The Best Cafes in Ubud for Chilling and Relaxing Time – Bali

The Best Cafes in Ubud for Chilling and Relaxing Time – Bali

Ubud monkey forest

The culture of the famous Balinese town is ever-present. The Legong Dance entertains the tourist through the night; the gorgeous rice paddies provide the wow factor during a day of sightseeing, and fresh coffee is always around the corner throughout the vibrant town of Ubud.

Therefore, if you desire a much-needed caffeine hit and enjoy spending time in cafes with welcomed air conditioning to escape the heat and WIFI to reconnect to your loved ones back home, you are in for a treat when looking to find the best cafes Ubud.


best cafes in Ubud

Explore the township during the day and find the best cafes in Ubud.


The Best Cafes in Ubud for a desired caffeine Hit


Ubud is the home to many cafes that serve up delicious coffee and various tasty meals no matter what your dietary requirements are, especially the Indonesian type. And whether you’re looking to get in some work on the laptop or unwind while quietly receiving your caffeine fix, you’ll love these Ubud cafes.


Anomali Café

This cosy café is excellent if you enjoy premium single-origin coffee, and it’s available served up in a variety of brewing methods. Aside from coffee, Anomali Café offers a wide range of teas. If you aren’t sure, check out the charts to check the acidity levels, and ask any friendly baristas to make you a cup.

Location: Jalan Raya, off Jalan Hanoman


Lazy Cats Café

This stylish café is a favourite of people who love both cats and good coffee, with an industrial design peppered with bohemian touches and feline delights. The relaxing ambience invites visitors to relax with a friend while trying regional coffee. Lazy Cats Café also doubles as an art gallery and bar, definitely the kind of café that you can hang out in all day long.

Location: Jalan Raya No. 11


Seniman Coffee

Seniman Coffee is one of the most popular cafes and roasteries in Ubud, especially if you take good coffee seriously. They consider themselves a fourth wave coffee shop, offering coffee and process and design coffee and a wide range of coffee items, including brewing equipment and handmade furniture. If you fancy learning how to brew coffee, check out their workshops too!

Location: Jalan Sriwedari No. 5


Gangga Coffee

Offering a unique coffee experience for all coffee lovers, Gangga Coffee is a must-visit Ubud Café. It’s located along the road heading to the Tegallalang Rice Terraces and is adorned with a stylish modern design. They are known for specialty fair-trade coffee, and it’s an excellent destination for brunch as well.

Location: Jalan Raya Andong No. 18


Milk and Madu

This famous Canggu brunch spot has finally expanded to Ubud, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t drop by. It’s considered by many to be one of the best cafes in Ubud but be sure to bring your appetite because they serve excellent food too. The bright and spacious cafes make it a favourite for coffee dates, and it’s a great place to go for coffee at just about any time of day.

Location: Jalan Suweta No. 3

Ubud’s cafes have something for everyone, and for many travellers, they’re an essential part of the itinerary. That’s because local culture places a high premium on good café as well as café culture. The truth is you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lousy café anywhere in Ubud, so you can’t go wrong with any of these top-rated cafes.


Manisan, Ubud

Ubud is a cultural hit for all tourist.

Why The Island of God is a Tourist Hotspot and a Few Bali Travel Tips

Why The Island of God is a Tourist Hotspot and a Few Bali Travel Tips

When I think of paradise, Bali comes to mind straight away! The ideal tourist hotspot that understands traveller’s desires and needs.

While, no destination in the world is perfect and the same can be said of the popular Island of God, that comes with manic traffic and pesky locals desperate to sell you a souvenir or two.

It does, however overcome any obvious weaknesses with its lure of being in the tropics. It’s why, in this article, I not only provide a few genuine reasons why tourists are making the Indonesian Island a traveller’s choice, but also throw in a few basic Bali Travel Tips to assist your travels.

First thing is First!

Why are people rushing for a Bali trip? It’s the one destination that offers a luxury escape, fun in the sun and cocktails by the pool, which regularly makes this exotic Island the top of the list.

Bali is perfectly set up for tourist, and since it’s all about tourism, it steps up to another level on each occasion I visit, and the case will be the same for you.

It’s the main reason why I keep coming back to Bali, not only because it is a affordable holiday that offers pure paradise, because it’s an island that creates excitement for families seeking the best kids club Bali hotels or a romantic tropical destination in paradise

Whether it’s in the great outdoors, by the beach, in the culture hub of Ubud or the the vibrancy of Kuta, the island of God offers so much for the tourists, so before I hound you with a few Bali tips, I am going to tell you why traveller’s are making this their preferred tourist hotspot.


