Kyoto Temple Guide – The Picturesque Kodaiji Temple in Japan

Kyoto Temple Guide – The Picturesque Kodaiji Temple in Japan

It’s an unheralded temple in Kyoto; however, the Kodai-Ji temple is one of the most beautiful attractions you’ll visit in the famous tourist city of Japan.


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Whenever the question arises, what is my favourite Kyoto temple? The answer is simple and always Kodaiji Temple.

It happened during my trip, in what is easily my favourite Japanese city, when I saw many beautiful temples, such as Kinkakuji in Western Kyoto and the Tenryuji Temple in Arashiyama. However, Kodaiji is what brings back the fondest of memories from my trip to Japan.

Why? The answer is quite easy to be truthful, inside, I felt most at peace, with the splendid structures and the magnificent scenery throughout the grounds at Kodai-Ji, it was beautiful, and I could have stayed for hours to view what is a Kyoto must-see attraction.

Let’s take a further look inside an incredible Kyoto Temple walk, and get you inspired, as I was when I first stepped inside this exquisite Kyoto Buddhist Temple.


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kodaiji temple

The very picturesque and stunning Kodaiji Temple Kyoto.





Kyoto Temple Guide – The Picturesque Kodaiji Temple

It’s a temple of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism and was established in the year 1606.  The temple was designed by Nene, who made the temple in honour of deceased husband in the name of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Like many historic structures throughout the world, the Kodaiji has needed re-construction due to past devastations.

When it comes to the temple for what it is today, for whatever reason, it’s often underrated for tourists who are visiting the popular Japanese City, which is a little confusing, because this impressive attraction of scenic beauty and is easily one the most beautiful temples which I visited during my stay in Japan.

I must admit! I didn’t get to them all of course.


kyoto temple

The Kangetsu-Dai, a closed roof bridge in Kodai.


Where is Kodaiji Temple Kyoto?

For tourists visiting the region, a trip to Kodaiji is hardly out of the way, for it is situated in the Southern Higashiyama District in the Eastern Part of Kyoto Japan, meaning it’s not too far from central part of the city and is located amongst many other tourist attractions such as Yasaka Shrine, Tenninji Temple, Ninenzaka, Gion and Kiyomizu-Dera.

Perhaps being surrounded by so many amazing places, it can get a little neglected by mistake, however, for an entrance fee of 600-Yen, there is no excuse to skip what I think is one of the finest temples in Kyoto.

Kyoto Temple Entrance Fees – 600 Yen
Kyoto Temple Opening Hours – 9 am – 5:30 pm


kodai temple kyoto

Entering into Kodaiji.

The stunning Architectural Buildings of Kodaiji Temple

I am not the most excellent architectural writer known to man, so I can only give it my best in this department. So, bear with me a little. Although, you can let the pictures do the talking for you.

Getting into it, I loved everything about the structures and design of the Kodaiji buildings. The primary colour that stood out within the main buildings was white panelled walls mixed in with the brown framework. If you looked closely within the temple structures, you’d notice original artist work paintings within the frames of the buildings.

Inside the grounds of the temple, you’ll come across the elegant structure, such as the Kangetsu-Dai, which is a roofed bridge, that leads into another beautiful building and with the surrounding scenery in the background, it looks incredible. Throughout your journey, there are also several tea houses that add to the glamour of the Kodaiji Temple.


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The brilliant design of one of the buildings in Kodaiji.

The Picturesque Scenery in and around the Kodai Temple

The buildings are significant, of course, but the delightful landscape designs do take this temple to another, and it is a privilege to take your time to walk through the temple and marvel at the gardens and the impressive highlands that is the backdrop to the temple.

You’ll be mesmerised by the lovely colours that are rife in the great outdoors, no matter which time of the season you may be visiting Kyoto.

Once you ascend further in, you’ll notice Kodaiji’s great outdoors includes its very own Bamboo Zen Garden, while not quite to the hype of Arashiyama’s version, you’ll still love a gentle walk through the Bamboo Grove, and you’ll discover there are a heck of a lot fewer crowds in this specific bamboo walk.



Kodaiji’s very own Bamboo Walk.

It all blends in Perfectly to be an incredible Kyoto Japan Temple

One plus one equals two, and if that is the case, beautiful buildings plus gorgeous landscapes with astonishing scenery equals a stunning temple design that any tourists would love to be a part of during their Japan trip.

