Set amongst the serene tranquillity of the rice fields and on the doorstep to the Ubud town centre. Alaya Resort truly impresses in its pursuit to create a pleasant and cultural experience for the guest in this fine Balinese resort.

The stunning resort is great for families, perfect for lovers and anyone else inbetween who wants a faboulous stay in a luxury resort. Alaya Resort offers everything you need for a paradise getaway and much more for any holiday goer seeking that affordable luxury experience where you won’t need to pay over the top.

What are you waiting for when it comes to the ultimate getaway in the heart of Bali, take a read of this Alaya feature and see for yourself, why the Alaya Resort in Ubud needs to be on the list whenever you visit the popular Indonesian Island.


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Alaya Resort.

Welcome to Alaya Resort.




Indonesian Culture is the theme at Alaya Resort

At Alaya Resort they are proud of their Indonesian/Balinese heritage and it shows throughout the design of the resort. Everywhere you look you’ll notice a strong Indonesian flavour, whether it is your own hotel room with a stunning interior touch, the staff in their thoughtfully designed outfits, or the restaurants by the lush green rice fields. You’ll be surrounded by a rich piece of Indonesian culture and lifestyle.

It may seem a little odd to talk of a resort’s proud Indonesian heritage within its own country, as it’s not always the case in a typical Balinese resort that goes the Western way. That was the point of difference the owners wanted to make when designing the Alaya resort, completed in the year 2013. If you are in Indonesia, then you should feel like you are in Indonesia.


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Alaya Resort

Rice fields and the Joglo Pavilion. Popular spot for weddings.

Alaya Resort

The Bamboo Bar keeps to the Indonesian theme.



The staff rise to another level

The staff of Alaya take their customer service to a whole new level. The exceptional service provided at the resort will make your holiday that even more enjoyable, as the staff will do everything possible to make your stay comfortable.

Every request that you make is greeted with a friendly smile. And don’t think for one minute, that you will be able to walk by a staff member without them giving you a cheerful greeting in Indonesian or English.

The staff and their attitude is what I always look for when visiting any resort, and at Alaya Resort, I was not disappointed and neither will you. 


Alaya Resort

Customer service is sublime at Alaya Resort.



Relax by the boutique swimming pools

Take in the natural surrounds of the Alaya Swimming pools by sunbaking under the palm trees with the rice fields in foreground. Relax, swim and let nature take you the rest of the way as you unwind in comfort.

Read a book on the deckchairs, or order a cocktail from the Bamboo Bar nearby and relax in the sun. When the hot Bali humidity takes its toll on you, cool down with a refreshing swim in either of the resort’s two swimming pools.


Alaya Resort

The stunning swimming pools of Alaya Resort.

Relax or swim. The choice is yours.



Fine dine at Alaya in Style

Pride and passion continues to the dining area at Alaya with two exceptional restaurants to get your taste buds chomping at the bit. The Petani and Manisan Restaurants couldn’t be more different than one another but they do share one common theme – The food is delicious.


Alaya Resort

Great food of Alaya.


–  Petani – The Petani restaurant is situated by the lobby and it comes with a lively atmosphere. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served at Petani, with a mixture of International and Indonesian cuisine. At dinner time, sit back, drink some wine and enjoy some live Balinese music.


Alaya Resort

The view from Petani Restaurant.


– Manisan – Take in a stroll through the rice fields from the lobby to the restaurant itself, it is a walk to cherish. The Manisan is a relaxed environment that serves Indonesian cuisine. A perfect place to dine when seeking that top quality local food. It is also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Alaya Resort

Take the path to the Manisan Restaurant.


Breakfast at Alaya is done a little differently than other resorts, as it offers A-La-Carte only. No buffet. I loved the concept. Everything comes to your table fresh, from the fruit, to your western or Indonesian breakfast of choice. It’s a great way to start your day.


Alaya Resort

Curry prawn crepes, not your typical breakfast, but it’ll do me fine.



Luxury Rooms with gorgeous views

105 rooms make up the Alaya Resort and majority of the time the Resort is at a 100% occupancy. Alaya just have that good of a reputation in Ubud and bookings in advance are recommended.

Perhaps the Resort’s strong reputation comes from the cheerful staff, the lush scenery, or the two delicious restaurants that await you at the Resort. However, to me, another part of that equation is due to their stylish rooms, that comes with that natural hint of Indonesian.


Alaya Resort

Alaya Rooms with a view.


– Deluxe Rooms – Stylish, elegant and all the comfort levels you would expect from any top-class Resort. The spacious Deluxe room comes with a modern bathroom design with a quality interior design, comfortable Kings size bed and a magnificent balcony views.


Alaya Resort

All ready for bed in the Deluxe Rooms.


– The Suite –  Go to a completely new level with a stunning two- room suite that will get all the romantic vibes moving. It has all that the deluxe and Alaya rooms offers and much more, including a large bath tub that will get couples sipping champagne in a romantic setting and it’s the ultimate honeymoon alert for all you newlyweds out there.


Alaya Resort

Enjoy the comforts of The Suite.



A Dala Spa to remember

You will feel at home, you will feel relaxed and you will feel refreshed at the Dala Spa. Be prepared to be pampered and given a Balinese blessing before the treatment of your choice begins. Close your eyes, breathe and let the professional masseuse take care of you for the duration of your massage.

The Dala Spa offer a range of treatments with plenty of great packages available to suit your personal needs. I need to strongly recommend the Sandalwood Healing Massage, it’s all in the name as the Sandalwood is rolled all over the body releasing any aches and Pains. Perfect if you prefer a massage on the strong side.


Alaya Resort

The entrance to the Dala Spa.

Alaya Resort

Relax in comfort of Dala Spa.



Enjoy Ubud while Staying at Alaya

The town of Ubud is a hit with tourist from all over the world and it is easy to see why. A bubbly township with many traditional boutique stalls, restaurants, markets and attractions nearby to take in the culture of Ubud.

Alaya Resort is central to all the excitement and is only a stone throw the popular Monkey Forest, which I can tell you is a lot of fun. If you are venturing to Bali and the town of Ubud, make sure you give Alaya Resort every consideration. I can assure that you will fall in love with the resort as much as I did.



Take a stroll through the Ubud Markets.


Fair Dinkum Traveller’s Verdict

I don’t think you need to read the review to know what Fair Dinkum traveller thought of Alaya Resort. In life, it is hard to perfect, but at Alaya, they do everything in their powers to make it a perfect stay for the guest.

From the staff, to the landscapes, the rooms and the dining area, Alaya ticks all the boxes. Therefore, it deserves a perfect rating. 10/10


Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travellers have to say about Alaya Resort at TripAdvisor.


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