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Why I keep coming back to Bali.


Why Traveller’s are rushing for a Holiday in Bali

There are always exceptional reasons why people are rushing to Bali for a hopliday and below we start by getting into the specifics of a popular holiday in Bali.

Tourist Love Bali

What can I say, tourist love Bali and when you love something you come back for more, as often as you possibly can. It’s like dining at a wonderful restaurant with delicious cuisines, you don’t go once, you keep going back for more and that is how most traveller’s feel about Bali holidays.


The People Rock

Do you ever get out and meet the locals, it is great to learn about the locals values, culture beliefs, religion and even family history, depending on how personal the conversation gets.

The Balinese locals are no different, they are pleasant folk to have a chat with, so next time you are in Bali, don’t forget to say “hi” and stop for a chat.


Meet the locals

Meet great locals


The Culture Rocks

Like most Asian countries, when you visit Bali the culture is obvious from the time you hit the streets. From their beliefs in family values and religion, to the laws of the country, Bali or Indonesia as a whole, have their unique culture that needs to be admired and respected by all visitors.

I know it is one thing that I certainly respect about Bali and their people or any country I visit for that matter.


Dine in Great Restaurants with Affordable food

The key is to choose the restaurant and not those dodgy ones that will have you sitting on the toilet. The good news is that there are plenty of quality, affordable restaurants in Bali, where it is safe on your stomach.

The key is to do your research on TripAdvisor reviews, or find the restaurants where other foreigners are dining.



The Manisan Restaurant is one of Bali’s finest at Alaya Resort, Ubud.


Fun in the Sun in your Bali Travel

Shorts or singlets for the men, bikini for the women or lightly dressed otherwise, it’s fun in the sun during your Bali vacation when you make your way to the outdoors.

Awaiting you is a fine Bali Beach, swimming pools with plenty of drinks and lots of getting cool in the swimming pool during the holiday you desire. Bali has it in droves when the South East Asian heat comes out for the day.


Stunning Luxury Bali Resorts are easily affordable

Staying in affordable quality resorts, with sparkling swimming pools and sun deck chairs is the dream for most travellers.

In Bali, you are spoilt for choices in many ways, whether you are staying in a Bali Hotels or a resort, you are bound to find the perfect accommodation that suites your needs.


Find Ideal Bali Accommodation with these great deals from TripAdvisor!


Sakala Resort

Lose your self at the Sakala Resort in Tanjung Benoa.


Cocktails and Cold Beers – Who can say no in your Bali Tour

Fun in the sun means the drinks come out quite early in the day than anticipated.

Whether it is sunbaking at the resort while the bartenders deliver your cocktail, or sitting at pool-bar for countless hours and taking cover from the Bali heat with a Bintang or two, you’ll have a party every day in Bali.


Relax and be pampered with a Professional Massage

Don’t let stereotype fool, in Bali, you will find plenty of professional, clean and relaxing massage parlours where you can shut your eyes and be pampered in style.

For a ridiculous low price, you can have a professional massage that will soothe the body and the mind.



Relax with a soothing massage.


Shop Till you drop with a Range of Shopping Outlets

Absolutely, in some parts of Bali, you will get harassed, in a nice way, to buy some useless item that is certainly not needed, they mean well and it is all harmless.

Bargains are bound to be found when wandering the streets and shopping in Bali, with plenty of souvenirs, jewellery, hats and singlets available in most market stalls. If you want to escape, head to some of the fine shopping malls, a little more expensive, but it is shopping with freedom.


Bali is Paradise

Quite simple really, Bali is paradise, sure there are some shady places, but no destination is without its fault.

Bali is designed for travellers and on most occasions, they get it right. Well, it’s hard to get it wrong when the weather is perfect all year round.

It’s 10 great reasons why tourist keep coming back to Bali.But what about a few Bali travel tips to go with reasoning for visiting the island of God, well let’s get into that, right now.


Alaya Resort Ubud

Paradise by the palms.





A few Bali Travel Tips For Your Adventure in Indonesia

Bali may be the ideal holiday place for your adventure, but as always, when entering the unknown in a foreign country, there are a few things you need to know, such as tips for dealing with money, to choosing the right food to eat and a whole lot more.

Let fear go away for your upcoming trip and provide you with a little peace of mind with these helpful travel tips for your Bali trip and even help you avoid the dreaded Bali Belly.


tips for travelling in Bali.

Bali is the ideal holiday destinations, below are a few tips for travelling in Bali.


