The flights are booked, and the hotel is all sorted. All you need to do now is to pack for your long-awaited holiday and before you know it, you’ve arrived at the airport, gone through customs and now you’re waiting for your flight to your upcoming international destination.

Before all that begins, it’s time to get a head start for your next adventure with the ultimate packing list that is detailed with a range of products you’ll need from your trip. Listed featured products such as the obvious luggage bags, travel backpacks and cameras, to the lesser-known essentials such as a travel wallet or a journal to keep not of your adventure.

Because these products are through the Amazon Affiliate program, I may make a few dollars if you were to purchase an item. Don’t fear, it is at no further expense to you, the buyer. You can read more at this disclaimer.

Below items are listed in five different categories luggage, electronic devices, smartphones & accessories, items specific for flights and other essential items. Just a note, that items do lead you to the Amazon website and while I may make a few dollars if you purchase a product, it won’t come at a further expense to you.

With all that in mind, let’s get packing and perhaps a little travel shopping.


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The ultimate packing list for your adventure begins here.


The Ultimate Packing List for your Next International Getaway


Luggage and Storage Items

The first thing you need when looking to pack those essentials items away is to store them in a suitable travel bag. That is why the first items on the list is a suitable luggage case or an adequate backpack for travel because frankly, you’re no good without one. More than likely you have these specific items tucked away under a bed or in a closet hidden away in the house and only remembered when you go travelling.

Let’s start the ultimate packing list with what comes out first when preparing for any holiday, the luggage and storage items, along with a few gimmicks that may come in handy at the same time.


1.      Luggage set

Store away all the essentials with a 3-piece luggage set. Perhaps you don’t need to utilise all three at once, but it does come in handy if travelling heavy or as a family. The perfect for all occasions of travel style, these ideal luggage cases come in three different sizes, are lightweight, durable with a hard shell and easy to get around with multi-directional wheels.


2.      Travel Backpack

The ideal travel laptop backpack is essential in all modern day travelling, where you can get around with ease with the durability of the perfect backpack. In some cases, you can travel without the large suitcases and go travelling with the freedom of a backpack only and has appropriate storage for your clothes, accessories and quality protection for your laptop.


3.      Dry Bag

At times you may be travelling somewhere in the world where your personal belongings need protection from the water, such as the camera, smartphone or everyday belongings. A dry bag can be an essential part of the packing list if you know what confronts during your trip abroad.


4.      Luggage scales

Don’t get embarrassed at airports ever again upon realisation your luggage has come in a few kilograms over weight allocation, we see it all the time at check-in counters where people are scrambling to reduce the size of their bags. Luggage scales are a great way to avoid the embarrassment and save you a little time by weighing your travel bags before you leave the house.


5.      Vacuum bags

In a tight squeeze, the vacuum bags come in handy when you need to compress your clothes and other personal belongings to fit into the luggage case, I think we can all relate to this one and agree that this handy item needs to be added to the travel checklist to keep everything compressed.


6.      Shoe bag

Don’t mix your smelly shoes with your clean clothing while travelling. A compact shoe bag is a great way to store away your shoes and add them appropriately to the luggage case.


7.      Luggage lock

Not always needed if your purchase the right secure luggage cases, but at the same time, you may never know when a luggage lock can come in handy during your travel to keep your belongings safe & secure during your flight or in the comfort of your hotel room.


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Electronic Devices and a few buddies

In the modern world of today, electronic devices are a part of us and are essential for any packing list. Be it a personal laptop, a camera or even a GoPro, electronic devices come in all sorts and are handy to enhance your travel experience.

Let’s have a look at a few electronic devices that need to be included on the ultimate packing list and a few of its buddies too.


8.      Laptop

The personal travel laptop often comes on your adventure around the world, either for use in the day to day business, to check out your daily pictures in a larger scale or to keep a record of your travel journal. There is a variety of reasons the laptop is an essential part of the holiday packing list.


9.      Laptop Carry bag

It may not always be the case, but your personal laptop could do with its own laptop carry bag. ideal for occasions when storing the laptop in a backpack may not be appropriate and you need to pack a carry bag that comes with a more professional look.


10.  GoPro hero 7

Don’t let an adventure holiday stop you from recording the best bits, a GoPro that is handy to use while trekking, kayaking or even jumping out of a plane in a sky-diving experience. The GoPro will capture your best parts and with the right accessories, it’s easily and securely attached to your body to record the best footage possible.


11.  Camera

A camera is usually the first thing packed away on the packing list because everyone wants to capture the best bits of the holiday. While a smartphone will suffice for a lot of photos, sometimes you looking to capture a more professional shot without spending a fortune.

An appropriate camera that is a good size has enough memory and has versatile functions attached to the camera, such as a video recorder, is all you need for a trip.



12.  Camera bag

The camera and all its valuable accessories such as lenses always need to be kept safe within a camera bag and is an integral part of the packing list when heading abroad. You want a camera bag that is the right size, will store all the items and is easy to carry around, much like a backpack.


13.  Amazon Kindle

Perhaps you’re an avid book reader and you prefer to keep all your favourite stories on one file. Let the Amazon Kindle take you the rest of the way and will store all your favourite books and travel guides in the easily accessible Kindle. Ideal for taking on your flight.


14.  Electronic Organiser

Store away your smartphone, iPad, cables, chargers in the one space with your very own Electronic Organiser, a great way to keep all your handy devices in the one bag.


15.  USB Hub

A USB hub is a great way to charge all those devices in the one location, especially when you don’t have enough places to charge your valuable and you need to have everything ready to go the very next day.


