Sitting by the fireplace during another winter storm, it had me thinking where I would rather be than stuck inside my home wishing I was anywhere but stuck inside winter. I keep thinking of somewhere warm, perhaps in Southeast Asia, with a trace of sun of course, or plenty of it, where I get the chance to enjoy ice cold beers, wearing only shorts with singlets and checking out the stunning views of the coastline in front of me.

Enviously, my mind wandered to past holidays in warmer climates. Where would I rather be right now? What resort or villa have I enjoyed most? So it all made sense, to write up an article about three winter warmer getaways that will make anyone want to escape the cold and head straight to paradise for a luxury escape.


mai khao lak

Head off on your warm winter holidays in Southeast Asia.


3 Winter Warmer Getaways that will get your Mind off the Chill

Warm Winter Vacations vary depending on where you are in the world, for me in the Southern hemisphere I seek the heat in months of June to August, for those in winter environments in the northern hemisphere, no doubt you are looking around Christmas or for hot holidays in January for a winter escape.

Below’s list may may not give you the cheap warm vacations you may be seeking, but they will provide relaxation in the sun and ice-cold cocktails by the swimming and that can’t be wrong when you are seeking warm winter holidays away from the chill.


Mai Samui Beach-side Resort and Spa, Koh Samui Thailand

Mai Samui Resort is located away from the hype on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. As well as the welcoming hot sun, the stunning boutique resort has all you need, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, large spacious rooms, spas/massage centre and gorgeous beach views where you can also have a evening dining experience on the sands.

It’s the perfect laid back holiday that everyone seeks and away from the hustle and bustle of Chaweng which is the vibrant hub of the island, but the resort is still close enough if you are craving a big night out.

Koh Samui, aswell as other locations mentioned below, is hot all year round. So no matter what part of the world you are in, whether you have your winter in July or December, You can’t go wrong when seeking warm weather vacations in the tropics. Although you may get a little interruption from the rain.

Check out Mai Samui on


Mai Samui



Ellora Villas, Sanur, Bali – Indonesia

A Private villa with the lot. Spacious rooms, large bathrooms, swimming pool and a personal chef who comes and cooks you breakfast every morning, it was paradise where you could unwind with no one else around you but those you love. You won’t help but feel spoilt as you indulge in style at Ellora Villas.

Based in Sanur, Bali, It’s a trek from the busy Kuta area. That is not to say that Sanur is quiet and isolated, far from it. It has many restaurants, bars, cheap shopping, markets and a great beach to enjoy a daily stroll in beach-side markets or partake in a kayak or jet ski. Then again you may just prefer to sit back and drink beer, either way you’ll have a good time.


Check out Ellora Villas at

Ellora Villas

Ellora Villas Sanur, Bali


Radisson Blu, Denarau Island – Fiji (OK, this is not in Asia)

The party resort of Fiji, throwing in one outside of Southeast Asia, activities and events are always happening for adults or children in this busy resort. You need to be prepared to spend a little more as prices within the tourist area can be quite high especially on the island of Denarau. The price for this resort is well and truly worth it, because the Radisson Blu is a fabulous resort for romantic couples and ideal for families, especially with the top notch kids club that entertains the kids all day long. 

Enjoy a game of golf that will tease the average golfer your hole trip as the picturesque golf course is literally in front of you wherever you go on the island. Another thing, don’t forget to take a day cruise or two, because a trip to Fiji isn’t complete without a trip to a white sand island where you lay back and soak n paradise.


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winter warmer getaways

Escape winter with a Fiji Sunset at Radisson Blu.


Mai Khao Lak Resort – Khao Lak – Thailand

Only an hour north of the Island of Phuket is a town called Khao Lak and amongst the laid back town there are several resorts including the mammoth Mai Khao Lak Resort, which is a hit for families due to the large water playground which is occupied daily by the kids and a host of day activities in nearby Khao Lak, including the popular tourist attraction James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay.

The large resort contains family rooms, multiple swimming pools, Massage Spa Centre,  many restaurants and a host of bars including Khao Lak’s only rooftop bar, the Sky Bar, which gives you mesmerising views of the resort and Andaman Sea. It’s Mai Khao Lak, it’s my kind of paradise, what are you waiting for?

Check out Mai Khao Lak on


Mai Khao Lak Rooms

Mai Khao Lak is a popular family resort.


Alaya Resort  – Ubud, Bali – Indonesia

One of my favourite resorts that I have ever visited and I have seen plenty in my life of travels, The Alaya Resort is a boutique and beautiful resort that has swimming pools, a bar, two scintillating restaurants that will melt your taste buds, a gorgeous rice-field, Indonesian-designed interior in the rooms and a relaxing massage that is to die for.

Alaya Resort is in the central hub of Ubud with many attractions nearby, including the lively Monkey Sanctuary, there are also may restaurants, bars and cafe’s for affordable dining options. If you want to learn more about the Alaya resort, check out my feature article.


Check out Alaya Resort on


The Manisan Restaurant is one of Bali’s finest at Alaya Resort, Ubud.


The Sakala Resort – Tanjung Benoa, Bali – Indonesia

Warm vacation spots include the popular beach town in Bali in Tanjung Benoa. Filled with many ideal resorts, the Sakala Resort energise your spirits on vacations with this mind-bloing resort.

Divided into two sections, on one side you have the rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, gym and Spa centre, then across the road you have the Sakala Beach Club, which is a party area from morning till nights, with a pool bar, restaurant, deck chairs and a large swimming pool to splash around in. Not forgetting that there is a busy beach just outside the club that has a host of activities including parasailing, jet-skiing and Kayaking.

Check out The Sakala Resort on

Sakala Resort

Fun in the sun at the Sakala Beach Club.


warm vacations warm the heart, especially in the chills of winter, now is the time to stop day dreaming and head off to your dream destination for a holiday that you’ll never forget, because warm winter getaways is a great part of living.


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James Bond Island

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