Stand firm upon arrival at the Airport

The Airport is probably the most daunting experience you can have during your holiday in Bali.

Especially if you haven’t organised a transfer with the hotel. Hundreds of taxi drivers and freelance drivers will be waiting for you at the front like you are a Rockstar arriving at an event.

Keep composed, they won’t hurt you, but they will try and tug you towards their vehicle. Just trust your instincts and be sure to bring the price down as you can go.


Watch where you eat

Lots of good places to eat in Bali, and there is not any major need to be concerned.

Still, beware what you eat, or what restaurant you dine at, eating at the wrong place could leave you in bed for a while or worse taking a trip to the hospital.

Good tip, dine when the other tourist eats, and take a look for reviews on TripAdvisor. There is more than likely to be a review on most restaurants in Bali on the popular travel App.


Alaya Resort

Watch what you eat, although Great food like this at Alaya Resort will be fine.


Drink water only from the Sealed bottle Water

Like most Southeast Asian countries, you would be nuts to drink from the tap.

The good old Bali belly would keep you holed up for a few days. Most hotels will supply you with a few bottles of water, probably not enough to get through the day. Stock up at the local stores for a low price and keep healthy.


Keep your belongings secure and near you at all times

Most of the locals in Bali are friendly and are great socialise with on an everyday basis. However, like any country in the world and even your home town, there are a few bad eggs who get the joy out of ruining your fun.

When out on the streets, keep your cash and cards secure, in a money pouch or similar item attached to you.

Take the amount of cash you need only for the day and leave the rest secured in your hotel safe. Lock up your room and enjoy your day in Bali.


Keep your belongings secure on any adventure in any country.


Exchange money only at a certified Banking dealerships

You will find no shortages of places to exchange your hard earn cash you have earned for your holiday. Some dealerships will come at an incredible rate that can seem too good to refuse.

Tread carefully. Exchange your money only at banks or properly licenced facilities, and you will know what is dodgy and what is legit by the appearance of the building.

No matter what, most rates are reasonable away from the airport, so you will still be better off going with the bank.


Barter, Barter and Barter again

Need a driver for the day? Negotiate a fair price. Buying a singlet at the markets? Once again, bargain that price down. Most places on the streets of Bali are open to negotiation and the store owner, or the driver on the street, will always try and make the price higher.

Stand firm and walk away if you are not happy with the price. There is probably another store next door with the same junk items.

Heading to Bali anytime soon, check out some of these hotels from TripAdvisor.



Take a stroll through the Markets in Bali, but don’t forget to Barter and keep your belongings secure.


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Beach or Rice Fields? A Personal Suggestion of Places to Stay in Bali

Beach or Rice Fields? A Personal Suggestion of Places to Stay in Bali

Bali – a holiday destination so unbelievable that choosing an ideal location, while fun, can also be a little stressful as you find the right accommodation, whether it’s a high-end Resort or you need to travel into Bali on a budget.

Questions fly through your thought process asking such questions, is this resort one of the ideal places to stay in Bali? Is the dining ideal? What is the customer service like? Is it family friendly? Or is the resort in a good location?

So many questions and so many reviews to look at and it can be confusing at which way to look. Some guests give raving reviews for their resort in Bali, and others give negative reviews on the very same resort.

You know what I’m talking about, that wonderful booking websites such as TripAdvisor or where everyone’s point of view is different and two opinions are never the same. There are no right or wrong answer; it is just the way people think.

Opinions always differentiate from individual to individual.

Talking about a point of view, how about I throw in my own two cents into the conversation when talking about the best places to stay in Bali. I have been fortunate enough to stay in a few magnificent resorts/villas throughout various countries, including Bali.

Whether you’re seeking a holiday on the beach or in the beautiful rice fields of Ubud, these four resorts or villas will undoubtedly make your stay in Bali that much more enjoyable.


You don’t like my suggestions? Find your own ideal Bali Accommodation at!


Sakala Resort

Sakala Resort’s large swimming area.