16.  USB Memory Stick

A USB memory stick is great to store and transfer your photos & videos of your daily events, to be sure that your camera has sufficient memory for capturing plenty more pictures for your next day of travel.


electronic devices adventures around the word

The laptop usually goes on the adventure with you.



A Smart Phone and their handy accessories

A smartphone is handy in every possible way, whether it is making a few calls, typing a text message, can be used as a camera, google maps will help to get you where you’re going, or to take down a few notes of the day’s events.

The smartphone is an extension of your arm but do remember to look up from the screen from time to time, because the real world is an amazing place.


17.  A Smartphone

You’re probably not going to rush out to purchase a smartphone because the chances are you have a trendy smartphone already as an extension to the arm and is an automatic inclusion to the travel essentials checklist. I am a Samsung fan myself, therefore, I’m going to recommend you check out the


18.  Portable Charger

One of the most commonly packed things to any travel checklist, the portable charger is a handy part of travel today, especially when your away from the hotel room for a long period of time and you need to instantly charge the camera or smartphone. Don’t go cheap on these items, because a good charge can last for hours.


19.  Bluetooth Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is commonly used in travel these days to get the ultimate picture of yourself without the need to ask any passing-by stranger. A lot of selfie sticks today also come with a tripod which is handy to take a well-balanced shot without the shakes.


20.  Smartphone Tripod

For your next trip abroad, take with you a mini tripod specifically designed for smartphones. The tripod is easy to carry with you always and you can take a great balanced shot without the need of touching your phone.


21.  Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones again need to be on the ultimate travel list, easy to carry with you and can be used in a variety of ways with your smartphone/computer and are great for listening to music/movies during your travels or your flight.


22.  Waterproof Smartphone case

The best thing about a waterproof phone case is they are not expensive, and they ultimately do the job, which is to keep your phone safe from water during your holiday. Great for any kayaking tours, or water-based activities you may partake in.  


23.  Optical Lens for Smart Phones

You don’t need a regular camera to enhance your images because with a variety of optical lens you can zoom in, take wide shots and take a close-up picture of objects with your smartphone. The Lens is easy to use, easy to store and fits perfectly on your phone so you can take a great picture.


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Items for the Airplane ride

A smooth flight is a happy flight and there are a few essential items that can improve your time in the air. A few items that need to be crossed off the list before you board the plane to assure a smooth transition in the skies is from the following suggestions.


24.  Noise cancelling headphones

One of the best things you can take on the flight is a noise-cancelling headphone, especially when loud passengers or children are sitting nearby. We all know it happens. Not only will the expensive headphones cut out any nearby noise, but it’s also used a regular headphone and has top-quality audio.



25.  Collapsible Water Bottle

Anything that is collapsible, easy to store and will assist in keeping you hydrated is fantastic to carry on the plane with you during your long flight. Collapse the bottle when going through customs and refill it with the water fountains on the other side before you board your flight, you’ll love this little item.


26.  Sleep mask

Get those annoying in-flight lights out of your eyes with a sleep mask or perhaps you need a little day-time shut eye on your vacation and you wish to block out the daylight into the room. Especially ideal when you’re in much need for a good sleep before arriving at your destination.


27.  Travel Pillow

For similar reasons to the sleep mask, a comfortable travel pillow can assist in giving you a re good night sleep during your flight, without waking up to a crooked neck a few hours later.


travel backpacks

Have your travel list checked off before you fly.



The Other Essential Items you can’t travel without

The ultimate packing list is not done with yet, here are a few more essential items that need to be considered for your next holiday abroad.


28.  Travel toiletry bag

Keep your toiletries and bathroom items packed away neatly in a travel toiletry bag, this item is handy for any getaway and needs to be added to the travel toiletries list. All you need to do is to keep your items replenished. Purchase your travel toiletry bag from Amazon.


29.  Travel Day pack

When you don’t feel like carrying a large backpack for any day out in your destination, get the lesser but still ideal daypack that hangs conveniently over your shoulder and carries the essentials such as your phone, wallet, passport and other valuable items. Check out this handy Sling backpack from Amazon.


30.  Silk Travel Sheets

Light, compact and easy to pack away, take with you on your adventure abroad your very own travel sheet for perfect night sleep in the comfort of your own sheets that are built specifically for travel.



31.  USB Travel Adapter

Essential packing items for travel is the USB travel Adapter, can be used in most countries you visit world-wide and packs neatly into your luggage. You can charge a variety of devices at once too, which is handy and time-saving at the same time.


32.  Travel Journal

Keep tabs on your day to day adventures around the world with a personalised travel journey. Some memories in life need to be remembered and even shared with others.


33.  Travel Umbrella

Keep protected from rain or sun during your adventures outside with a travel umbrella. Easy to store away in your luggage and handy to have at your side when the weather turns wild or gets a little too hot for comfort.


34.  Travel wallet

An item that is not always suggested as essential, but a travel wallet needs to be added to your travel checklist, an essential part of your trip that holds your passports, cash, credit cards and other valuable items, The travel wallet can fit neatly into your daypack or securely around your waist to halt any attempt of theft, most travel wallets are RFID protected too which is a bonus.


There you have it! A helpful list of 34-items that need to be added to your ultimate packing list when you go travelling. I’m sure there is a heck of a lot more items that you can think of when you are preparing your own travel list and the team at Fair Dinkum Traveller,  would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below if you feel you have anything to add. Happy travels.


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Be prepared throughout your adventures by checking off the ultimate packing list.

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