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When I was invited by the fabulous team of Backyard Tours to hike in a Borneo Rainforest, a little out of Kuching, the excitement of an epic day out in the great outdoors couldn’t be contained.

The opportunity to be one with nature and explore a jungle of various plant species, local wildlife and hidden waterfalls was an opportunity too good to refuse.

It was a day that offered a fulfilling adventure and self-satisfaction for hiking a section of the Borneo Rainforest in the typical humid conditions known in the area.

It’s the very same fulfilment you’ll get from a drip trip when you contact the team at Backyard Tours and partake in a jungle walk within Sarawak Region.

Now let’s check out the adventures in nature within a Borneo Rainforest.


backyard tours kuching

Be one with Nature in a Borneo Rainforest with Backyard Tours – Kuching.



Go on a Tour with Backyard Tours – Kuching

Backyard Tours take you far and wide with many tantalising tours to choose from when visiting the city of Kuching in the Malaysian State of Sarawak.

The Be One with Nature tour I partook in, truly satisfied my thirst to see a beautiful part of Borneo and explore the rainforest. However, if you prefer alternative options for a day trip, they also offer a variety of adventures with the following selections:

  • The Semban Day Trip.
  • Cave and Village Farm Day Tour.
  • Relaxing Tropical Escape Day Tour
  • Local Food Tour
  • Short heritage Getaway Tour
  • Experience the Mountain life for an Epic three-day and two-night tour.
  • The Live Like Local tour over two-days and one-night.


For further details, you can check out the Backyard Tours Website and even discuss a custom-made tour with the friendly team.


borneo rainforest

Follow Abbie into the Borneo Rainforest.



The Be one with Nature Day trip

The Be One with Nature day trip is a fantastic adventure with Abbie from Backyard Tours, and this specific tour is what I’m going to discuss in greater detail.

It started in the early parts of the morning when I was picked up from my Kuching Hotel and taken by car for a 90-minute journey to an isolated village in the name of Kampung Annah Sadir.

The friendly villagers got the tour off to a charming beginning with many of the locals keen to say hello and the children showing a hint of curiosity about their new visitors.


Sarawak Village

The Kampung Annah Sadir Village. 


The adventure in the jungle began soon after when the experienced and local guide, Lawrence, joined the team and we ascended into the Borneo Rainforest for a hike in the oppressive conditions.

The ninety-minute trip had beautiful scenery, tricky paths and rickety bamboo bridges placed over the shallow creeks, but the bulk of the Borneo rainforest was a safe place to trek.

However, there was occasional rest time to admire the beauty surrounding you during a quick pitstop, which was essential to recoup from the humid Malaysian heat.

The exhausting trek would all be worth it upon arrival at the picturesque waterfall that delivered a thunderous sound well before arrival.


Sarawak rainforest

Admire the beauty of Sarawak.



The Beautiful Waterfall and a locally made Delicious lunch

From the top of the peak, you look over at the Ban Buan Kukuot Waterfall, and it looks as mesmerising as the name sounds.

The only visitors on the day were a group of professors from a Kuching university. Otherwise, it’s generally deserted with very few tourist groups making their way out to the faraway waterfalls.

Once you admire the beauty from the top, you descend the steps to the base of the falls to have a closer look from another vantage point.


borneo waterfall

The Ban Buan Kukuot Waterfall.


It’s tempting to jump in immediately to cool off, and after taking a few photos from various angles, it’s precisely what you do.

You go into the freshwater with caution, because there are many slippery rocks situated along the ground and it makes for tricky footing. It’s advised to bring rubber shoes on the trip, but I was barefoot on this occasion.

Once you hop in the water, the refreshing change of temperature is a welcome relief as you swim to the area of the falling waters and feel the pressure fall onto your back.

It’s the perfect massage for your head and back, full well knowing you have return hike on the horizon and it’s important to freshen up for the second leg.

While you’re busy admiring the surrounding nature, Lawrence is busy preparing a traditional Bidayuh meal, consisting of chicken boiled in a bamboo pipe and a catfish cleverly smoked over the fire.

The fantastic taste of the Bidayuh meal is a welcome addition to the day trip, and we all stand around devouring the well-cooked meal. I’ll be honest; I have never tasted a more delightful feed of smoked fish in my life.

A big thumbs up to Lawrence!


jungle feast

A feast in the jungle.


Once the food is devoured, we head back in the same direction, albeit, a quick detour, to another pretty waterfall in the name of Mabi falls.

We don’t stick around too long at Mabi, although long enough to appreciate more beauty of the Borneo Rainforest, and once again, be one with nature.


Ban Buan Kukuot waterfall

Enjoying the beauty of the waterfalls.



A Perfect Day in Borneo Rainforest

Of course, this is a sponsored post, but at the same time, I only glowing review with high praise if a tour company earns the right explicitly.

Backyard Tours in Kuching are a fantastic team who do everything in their power to satisfy their clients to the fullest. On this occasion, Abbie did a tremendous job in creating a memorable day out in the Borneo Rainforest.

Therefore, if you’re visiting Kuching, please check out the website of Backyard Tours and book a tour or two. I can assure you that you won’t regret it because an unforgettable adventure is waiting for you.



Allow Lawrence and Abbie to take you into the jungle.



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