Beach or Rice Fields? A Personal Suggestion of Places to Stay in Bali



The Sakala Resort in TanjungBenoa

  • Where is it: In the Tanjung Benoa area of Bali and on the doorstep of Nusa Dua, The Sakala Resort is in a quieter part of Bali, that is famous for its adventure on Beach and vibrant nightlife. The resort is only about twenty minutes from the International Airport.
  • The features: The stunning Sakala contains large rooms, fabulous dining and swimming pools that are surrounded in tropical gardens with great pool bars to sip down a few cocktails in the Bali sun. The Wellness Spa is also an incredible experience that needs your time for a well-deserved pampering with a professional massage. The Sakala is your 5-star resort and is worth the dollars you will spend during your stay.
  • Dining Experience: Two amazing restaurants that will have you licking your plate clean. One of the resort side where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, with delicious local and International cuisines.
    Alternatively, you can cross the road for a different dining experience altogether at the Sakala Beach Club, where not only does it offer a fine-dining area, but a sparkling swimming pool, with deck chairs to enjoy the views of the nearby beach.

You can check out Fair Dinkum Traveller’s very own review of the Sakala Resort by checking on this link. 


Find great hotel rates at the Sakala Resort on!


Sakala Resort

Sakala Resort.

Alaya Resort in Ubud

  • Where is it: The Alaya Resort is smack bang in the middle of Ubud with plenty of action all around you and situated only 200-metres from the Sacred Monkey Forest and close by to the Ubud Markets, street shopping and cafes. The Alaya Resort is a good hour from the International airport.
  • The features: Great dining, spacious rooms and the Dala Spas are the real delights at the breathtaking Alaya Resort. Not to forget the boutique swimming pools that are surrounded by gorgeous landscaped gardens and boutique rice fields inside the resort grounds. It makes it easy to unwind and take in the nature that you are surrounded in during your stay in Ubud.
  • Dining Experience: You will love the Alaya Resort dining experience with their pick of two tantalising restaurants. The Petani and Manisan. The Petani is situated at the front of the resort and off the streets of Ubud, near the lobby. It has a lively vibe about it with some live entertainment during the evening and a menu where you’ll be spoilt for choices.
    Then there is the Manisan Restaurant, which is tucked away in the middle of the lush rice fields, with the fabulous resort in full view. The Manisan Serves only divine Indonesian food, offering a great dining experience and even better with your loved one sitting opposite to you.

Check out my own review of one the finest Bali Resorts, The Alaya Resort, by checking this link.


Find great deals at Alaya, by checking out the prices on!



Alaya Resort in Ubud.

Ellora Villas in Sanur

  • Where is it: Ellora Villas is situated in Sanur and close by to beautiful beaches, street shopping, massage parlours, bars, restaurants and cafe’s and it’s only about 20 minutes from the international airport or the popular Kuta area.
  • The features: The feature is own your very own villa with a private swimming pool. It’s great for families, with the two-bedroom villas and even single room villas for those who require a little less space. You’ll have a perfect time at Ellora Villas with its large rooms, bathrooms and even a private kitchen area by the pool for a hot style BBQ.
  • Dining Experience: The Beach Café and Club is a short walk from the Villas and serves exquisite meals. The treat though is at breakfast time when you get your chef to cook you up some excellent foods, such as waffles, eggs of your choice and pancakes, to name a few. It is a five-star experience every day at Ellora for your ideal Bali Villas.


Check great prices at Ellora Villas on!



Ellora Villas, Sanur.


Adiwana Resort Jembawan in Ubud

  • Where is it: Adiwana Resort Jembawan is tucked away in Ubud, and While hidden away from the central hub of the town, you’ll still find many activities and boutique market stalls on the streets nearby during your stay at this peaceful Bali Resort.
  • The features: It is a Wellness retreat for those looking for ultimate hideaway With only 38-rooms in total. You won’t get the large crowds that you get with some resorts in Bali, but you will get some rejuvenation for your body with the Dala Spa and daily yoga classes. Of course, there are the blissful swimming pools to occupy your time, be it, in the water or sun-baking on the deck chairs.
  • Dining Experience: Healthy eating only at Adiwana Jembawan, which happens in the laid-back Herb Library Restaurant and is mainly a vegan menu but it does have its selection of white meat. The food is still delicious & healthy, and their juices are incredible.

Check out my piece on Adiwana Resort by checking on Fair Dinkum Traveller’s article, right here. 


Want a peaceful stay at Adiwana? Check for great prices at!


Alaya Jembawan

Adiwana Jembawan in Ubud.


Prepare Your Ultimate Bali Day Trip with Get Your Guide

Relax the Mind and Body at Adiwana Resort Jembawan in Ubud – Bali

Relax the Mind and Body at Adiwana Resort Jembawan in Ubud – Bali

Boutique, refreshing and beautiful, it’s the best three words to describe the boutique Wellness Resort at Adiwana Resort Jembawan. It may not a big resort by any stretch, but the resort has much heart and what it lacks in size, it makes up for it in many other ways, which is to produce a perfect stay for all tourists who venture into the resort, making it one of the best places to stay in Ubud.

