It’s easy to get excited when your much-anticipated vacation comes around. For the average family r person out there, a vacation generally comes around once a year, twice a year if you’re lucky, and if you’re fortunate, you may be lucky enough to go on an overseas trip, and you can bet those trips are a dime a dozen.

Beyond the excitement of your looming trip, sometimes you need to cool those jets and ask yourself the important question, are you travel ready?

Yes, no, maybe, unsure.

Whatever the answer may be, let’s settle those nerves and make you travel-ready with this little handy pre-travel checklist. You never know when it comes to your next vacation, you may thank your lucky stars that you were prepared and saved yourself a little heartache while on vacation. 


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Are You Travel Ready? A Pre-Travel Checklist for your next adventure!



Have your Passports and Travel Documents Prepared

Not that a passport is going to be forgotten when heading overseas, but stranger things have happened when your mind is drifting towards cocktails and white sands long before your vacation has begun. Have your passport prepared for all travellers in the party and well within expiration date (at least 6-months).

The same can be said for relevant Visa documents, depending on which country you intend to visit, Visa documents may need to be prepared before your trip commences, so be sure that all required travel documents are in order and that you have done the proper research of your upcoming destination.


Purchase Travel Insurance before you Jet off

Travelling anywhere in the world without travel insurance could be the most foolish thing any traveller can do. The single most important travel document you can have on any adventure is travel insurance, it’s affordable and in the end, could save you thousands of dollars if things were to go wrong.

Purchase travel insurance before you leave home, it’ll only take five minutes, and from there, you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that everyone is taken care of.


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Be travel ready and enjoy your holiday.


Notify Your Bank of Any Travel Plans

If you often use your credit card when on holiday, it’s advised that you contact your bank of any travel plans and the destinations that you will be visiting while overseas.

Banks tend to cancel your credit card when suspicious activities are happening, and noticing transactions in overseas countries can be seen as suspicious and prompt the bank to cancel your card. For some travellers, that could cause a whole range of issues and frustrating phone calls back home.


Pack your Important Medical Supplies

No, not medical supplies such as Panadol or antiseptic creams that can be purchased anywhere around the world, but vital medical supplies that specific people depend on to live or get through every day.

Each specific individual will know what medical supplies they need to pack for their holiday if any at all. It’s best you pack away essential supplies from the get-go, rather than leaving them on the kitchen bench and having a mad panic upon realisation it has been left behind. It’s happened before.


Conduct a little Research of your Upcoming Destination

Each country has laws and customs that need to be obeyed and respected when you step foot into the country, whether you think its odd or not.

Ignorance is bliss to overseas authorities, so doing a little research on a country’s laws and customs before heading off, may save you a little embarrassment later on.


Don’t Leave your Kids Behind

Not that too many kids have lived out Kevin McCallister’s dream and have been left Home Alone, while the rest of the family are in Paris. But heck, if it’s too happen to you, at least there will be comical consequences for Harry and Marv the neighbourhood robbers.

The last one may have been a little attempt at humour, but the rest need to be taken seriously. If you are travelling overseas, be travel ready and have your documents and insurance in order. A stress-free holiday is a holiday always to cherish.


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Be Travel Ready.
travel ready

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Travel Ready

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