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The natural beauty of Bali is a haven for lovebirds looking for a romantic escape into the island’s many idyllic vistas amid lush green forests as well as breathtaking views from the top of the cliffs. There is always plenty of things to do In Bali whether it is for romance or other reasons you are visiting the Island of God. 

However, on the romantic side of things, there is a plethora of exceptional accommodation, fine dining options and plenty of places to walk hand in hand and cuddle in, Bali is a paradise for couples and honeymooners alike.

So in case you decide on the perfect vacation to Bali next time with your loved one, be sure to spend a couple of days to experience the island’s fascinating culture.

Before you tear your hair apart doing hard research work, here are some ready-made romantic suggestions which can be experienced in Bali alone and get that love tingling before you even book a flight to the Indonesian island.


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romantic escape

Treat yourself in style during a romantic escape in Bali.


9 Things to do in Bali for a Perfect Romantic Escape



1. Stretch out at the mystical Tjampuhan Spa

Apart from an array of day spas in Bali situated amidst exquisite coastal splendour, the mysterious riverside spa of Tjampuhan is all about healing and rejuvenation in an entirely different sense.

Come with your loved one to feel and experience the healing effects of water gushing forth from a hot and cold spring jacuzzi, situated in a magical and exceptionally carved mythical stone cavern.

Lastly, the most unique attraction of the area is the adjoining Elephant Safari Park which allows glimpses of these gentle giants from the spa treatment rooms. How is that for a perfect view during your romantic escape?


2. Enjoy an evening of Fairytale Cuisine

Bali has many weird, wonderful and at the same time romantic dining options, but none are a match for this outlet.

This most interestingly themed restaurant, titled Frankenstein’s Laboratory, allows you to dine among zombies, pirates and even Frankenstein himself. Come darkness, and these monsters will come back from the dead to terrify you till you scream your head off.

An evening of special entertainment awaits the couple who dare to venture here. Live music, cocktails concoctions which can become creepy, monster bites, a monster band with vampires and mummies all come together to provide high-class fun throughout the evening.


3. Visit the sea of gold at Desa Belok

Just a quick fifteen-minute drive from Bedugul to Kintamani, these stunning fields of marigold can be found by the wayside.

The marigold occupies a significant place in the culture of Bali, especially as offerings. This is due to the fact that the colour of gold is associated with the Supreme Balinese God.

The sea of gold is sure to have an electrifying effect and charm your companion with the freshness and splendour of the area.


4. Stroll along the Campuhan Ridge

The walk along the Campuhan Ridge is unusually romantic. This short trek will take the couple through rice fields and past quaint villages and villas.

An early morning walk, preferably before sunrise, makes this 3 km walk an extremely private and comfortable stroll. With butterflies as a company, most of the way, the Campuhan walk, commences from the Campuhan bridge near the Warwick Ibah Luxury Villa boundary.

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5. Take her for a 100 candlelight dinner

Swept Away, as the name suggests is literally the place to sweep your partner of her feet with a magical 100 candle dinner service. Dine under the stars on a secluded wooden deck, overlooking the gushing river. The surrounding palm trees and lush green vegetation will quickly melt all your blues.

The exclusive restaurant comes alive every evening when 100 lit candles are immersed in the river creating a great flickering effect. The ambience so created is truly magical and will transform the two of you in a different world altogether.


6. Enjoy a tea session at the Metis Bali

A visit to Metis is said to be an experience for the senses. An ideal getaway for a couple looking for that luxurious and private date in a nice old restaurant is what a tea session here is all about.

This is the ultimate venue for a romantic tea for two, perched on the lush terrace of the restaurant offering a 360-degree view of the surroundings. The best part is that you can the high tea package of your choice from the large collection.


7. Pamper her for a night at the Kamuela Villas

This incredible option for couples in Seminyak at the really affordable Kamuela Villas comes complete with a private pool, you can jump into straight from the bed, as well as a large indoor tub.

The environment is such that it encourages a couple to spend quality time in the company of each other in the luxurious villas. These rooms have a host of private amenities, especially for couples and newlyweds.


8. Have a picnic at Bukit Asah Bugbug

This secret paradise of Bukit Adah Bugbug is an ideal place for a picnic of a different kind, along the slope of the hills overlooking the ocean.

This spot is ideal for lovers, to catch a view of the rising sun and the panorama of the Indian Ocean below with the coral reefs and islands dotting the sea.


9. Chill out at the Tamblingan Lake

If you are looking for the most romantic place, offering stunning views and serenity, the largely untouched Tamblingan Lake is the place to go.

The surrounding area also happens to be popular with couples who are about to get married because of the photography opportunities which abound here for them.

Simply rent a boat and row to the middle of the lake to take in the fresh air and enjoy the flora and fauna of the scenic place.

Alaya Resort

Experience great food during your romantic getaway in Bali.


So the next time you plan for a date, that special anniversary or decide to spend a honeymoon in Bali, keep a tab on the places highlighted here. We promise you that you will find many lovey-dovey moments to enjoy time together as a couple.


sunsets romantic escape

Enjoy gorgeous sunsets on your romantic escape.

roamntic getaway

Let love be the potion on your next romantic getaway.


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