Ocean Cruise? Here are 7 Reasons To Say Yes to a Voyage on the Sea!

Ocean Cruise? Here are 7 Reasons To Say Yes to a Voyage on the Sea!

With travel still pretty uncertain, you might be wondering why you should be thinking about those ocean cruise offers that are showing up everywhere right now. The thing is, just because the world is effectively paused when it comes to travel, it doesn’t mean that you can’t plan, right?

Anyone who loves travel knows that cruising is one of the hottest ways to go. You can choose to go it alone, bring the whole family or go with friends. You can get an all-inclusive holiday at the click of a button. But best of all, you can go and see many places without having to chop and change your break.


ocean cruise

Ocean Cruise? Here are 7 Reasons To Say Yes to a Voyage on the Sea!


Ocean Cruise? Here are 7 Reasons To Say Yes to a Voyage on the Sea!

A cruise throughout Asia or around Australia is going to be the highlight of a holiday you didn’t even know you needed. From seeing sights that will change your life to hopping on and off dolphin cruises and whale-watching expeditions, you can pack out your cruise holiday with a ton of activities. These are the activities that will change your life. With this in mind, we’ve put together seven reasons you have to get off the fence and say yes to that holiday offer you keep spotting.


  1. Learn. You get the chance to learn so much about the world when you are on the water. You get to spend your days productively at sea, and you will learn so much while there. Often, cruise lines offer learning opportunities like classes in cooking and crafting, but they also offer “off cruise” exploration. You could be in the middle of the ocean and scuba dive from the ship. There are so many options!
  2. Food. Okay, if there is ever a reason to say yes to cruising, it’s the food. You want to eat well while you’re on holiday, and on a cruise, you’ll experience some of the tastiest meals. You can choose to eat a la carte with table service and even try out fine dining options by celebrity chefs.
  3. Activities. We talked about cooking classes and crafts, but cruises also offer a range of activities that you can take part in. From giant, impressive pools with swirly slides to spa days and theatre show, cruises are giant vessels of activity. Some waterslides are designed to give you a rush, and surf simulators and artificial beaches are all designed to allow you to have fun. 
  4. Relax. Not only can you spend all day long playing in skydiving simulators, pools and the movie theatres, but you can also relax. There are spas, poolside loungers and even poolside movie screens. You can sit out on the balcony and watch the world float by. It’s the perfect place to get some headspace! You can chill out with unlimited drinks and snacks and watch your favourite movies, and you can even head to the salon for pampering.
  5. Dance. Did you know that cruises will have some of the best Broadway shows you’ve ever seen? These big ships are built with entertainment in mind, and they have stages used by some of the most talented individuals who will put on a show for you. 
  6. Location. Your cruise choices will be primarily dictated by the parts of the world that you want to see. If you’re going to round-trip around Australia and touch on all of the most critical areas as you go, you can do it with a cruise. You can see white sugar beaches and stroll markets, meet kangaroos and enjoy time spent in the best cities in the country. Cruises can be as tailored as you like, too, and you can choose to see anywhere you want to see in Australia when you book. Remember, location matters, so you can book your holiday depending on what you want to see the most. 
  7. Exotic. Food, destinations, people – it’s all on offer when you cruise. You can go on a whale watching trips and dolphin seeing tours. You can get off the ship and soak up the locals in Rottnest Island. You could even cruise around Asia and see some of the most beautiful beaches you could ever imagine seeing. You won’t miss out on the fun when you choose to proceed over every type of holiday you have ever been on in your life. Your choice to cruise will change your life – and all you have to do is decide to go on an ocean cruise and explore it all. Taking the time to pick the right cruise is a must, and now you know why you should go!


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Bring Some Added Luxury To Your Next Trip – Luxury Travel

Bring Some Added Luxury To Your Next Trip – Luxury Travel

Phang nga bay

When it comes to travel, there really isn’t such a thing as a single right or wrong way to do it. The reality is that many of us travel for all kinds of different reasons, and those reasons can be as many and varied as there are different types of people in the world.