With that being the case, if you are in the Eastern Part of Kyoto visiting the Shrines, the street thoroughfares and other incredible temples in the region, make sure that you add Kodaiji Temple to the list of attractions, because in doing so, you’ll only add in what is going to be a positive Kyoto trip during your travels.


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Kyoto temple guide

Don’t forget to visit Kodaiji in Kyoto.

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Enjoy the Peace and Serenity of the Garden of Dreams – Kathmandu

Enjoy the Peace and Serenity of the Garden of Dreams – Kathmandu

It was my own personal paradise in Kathmandu, a sanctuary if you dare to call it. For when desiring a need to escape the busy streets in the chaotic city, the Garden of Dreams was indeed a dream garden for anyone who wanted a little rest and relaxation away from the hustling streets of Thamel.

The Garden of Dreams Kathmandu provides the perfect opportunity to see fresh green grass, colourful landscaped gardens, a quiet café setting and stunning articulated buildings, where such a vividly beautiful combination is otherwise not seen elsewhere in Kathmandu.

Keeping all that in mind, what is the big fuss about this stunning attraction, that has me wanting to pick up a good novel and have read in the lush surrounds of this Kathmandu garden? Well I’ll tell you, but you may be temped to head to the Garden of Dreams on your visit to Nepal to check it out for yourself, as you should.

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Garden of Dreams Kathmandu

Enjoy the peace and serenity of the Garden of Dreams Kathmandu.


Enjoy the Peace and Serenity of the Garden of Dreams – Kathmandu


The Origins of the Gardens of Dreams Kathmandu

Was it made to give a little tranquillity to the people of Kathmandu? Or to produce stunning nature in a crowded city? I am sure it had a little to do with both reasons, for that I can’t be too sure.

I can tell you, this dream garden Kathmandu was built in 1920 by landscape designer Kishore Narshinge for private use only, with the gardens being much bigger in its original time than its current dimensions today. It was known to be one of the most modern designed gardens of its time in that generation. However, the Gardens saw many years of neglect and was only recently restored in the year of 2007 for it’s current use today, being a public garden in the heart of Kathmandu.

dream garden kathmandu

Enter into a dream garden.


Where is the Garden of Dreams Nepal?

You don’t need to go to far from the busy tourist area of Kathmandu city to find one of the best Nepalese Gardens in the country, the gardens are tucked away in the central part of the city and is only a five-minute walk from Thamel.

Once you head east out of Thamel by foot, onto the main street of Trivedi Sadak, you’ll wander past the taxi stands, by the high-end Trekking gear retail outlets and you’ll see a large concrete stone fence on the left that surrounds the actual gardens. In no time, you’ll see the entrance gates to the Garden of Dreams and in an instant, you are away from traffic noise and in a world of paradise.


garden of dreams

Take the path for a gentle stroll.


The Garden of Dreams Kathmandu Entrance Fee

I don’t want to come across as these gardens are the best I have seen, it’s not. There are many more splendid gardens in the world that would leave the Garden of Dreams in its wake.

However, for only 200-rupees, which is around two-dollars, you can enter through the gates of the Garden of Dreams for as long as you want in that particular day and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, where it is hard to find elsewhere in the city.


Nepalese garden

It won’t cost much to enjoy a few hours in this Nepalese garden.


Chill with food and Drinks in the Kaiser Café

One thing is for sure, you’ll find cheaper food, drinks, tea and coffee in another area of Kathmandu particularly Thamel, but on the other hand, you will struggle to find a more private, laidback and natural setting to enjoy a peaceful lunch than at this delightful restaurant that packs a solid Kaiser Café menu.

Without a slice of hesitation, I’m not afraid to spend an extra dollar for a cappuccino or a few more on good food, if it means I can sit back, relax in quiet and admire the garden atmosphere, while enjoying a hot drink with a book in hand or talking to a loved one stationed next to you at the boutique Kaiser café.


Kaiser Cafe Kathmandu

Enjoy a delicious coffee at Kaiser Cafe Kathmandu.


The Love Garden

Since I travelled to Nepal on my lonesome, I couldn’t enjoy the magic of the gardens with my wife by my side, hence the romance was missing in my part. However, I have no doubt that this makes for the perfect romantic setting for anyone travelling into Kathmandu and I only had to look on at other couples who were enjoying each other’s company in Garden of Dreams.

With the Pavilions, ponds, pergolas and the ideal café for the prefect date, it’s easy to see why couples are spending countless hours in the serenity of the Gardens and it could even make for a nice proposal area, if anyone out there is making wedding plans in the future. I’ll leave that up to you to decide on that one.

