2019 happened to be a year where saw incredible destinations and scenic beauty!

Highlights included the breathtaking Himalayan mountains of Nepal, the incredible heritage buildings of Malacca, the stunning coastal city of Miri and many other stunning destinations within Asia and Australia.

However, amongst a long list of highlights, it’s a unique city of Southeast Asia which caught my attention most throughout a busy year of travel.

Kuching city of the Sarawak state in Borneo had my heart from the moment I landed in the city from Kuala Lumpur, and it fulfilled my energy levels throughout the entirety of the trip.

Surprisingly, the wonderful outdoors of the Stunning Bako National Park and the gorgeous Sarawak River wasn’t the critical factor that kept me intrigued, of course, those natural beauties were a sight to behold.

The fact that Kuching shares a common theme with the cat animal and evident throughout the city wherever you wander is a fascination to behold during your travels in the Borneo destination.

It truly is a unique Kuching Cat City.


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Cat Statue in Kuching

Stepping into a Unique Kuching Cat City in the Sarawak State – Borneo


It’s indeed a Kuching Cat City

Don’t get me wrong; I am not what you would call a “cat person,” not that I have anything against the loveable feline, it’s just the way it rolls.

Therefore, my fascination with a city dedicated to cats comes as a surprise to me and anyone who knows me.

You see, I went to Kuching with the unknown, except for the fact I knew the surrounding area had so much natural beauty with an abundance of National Parks.

Therefore, on my first-morning walk in the city, the fascination of cats truly hit you with many Cat statues, symbols of the feline and stray cats throughout the laidback city streets.

It had me thinking, what is the deal with Kuching and Cats? Well, a bit of research was required.


Kuching cats

In Kuching of Sarawak, it’s a cat thing.


Kuching and Cats – Where does it Originate?

It makes simple sense when you know why?

The word Kuching in the Malay language translates to a cat, and while it’s said to be unsure why the city initially chose the name, in the modern times, it certainly has embraced the feline name, whether it’s a friendly domestic cat or a fearsome tiger.

Why not too!

Many of the world’s population loves cats, and when someone is selecting a new and unique destination to visit, the Cat City may top the list of a traveller’s bucket list.


Kuching attraction

The City of Kuching is not only about cats, but there are also plenty of wonderful attractions to visit.


How does Kuching embrace the cat for tourist?

The cat is symbolic in the city of Kuching in so many ways with even a few quirky places to visit,

Kuching not only has popular cat souvenirs of fridge magnets, shirts and hats, but it also has several striking cat monuments in various locations within the city streets or along Sarawak River.

You can stop in for a coffee at a cat café a see a few of the domestic variety roam in the comforts of an air-conditioned, and at times during mealtimes, a few stray cats will attempt to join you for dinner. As off-putting as it sounds.

However, the quirkiest place you’ll visit is the Kuching Cat Museum.

The Museum is a distance from the festivities of the foreshore. Although worth a grab drive to discover the world of cats in terms of the animal, cat food and the famous cats in the entertainment business.

It’s a Kuching Cat City for a specific reason. Whether you’re a fan of the animal or not, much like myself, Kuching is worth a visit for its laidback city life, stunning outdoor attractions, delicious food and beautiful culture.

And, let’s not forget the cats!


Kuching cat city

Cat Museum in Kuching.



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