Laos provided so many memories in my 2017 adventures I found it appropriate to select a dozen of my favourite pictures and show them to the world. From the proud deeds of volunteering to school kids and monks, visiting picturesque Vang Vieng, to the relaxing atmosphere in the country’s capital, Vientiane, it created fond memories that will last a life time.

Each picture has its own relevance, whether it is epic or holds special meaning, perhaps it’s an attraction I fell in love with or a moment when I laughed out stupid. Whatever it is, these 12 pictures of Laos were my favourite from my recent adventure in Southeast Asia.

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Ho Phra Keo Temple

12 Incredible Pictures of Laos.


12 Favourite Pictures of Laos That Helped Make this Trip Incredible


1. An Old Man and a Bull

It happened by chance really. I was getting in the tuc tuc and this old man is just staring at a bunch of westerners, hands behind back and a stick in his mouth. Whether that is his bull behind him, I am not sure, bulls were constantly roaming the local villages in Laos, anyway I just love this picture.


A man and his bull

A man and his bull in a Laos local village.


2. Teaching English to the Monks

In my life I had never had anything to do with monks, I mean how could I unless I gave it a chance. A trip to Laos changed all this and what an honour it was to meet such gentleman, who at the end of the day were as normal as me and you, with a cheeky sense of humour.


Teaching monks in Laos

Teaching Monks in Laos.


3. Picturesque Vang Vieng

Around a 3-hour bus trip from the Vientiane, Vang Vieng provides a scenic change as nature comes to the fore. A weekend in Vang Vieng provided many highlights especially kayaking the Nam Song River and discovering some amazing scenery.


Nam Song River

The Nam Song River in Vang Vieng.


4. Pha That Luang

The main attraction at Pha That Luang is the amazing Golden Palace, with a bit of work going on around the main attraction it made it hard to get a good photo shot. Anyway I fell in love with this gorgeous temple on the inside and out, with large praying rooms inside the walls.


Phat That Luang

This beautiful temple is at the Golden Palace.


5. Patuxai War Monument

The Putaxai War Monument sits large and loud for all to see in the Laos capital, Vientiane. The monument is a celebration from their independence from the French in the 1950’s and I need to tell you that it holds special meaning the Lao locals.


Patuxai Laos

The Patuxai War Monument in Vientiane, Laos


6. A Bunch of Volunteers here for a good cause

A hike through the hills of countryside Vientiane with fellow volunteers during culture week, ended up with a picnic on top of the rock with a great scenic view all around you. It’s fair to say this is a popular location for all volunteers who go through The Green Lion organisation.


volunteers in Laos

A hike with fellow volunteers in Laos.


7. A Lone Monk

Again taken by chance as this friendly monk is walking away after a chat with the group. I quickly grabbed the camera from the bag and took a shot of the lone monk with temples and nature in the background.


A lone Monk

A Lone Monk.


8. A Time to Pray in Laos Temple

Exploring the Vat Pana Khoun Temple on a lazy Friday, it was fascinating to stumble upon the temple that saturated with locals and monk for prayer time. With rows of people sitting with their logs crossed as a monk is echoing his prayers through a microphone, it sounded very spiritual. As you can see for yourself, the interior design inside is quite stylish.


Morning prayer in Laos

Morning prayer in a Laos Buddhist Temple.


9. The Volunteer House

The volunteer house was quite neat considering it was sort of 3rd world conditions, basic bedding with no air-conditioner and sports field made of gravel (watch those grazed knees). Still with the dirty dam waters, bamboo huts and bridges, it actually made for a pleasant stay at The Green Lion Volunteer house.


Green Lion

The volunteer house in Laos.


10. Wat Sisaket

A lot of temples in the Vientiane City and Wat Sisaket was hands down my favourite temple.  I loved the design, either from structural or the landscapes around. I even loved the fact that I was standing on the grounds of a temple that was around 400-hundred years old.


Wat Sisaket

Wat Sisaket in Vientiane, Laos.


11. An overview of Vientiane City

To get the best aerial shot of Vientiane, all you need to do is go a top of the Patuxai War Monument and you’ll get it. Sure it may be hard work climbing the steps, but it is worth it as you get a great view of a fascinating city from a 360 angle. Always nice to see a capital city with little to none high-rise buildings.


Aerial view of Vientiane

A view of Vientiane from the Patuxai War Monument.


12. A Crazy Group Photo with Students

Bright, energetic and way concerned that they are not blessed with the electronics that the modernised kids have these days. It was a pleasure and hard work to teach the kids but worth it for the experience. This group shot with students and volunteers was gold, get a  camera out and students storm in from all directions, especially that cheeky little kid at the front, who managed to get himself at the front of the picture and loved every minute of it.


Laos volunteering

Volunteering in a Laos primary school.

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