I don’t want solo travellers to feel left out in the cold however, I know I didn’t, there are plenty of individuals roaming the Garden on their lonesome and taking time out of their busy schedule to enjoy a little thinking time or to simply read a book in relaxing surrounds and the ideal climate of Kathmandu.


Garden of dreams kathmandu

The ideal romantic setting.


What to do inside the Amazing Nepali Gardens

It’s a garden attraction, so when it comes to what to do inside the Garden of Dreams Kathmandu, it’s quite limited and basic. It really is up there with the best of Kathmandu in terms of attractions. You can take dazzling photos of the well-designed Pavilions/pergolas situated inside the main attraction, admire the gardens at heights from a viewing area up the stair-case or enjoy the picturesque ponds while having a stroll.

You can spend countless hours doing work on your laptop and catching up on business, or enjoy a conversation with a loved one, friend or complete stranger you just met. It really is up to you on how you spend your time in the popular Kathmandu garden, but one thing is a certainty, after one visit, you’ll be back for further resting and relaxation, just like your Fair Dinkum Traveller.


Garden of dreams kathmandu

Take a book and enjoy a few hours of reading in the Garden of dreams.


Check out more of the Garden of Dreams Kathmandu Photo Gallery!

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Visiting the Amazing Ang Thong National Marine Park in Thailand

Visiting the Amazing Ang Thong National Marine Park in Thailand

The amazing Ang Thong National Marine Park of Koh Samui is heaven on earth and waiting for you to explore the beauty that lies in the Gulf of Thailand.

In your travels, you often come across beauty so wonderful you can not put into words. The sort of beauty that can only be provided through the natural wonders of the earth that lie in front of you, where witnessing such gorgeous landscapes makes you grateful to be alive, especially in the modern times of what can be described in as harsh realities of life, but also providing an extraordinarily beautiful world.

The Ang Thong Marine Park in Thailand is 42 picturesque islands grouped together in the Gulf of Thailand, a tourist location where the scenery is breathtaking, the nature & the surrounds is mesmerising and the experience inside Ang Thong is simply an unforgettable experience as you get the opportunity to cruise, hike, kayak and fall in love with the breathtaking Ang Thong National Park.


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Ang Thong National Marine Park

The beautiful Angthong! Have you been there?


Getting to Ang Thong National Marine Park

From the Island of Koh Samui, there are many tours available to get to Ang Thong, whether it is a slow cruise where you get the opportunity to take things slow and appreciate all around you or a luxury speed boat that gets you where you need to go much quicker and in style. For all types of cruises, there is a range of group tours or private tours available to the tourist and at a range of affordable prices to suit various budgets.

When I travelled to the gorgeous Marine Park, I went on an Island Tours with an old long boat. The slow boat wasn’t much too look at, but it was one of the cheapest tours going around that went for about $70 for the day. The tour included a full day of sightseeing, a tough hike to amazing views, kayaking between islands, snorkelling n the shallow waters at the creatures of the sea and a decent buffet feed at lunchtime.

A side note, avoid booking any tours through your resort, you’ll almost pay double, book a tour through a variety of travel agency that is situated on the streets of Chewang. 


Ang thong marine National Park

Cruising to Ang Thong.


When To Travel to Angthong Marine Park

Tours to the National Park are available all year but try not to ruin the experience by going on a wet or cloudy day where the conditions of the ocean will provide a rough day and on occasions the amazing Ang Thong views just won’t be the same and can provide the ultimate romantic escape when travelling in Asia.

Make sure that you plan for the trip as close to the day as possible by checking the weather forecasts for that particular day and book your awesome Samui tour for a sunny day. You won’t regret it doing it with patience and tours are not usually sold out even if you only book a day before your planned trip.


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sun smart

Who wouldn’t be happy with a view like this?