Some people travel to get away from it all and escape from the constant pace of modern life, relishing the chance to slow down for a while. Some people try to really bring things back to basics and live off the land for a little while, putting modern conveniences aside to reconnect with the earth for a while. Others are looking for a thrill and a chance to get the adrenaline pumping through their bodies.

Of course, there really is only one simple reason to travel for a lot of people: taking the chance to relax. After all, the world can be pretty stressful with all of the work and obligations that we all have to deal with; that’s when we can not forget not to bring some added luxury to your next trip. It’ll simply be worth your weight in gold. 


Khao Lak Diaries

Look!!! It’s James Bond Island.


Bring Some Added Luxury To Your Next Trip

Travelling can be a way to get away from all of that and enjoy living like royalty for a little bit. Most of us can’t afford to live like that all year round, but there are plenty of ways to really squeeze everything you can out of travelling. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can bring some added luxury to your next trip.



One of the things that many people don’t really think about is the fact that their vacation really starts from the moment they step on the plane to their destination. After all, the time you spend travelling can often be the best possible way to set the tone for your trip as a whole.

So why not take advantage of that and make sure that you get your trip off to the most relaxing, luxurious start? Upgrading your flights is a simple change that can often make a huge difference. After all, flights and travel can be pretty stressful a lot of the time but upgrading your tickets means that you’re going to be able to avoid getting stuck in crowds and being crammed in with dozens of other people.

Not only that, but you can end up with more legroom, a place to sleep, and delicious food and drinks. By upgrading your flights, you can be sure that you’re fully rested and ready to start your trip feeling great.



If you want to get the most out of your trip, you need to be sure that you will end up in the best possible place. The destination that you choose is key to experiencing a truly amazing trip.

Across Australia and Asia, there are plenty of places with all kinds of infrastructure in place for tourists so that you can be sure that you’re able to have the best possible experience with nothing getting in the way.

Not only that, but it’s also worth looking at the cost of flights to specific destinations. If you can save money on your destinations, then you can put that money towards enjoying some added luxury in all of the other aspects of your trip.



If there’s one thing that’s likely to make more of a difference to how luxurious your trip feels than just about anything else, it’s your accommodation.

After all, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the place you’re visiting is if you spend a lot of that time stuck in a tiny, cramped, dirty hotel room. Something like a grand hotel or a luxury villa can instantly bring a whole lot of luxury to your trip.

You might think that because you’re spending a lot of your time out and about while you’re on vacation that your accommodation isn’t that important but whether you’re enjoying a day relaxing by the pool or you want somewhere to come back to after a fun-filled day, luxury accommodation can be the perfect icing on the top of your trip.


What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine

Bring Some Added Luxury To Your Next Trip.



The vast majority of your time when you’re travelling will be spent getting out there and doing all kinds of fun things.

Of course, what kinds of outings and activities you do will often come down to what you enjoy, but there are plenty of options that can allow you to keep the luxury feel of your trip going.

Something as simple as a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant can be a great way to relax at the end of an exciting day and bring a touch of class to your trip. Likewise, companies like Melbourne Boat Charter offer amazing boat trips that will not only let you see all kinds of fantastic sights, but you’ll be able to feel like a celebrity while you do it.

There really is no limit to the kinds of activities and outings that you can do while you’re travelling, but it always helps to have a few ideas that let you live in the lap of luxury for a bit, even if they’re just there to provide a bit of contrast to the rest of your trip.

Naturally, one thing that it’s important when you’re trying to get some extra luxury from your next trip is to make sure that you’re staying within your budget.

After all, many different things can end up bringing the cost of your trip way up. If you want to enjoy those little added bits of luxury, then you need to be sure that you’re budgeting properly. For one thing, putting some money aside in a savings account specifically for your trip is one of the best things that you can do.