Adiwana Resort offers comfort and peace, the kind of serenity that only a tranquil resort like Adiwana Resort Jembawan can offer. It gives you relaxation in the means of laying back on the deck chairs by the calm flowing swimming pool and healthy only eating options at the magnificent Herb Library Restaurant. The juices are simply delicious.

Adiwana Resort was built only in 2016 in Ubud region of Bali, which means that the resort has all the modern features you wish for and it will deliver a holiday full of promise, and that is to heal the mind and body, before going back into the real world, all energised and ready to go.


Book your time at Adiwana Resort Jembawan at begin a relaxing holiday in the tropics you’ll never forget. 


Adiwana Resort Jembawan

Adiwana Resort Jembawan – Hotel Ubud


Relax the Mind and Body at Adiwana Resort Jembawan in Ubud – Bali



The Wellness Retreat for every traveller

It has been manufactured to be a wellness retreat. Relaxation, meditation and yoga. Go at your pace, is encouraged Adiwana Resort Jembawan and its easy to do in this laid-back and stylish resort. you can sit back on the deck chairs by the pool, or take in the surrounds from your own private balcony and take in the beauty of Ubud.

The Tejas Spa at Adiwana Jembawan also offers peace and mind with a great selection of massages to choose from that will further rejuvenate and heal the body. Also situated amongst the delicate tropical garden that breathes life into the resort is the Yoga Pavilion, a special place where you can participate in daily yoga classes and mediate amongst nature at your own pleasure.

Check out the activities on offer at Adiwana Resort Jembawan.


Alaya Jembawan

The Tejas Spa at Adiwana Jembawan.

Alaya Jembawan

Unwind at the Adiwana Jembawan Wellness retreat.



The Adiwana Resort Rooms

37 delicate rooms is what makes up Adiwana Resort Jembawan. The perfect amount when you have a desire to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world and seek a little quiet time in life. There are three different types of room to choose from, the Adiwana Suite Rooms, Adiwana Rooms and the Deluxe Rooms.

The Adiwana Resort rooms come with the stunning Indonesian interior design and along with the modern features, there is also a King Size bed, cable television, a well-stocked mini-bar, tea & coffee facilities and breathtaking views from the balcony or Terrace. You’ll feel very spoilt during your stay at Adiwana Resort.


Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor


Alaya Jembawan

The Luxury rooms at Adiwana.

Alaya Jembawan

The Duluxe Rooms.



Swimming pool amongst the backdrop of the gorgeous tropical gardens

Amongst the stunning landscaped tropical garden of Adiwana Jembawan, there are two fabulous swimming pools to escape the Bali heat for a refreshing swim. Specifically designed for early morning exercise and other pool based activities, the perfectly located swimming pools keeps with the resort’s wellness theme of a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t let guilt stop you from relaxing ins style however, you can do this by chilling under the Bali sun in the deckchairs that sit poolside and situated under the shady umbrellas. It’s a great excuse to get a little shut eye, or read a book amongst the backdrop of the well landscaped gardens, while listening to the sounds of nature that is ever so close.


Alaya Jembawan

Adiwana Jembawan swimming pools.

Alaya Jembawan

Resting by the pool is a great way to spend a holiday.



Dine a little differently at The Herb Library

Healthy choices, means healthy lifestyle and even better food options. In the Herb Library restaurant, where the staff are decked out in green, eating healthy is your only option and for that you cannot complain.

The quality menu offers mainly vegan selected meals, with a few white meat selections to choose from. Please do yourself a favour when staying at Adiwana and try some of their fresh juices, they are simply unbelievable.


Alaya Jembawan

Herb Library Restaurant at Adiwana.

Alaya Jembawan

These fresh juices are amazing at the Herb Library.


Fair Dinkum Traveller’s Verdict of Adiwana Resort Jembawan

A wellness resort to sooth everyone’s relaxation needs that provides all you desire when you seek a little mediation, relaxation and healthy eating options that provides the perfect tropical punch for when you are having a holiday in Bali. In this instance you need to look no further than Adiwana Resort Jembawan in Ubud and it gets the Fair Dinkum Traveller tick of approval.


 Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor


Scroll down to see more great pictures of Adiwana.

This article is a sponsored post from a trip to Ubud in 2017, but as always my thoughts are my own and all opinions are honest and real.

