It’s the usual hangout hub of any adventure around the world, and it becomes the ever-popular places to visit in Kuching of Sarawak – Malaysia.

The local café in Kuching is where you go for a WIFI hit to conduct work on your laptop, browse your smartphone and even make a call on your WhatsApp.

It’s where you go to socialise with fellow travellers to discuss the day’s events, making it the ideal place to hang out to enjoy Kuching food and take advantage of a latte, an ice-cold Frappuccino or spoiling yourself with a delicious chocolate muffin.

Café’s in Kuching are plentiful with many amazing places to go for a quick pitstop or to veg on the lounge suite for a bit and even drift off to sleep.

Therefore, let’s check out some of the best café’s in Kuching and get you ready to have your much-needed caffeine fix in between amazing Kuching attractions.


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best cafes in Kuching

Settle in with best cafes in Kuching.


The Best cafes in Kuching to Hangout for the Desired Coffee Hit


A Café at Kuching varies from significant franchise chains standard throughout the world, and to the locally owned cafes that deliver terrific coffee and make you feel right at home in the Sarawak City.

In my Kuching travel adventures, daytime breaks were a common theme during the heat of the day. Therefore, during my downtime, I got to settle into a few charming cafes in my endeavour to find the best coffee in Kuching.


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Jing-Si Books and Café

Of all the cafes I walked in during my stay in Kuching, Jing Si Books and café grabbed my attention as a personal favourite.

A quiet café that serves only the best range of quality coffee and tea, it’s the beautiful interior design that captivates you in this truly stunning café.

Once you’re finished enjoying an excellent coffee in the quiet of the laidback cafe, you can browse the eco-friendly products available in store, consisting of souvenirs, teas, soaps and many other products which may tickle your fancy.

Location: Jing Si Books and Café is in the Chinatown area of Kuching on Jalan Padungan.


Jing-Si Books and Cafe Kuching

Jing-Si Books and Cafe.


Bing! Coffee

Bing! Coffee Kuching is a busy café in the Chinatown strip that offers a vast range of hot and cold drinks, along with a fulfilling menu of many bites and eats.

It’s a great spot to nestle up for a couple of hours in the comfortable lounge seating and to keep up to date with Facebook and other interests while sipping a delicious iced cappuccino.

Location: Bing! Coffee is in the Kuching Chinatown along the street of Jalan Padungan.


The Coffee Garden

The Coffee Garden speaks for itself, as you treat yourself to a beautiful range of coffee and tasty treats within a tranquil garden setting.

Many tourists who are staying nearby loves to settle in for a long haul in the pretty coffee café in Kuching and admire the hanging gardens with comfortable seating and free WIFI.

Location: The Coffee Garden is along the street of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahma in the Jugah Shopping Centre.


coffee garden Kuching

The Coffee Garden.



Starbucks at Merdeka Plaza

A café in Kuching for all the Starbucks lovers!

It’s an ideal place to come to enjoy your favourite Starbucks coffee and have a bite to eat while mingling with fellow travellers and telling stories of your adventures.

Because Starbucks is uncommon in my part of Australia, I always enjoy getting my caffeine hit with a delicious Frappuccino when travelling abroad.

Location: Starbucks is located on the ground floor of Merdeka Plaza.


Gloria Jeans by the Kuching Waterfront

An Outdoor Café setting along a busy street with the Kuching Waterfront nearby, Gloria Jeans is a great place to grab a coffee while on the run.

Of course, there is outdoor seating available at Gloria jeans if you want to have your coffee to stay and mingle for a while.

Location: Gloria Jeans is situated at the White Barouk along the street of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. There is also another Gloria Jeans at Merdeka Plaza.


cafe in Kuching

Gloria Jeans Coffees.



Meow Meow Cat Cafe

Kuching and cats go hand in hand. Therefore, why not settle in at Meow Meow Cat Café and enjoy your favourite coffee with everyone’s beloved felines roaming about at will.

This little café is a bit away from the main Kuching tourist attractions but worth the walk if you’re a cat lover.

Location: The Meow Meow Cat Café is located at the Sin Yen Garden of Kuching.


James Brooke Bistro & Café

The most famous of cafés in Kuching that is situated overlooking the Kuching Waterfront and gathers many customers to the Waterfront restaurant in Kuching every day.

Although James Brooke Bistro and Café is more about its elegant dining options of Malaysian and Western Cuisines, it also serves alcoholic beverages, refreshing drinks, and tea & coffee.

It’s a Kuching Café and Restaurant you have to visit at least once, for it provides the perfect atmosphere of fine dining with your loved one.

Location: James Brooke Bistro & Café is situated in the Kuching Waterfront along the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.


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James Brookes Bistro and Cafe

An evening at James Brookes Bistro and Cafe.
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