What to do inside the Ang Thong National Park

Whenever you choose to take an Ang Thong National Marine Park Tour, there is a range of things to do in a days tour during any day, crazy fun activities in the great outdoors of Thailand are from the following:


  • Hiking: It may not be the longest of hikes but it can still be quite demanding, especially when you climb to the peak of the Wua Ta-Lab Island to capture the best view of Ang Thong. It starts off easy but the further you ascend the steeper it gets before too long it begins to get tougher on your foot as you cling your way to the top. It#s not for the faint-hearted, but for those who can’t physically make it, there are other lookout areas during the trail.
  • Kayaking: An incredible picturesque Kayak, and one of the best kayaking experiences I have been on. Sitting on your kayak with your lover upfront in the Gulf of Thailand and surrounded by beautiful islands, is one of the best things you#ll do during your Samui holiday. Kayak tour varies from tour companies but ultimately you are going from one island to another and finishing on the beautiful white beaches of Ang Thong. It is simply stunning.
  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving: Depending on the tour company you choose from, scuba diving could be an option for you if you are into that kind of thing, you will find that all tours offer snorkelling at no extra charge. it may not be extreme snorkelling, but having a look at the coral below the waters with the small fishing dodging and weaving their way around while you swim will create further excitement during your Mu Ko Ang Thong day tour.


Now all you have to do is get to amazing Ang Thong Koh Samui yourself and see for yourself why it is truly one of the world’s most beautiful Marine National Parks to visit in your lifetime. It promises to be an adventurous and scenic trip.


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Kayaking Angthong

Kayaking in the Ang Thong Marine National Park is a thing of beauty.

Hiking Angthog

Hiking in Angthong Marine National Park. to great scenic views.

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Exploring the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia

Exploring the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia

It was the first time I set out to see the Pinnacles desert to have a look at another stunning attraction in the state of Western Australia.

With my two boys tagging along, intrigue came about what to expect about a natural landmark I was unfamiliar with, albeit a few pictures and word of mouth conversations.

Are the Pinnacles rocks sticking out of the ground? In some ways, you could say that is the case, but that thinking is for the dull-minded; it’s more than that.

The Pinnacles is a unique bit of land over the sandy desert plains that you should witness at least once in your life, and even then, it may not be enough.

Make your time in Western Australia worthwhile and visit unique attractions like the Pinnacles.

It may not be the most spectacular natural attraction you have ever visited, but it is unique. For that reason alone, you should stop for an hour or two and tell your mates back home that you saw the Pinnacles Deseret.


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Perth to Jurien Bay

All smiles at the Pinnacles Desert.





Get out and about Exploring the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia



What are the Pinnacles?

What are the Pinnacles? It’s the first question to enter tourists’ minds when venturing into the desert. They are more than hundreds of rocks sticking out the ground.

They are much more than that; the Pinnacles are limestones formations formed centuries ago. Inside the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre area, a great story gives facts about the pinnacles and their configuration.

While the actual formation still stumps scientists to this day. The plausible scenario is that the limestone pinnacles came from seashells many centuries ago and were blown in from the seaside to the inland location, which helped form the pinnacles.

Make what you will, but you can read detailed Pinnacles facts and further educate yourself at the Discover Centre.


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How were the Pinnacles formed?


What to bring with you to the Pinnacles

It may be a small desert in things, but you should have the essentials in warmer climates. Essential items are needed like a water bottle for hydration, sunscreen to protect you from the sun, a hat for the same reasons, and sunglasses to ease the glare.

Naturally, you’ll want to bring the less essential items that have nothing to do with saving your life, such as a camera or your smartphone, to take pictures of your time in the Pinnacles. You may even capture an Instagram live moment with the minimal reception available.

If you do have a drone and wish to use it, you’ll need permission from the staff/rangers who work at the centre before using the drone.


pinnacles australia

Bring out the camera during your Pinnacles visit.



Getting to the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park

The distance from Perth to Pinnacles Desert is approximately 191-kilometres and is over two hours in driving time, so it comes in handy when grabbing a car rental from Perth for further exploring in the West.

From the beginning point of Perth City, head north up the Mitchell Freeway to the final exit point of the Freeway and take the Indian Ocean Drive the rest of the journey before reaching the Pinnacles.

Along the way, there are many resting points, towns and lookout areas where you can get the chance to pull over and stretch your legs.

Many tourists will visit the Pinnacles because they are driving past and feel like checking it out. Others may be staying in nearby towns in Cervantes or Lancelin over a long weekend and visit for a couple of hours as part of their daily itinerary.

If you are wandering past for a road trip, by all means, check it out; you never know when you’ll get the opportunity again to visit the Pinnacles.


Pinnacles Jurien Bay

A great family outing at the Pinnacles is waiting for you on your next adventure in WA.


The Pinnacles Desert entrance fee

The Pinnacles desert entrance fee can vary depending on how you are getting there; if you are on tour, an entrance fee is usually included in the package.

If you are in a large group, then there is an individual price per person, and if you have a pensioners card, there is a further discount. Check the leading website for further details.