Not only that, but you should also think about ways that you can cut back in certain areas to get the most out of others. If you really want to enjoy some luxurious accommodation, but you’re on a bit of shoestring, then choosing the right destination or cutting back on your flights’ cost can make all the difference in the world.


Khao Lak Resort

The sunset over Khao Lak.


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Plan a Post-COVID Travel Adventure With These Awesome Tips

Plan a Post-COVID Travel Adventure With These Awesome Tips

family holiday ideas

COVID-19 has seriously put a dampener on many people’s travel plans for the foreseeable future, and this is to be expected, I mean it has frustrated the heck out of me, however, I have still been luckier than others living down under.

The good news is, however, there will come a day where things begin to return to a degree of normalcy, and this means you can always plan for the perfect travel experience in the meantime.

That means one day you’ll be able to travel and see the world that is so amazing, and once normal returns there are so many options you have that you can work on with this in any upcoming adventures. 


 Post-COVID Travel Adventure

Plan a Post-COVID Travel Adventure With These Awesome Tips.


Plan a Post-COVID Travel Adventure With These Awesome Tips

When it comes to being patient for travel, try to make sure you focus on doing as much as possible to plan out your experience and have the ultimate adventure abroad.

Being able to plan for this now is one of the key elements of enjoying any holiday, and this is why you have to make plans for this as much as possible. So, these are some of the key tips you can use to help improve your post-COVID travel adventure moving forward right now. 

Decide Where You Want to Go

There are a lot of ideas that you should be looking at for destinations to go to. Of course, it depends how quickly we are over this pandemic, and how safe certain countries are by that point.

Try to make sure you focus on doing as much as you can to improve this and take things to the next stage as much as possible. Come up with ideas for places you’ve always wanted to visit and try to make a shortlist of a few places. 

Have a Unique Experience

Unique experiences are a huge part of what makes travel so special, and being able to enjoy something that you might never experience again. Once you are able to travel again, it is really important to make the most of the experiences you might have while you’re abroad.

So try to make sure you have the best possible experience you can and use this to take things to the next level as much as possible for your holiday adventure. 

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

Picking the perfect accommodation to enhance your trip is one of the key things you can do here. And this means assessing what the options are, as well as how much you are able to take things forward in the right way.

There are so many different choices for accommodation, and choosing something that will enhance your trip is essential. Whether you’re looking at luxury apartments or Googling ‘hotels near me,’ it is important to have an idea of what is out there and how it can benefit you.

Who are You Travelling With?

One of the other things you need to make the most of is who you are travelling with, and these days many people prefer to travel alone. You have to make sure you are focused on doing as much as possible to make the right decisions about who you’re going to be travelling with, and whether or not solo travel is for you. 

There are so many factors you need to keep in mind when it comes to travelling and making the right decisions for the future.

It’s vitally important that you plan and prepare in advance for this, and try to make sure you come up with ideas that can help you enjoy this process and get the most out of it moving forward. Having an unforgettable travel adventure is really important, and these are some of the best ways of being able to achieve this right now.



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Look!!! the world will open again, real soon.


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Plan a Post-COVID Travel Adventure With These Awesome Tips

4 Excellent Reasons to Take a Gap Year and Travel Abroad

Penguin Island Perth


Many young people decide to take a gap year between graduating from high school and going to university or getting a job to begin work in the real world. They take a year out from their academic studies in which they travel the world, exploring new places and making precious memories in the process.

It might be for the simple pleasure of travel, to work abroad or volunteer in a foreign country and conducting a dutiful cause. Whatever the reason, a gap year can be a perfect way for a young adult to learn about themselves and better understand the cultures abroad.


For your gap year and travel experience, find a bargain at Booking.com!


Phang Nga Bay

Four Excellent Reasons to Take a Gap Year.


4 Excellent Reasons to Take a Gap Year and Travel


If you are unsure whether to take a gap year of your own, here are four excellent reasons to pack your bags and travel the world.


