You could spend an hour at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali and you would see more action here than spending an entire day at the zoo. It all happens in Ubud, especially in terms of our little money friends, as they run around in a frenzy and seemingly having a good old time in the semi-enclosed confines of the Monkey Forest Ubud.

I say a whole hour, because it’s about all you’ll need to spend in the Money Forest to get the most out of the wonderful confides of this sacred little forest. But it’s not only a forest, it also comes with beautiful temples, a few market places, and of course, those active monkeys that are scurrying around the place. It is a bustling little attraction that is worth a visit when in the town of Ubud.

The best part about the Monkey Forest, is that it is dirt cheap. For around five dollars you can wander the sanctuary at your own pace, take pictures and videos of those active monkey’s, who will put on a show, and even get in on the feeding frenzy, but more on that later.


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Monkey Forest Ubud

Relaxing high in the trees in the Monkey Forest Ubud.


Come inside the sacred grounds of the Monkey Forest Ubud – Bali 


Where is Monkey Forest and the Admission Price

It won’t be hard to find the Monkey Forest in Ubud, most freelance drivers will be able to assist for a charge if coming from some distance away. If you are staying in the centre of Ubud, you’ll find the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the Western Parts of the town centre along Monkey Forest road, where you’ll come across a couple of entrance to points to gain entrance.

Speaking of the entrance, there is a small admittance fee to go into the grounds of the Sanctuary, the monkey forest prices are from the following.

Monkey Forest Ubud Prices:
(All prices in Indonesian Rupiah)

Adults – 50IDR
Children – 40IDR


Watch your back and belongings in the Monkey Sanctuary Ubud

These quick witted little friends of ours move around at serious pace that sometimes you don’t have time to react. They swing from branch to branch or along the ground and their movements are quick as one would expect for animals that have such energy.

One moment they are staring at you with curiosity, then next they are on your back or trying to pounce on your backpack or taking  away your sunglasses from your head and making a run for it. It all seems a barrel of laughs, that is, until it gets personal.




king monkey

Watch out for the King of the forest. All good if you feed him.


These Bali monkeys have teeth – sharp teeth!

Be aware when these monkeys in Ubud do jump on your back, because it probably a  matter of when not if. They have teeth, sharp teeth. The best practice is to let the monkey do what they need do and before too long, they will jump off and leave you alone. The monkeys will only have a bite if they feel threatened, they certainly don’t go jumping on your back in the attempt to hurt you.

I was lucky in my monkey forest tour, in the shock of a monkey jumping on my back the first time before I had even entered the grounds, I tried to nudge it off with my hand, not knowing what to do. I tried to gently force it off me, before realising this monkey wanted to have a swipe at me with its teeth. Luckily, I moved my hand in time, before it moved away from, yet only seconds later it jumped on my back a second time and we were friends again. I had learnt my lesson.

I was lucky I suppose, because I have though heard hard luck stories involving monkey biting incidents, so tread carefully. It is important to know that these monkeys are not fierce creatures, but they do get protective or even reactive.


Sacred Money Forest

These monkeys in Bali have some sharp teeth. Be aware.


Buy a bunch of bananas inside the Monkey Forest

Inside the Monkey Forest, there are stalls in certain locations that sell old bananas. Buy a bunch for around fifty-cents and in an instant moment you will be surrounded by a bunch of new friends desperate for a banana or two. Quick tip, if the big one is close by, you’ll recognise him, give it to him first without any hesitation, he is the king and he demands it, so the friendly staff member told me anyway.

Another fascination in the Monkey Forest, is the feeding time itself. One moment you are walking in the grounds of the forest, the next you see a whole army of monkeys descending to a central location in the forest for feed time. It is quite a sight to see so many monkeys up close in large numbers waiting for a feast.


a monkey feast.

They all descend for a feast inside the Monkey Forest.


The action can happen outside the enclosure too

You don’t want to pay the small entrance fee? Remember the Monkey Forest Ubud is only semi-enclosed. which means the monkeys can and do escape to wander the streets of Ubud. Therefore, you can hang around the boundaries of the enclosure and let the monkeys come to you instead.

There are not too many places in the world where you can walk the streets and see monkeys crossing the road like a casual pedestrian. It can happen in Ubud, well close by to the park anyway, and that is what makes it so unique. In that matter, so is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud Bali.


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Monkey Forest

Outside the grounds of the forest.

Monkey forest temple

Temple with in the forest.

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