The most required fee you need to know is the price per vehicle, which is the standard mode of travel, especially when heading into the desert with your family.

The Pinnacles entrance fee is $12.00 per vehicle and is paid upon arrival at the booth using either cash or your credit card. Once paid, the kind staff will hand you a map of the pinnacles desert.

The Pinnacles desert opening hours are from 7:15 am to 5:30 pm, so you many hours in the day for your chance to visit the Nambung National Park. The opening hours will often mean that you may luck out if you want to capture a gorgeous Pinnacles sunset.


Pinnacles western Australia

The Pinnacles entrance fee is worth the dollars paid.


Before you begin, check out the Pinnacle Desert Discovery Centre

Visiting the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre won’t exactly have you chomping at the bit, although you have travelled all this way, so it’s stopping in for a look.

Inside the Discovery Centre is Information about how the Pinnacles were formed, breathtaking pictures of the desert and a look at the wildlife of Nambung National Park, which seemed quite natural indeed.

Next door is the souvenir store that sells a broad range of Australian Souvenirs, such as books, mugs, stubby holders, boomerangs and many other merchandises to purchase as memorabilia.

Much like any tourist souvenir shop in Australia, nothing comes cheap; naturally, you are in the middle of the desert.


Pinnacles desert discovery centre

Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre.



Take a walk or Go for a Drive through the Pinnacles Australia

You have two options for your Pinnacles day tour: either walk through the Pinnacles or drive your car through the desert on the guided track.

During my visit, I was a little clueless about what to do. Firstly, I parked the car, checked out the gallery and souvenir shop at the visitor centre and took the long path leading to the Pinnacles.

At that exact time, I realised that driving through the vast expanses of the Pinnacles desert was undoubtedly the best way to go.

Not that I was being lazy and choosing the less-active option, I was in dire need to lose a few calories. However, taking the car into the desert opened the adventures even further with more to explore.

Electing to drive through the sandy desert gives you a broader landscape, and there are many sections on the narrow dirt track where you can pull up your car and view areas of the Pinnacles.

Ultimately, it made any decision to walk pinnacles track prove entirely pointless because you’re going to spend a reasonable amount of time on your feet anyway.

For your Information, you don’t need a four-wheel-drive to drive through the desert. A two-wheel drive will more than suffice, which is a fair dinkum winner for all tourists who have small or large vehicles?



Go for a walk inside the Pinnacles desert.



Day trip to Pinnacles from Perth

I have already mentioned I made my way up to the Pinnacles, so I am not deliberately promoting any tours here, just accidentally.

As a travel writer, it’s my job to let my readers know other avenues of getting to the Nambung National Park and exploring the great state of WA with a tour company.

A 1-day Pinnacles tour from Perth is found online, and you can have an actioned-packed adventure in WA.

You can visit other attractions, such as the Yanchep National Park Cervantes and even experience an Aussie outback Lunch if you are fortunate enough to select the suitable Pinnacles Tour.

Pinnacles tours to choose from include:

Luxury Outback Tours

Adams Pinnacle tours

Discover Australia Tours

Pinnacles Stargazing tour


There are no excuses for not visiting the Pinnacles Desert on your vacation to Perth.

It’s not too far from the city, and it is a lovely scenic drive where you run into picturesque regional towns such as Guilderton, Ledge Point and Lancelin.

If you’re anything like me and like to see the most worthy natural landmark attractions at least once in your life, then Pinnacles WA is for you.

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pinnacles desert

Take a drive away from the big city.

pinnacles desert

The Pinnacles Desert.


Go Exploring in Western Australia’s Rottnest Island

What to do in and around Lancelin and Ledge Point in Western Australia

Check out these Awesome Day Tours to the Pinnacles!

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Enjoy the Night Sky at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

Enjoy the Night Sky at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

In my opinion, the nighttime is simply a brilliant time to be Visiting Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay and enter the majestic world that is the Christmas Wonderland.

The lights, the colours, and the sounds stay with me, and often I look back through the gallery of photos and videos I took during the spectacular light show. Personally, it’s better than a firework display on Australia Day.

The memories often flashback and, for a good reason, staring up at the Super-trees with the lights frequently changing into different lively colours brought out even more sparkle to the occasion and had the crowds of tourists who had flocked to the gardens in their numbers at a standstill.


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Singapore Gardens by the Bay

The lights, the colours its all a part of the package when you visit the Gardens by the Bay.