6 Winter Warmer Getaways in SE Asia that will get your Mind off the Chill

6 Winter Warmer Getaways in SE Asia that will get your Mind off the Chill

Sitting by the fireplace during another winter storm, it had me thinking where I would rather be than stuck inside my home wishing I was anywhere but stuck inside winter. I keep thinking of somewhere warm, perhaps in Southeast Asia, with a trace of sun of course, or plenty of it, where I get the chance to enjoy ice cold beers, wearing only shorts with singlets and checking out the stunning views of the coastline in front of me.

Enviously, my mind wandered to past holidays in warmer climates. Where would I rather be right now? What resort or villa have I enjoyed most? So it all made sense, to write up an article about three winter warmer getaways that will make anyone want to escape the cold and head straight to paradise for a luxury escape.


mai khao lak

Head off on your warm winter holidays in Southeast Asia.


3 Winter Warmer Getaways that will get your Mind off the Chill

Warm Winter Vacations vary depending on where you are in the world, for me in the Southern hemisphere I seek the heat in months of June to August, for those in winter environments in the northern hemisphere, no doubt you are looking around Christmas or for hot holidays in January for a winter escape.

Below’s list may may not give you the cheap warm vacations you may be seeking, but they will provide relaxation in the sun and ice-cold cocktails by the swimming and that can’t be wrong when you are seeking warm winter holidays away from the chill.


Mai Samui Beach-side Resort and Spa, Koh Samui Thailand

Mai Samui Resort is located away from the hype on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. As well as the welcoming hot sun, the stunning boutique resort has all you need, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, large spacious rooms, spas/massage centre and gorgeous beach views where you can also have a evening dining experience on the sands.

It’s the perfect laid back holiday that everyone seeks and away from the hustle and bustle of Chaweng which is the vibrant hub of the island, but the resort is still close enough if you are craving a big night out.

Koh Samui, aswell as other locations mentioned below, is hot all year round. So no matter what part of the world you are in, whether you have your winter in July or December, You can’t go wrong when seeking warm weather vacations in the tropics. Although you may get a little interruption from the rain.

Check out Mai Samui on


Mai Samui



Ellora Villas, Sanur, Bali – Indonesia

A Private villa with the lot. Spacious rooms, large bathrooms, swimming pool and a personal chef who comes and cooks you breakfast every morning, it was paradise where you could unwind with no one else around you but those you love. You won’t help but feel spoilt as you indulge in style at Ellora Villas.

Based in Sanur, Bali, It’s a trek from the busy Kuta area. That is not to say that Sanur is quiet and isolated, far from it. It has many restaurants, bars, cheap shopping, markets and a great beach to enjoy a daily stroll in beach-side markets or partake in a kayak or jet ski. Then again you may just prefer to sit back and drink beer, either way you’ll have a good time.


Check out Ellora Villas at

Ellora Villas

Ellora Villas Sanur, Bali


Radisson Blu, Denarau Island – Fiji (OK, this is not in Asia)

The party resort of Fiji, throwing in one outside of Southeast Asia, activities and events are always happening for adults or children in this busy resort. You need to be prepared to spend a little more as prices within the tourist area can be quite high especially on the island of Denarau. The price for this resort is well and truly worth it, because the Radisson Blu is a fabulous resort for romantic couples and ideal for families, especially with the top notch kids club that entertains the kids all day long. 

Enjoy a game of golf that will tease the average golfer your hole trip as the picturesque golf course is literally in front of you wherever you go on the island. Another thing, don’t forget to take a day cruise or two, because a trip to Fiji isn’t complete without a trip to a white sand island where you lay back and soak n paradise.


Check out Radisson Blu Fiji on

winter warmer getaways

Escape winter with a Fiji Sunset at Radisson Blu.


Mai Khao Lak Resort – Khao Lak – Thailand

Only an hour north of the Island of Phuket is a town called Khao Lak and amongst the laid back town there are several resorts including the mammoth Mai Khao Lak Resort, which is a hit for families due to the large water playground which is occupied daily by the kids and a host of day activities in nearby Khao Lak, including the popular tourist attraction James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay.

The large resort contains family rooms, multiple swimming pools, Massage Spa Centre,  many restaurants and a host of bars including Khao Lak’s only rooftop bar, the Sky Bar, which gives you mesmerising views of the resort and Andaman Sea. It’s Mai Khao Lak, it’s my kind of paradise, what are you waiting for?

Check out Mai Khao Lak on


Mai Khao Lak Rooms

Mai Khao Lak is a popular family resort.


