When a jungle walk near Miri city in Sarawak comes calling out to you, don’t hesitate for a moment and plan for an epic hiking adventure in a Borneo rainforest.

A day trip to Lambir Hills National Park is the tonic you need when desiring to escape the beautiful beaches of Miri and see the tropics in a whole new light.

Therefore, pack the camera and fill the water bottles, because what awaits you in the surrounds of the Lambir Rainforest is picturesque waterfalls and hiking in the trails of real scenic beauty.

Let’s get ready to explore – Sarawak Style!


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Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills National Park – Sarawak.



Getting to Lambir Hills National Park – Sarawak

Miri hasn’t got the modern-day transportation of rail and frequent bus services. Therefore, careful planning is required when you want to go to Lambir Hills for a day of hiking.

Lambir Hills National park is a good 3-40-minutes from the city centre, and reception from your smartphone is not ideal if existent at all. It does cause a few challenges when needing to head back to the city.

The best way to visit the jungle is to order a GRAB driver or taxi from Miri City and pay the driver to either come back at a designated time or to wait for you at a negotiated fee.

Alternatively, you could organise a private day tour and travel into the Lambir Borneo Rainforest with a guide.


borneo rainforest lambir miri

Entering the trails of Borneo Rainforest Lambir Miri.



What to bring with you to the Lambir Rainforest?

Such essentials for a hike in hot conditions of the rainforest are required when planning a trip to Lambir Hills.

Below are the items you should take within your backpack when walking in the jungle.

  • Drinking water
  • Sunblock
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Snacks/lunch
  • A camera


Lambir rainforest

When hiking, be well equiped with supplies.


Entrance Fee to Lambir Hills

Before you enter, there is an entrance fee of 20-ringgit per adult required to pay at the main headquarters of Lambir Hills National Park Sarawak.

Once you have paid the fee, the friendly staff will give you a map of the area and general advice on the best trails to take for the time allotted in the National Park.

Remembering the opening hours of Lambir Hills is from 8 am to 5 pm, with no entrance permitted after 4 pm.

You’re now ready to explore!


Lambir Hills National Park Sarawak

Pay the entrance fee and go exploring.



A gentle stroll to the Latak Waterfall

When time is short at Lambir Hills, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best natural scenery that lies within the National Park.

Along the Latak trail is a short 25-minute stroll which leads to a flowing waterfall of great heights, and you still have the experience of hiking in a rainforest.

The Latak trail is a family-friendly trek, with stable pathways and the surrounding trees producing quality shade and relief from the heat.

Throughout the trail, you’ll follow a creek line with the sounds of the flowing water always constant and better if visiting in the wet season.

Along the way, you’ll also come across two smaller waterfalls before reaching the main feature of the trail.


Lambir Hills National Park

A boutique waterfall onwards to Latak Falls.


The Latak Waterfall dazzles you upon reaching the scenic falls, it’s large presence and flowing water is a magnificent sight, while the camera receives a workout.

In front of the falls is a large swimming area for a quick dip in the refreshing water, with a roped-off boundary stopping you advancing any closer to the large waterfall. In the area, you’ll also find toilets and numerous picnic area.   

From Latak, you can either return to the main headquarters or onwards to the next interconnecting trail, continuing to explore the Lambir Hills National Park.

The choice is yours, depending on how long you’ve planned to stay.


Latak waterfall

Latak Warefall.



Exploring other trails within the Lambir Borneo Rainforest

If you have strong fitness levels, I highly recommend you explore more of Lambir Hills and explore a few other adventurous trails.

Please note that hiking all of the trails is not possible within the opening hours of 8 am to 5 pm.

All up in the National Park, there are 14 trails with the furthest trek taking approximately five hours from the headquarters.

Each trail is colour coded and commonly marked around the trees with signage at regular points. Meaning it’s easy to keep on the right track during the hike and not go astray.

Various trails lead to a waterfall, with a couple of trails requiring a climb to reach a summit and one path leads to an Oil Well.


lambir borneo rainforest

Which way will you go in Lambir Borneo Rainforest


Below are a few of the best trails to hike during your trip to Lambir.

Latak Trails: Already mentioned and the most convenient only being 20-minutes from the Headquarters. The result is the Latak Waterfall and a swimming area.

Nibong Trail: Another path the leads to a waterfall and not too far from Latak, this trek is a 90-minute round trip from the headquarters.

BKT Pantu: If you want to reach a summit, then Pantu can take you to some great heights. This trek is a three-hour return trek from the Headquarters.

Oil Well trail: A four-hour return trek, the Oil Well offers something different to a waterfall or a magnificent summit.

Pancur Trail: Pancur is the longest walk in Lambir Hills, with the whole day required to arrive at the Pancur Waterfall and return to the headquarters.


Lambir Hills National Park

Show respect and keep the National Park clean of rubbish.


The best part about many of these trails is they’re interconnecting, and you can visit several trail points while hiking.

However, the trails aren’t looped; therefore, you must allow for enough time to walk back to the headquarters before the close of business.

That’s a wrap of one of the best day trips from Miri City.

A fascinating rainforest walk of gorgeous waterfalls, scenic forest and many other natural beauties which await inside the Lambir Hills National Park.

Don’t forget your camera!


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Lambir Hills National Park Sarawak

Bring the camera and take many memorable photos.



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