The perfect paradise is one thing only you can answer, the types of travelling styles which are ideal for you, and only you. For there are different types of tourists, travel varies from individual to individual.

Paradise is defined in many ways depending on the individual; it’s not always cocktails by the swimming pool in a stunning tropical location. For there are different kinds of travel, often travellers have their definition on what their perfect paradise may be when seeking that ideal destination when travelling around the world.

The first lot of paradise that comes to mind often is a vacation on the beach in the tropics, with plenty of palm trees and cocktails to go around, a country you think of maybe Thailand, Hawaii or the Maldives. Paradise is also defined in the form of a picturesque lake tucked amongst the lush green forest, and perhaps it’s a chalet in the woods on a cold winter’s night with the fire blazing all through the night.

It all sounds quite perfect when you think about the different kinds of trips available in the big wide world.

The perfect paradise is several forms of travelling, with many scenarios coming to mind. It may not be the usual stock standard choice of the everyday traveller. Let’s go through and dissect a few methods of the perfect paradise that may suit any individual travelling around the world. And please feel free to add your preference in the comments below, just in case I have missed a couple.

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 Types of Travelling

Perfect Paradise – Types of Travelling Which is Ideal For You!


Perfect Paradise – Types of Travelling Which is Ideal For You!

Let’s deep dive and discover your perfect paradise.


A luxury resort by the white sandy beaches

It’s commonly the first choice for travellers when they think of paradise and that is to book a holiday to the tropics. With so many destination choices around the world for a bit of fun in the sun, it’s easy to find a convenient location for a bit of relaxation in paradise, be it a winter warmer or simply a getaway for a few days.

A vacation at a beach-side luxury resort often means it’s time to settle on the poolside deck chairs, order a cocktail from the pool bar and chill in the sun with palm trees not too far away to give your vacation that real tropical vibe from there its about long walks by white sandy beaches and listening to the sounds of the ocean.

The beach-side tropics scenario lets you know that your stay in a perfect paradise setting has well and truly began, as you appreciate for a moment that you have escaped the hectic everyday life of the rat race in the real world.


Alaya Resort

Relax in paradise at a luxury resort in Ubud, Bali.


Escape to the woods, hidden away in a peaceful cabin

The sounds of nature away from the big city is welcomed for those who need to escape the real world and other humans for a while. The sounds of the wildlife creeping around the falling branches of the forest, with the insects buzzing around with little care in the world, is enough for travellers to head out to the sticks and create their own little paradise in the form of a hideaway cabin, a chalet or even a basic tent under the stars with the fire blazing.

Peace and tranquillity are what comes to mind when you think about exactly what an escape to the woods means. There’s no traffic with cars roaming around, and the mad world of city life is a distant memory, spending your precious time exploring the great outdoors, spotting wildlife or hiking to discover another part of the world that is often forgotten.


Nannup Hideaway

Nannup Hideaway in Western Australia provides relief from city life.



Anything or Anywhere freshwater is involved is always a Perfect Paradise

The vividly stunning views of the freshwater are always kind to the eyes, especially when there are next to no crowds nearby to distract you from the sounds of the flowing water. Whether a picturesque lake, a flowing river, or a thunderous waterfall, each fantastic feature will give your Instagram profile extra appeal for your followers.

Imagine you’re staying in accommodation overlooking the gorgeous views of the freshwater, a welcomed sight during your time at the picturesque settings, with ample opportunities to appreciate the pretty picture in front of you and relax with the sounds of the flowing water echoing through your ear. It’s all very soothing.

A crushing waterfall may not be your idea of paradise, but it may be for someone else who loves nothing more than to take a dip in the fresh water and feel the sensation of the powerful water massaging your back as you attempt to hold your balance. There is a lot of fun to be had at such a hidden attraction that is surrounded by trees, mountains and other greenery; it’s planet earth’s way of showing off its beautiful nature.


Elephant Waterfalls - Da Lat

Elephant Waterfalls in Da Lat, Vietnam.


When winter arrives, the snow comes out to play

Far away from the sun, the palms and cocktails, winter snow is appreciated by travellers who find the sight of snow scattered throughout the mountain ranges a beautiful view, especially for those who live in an area where snowfall doesn’t happen.

Whether it’s a busy ski resort with holiday goers hitting the slopes or an isolated holiday house in the woods, paradise also comes in the form of a freezing cold winter, as the falling snow provides a spectacle and creates many highlights for the visiting tourist. If you can adapt to the sub-minus temperatures, you’re bound to have an epic holiday that is appreciated by all sorts of travellers looking for a bit of fun in the snow.

There are a few ideal scenarios for when you are travelling around the world and seeking that perfect paradise. Whether it’s in the form of sun, forest, water or snow, your favourite ideal holiday is out there waiting for you to visit. Right now, I would love to hear your description of your perfect paradise by commenting below, it may help give me ideas for when I am chasing that precious holiday.


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What is your perfect paradise and ideal types of travelling? Tell me in the comments below.


Perfect Paradise

Your types of travelling may include the snow, like this stunning location in Muju of South Korea.

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