Alaya Resort  – Ubud, Bali – Indonesia

One of my favourite resorts that I have ever visited and I have seen plenty in my life of travels, The Alaya Resort is a boutique and beautiful resort that has swimming pools, a bar, two scintillating restaurants that will melt your taste buds, a gorgeous rice-field, Indonesian-designed interior in the rooms and a relaxing massage that is to die for.

Alaya Resort is in the central hub of Ubud with many attractions nearby, including the lively Monkey Sanctuary, there are also may restaurants, bars and cafe’s for affordable dining options. If you want to learn more about the Alaya resort, check out my feature article.


Check out Alaya Resort on


The Manisan Restaurant is one of Bali’s finest at Alaya Resort, Ubud.


The Sakala Resort – Tanjung Benoa, Bali – Indonesia

Warm vacation spots include the popular beach town in Bali in Tanjung Benoa. Filled with many ideal resorts, the Sakala Resort energise your spirits on vacations with this mind-bloing resort.

Divided into two sections, on one side you have the rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, gym and Spa centre, then across the road you have the Sakala Beach Club, which is a party area from morning till nights, with a pool bar, restaurant, deck chairs and a large swimming pool to splash around in. Not forgetting that there is a busy beach just outside the club that has a host of activities including parasailing, jet-skiing and Kayaking.

Check out The Sakala Resort on

Sakala Resort

Fun in the sun at the Sakala Beach Club.


warm vacations warm the heart, especially in the chills of winter, now is the time to stop day dreaming and head off to your dream destination for a holiday that you’ll never forget, because warm winter getaways is a great part of living.


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warm vacations

warm winter vacations

10 Amazing and Cultural Activities in Ubud You Must Try

10 Amazing and Cultural Activities in Ubud You Must Try

Authored by Diane Wuthrich (Contributor)

Bali is a massive tourist island of Indonesia that encompasses 5,780 square kilometres of natural beauty and it gives you a great chance to experience authentic Balinese culture. One of those places include Ubud that has a range of amazing and cultural activities in Ubud that you must try during you visit.

Ubud is a historic little city carved out of dense tropical jungles. Unlike other touristy areas on the Island of the Gods, Ubud has successfully stayed true to its roots. Despite the presence of tourists in every corner and many western establishments, the great tourist town has maintained its authenticity and therefore many, including myself, feel that this is where you will find the REAL Bali.

It has a magnetic charm that is difficult to put into words, but the lure is so strong that it’s not uncommon for visitors to drop by with the intention of a short visit and they end up never leaving, or at least returning for a second or third go and it is not all surprising considering all the activities in Ubud to feast upon during your adventure in Bali, whether you are in Ubud for two days or a week. 


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10 Amazing and Cultural Activities in Ubud You Must Try


10 Amazing and Cultural Activities in Ubud That You Must Try


1.      Partake in Yoga and the healing arts

Ubud is a renowned destination in the global new age community. You will find all kinds of yoga classes, meditation, and various healing mediums all over the city and usually in stunning surrounds. Whether you believe or not, it’s worth trying a class or two of yoga and really unwind during your holiday. I recommend doing yoga at the beautiful Ubud Yoga Centre and trying a sound healing class at the highly-rated Pyramids of Chi.

Visitors who are staying a week or more may want to look into multi-day or weekly passes to get more value out of your yoga classes. If you’re keen to learn more about various healing mediums and classes available during your visit, head over to the bulletin board right outside Bali Buda (Jl. Jembawan) or the ones inside Kafe (Jl. Hanoman).



2.      Relax with a Spa or massage

Many spas of all kinds imaginable are found in Ubud. During your trip, it is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself silly witha soothing and professional massage. Considering how inexpensive the treatments are, even getting a massage on a daily basis won’t break the bank. There are budget Balinese massage parlours, mid-range spas, and the most opulent 5-star day spas you’ve ever seen that offer the royal treatment.

Take your pick! I opted for a massage and flower bath (mandi lulur) at the Bali Botanica Day Spa, and it was everything I imagined and much more. Take note that you’ll likely have to reserve a spot and this goes for most of the other popular day spas around town.


Alaya Jembawan

Activities in Ubud include a relaxing massage.


3.      Eat great local Balinese food

Ubud is known for its noted international chefs, and the town has all kinds of food for all sorts of cravings. Although the restaurant scene is dominated by vegan and vegetarian restaurants, finding your favourite dishes is never difficult. From small-plate dining at Locavore to authentic Balinese at the masakan padangs or warungs, there’s no doubt Ubud’s food scene has contributed to its popularity.

