The deck chairs are out, and the cocktails are going down nicely. Meanwhile, the outside temperatures are sizzling hot, but that doesn’t matter, because soon you’ll be having a quick dip in the spacious swimming pool for a cool down, before returning to your deckchair and ordering your next delicious cocktail.

Press repeat for a few hours.

It sounds like a life you could get used to. A kind of life that everyone craves for regularly and usually only comes to fruition when visiting the warm tropics and enjoying a much-anticipated luxury resort vacation.

A luxury resort vacation shouldn’t only be about swimming pools, cocktails and sunbaking under the deckchairs, they help the experience, but there are many things to enjoy when heading to paradise on top of relaxing by the pool, for instance, enjoying five-star dining at your resort of choice or settling in for a soothing massage.

An actual holiday in a luxury resort is about getting out and about, checking out the surroundings, having quality family time, or, if children aren’t involved, getting all romantic with your loved one. A luxury resort vacations are all about making the most out of your stay in paradise.


Find your luxury resort on TripAdvisor and head to paradise for your next vacation.


A luxury resort vacation

A Luxury Resort Vacation in Koh Samui could be on the cards.


A Luxury Resort Vacation – Get the Most out of your stay in Paradise.



Enjoy the Dining Options 

Most Luxury Resorts worldwide will have several dining options, as in a buffet, grill, a-la-carte and many other unique dining options depending on the part of the world you are on vacation. You’re on holidays, so why not experience all the options the resort has on the table, devour the different flavours and enjoy the delicious meals.


Have a few drinks in the Resort Bar

A rooftop bar, a swim-up pool bar or a regular bar by the lounge? It’s great to spend a few evenings on your vacation having a quiet drink or two in the resort bar while mingling with friends, families or a lover and discussing day’s events.


The Sky Bar

You are enjoying a cocktail at the Sky Bar in Mai Khao Lak, Thailand.


Partake in Resort Activities

Resorts love to create activities for their guest, usually complimentary, and it’s a great way to mingle and create fond memories with fellow guest and staff. Many resorts will throw in all types of activities, perhaps a morning yoga session, a beach soccer game, or a free movie night under the stars. Whatever the resort has going on, give an activity or two a try during your stay.


Take advantage of the Kids Club

This will only apply if you are indeed travelling with kids, and if you do, take advantage of the resorts kids club if it is available. Any early nerves that the kids have will soon disappear as they meet new friends and enjoy a host of activities put on by the cheerful staff members who love to entertain the little ones.


Khao Lak night markets

Kids can have a ball in Paradise too.


Rekindle the Love

Whether you have put your children into a kid’s club or travelling only as a couple, rekindling old love and bringing back a bit of magic is a must on any Luxury Resort Vacation. Have five-star dinner, get a nice bottle of wine and enjoy the night with that particular person in your life while rekindling the love.


excuse to travel

ignite the flame between husband and wife.


Enjoy walks along the beach or the Resort Grounds

Most resorts are either situated on the edge of the beach or close by to where you stay. Take a daily walk along the beach and listens to the soothing noises of the ocean. If there is no beach at the resort you are staying at, find an alternative path to enjoy the company of one another.


Khao Lak beaches

Travellers love to head to the beach when seeking a luxury resort vacation.


Learn how to cook – Local Style

If the resort has the option of a cooking class, book yourself in and learn how to cook the food of the country you are visiting. Balinese, Thai, or Vietnamese style food, you’ll have a ball learning the recipes of some famous local cuisines.


Visit the Town Centre near the resort

While a lot of the time can be used up at the resort, don’t forget you are probably in a new environment and even a different country. Go outside the resort grounds and take a visit to the town centre, go shopping in markets, try different restaurants at a lower price and see how the locals live in their backyard. A lot of resorts may offer free shuttle bus if the town centre is a bit of distance from where you are staying.


Bang Nieng Khoa Lak

Get out and wander the town centre and visit places like the Khao Lak Night markets.


Go on Organised Day Tours

Go further than the town centre and explore the destination you are visiting by going on a day tour. Most Resorts have a tour agency at the reception, or you can find a cheaper option in the town centre. Whatever way you do it, find your favourite type of adventure, whether it is extreme activities, a trip to the waterfalls, or a cruise to a nearby island and make the most of your holiday by seeing the region around you. Don’t worry; the cocktails will be waiting for you when you get back.


Take Lots of Pictures for happy memories

A holiday in paradise only last a short time, but memories last forever. Take plenty of pictures of your time on vacation and show off your dream holiday to your family and friends. It’s also a great reminder to head back to a luxury resort again real soon, remembering life is to be lived, not worked.


Khao Lak

All smiles and happy snapping on vacation.


Unwind with a relaxing Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Hands up, we all do. A massage is a great way to unwind and relax while the professional masseuse gets to every tied-up knot and sore point in your body while getting you all refreshed for when you return to the real world and return to the dreaded office.


Finally, Sunbake, drink cocktails and go for a swim

It wouldn’t be a proper luxury resort vacation, if you didn’t splurge on a few alcoholic beverages, have a lay down on the deck chairs and go for a dip in the swimming pool. After all, you’re on holiday, and it’s mandatory to chill and get the most out of your Luxury Resort Vacation.  


Love an excellent luxury resort? Check out this review of The Sakala Resort in Bali.

Find your luxury resort on TripAdvisor and head to paradise for your next vacation.


mai khao lak

Have a splash at your luxury resort.
James Bond Island

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