapest and most efficient option to get full value in the day.

Da Lat

Ho Xuan Lake in Da Lat.


Where to go in Da Lat

There are plenty of attractions in Da Lat to go and see, like an amazing bakery in down town Da Lat, a host of Buddhist temples and a magnificent flower centre for those who love colour in their life. Here are a few priorities whenever you reach destination Da Lat.

–          Explore the waterfalls –

Da Lat is full of lively waterfalls with many falls situated far and wide in the surrounding region. Grab a personal driver or hire a car and see as many waterfalls as time allows. The popular falls are the Elephant and Datanla Waterfalls, but take a pick.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Elephant Waterfalls in Da Lat, Vietnam.


–          The Da Lat Flower Centre –

Buzzing with glamor and colour, the Da Lat Flower Centre needs no convincing to be on the list of attractions. A short taxi ride or a decent stroll (preferred options) from the city centre, the flower centre is full of various plants, flowers and inside attractions and you’ll spend a good couple of hours exploring the pretty attraction.


–          Da Lat Cathedral –

Even if you are not religious, you will love the light coloured Cathedral of Da Lat, that is a popular attractions for all travellers. No entrance fee is required to go inside the grounds of the Cathedral and a few pictures are bound to be taken, for good reason too.


Da Lat Cathedral

Da Lat Cathedral.


Where to Stay

Budget stays and boutique hotels are everywhere in Da Lat and if you are travelling with a family you can save heaps of dollars by staying at the Nguyen Minh Hostel. The hostel contains private rooms, is in a good and lively location, reasonable bedding and all for only $20-dollars a night.


Read more about Da Lat with this post about Five incredible things you need to visit.


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Inland destinations - Da lat

Ngyuyen Minh Hostel in Da Lat.



Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud in Bali is bustling town that is full of life and character and adds to your travel Asia experience . About an hour inland from the tourist hotspot in Kuta, you don’t always need a beach to enjoy paradise in Bali, not when you have epic shopping, lively streets and stunning resorts with gorgeous swimming pools that let you enjoy the Bali heat.


Inland Destinations – Ubud, Bali.


What’s to likeabout Ubud


–          A vibrant cultural township –

A vibrant culture hits you at once upon reaching your destination. You can visit fine temples, an abundance of rice fields, traditional dance performances and there are busy walking streets with lots going on that makes Ubud popular for all tourists to the region.

inland destinations Ubud

The markets in Ubud Bali.


Where to go in Ubud

In Ubud there are plenty of places to go such as culture shows, market places, temples and many more going on in Ubud, below is a list of attractions in this vibrant, Balinese town.

–          Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary –

Flock to the Sanctuary where the monkeys are out in full force and will at times attempt to jump on you. Not only a nice stroll in a magical forest with monkeys, inside there are wonderful temple structures to gaze your eyes upon as well. All for a small entrance fee.


Monkey forest temple

Temple with in the forest.


–          Tegallalang Rice Terrace –

The gorgeous rice paddies fields and the surrounding scenery will get your camera clicking frantically as capture images so beautiful. No beaches in Ubud, but the Tegallalang is more than a fitting alternative.


–          Balinese Legong Dance –

Nothing says culture in Ubud like the traditional Balinese Legong Dances, that has all sorts of costumes and creatures coming out at night, including beautiful women in a traditional Bali dress. These performances can be found in a couple of locations at different times in the evening and locals are giving away flyers at every corner.

Inland destinations

Balinese Legong dance.


Where to Stay

Magnificent Resorts make up most of the accommodations in Ubud and it can be quite costly. Anyway, do your homework and you will find suitable accommodation for any required budget. A stunner of a resort in Ubud is the Alaya Resort, great restaurants, stunning gardens and beautifully interior designed rooms that makes Alaya the pick of the crop when seeking a luxury stay.


Ubud is a great walking town in Bali, why not check it out for yourself with this article.


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inland destinations

The Alaya Resort in Ubud, Bali.



Vientiane, Laos

When Laos is a landlocked country, any city or town within the borders of this unique country will obviously be an inland destination. Vientiane is the pick of a lot, mainly because it is such a fascination to visit a Southeast Asian capital city where the population is modest and the streets are not saturated with pedestrians or motor-bikes.

inland destinations Southeast Asia

Inland destinations – Vientiane Laos.


What’s to like about Vientiane


–          The Laid-back Nature of a City –

Being a less populated city, it is enjoyable to be able to walk down the streets with freedom, unlike other over populated cities in Southeast Asia. In Vientiane, you can cross the road without any major fears of getting run down and walk the markets without every shop owner begging you to buy their items.

The Laidback nature of Vientiane allows you to cool off with a relaxing beer in the bar, easy access throughout the city either by foot or a tuc-tuc and enjoy local cuisine without the need to rush. It’s Vientiane and you are in their time now.


Morning prayer in Laos

Morning prayer in a Laos Buddhist Temple in Vientiane, Laos.


Where to go

There is lots to see and do in Vientiane with many temples, palaces, parks, markets and attractions on offer in the city, below is a list of many of must see attractions.

–          Patuxai War Monument –

The Patuxai War Monument stands proud in central Vientiane for all to see. A monument built to celebrate the country’s independence from France in the 1950’s, gather to the fine landmark and capture 360-views of the city from the top.

Inland destinations

The Patuxai War Monument in Vientiane, Laos.


–          Ban Anou Night Markets –

Opened from five every evening of every day, The Night Markets are one of the finest you’ll see on any Asia trip. Ban Anou Night Markets offer a vibrant atmosphere with good affordable products for sale to the public, you can also try local street food and enjoy river walks by the Mekong River with Thailand in full view on the other side.


–          The Golden Palace –

One of the finest Buddhist temples in the city with plenty of other fascinating buildings on site that will occupy the photo album. The Golden Palace will take most of your attention with its stunning colour and large presence a clear standout.

The Golden Palace

The Golden Palace in Vientiane, Laos.


Where to Stay

Vientiane is full of affordable hotels or cheap hostels spread out through the city. The Inter City Hotel has spacious rooms and comfortable beds and is as good as it gets if you want a hotel room with all the comforts. The Hotel overlooks the Mekong River and Night Markets, with café’s, Bor Pen Yang rooftop bar and restaurants within close vicinity.


need to learn more about this unique capital city, here are five reasons you need to visit Vientiane.


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Intercity Hotel

Intercity Hotel, Vientiane, Laos


There you have it, three of the finest Southeast Asia destinations that are not situated on the coast that need to be seen when visiting Asia. They may not be the best places to visit in Southeast Asia, but you’ll gain an educational cultural experience throughout your adventures.

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