When I think of paradise, Bali comes to mind straight away! The ideal tourist hotspot that understands traveller’s desires and needs.

While, no destination in the world is perfect and the same can be said of the popular Island of God, that comes with manic traffic and pesky locals desperate to sell you a souvenir or two.

It does, however overcome any obvious weaknesses with its lure of being in the tropics. It’s why, in this article, I not only provide a few genuine reasons why tourists are making the Indonesian Island a traveller’s choice, but also throw in a few basic Bali Travel Tips to assist your travels.

First thing is First!

Why are people rushing for a Bali trip? It’s the one destination that offers a luxury escape, fun in the sun and cocktails by the pool, which regularly makes this exotic Island the top of the list.

Bali is perfectly set up for tourist, and since it’s all about tourism, it steps up to another level on each occasion I visit, and the case will be the same for you.

It’s the main reason why I keep coming back to Bali, not only because it is a affordable holiday that offers pure paradise, because it’s an island that creates excitement for families seeking the best kids club Bali hotels or a romantic tropical destination in paradise

Whether it’s in the great outdoors, by the beach, in the culture hub of Ubud or the the vibrancy of Kuta, the island of God offers so much for the tourists, so before I hound you with a few Bali tips, I am going to tell you why traveller’s are making this their preferred tourist hotspot.


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Why I keep coming back to Bali.


Why Traveller’s are rushing for a Holiday in Bali

There are always exceptional reasons why people are rushing to Bali for a hopliday and below we start by getting into the specifics of a popular holiday in Bali.

Tourist Love Bali

What can I say, tourist love Bali and when you love something you come back for more, as often as you possibly can. It’s like dining at a wonderful restaurant with delicious cuisines, you don’t go once, you keep going back for more and that is how most traveller’s feel about Bali holidays.


The People Rock

Do you ever get out and meet the locals, it is great to learn about the locals values, culture beliefs, religion and even family history, depending on how personal the conversation gets.

The Balinese locals are no different, they are pleasant folk to have a chat with, so next time you are in Bali, don’t forget to say “hi” and stop for a chat.


Meet the locals

Meet great locals


The Culture Rocks

Like most Asian countries, when you visit Bali the culture is obvious from the time you hit the streets. From their beliefs in family values and religion, to the laws of the country, Bali or Indonesia as a whole, have their unique culture that needs to be admired and respected by all visitors.

I know it is one thing that I certainly respect about Bali and their people or any country I visit for that matter.


Dine in Great Restaurants with Affordable food

The key is to choose the restaurant and not those dodgy ones that will have you sitting on the toilet. The good news is that there are plenty of quality, affordable restaurants in Bali, where it is safe on your stomach.

The key is to do your research on TripAdvisor reviews, or find the restaurants where other foreigners are dining.



The Manisan Restaurant is one of Bali’s finest at Alaya Resort, Ubud.


Fun in the Sun in your Bali Travel

Shorts or singlets for the men, bikini for the women or lightly dressed otherwise, it’s fun in the sun during your Bali vacation when you make your way to the outdoors.

Awaiting you is a fine Bali Beach, swimming pools with plenty of drinks and lots of getting cool in the swimming pool during the holiday you desire. Bali has it in droves when the South East Asian heat comes out for the day.


Stunning Luxury Bali Resorts are easily affordable

Staying in affordable quality resorts, with sparkling swimming pools and sun deck chairs is the dream for most travellers.

In Bali, you are spoilt for choices in many ways, whether you are staying in a Bali Hotels or a resort, you are bound to find the perfect accommodation that suites your needs.


Find Ideal Bali Accommodation with these great deals from TripAdvisor!


Sakala Resort

Lose your self at the Sakala Resort in Tanjung Benoa.


Cocktails and Cold Beers – Who can say no in your Bali Tour

Fun in the sun means the drinks come out quite early in the day than anticipated.

Whether it is sunbaking at the resort while the bartenders deliver your cocktail, or sitting at pool-bar for countless hours and taking cover from the Bali heat with a Bintang or two, you’ll have a party every day in Bali.


Relax and be pampered with a Professional Massage

Don’t let stereotype fool, in Bali, you will find plenty of professional, clean and relaxing massage parlours where you can shut your eyes and be pampered in style.

