It’s a holiday to cherish with several great reasons to have an unforgettable holiday in Kuching of the Sarawak State in East Malaysia.

A solo adventure gets rather lonely wherever you travel around the world.

However, when I ventured for an unforgettable holiday in Kuching Sarawak, loneliness was never considered. 

While I missed my family immensely travelling in Sarawak City and wished they were by my side while participating in Kuching activities.

I never had time to get caught up on what could have been. 

The incredible city of East Malaysia grabbed my attention from the outset as if it were destiny to visit Kuching and tell the world how fulfilling a Kuching holiday is for the tourist. 

From the bustling city centre to the picturesque National Parks, below is eight great reasons to have an unforgettable holiday in Kuching, Sarawak. 


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Kuching Sarawak

The reasons begin to add when seeking a holiday in Kuching Sarawak.



8 Incredible Reasons to Have an Unforgettable Holiday in Kuching – Sarawak

Kuching Travel hits the right points when seeking culture, food, attractions and a vibrant nightlife for all to enjoy.

The reasons to visit will add up, and so will your memories long after accomplishing all those things to do in Kuching.

Let’s get into it.


Wandering the streets of Kuching City

There is a steady stream of traffic while walking the city streets of Kuching, nothing too chaotic, if most times quite a pleasant walk.

Every day, I loved taking my time to check out the local markets or stop in at a Kuching café and make full use of the free WIFI while sipping a coffee. 

You would stumble across a bar in the evening, either tucked away in the city streets or overlooking the Sarawak River. It didn’t matter which way it came about, as long as the beer was cold, and you could rest your feet for an hour or two and enjoy local cuisine for dinner. 

I felt privileged to stroll in a beautiful walking city of clear pathways and drop into various restaurants, busy marketplaces, street retail outlets and shopping malls with the lot. 


What to do in Kuching

Kuching City is at its brilliant best.



An Adventure inside the picturesque National Parks of Sarawak

From the bustling city streets to the scenic National Parks, it’s how it rolls during a Kuching tour when you have the best of both worlds in the Southeast Asian City. 

While I didn’t get to the National Parks during my Kuching trip, how I would have loved a couple of more days, it wasn’t meant to be on this occasion, although I shall return. 

However, Bako National Park is the best of the lot, and I loved my time checking the beautiful coastal views and enduring the stunning rainforest walks, not forgetting the longboat cruise in between with more gorgeous views. 

I even discovered the great outdoors with a tour company called Backyard Tours, which took me on an adventure into the Borneo Rainforest and a stunning well-hidden waterfall. 

The wonderful outdoors makes Kuching tourism ever so accessible, and it’s another reason to step into the Sarawak State and find new adventures in the great outdoors. 


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Bako national park

Sightseeing on the longboat takes you to incredible sightseeing places inside Bako.



The Waterfront Kuching is Irresistible

What is the best word to describe Waterfront Kuching? Irresistible comes to the forefront of the mind.

While solo travelling, I was often at the Waterfront in the late afternoon to the evenings of every day and embraced the atmosphere along the Sarawak River. 

The electric atmosphere hits the fever point when the sun sets with people flocking for a gentle stroll, a majestic river cruise to see the best Kuching sights and enjoy an ultimate riverside dinner.

It’s when the night sky hits when the best show in town takes centre stage with the Kuching Waterfront Musical Fountain. The Nightly laser light event takes place in front of the iconic Bangunan Dewan Undangan Negeri and delights the watching audience.

It’s only a few of the crazy events at the Waterfront, enough to justify ample reasons to visit Kuching Sarawak and soak in the vibrant nightlife. 


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riverside dining Kuching

An evening night cruise on the Sarawak River is a compulsory Kuching activity.



The affordability of having a holiday in Kuching

It goes hand in hand with an adventure in Southeast Asia that holiday is usually affordable, and Kuching doesn’t let down when searching for a budget getaway in Asia.

The food is affordable; the hotel rates are low, shopping won’t break the bank account, and conveniently cheap to get around the city limits with a taxi or GRAB.

Even when a day tour comes calling to places near Kuching to tourist attractions like the Sarawak Culture Village, the Orangutan Nature Reserve, and the Bako and Kubah National Park, the prices are more than adequate.

Therefore, save those precious pennies because a Kuching vacation doesn’t require you to be a big spender.


India Street Kuching

Take your wallet to India Street for a bargain or two.



Visit exciting places in Kuching for a detailed history lesson

Please give me a history lesson on any destination globally, and I’m one happy traveller.

In Kuching, history is alive with extensive information at several attractions, including The Sarawak State Museum, The Sarawak Culture Village and the Old Kuching Courthouse.

However, the essential information arrives with a boat trip across the river to Fort Margherita, and you discover the details of the Brooke family dynasty, the founders of Sarawak.


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Fort Margherita

Learn about the Brooke Family Dynasty at Fort Margherita.



The food in Kuching Sarawak is merely delicious

Did anyone say food, mainly Malaysian food?

Wherever you dine in Kuching City, delicious food is a constant, whether it’s a rundown restaurant serving the tastiest local cuisine or an elegant restaurant offering fine dining.

The best place to dine in Kuching is Topspot, a busy food marketplace on the 6th floor which serves a great variety of seafood, a selection of meats and the freshest of vegetables for a side dish with your meal.  

The other excellent place to dine is the number of food stalls set up along the Sarawak River at the Waterfront. You order a meal, an ice-cold drink, and you soak in the atmosphere by the riverbanks and get lost in the vibrant atmosphere.

During your adventures in the Malaysian city, you’ll find many top places to dine in Kuching when you research and narrow down the best eating places in Kuching.


Top Spot Kuching

Great seafood options are available at the Top Spot Kuching.



The Kuching People are the friendliest you’ll meet

Personally, the final verdict on any destination I visit depends on the locals, for I believe they create the best vibe in any destination.

The people of Kuching certainly are a friendly bunch; whether you’re dining at a restaurant for a meal or stumbling the streets, the locals are cheerful and always happy for a conversation.

I’ll never forget when I was wandering about, and one local stopped to give me a lift on the back of his motorbike; he didn’t want anything in return; it was all out of courtesy.

I’m not saying those great deeds will happen to you, but I explore you to reach out to the locals because they’re generally happy to chat and learn a little about you.


borneo rainforest

The locals will go out of their way to show the best hospitality.



It’s a Cat Haven for the feline lovers.

If you didn’t know about the fascination with cats and Kuching before your trip, it wouldn’t take too long to realise the two go hand in hand.

In translation, Kuching means cat, and the city embraces the name with Cat statues in various locations, cat cafes, cats on souvenirs and many felines wandering the city streets. 

However, the Cat Museum will capture your attention the most, a quirky museum that represents everything in the world of cats. Whether it cat species of the domestic variety to the mighty lion, cats featured in the entertainment industry and anything else you can think of, which comes to the loveable feline. 

It won’t be a Catastrophe to visit Kuching, far from it. 

You’ll have the time of your life to wander the streets, visit gorgeous national parks, explore the best Kuching Tourist places, and mingle with the locals.

Make sure your Malaysia holiday includes the Sarawak State, particularly the biggest city because you’ll have no regrets about the decision. 


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holiday in Kuching Sarawak

In Kuching Sarawak, it’s a cat thing.

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