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Travelling with your family or a big group is guaranteed fun.

However, it does require careful thought and preparation when planning an adventure: some hotels and flights need booking, logistics need to be sorted, and making sure documentation is in place for everyone.

Taking care of several passports, all at once can be risky. We all know how essential passports are, and that’s why it’s crucial to have a safe place to keep all your passports. That’s where family passport holders come in handy.

The family travel wallet enables you to store multiple passports in just one place so that you can save time and eliminate headaches whenever you have to provide passports at the check-in desk.

Family travel passports usually include pockets so that you can store other documentation, receipts, and travel itineraries needed for your trip. You can think about how much time you’ll save with a multi passport case when used for a variety of purposes!

When you travel with the entire gang without a family passport holder, you can easily spend so much time in your day looking for the important documents. It can leave you stressful, and we all know how much airport staff love asking us to get the passports and other materials out at regular intervals when flying internationally.

The stress can come to an end because the team at Fair Dinkum Traveller have looked around for the best family passport holders available at Amazon so that you don’t have to. Here’s what we’ve found for the latest instalment of travel shopping.


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Best Family Passport Holders to make your travels a smooth transition.





Best Family Passport Holders to make your travels a smooth transition



Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer

This elegant family passport holder is one of the smartest organizers around. Mums and dads will appreciate the removable wristlet, while cross body straps allow you to wear it in different ways.

However, what makes the Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer stand out is just how spacious it is. The travel wallet is designed for large groups or families; it can carry up to six passports, and it comes with two pockets for boarding passes.

That’s not all: it also has two spacious zippered pockets for storing cash, two more stash pockets for documents, plus an external zippered pocket for your phone. All in all, 21 pockets!

Purchase yout Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer from Amazon today!

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RFID Multiple Passports & Documents Holder by SunnySouq    

Compact, elegant, and stylish, the RFID Multiple Passport Holder by SunnySouq is the ideal family travel accessory. It’s equipped with RFID protection for added security which comes in handy considering that this organizer holds not just up to four passports but your credit cards, boarding pass, mobile phones, money, and much more.

The RFID Multiple Passports & Documents Holder is made with water-resistant nylon and is sealed with a convenient zippered closure. The passport case is durable without taking up too much space, this family passport holder will make sure your travels are smooth and hassle-free.

Purchase your Travel Wallet Passport Holder and DocumentHolder by SunnySouq from Amazon!

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Travel Wallet Passport Holder and RFID Document Organizer by Flymei

This sleek and casual family passport organizer comes in a waterproof case, which is perfect for keeping your most valuable documents protected even if you’re travelling through rain and snow. The Passport holder wallet is made with a high-density linen and cotton fabric blend that feels great to the touch.

Inside, the Travel Wallet Passport Holder and RFID passport wallet by Flymei can hold up to five passports on the left side while the right side has extra pockets for holding your credit and debit cards, transportation passes, and coins.

Other pockets can also fit your boarding card, money, keys, and so much more. It also comes with a removable neck strap for easy, hands-free carrying – all in a lightweight family passport holder.

Purchase your Travel Wallet Passport Holder and RFID Document Organizer by Flymei from Amazon!





Zero Grid Neck Wallet

The Zero Grid Neck Wallet is a convenient way to carry around your family’s travel documents. It’s ideal if you prefer having added protection from theft too because it conceals money, credit cards, and other valuables.

Carrying it around your neck is one of the most efficient ways to prevent pickpockets, plus it also has an RFID blocking feature. When worn under your shirt, it’s completely invisible too!

Its design is compact; unlike other family passport holders, it doesn’t open up but instead works by inserting your passports inside a zipper pocket. Depending on how many passports you store in it, you can also keep your mobile phone it and keys without it getting too chunky.

The Zero Grid Neck Wallet is highly recommended if you’re travelling through many busy places and you’re worried about theft.

Purchase your Zero Grid Neck Wallet from Amazon!

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Defway Passport Wallet with Family Passport Holder

Another great family passport holder with RFID blocking technology, the Defway Passport Wallet with Family Passport Holder is compact and lightweight yet can hold a significant amount of travel documents. The interior organizational compartments are flexible and are used for storing several passports, credit cards, tickets, money, receipts, and much more.

The front pockets are spacious enough for holding smartphones while making it easy for you to reach them whenever needed. It’s made with water-resistant high-quality nylon for peace of mind when travelling through inclement weather as well as keeping your documents protected from spills.

The Defway Passport Wallet with Family Passport Holder is also equipped with a removable wrist belt for added convenience when travelling.

Defway Passport Wallet with Family Passport Holder from Amazon!

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Families and big groups travelling together can benefit from family passport holders. Once you travel with it, you’ll see why it makes such a big difference in helping you stay organized on the road. Just carry them all in one convenient organizer, and you’re set to go on your adventure!


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