Another fantastic destination, and another walking the streets experience in Southeast Asia.

This time we are heading to paradise in Bali, Indonesia and I’m walking the streets of Save & Exit Ubud for what promises to be a cultural education.

Now, I haven’t been to every town in Bali, far from it. However, I have been to a few spectacular tourist towns like Tanjung Benoa, Kuta, Sanur and even Seminyak, yet the pick of the crop for me in the Island of Gods, is Ubud town, a Bali destination not even remotely close to a coastline.

That’s right, I love the Ubud Streets and the culture that goes with it. imagine myself walking down the streets, swinging my arms, head held high and whistling out loud as I wave to the friendly locals and just happy to be alive in paradise.

A bit extreme, yes, of course, I’m far too shy to be whistling out aloud as a solo traveller in Bali, but that’s just how I feel in this vibrant and cultural town that I instantly grew fond of when I was walking the streets of Ubud in Bali.


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The Ubud Centre an a wet day.


Meet Wadi at the Monkey Cave, the home of the best coffee in Ubud.



Walking the Streets of Ubud in Bali – Indonesia



Off the streets into breathtaking Ubud Resorts

In one moment I am standing in the hustle and bustle of the busy Ubud street, surrounded by massage parlours and a variety of restaurants, with people flocking in every direction to get to their next Ubud activities.

Then, in an instant, I step into a fine lobby of a spectacular resort and It’s like I entered into another Kingdom altogether.

Ubud is full of accommodations of all sorts with a range of budgets and ratings, but it’s the breathtaking 5-star resorts that tourist come to stay for their Ubud accommodation.

It’s easy to see why as well with it’s luxury rooms, swimming pools, top-class restaurants, and even Spa centres that come with it and the best bit is these fine Ubud resorts are blended perfectly within the busy town centre. It’s all very convenient for any traveller.

I can’t forget to give a little shout out to the fabulous Alaya Resort either, one of the finest and prettiest resorts I have stayed at. Alaya says culture from the moment you step off the streets and into the lobby of a whole new world.


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Alaya Resort

Take the path to Alaya Resort.



Culture lives here when you Visit Ubud Bali

Culture does indeed live in Ubud and it’s all around you when you are exploring the popular tourist town.

There are beautiful temples, The Tegallalang Rice-fields, museums and fine historic palaces are all a great sight to see and offers a cultural experience for all visitors who are looking at what to do in Ubud.

A favourite cultural experience of mine was purchasing a ticket to the Balinese Legong dance from a local off the Bali streets and heading to a delightful performance that ran for a about 90-minutes in the bliss evening times.

The Balinese show featured beautiful Balinese women in traditional dress, amazing costumes and a great Balinese histroic story that was told throughout the performance.

A Legong dance perfromance features throughout many locations in the Ubud town and I must suggest that you purchase an affordable ticket to the best show in Bali. You won’t regret it.


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The Balinese dance Ubud at the Legong and Barong Dance.


Inside the Monkeys Den at Ubud Monkey Forest

Monkeys run across the street, monkeys steal your food and the moneys dazzle you at will but the place you will find the most monkeys is inside their very own den, The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

To stroll into the forest, that includes a few market stalls, some temples and the energetic monkeys are swinging from tree to tree, putting on a show for the watching tourists.

I know first-hand, that you do need to tread with caution around these cute little monkeys, who are quite tamed but do have a bite if feel the slightest amount of threat and if you react in any way that gets those monkeys feeling a little nervous, they may decide to have a little chomp with their sharp teeth.

The best practice is to let them do their thing and no harm will happen to you.


streets of Ubud

Inside the monkey den at Ubud Monkey Forest Bali.


Walking the streets of Ubud Bali

It’s loads of fun on the Ubud walking street, or any streets of Bali, and to say g’day to the locals who are indeed friendly and polite.

It’s great to Wander into a coffee shop at will and enjoy a delicious cappuccino or frappe, or whatever it is you desire, maybe you prefer a little Indonesian cuisine and what to step into a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

To walk into the bustling markets in Ubud Bali and take home a bit of a souvenir to treasure the time spent in Ubud long after you have left will not cost much at all and will be cherished.

Or you can window shop for an item and purchase something a little more modern and expensive at a range of retail outlets available on the streets.

There may be no beach in Ubud, but that doesn’t take away the romance of being on a tropical vacation in paradise with many stunning Ubud resorts and hotels, where the cocktails are still cold, the weather is hot and the cool swimming pools are welcome relief from the simmering heat in Bali.

All the while, here I am walking the streets of Bali and savouring everything that this beautiful planet has to offer for the common folk like me and you. It’s walking the streets, the only real way to see any destination.


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Take a stroll through the Ubud Markets.
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