It’s the perfect time to explore

There is no better time in life to spend a year travelling the world than after leaving school. You enter a natural break in your life, and it is easy to put your studies or career path on hold for a year, and nothing will have changed when you get back.

You won’t have a mortgage to pay or young children to look after. If you wait until you’re middle-aged to catch the travel bug, it will be a lot harder to find the time to get away. Please take the opportunity while you can, and don’t wait until it’s too late.


Make lifelong friends while roaming the world.

By the end of your travels, you will have amassed a huge number of new friends from all over the world. If you’re going solo and are nervous about getting lonely, you’ll soon realise these fears are unfounded. Hostels, campsites, and tourist attractions in any country will be full of young people like yourself exploring the world and finding themselves.

And they will all be feeling the same way as you. You’ll make plenty of connections along the way with whom you’ll share unforgettable experiences. Once you’ve gone bungee jumping or experienced the night activities in Melbourne with someone, you will have an unbreakable bond for life.


Avoid academic burnout

You’ve likely been at school for as long as you can remember. Constantly studying for exams and doing homework each night, with only a few weeks of respite each year. As you get older, each academic year puts more pressure ever on you, and this will only increase when you begin university.

If you’re not careful, you run the risk of burnout and mental health issues. Give yourself a well-deserved break by taking some time off for yourself. You won’t have to worry about grades or job applications until you get back.


Learn more about the world and have a great appreciation of life

For most young people, the only experience of the world they have is an occasional holiday with their parents. A gap year will open you up to the world and make you aware of how much more there is out there.

You will experience new cultures, foods and ways of life. You’ll learn the history of the countries you visit, and you may even learn a new language out there. And most importantly, you’ll learn more about yourself too. Once you’re free from the restrictions of parents and school rules, you’ll find out what kind of person you are and gain a clearer view of what you want from life.


Angthong Marine Park

Make the most of the world and see it during your gap year adventures.



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Holiday Fashion Essentials For Fair-Skinned Travellers

Holiday Fashion Essentials For Fair-Skinned Travellers


When you’re roaming the world, a few Holiday Fashion Essentials are required For the Fair-Skinned Travellers, here is some sound advice.

Do you love travelling but you’re always worried about your skin, amongst other things? Do you often look around and curse the dark and olive-skinned guys and girls who don’t seem to have as much concern about the sun as you do?

Having skin that burns easily is a problem for the fairer folk, especially when you’re in a foreign country with scorching heat and the mercury can hit 30°C and above.

Still, it shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world and enjoying the experience because there are ways to have fun abroad and cover-up simultaneously to protect yourself. Sure, you might have to avoid some of the hottest trends, but it’s better than going from pale white to atomic red in seconds, in the end, it could save your life!


Koh Samui pictures

Holiday Fashion Essentials For Fair-Skinned Travellers.


Holiday Fashion Essentials For Fair-Skinned Travellers


In this article, we cover a few pieces of advice to consider for Holiday Fashion Essentials For Fair-Skinned Travellers, some of this advice could be crucial to your health.


Wear a Sun Hat

A hat is always the first port of call because it protects everything from your head to your face and shoulders if you choose properly. For those with fine hair, the sort that leaves your scalp exposed, a baseball cap is always a wise option since it encases everything.

However, travellers with thick, luscious locks can opt for visor hats because your hair will block the UV rays from hitting your skin. If you can’t be bothered applying cream all day long, a wide-brimmed hat will cover you from your head to the bottom of your shoulders.


Espadrilles & Linen Mule Sandals

Sadly, you can’t let your body parts hang out and enjoy the breeze as they’ll burn if you’re not careful. This goes for everything from the major features, such as your face and shoulders, to the limbs that go under the radar.

