Spectacular in all its glamour, it stands out bright and golden in the Laos sun. I speak of the fabulous temple and surrounding attractions that is wanting to be seen in its glamour and colours of all variety, a special place in the Laos capital that is welcoming tourist and locals alike, to come inside for a peek and marvel at the Golden Temple in Vientiane, Laos.

The Golden Temple is also known as Pha That Luang, a name more known to the locals in Vientiane. The splendid golden structure is surrounded by other pagodas, equally grand in its own architecture design and with the low entrance fee of about a dollar, this popular attraction in Laos is more than worth a visit.

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The golden temple in Vientiane

The Buddha in the Golden Temple in Vientiane, Laos.


Where is the Golden Temple in Vientiane?

The Golden Temple is smack bang in the heart of Vientiane City, the capital of Laos, it is suggested this grand attraction was built in the 3rd century, although it has been reconstructed several times since it’s completion long ago. Therefore, when you’re inside the grounds of Phat That Luang, you can stand in astonishment to be standing in hundreds and hundreds of years of tradition and history when you’re viewing the major attractions of the temple grounds.

Getting to this fine attraction is no big deal at all, grab the attention of a tuc tuc driver stationed on just about every corner in the city, mention the name Pha That Luang, negotiate a fair price and you’ll be ushered off to the attraction. In some instances, the driver will have a sign with a list of attractions in Vientiane and from there you can get to your multiple destination at a affordable rate.

During my time in Vientiane, there was a fair bit of work happening to the temple proper itself, so my views of ther main structure were somewhat hampered.


Pha That Luang

Magnificent structures in the grounds of the temple.

Pha That Luang

Temples and other attractions inside Pha That Luang.


What to do at the Golden Temple?

The Golden Palace is simply a great place for sightseeing and an appropriate place to get your camera out for some great culture photography when visiting the country of Laos, a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. While there are many temples in the country, this beauty that is Pha That Luang is up there as one the finest to visit and is popular for all the locals for their religious celebrations on major holidays throughout the year, with plenty of festivals taking place.

A visit to the Golden temple certainly needs to be on the list when you’re looking at what to do in Vientiane, a rather large list when you think of other palaces, marketplaces and attractions there is to see in the Vientiane Centre. 


The Golden palace

Great artist of the Buddha story within the ceiling inside the Golden Temple.

Pha That Luang

A whole lot of Buddha’s inside the halls of the main Pagoda.


What’s going on inside the grounds of Pha That Luang?

Inside the main pagoda, nearest to the entrance, is a great spot to grab a candle and have prayer  if that is your kind of thing when visiting Buddhist temples, perhaps you do it for good health and good luck. In the ceiling of this fabulous structure upon entering the pagoda, there is an epic artist work about the story of how the Buddha became, if you are travelling with a guide they should give you a terrific description of the story of Buddha, it is intriguing and perhaps you have heard it before in your travels.

In fact, the grounds of the Golden Temple are full of great architecture, art design, amazing structures and Lao Culture and if you do visit any temple in Vientiane, be sure that the Pha That Luang is on the list, and be prepared to be mesmerised of its beauty, history and rich culture.



The Golden Palace

This stunning temple inside the grounds of the Golden Temple.

Lying Buddha at Golden Palace, Laos

Lying Buddha at the Golden Palace.



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