Enjoying the Gardens by the Bay Lights show

 With the spectacular light show hovering above, the inspirational music playing through the speakers added extra chills and brought even more to the occasion; it’s the kind of music played that you may have heard in the past from a Home Alone movie.

The surrounding atmosphere with the lights and music was simply a lover’s delight. In the ideal scenario, with many couples in the gardens clinging to each other’s hands and enjoying the moment under the stars on a perfect Singapore night, the spirit of Christmas was undoubtedly alive.

It was a pity I was in Singapore alone for this particular moment because there would have been nothing more beautiful than to witness a magical event like the spectacular lights at Gardens by the Bay with my wife. Not that it spoilt the moment, although it certainly would have been that little more special with the one you love most by your side. Instead, I had to show her the pictures when I got home.


Gardens by the Bay

Perfect for a romantic night out in Singapore.

Take a step along the OCBC Skyway.

 Take the elevator and go high up into the Super-trees and enjoy a fantastic walk along the OCBC Skyway. At that moment you are closer to the lights, and the whole area is lit up all around you, whether it is above where you are standing or below you.

In the distance, the city is also a pretty sight in the night sky, with the Sands SkyPark a big hit for all tourist who is vying for the ideal spot to grab that perfect picture of a strong structure that stands enormous in front of you. If that is not enough, you can add the surrounding CBD, the Marina Bay and the Singapore Flyer, that is breathtaking in its dazzling colours, and it is at its best from the OCBC Skyway.


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OCBC Skyway

Hold tight on top of the OCBC Skyway.

When in Singapore, A Gardens visit is compulsory

 Anytime during the day is a particular time to wander the gardens and view the magnificent Super-trees, but the night time, is the best time, as the Singapore night sky is lit up and glorious in its colour, not to mention the buoyant atmosphere that is generated by the visitors to the area who are seeking a great time out. When you are in Singapore, a visit to the Gardens by the Bay will be on the list, make sure you also take a peek during the evening.

 View more pictures of the magnificent Super-trees and nighttime edition of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, with the gallery and YouTube Video below.


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with Klook and save big time!


Night time Gardens by the Bay

Colours go on as far as the eye can see.[/et_pb_code][et_pb_sidebar area="sidebar-1" _builder_version="4.15" global_colors_info="{}"][/et_pb_sidebar][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row]

Pin it!!!!

Night Singapore

Pin it!!!!

The Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng – Laos

The Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng – Laos

It’s the perfect healing therapy from the unforgiving Laos heat, relaxing in the cool fresh waters of The Blue Lagoon in the stunning Vang Vieng area. It refreshes the body and the mind like no other, cooling off in the shade of the overhanging trees that keeps the water refreshing at all times and quite a chill when you first step in.

The Blue Lagoon caps off most day trips that take place in Vang Vieng, whether it is kayaking the Nam Song River, ziplining in the hills or hiking the fabulous outdoors. After a hard slog during the peak of the heat during the day, The Blue Lagoon is the perfect conclusion before heading back to the town at night for a couple of cold Lao’ beers.


The blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng, Laos.


Getting there the Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng

As previously mentioned, The Blue Lagoon can be included on any, very affordable, day trips that are on offer in Vang Vieng. Get down to a travel agent, there are plenty in the area, and check out any deals that include or only include The Blue Lagoon. Either that or get your own way there with various taxis, tuc tuc’s or bikes available in the area.

Staying in Vang Vieng? Check out TripAdvisor for hotels.


Blue Lagoon Vang Vieng

Cooling off in the Blue Lagoon.


What to do at The Blue Lagoon

  • Chill in the fresh water: It may come as a horrific fright when you first touch the cold water, but you soon get used to it as you take in the crowds of nationalities around you and marvel in the scenery, then you can sit back and take in the nature around you.

    Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon

  • Splash around: Swinging on the rope and landing in the water, jumping on the tyre, or conquering your fear of heights and jumping off the big branch while making a splash in the water, there is plenty of splash to be had in The Blue Lagoon, whether you’re an adult or a kid in the shallower waters.

    splashing at the Lagoon

    Having a splash.


  • Sunbake in the huts: Had enough of the water in the overcrowded Lagoon and need a little siesta in the Laos sun. Get in quick and grab a hut, roll out the large beach towel and have a little snooze in the afternoon sun, just don’t forget to apply the sunscreen.

    Heading to Vang Vieng? Check out this guide to the picturesque town.

Vang Vieng

Picturesque Views of Vang Vieng.

Lagoon Vang Vieng

Get ready to jump off a tree.

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