Yes, that’s a reference to your feet. Sit around long enough, and the tops of your feet will catch the sun, which is why it’s better to leave them open sandals and thongs and go for linen mule sandals or espadrilles as they cover most of your feet’s surface area.


A Midi-Dress & T-Shirt Combo

Sometimes, adding length doesn’t always result in the required protection. For instance, a midi-dress is perfect at covering everything from the neck down. However, the rest of your body is in the open, such as your shoulders and neckline.

Thankfully, there’s a cool trick to make a midi or sundress practical and stylish – layer it with a t-shirt. The tee shouldn’t stand out too much, as long as it is the same colour, yet the additional material will reflect the sunlight and protect your pale skin.


A Shawl

The problem with donning extra material is that it makes you hot. Yes, sometimes you need to decide whether you prefer to overheat and burn, the former wins every time. Still, it’s nice to strike a balance. You can do with a shawl as it has the right amount of fabric to ward off the sun’s rays.

However, the material is fragile and breathable, so it doesn’t stop the sea air from reducing your body temperature. It beats wearing a hoodie in the middle of the summer!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can use hats, tees and polos, and closed-footwear to keep your skin safe while travelling.


 Holiday Fashion Essentials

When you’re roaming the world, a few Holiday Fashion Essentials are required For the Fair-Skinned Travellers, here is some sound advice.


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Taking Wellbeing More Seriously When Travelling Abroad!

Taking Wellbeing More Seriously When Travelling Abroad!

Bako kuching

Let’s be honest about it for a moment, when you jet off abroad on the trip of a lifetime, ready to explore some of the world’s most incredible destinations, you don’t always think about taking wellbeing more seriously when travelling as much as perhaps you should do.

You’re more excited about your trip and what you will experience while you’re there, which is why you don’t have the time – or energy – to take your health into account. However, not making your health a priority, even when travelling, is a mistake. 

The fact is that taking care of your health while you’re on holidays may not be your top priority, but if you want to ensure that you have the most amazing time away, it’s a good idea to think carefully about how you look after your health, both physically and mentally.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare, it’s a case of taking a few simple steps to safeguard your wellbeing, that’s all. 


Penguin Island Perth

Don’t forget your camera.


 Taking Wellbeing More Seriously When Travelling Abroad!

Wondering how you can go about doing that? Below are a few tips and ideas to take note of and have a read of taking wellbeing more seriously when travelling! 


Look after your skin 

It’s far too easy to make the mistake of thinking that you only need to use sunscreen on days where it’s hot and sunny but that isn’t the case. The fact is that you should wear sunscreen every day, especially when travelling to a country with a hotter climate. Did you know that even when it’s cloudy, the sun’s UV rays can still penetrate the skin causing invisible sun damage? That’s why investing in some sunscreen, such as Grahams Natural Sunscreen for instance, is a must. The last thing that you want is to do serious damage to your skin while you’re away, which is why always wearing SPF protection is so important. 


Be mindful of your gut


Naturally, when you head off abroad you are keen to try all of the local cuisines – after all, eating like a local is what travelling is all about, isn’t it? While it’s all well and good trying the local cuisine, it’s a good idea to do your research first and find reputable places to eat. The last thing that you want while you’re away is food poisoning, which is why it’s so important to be mindful of where and what you eat. In case you do become unwell, it’s worthwhile packing some dehydration fluid sachets to help rehydrate you should you become unwell. 


Take time out for self-care 

When you’re travelling, it’s far too easy to pack your schedule so full of things to see and do that you forget to make time to relax and unwind. However, this isn’t a mistake that you want to make – failing to make time for self-care. Try to set aside time on your trip for relaxing; whether that means chilling out at the pool where you’re straying, reading a book in your room, or simply sunbathing on the beach, it doesn’t matter – what’s important is that you take the time to put your mental wellbeing first. 

There you have it, a few simple tips and suggestions for taking wellbeing more seriously when travelling.


Perth to Jurien Bay

All smiles at the Pinnacles Desert.


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