Backpacking Essentials Asia – Check out the best Smartphone Accessories for your Adventure. Be ready the next time you fly into Asia with a few helpful items to add to your packing list and be travel ready.

Smartphones have changed the way we travel the world and for the better! For this backpacking essentials Asia travels shopping edition, we are looking into the smartphone accessories that will assist you during your adventures in Asia or anywhere else.

Thanks to these nifty smartphone gadgets, we can navigate cities with helpful maps, take awesome photos of breathtaking temples, translate phrases to help guide the language barrier, convert currencies to assist with the calculations when exchanging cash and many more valuable tools that are available to you when travelling into the sizeable Asian continent. All the while, most of these accessories will fit into your backpacks for travelling Asia, so it’s easy to pack and easy to travel.

When we talk about these cool phone gadgets, we talk about the most durable and best smartphone accessories that can enhance your travel experience. Here are a few of the best smartphone accessories that will fit into your lightweight backpack when travelling in Asia.

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Backpacking Essentials Asia

Backpacking Essentials Asia – Smartphone Accessories for your Adventure


Backpacking Essentials Asia – Smartphone Accessories for your Adventure

Check out the best Smartphone Accessories for your Adventure and be ready the next time you fly into Asia.


Universal Waterproof Case to keep the Phones Safe

Nothing will ruin a trip faster than a soaked smartphone lost all use. Therefore a waterproof smartphone case becomes one of the backpack necessities you need for your trip.

Be confident during your beach excursions with the Universal Waterproof Case by JOTO not only fits your smartphone but also has ample space for other items such as your money and credit cards. This case also has a clear window in front and back, so you can take underwater photos and even check your emails as you need to!

Purchase your Universal Waterproof Case from Amazon.


Power bank to Charge your Electronic Devices

Talk about having essential smartphone gadgets because it doesn’t get much more important than having a power bank in your possession that enables you to take endless photos and videos without having to worry about a flat battery.

The Anker PowerCore 20100 Ultra High Capacity Power Bank weighs just 12.5 ounces and can charge as much as seven times over for your device. Just make sure to recharge it at night before you set out on another day of travelling.

Purchase your PowerCore 20100 Ultra High Capacity Power Bank from Amazon.


Smartphone Tripod for Photography

Get your hands on the ultimate tripod for your smartphone and be assisted when taking the top photo by stabilising the tripod on a nearby bench and taking the perfect shot with the blue tooth remote control.

A suggestion is to purchase the Triflex tripod and put it on your backpacking list for the next time you travel abroad and never fear taking a bad photo with your smartphone again; the kit includes a tripod mount and pone lens kit ring lights, and a tablet tripod mount.

Purchase your smartphone tripod from Amazon.


Car mount For Important Directions

If you’re going on a long road trip, a car mount will come in handy, ensuring your journey is safe, smooth, and hassle-free. The WizGear Universal Stick-On Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount is an affordable and powerful car mount that’s much easier to use than others.

Use the car mount when exploring foreign lands; it will keep your hands free from the steering wheel as you receive directions on where to go. Car mounts will also be helpful if you use voice-activated apps on your cell phone. All you need to do is stick it on the car, and you’re good to go!

Purchase your handy WizGear Universal Stick-On Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount from Amazon.


Video stabiliser for Creating Memorable Travel Movies

You can’t go wrong with a handheld video stabiliser if you’re like many other travellers who value video and photo footage to document your travels. This smartphone accessory is a must-have for your smartphone because it ensures you take shake-free videos.

The Zhiyun Smooth Handheld Stabilizer works for Android/iPhone and is equipped with handy features such as control panel design, focus pull, and zoom capabilities. It also comes with time-lapse and object tracking functionalities.

Purchase your Zhiyun Smooth Handheld Stabilizer from Amazon.

Selfie flashlight to Light up the Night

The most beautiful places we see during our travels are best seen at night. But this poses a challenge for taking explicit photos. Enter the selfie flashlight, which lets you take beautifully-lit images anywhere.

The QIAYA Selfie Light Ring is one of the best on the market, clip it onto your smartphone, and it’s ready to use. It has rechargeable batteries, which you can charge with a USB cord. It’s also lightweight and compact. There are three light settings, too: selfie, make-up, and dark scenery.

Purchase your QIAYA Selfie Light Ring from Amazon.

Blue Tooth Selfie Stick For Awesome Photos

With your selfie flashlight, you’re going to need a selfie stick.  Everyone by now probably has these handy devices that are essential when backpacking Asia, but do you have the right one that is durable and has a blue tooth connectable remote control, so you can easily take the perfect photo of yourself in amongst the epic background wherever you are in the world.

Purchase your blue tooth selfie stick from Amazon.


With these helpful travel essentials for your smartphone, travelling just got a lot easier, and now all you need to do is work out which smartphone accessories deal for you when travelling around the world.

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