For a ridiculous low price, you can have a professional massage that will soothe the body and the mind.



Relax with a soothing massage.


Shop Till you drop with a Range of Shopping Outlets

Absolutely, in some parts of Bali, you will get harassed, in a nice way, to buy some useless item that is certainly not needed, they mean well and it is all harmless.

Bargains are bound to be found when wandering the streets and shopping in Bali, with plenty of souvenirs, jewellery, hats and singlets available in most market stalls. If you want to escape, head to some of the fine shopping malls, a little more expensive, but it is shopping with freedom.


Bali is Paradise

Quite simple really, Bali is paradise, sure there are some shady places, but no destination is without its fault.

Bali is designed for travellers and on most occasions, they get it right. Well, it’s hard to get it wrong when the weather is perfect all year round.

It’s 10 great reasons why tourist keep coming back to Bali.But what about a few Bali travel tips to go with reasoning for visiting the island of God, well let’s get into that, right now.


Alaya Resort Ubud

Paradise by the palms.





A few Bali Travel Tips For Your Adventure in Indonesia

Bali may be the ideal holiday place for your adventure, but as always, when entering the unknown in a foreign country, there are a few things you need to know, such as tips for dealing with money, to choosing the right food to eat and a whole lot more.

Let fear go away for your upcoming trip and provide you with a little peace of mind with these helpful travel tips for your Bali trip and even help you avoid the dreaded Bali Belly.


tips for travelling in Bali.

Bali is the ideal holiday destinations, below are a few tips for travelling in Bali.


Stand firm upon arrival at the Airport

The Airport is probably the most daunting experience you can have during your holiday in Bali.

Especially if you haven’t organised a transfer with the hotel. Hundreds of taxi drivers and freelance drivers will be waiting for you at the front like you are a Rockstar arriving at an event.

Keep composed, they won’t hurt you, but they will try and tug you towards their vehicle. Just trust your instincts and be sure to bring the price down as you can go.


Watch where you eat

Lots of good places to eat in Bali, and there is not any major need to be concerned.

Still, beware what you eat, or what restaurant you dine at, eating at the wrong place could leave you in bed for a while or worse taking a trip to the hospital.

Good tip, dine when the other tourist eats, and take a look for reviews on TripAdvisor. There is more than likely to be a review on most restaurants in Bali on the popular travel App.


Alaya Resort

Watch what you eat, although Great food like this at Alaya Resort will be fine.


Drink water only from the Sealed bottle Water

Like most Southeast Asian countries, you would be nuts to drink from the tap.

The good old Bali belly would keep you holed up for a few days. Most hotels will supply you with a few bottles of water, probably not enough to get through the day. Stock up at the local stores for a low price and keep healthy.


Keep your belongings secure and near you at all times

Most of the locals in Bali are friendly and are great socialise with on an everyday basis. However, like any country in the world and even your home town, there are a few bad eggs who get the joy out of ruining your fun.

When out on the streets, keep your cash and cards secure, in a money pouch or similar item attached to you.

Take the amount of cash you need only for the day and leave the rest secured in your hotel safe. Lock up your room and enjoy your day in Bali.


Keep your belongings secure on any adventure in any country.


Exchange money only at a certified Banking dealerships

You will find no shortages of places to exchange your hard earn cash you have earned for your holiday. Some dealerships will come at an incredible rate that can seem too good to refuse.

Tread carefully. Exchange your money only at banks or properly licenced facilities, and you will know what is dodgy and what is legit by the appearance of the building.

No matter what, most rates are reasonable away from the airport, so you will still be better off going with the bank.


Barter, Barter and Barter again

Need a driver for the day? Negotiate a fair price. Buying a singlet at the markets? Once again, bargain that price down. Most places on the streets of Bali are open to negotiation and the store owner, or the driver on the street, will always try and make the price higher.

Stand firm and walk away if you are not happy with the price. There is probably another store next door with the same junk items.

Heading to Bali anytime soon, check out some of these hotels from TripAdvisor.



Take a stroll through the Markets in Bali, but don’t forget to Barter and keep your belongings secure.


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