France, Italy, Spain, India, China, Japan, Mexico and much more are well-represented in Ubud too. If eating isn’t enough, there are also tons of cooking lessons being offered around town. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Ubud Raw Chocolate Factory, and of course, the highly-acclaimed Room4Dessert, which was established by a famous NYC chef. Stay cool with deliciously sweet coconut ice cream from Tukie’s, or one of the dozen gelato shops in town.


Alaya Resort

Great food of Ubud.


4.      Explore the Breathtaking Rice terraces

The postcard picture-perfect ancient rice terraces of Ubud should not be missed. You don’t have to go far to see them, just hire a motorbike to take you to the incredibly beautiful Tegalalang rice terraces; a quick 30-minute ride outside the city centre. Make sure to come early (before 8am) if you want to enjoy the splendour of the rice terraces without having to share them with other tourists.

Once you get to Tegalalang, you can explore the paddies and walk amongst them; even enjoy some ice cream or coffee at a stall built on top of them while taking in the views. If you have some more time, head over to Jatiluwih, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Activities in Ubud

Enjoy the rice terraces of ubud.


5.      Be Dazzled at the Monkey forest

Ubud’s monkey forest is one of the most photographed attractions. The sprawling forest temple complex is an important conservation and spiritual centre for the locals. It is home to over 700 monkeys and 186 kinds of trees set in 12 hectares of verdant forest. Personally, I think that the best time to visit the monkey forest is during the late afternoon because this is when golden sunlight rays cast an amber glow over the forest canopy.

For a fun and safe experience in the monkey forest, remember to never bring food especially bananas. Practice caution whenever interacting with monkeys, if you feel inclined to. Otherwise, you can just admire them from a distance.


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cultural activities in Ubud

Get up close to the monkeys in Ubud.



6.      Go Ancient at Silver smithing

Silverwork is an ancient tradition in Bali, an art that arrived during the Bronze Age when Southern Asian and Chinese nations introduced it to Indonesia. Working with precious metals particularly gold and silver is a craft that has been refined over time, dating as far back as 1,000 AD. Today, the tradition is still very much alive in many parts of Bali including Ubud. Take up a silver smithing class is a great chance to make your very own jewellery: pendants, rings, bracelets, and more that can all be created in a few hours with the guidance of a local silversmith.

I really enjoyed my time at Studio Perak, a highly recommended silver making workshop in Ubud. I got to choose the design of the ring I wanted, and they had a great selection of stones in all colours and sizes that you can add too. Ketut, our instructor, was very friendly and knowledgeable. My only regret was not making time for more classes!



7.      Get Creative with Art lessons

Ubud is overflowing with art lessons of all kinds for both kids and adults. Painting lessons, batik making, and even pottery… there’s a way for everyone to release their creative side in Ubud, where all the locals are an artist in some way. They will be happy to share their artistic knowledge with you, and it will be one of the best experiences you will have.

As a frustrated painter, I decided to take up lessons with Indra of Art Geed Art, a self-taught painter who speaks very good English (he also teaches Bahasa lessons). He has a cute art studio 10 minutes away from the city centre in a village called Penestanan, and what I loved about this experience was that he very clearly honoured the creative in me. He didn’t criticize but guided and allowed me to work on the image I wanted. His mind-blowing art will inspire you. I suggest you give him a call.


in ubud

Get those paint brushes ready in Ubud.



8.      Wander through traditional Temples

Traditional Ubudian homes already do look like temples, and they’re everywhere you go. To me, the entire town felt like one big temple, especially with all the spiritual vibes you get wandering through the town. There are a few temples in Ubud that are worth checking out: Pura Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), Pura Saraswati, and Tirta Empul among others. Organise a driver to get to as many as possible.


9.      Get caffeinated with local coffee

Coffee loves take note! The local coffee in Ubud is so aromatic, earthy, and simply exquisite. Sample the different variants of local coffee found around Ubud and is available in all coffee shops and restaurants in many locations on the streets. If you’re serious about your coffee, the best way to enjoy the local brew is to book a coffee tasting session.


streets of Ubud

Great coffee shops on the side of the street.


10. Last of all, Have fun!

Ubud is a sleepy town at night, so this isn’t the place to go if you’re looking for nightlife. You’d be better off in Seminyak or Canggu. But that doesn’t mean to say that it doesn’t have its fair share of laid-back watering holes. Try the arak cocktails while watching a live band at these places (my personal favourites): CP Lounge, No Mas, and Bamboo Bar.


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Balinese Legong Dance

Get Cultural with many activties in Ubud.

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