It’s an unheralded temple in Kyoto; however, the Kodai-Ji temple is one of the most beautiful attractions you’ll visit in the famous tourist city of Japan.


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Whenever the question arises, what is my favourite Kyoto temple? The answer is simple and always Kodaiji Temple.

It happened during my trip, in what is easily my favourite Japanese city, when I saw many beautiful temples, such as Kinkakuji in Western Kyoto and the Tenryuji Temple in Arashiyama. However, Kodaiji is what brings back the fondest of memories from my trip to Japan.

Why? The answer is quite easy to be truthful, inside, I felt most at peace, with the splendid structures and the magnificent scenery throughout the grounds at Kodai-Ji, it was beautiful, and I could have stayed for hours to view what is a Kyoto must-see attraction.

Let’s take a further look inside an incredible Kyoto Temple walk, and get you inspired, as I was when I first stepped inside this exquisite Kyoto Buddhist Temple.


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kodaiji temple

The very picturesque and stunning Kodaiji Temple Kyoto.





Kyoto Temple Guide – The Picturesque Kodaiji Temple

It’s a temple of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism and was established in the year 1606.  The temple was designed by Nene, who made the temple in honour of deceased husband in the name of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Like many historic structures throughout the world, the Kodaiji has needed re-construction due to past devastations.

When it comes to the temple for what it is today, for whatever reason, it’s often underrated for tourists who are visiting the popular Japanese City, which is a little confusing, because this impressive attraction of scenic beauty and is easily one the most beautiful temples which I visited during my stay in Japan.

I must admit! I didn’t get to them all of course.


kyoto temple

The Kangetsu-Dai, a closed roof bridge in Kodai.


Where is Kodaiji Temple Kyoto?

For tourists visiting the region, a trip to Kodaiji is hardly out of the way, for it is situated in the Southern Higashiyama District in the Eastern Part of Kyoto Japan, meaning it’s not too far from central part of the city and is located amongst many other tourist attractions such as Yasaka Shrine, Tenninji Temple, Ninenzaka, Gion and Kiyomizu-Dera.

Perhaps being surrounded by so many amazing places, it can get a little neglected by mistake, however, for an entrance fee of 600-Yen, there is no excuse to skip what I think is one of the finest temples in Kyoto.

Kyoto Temple Entrance Fees – 600 Yen
Kyoto Temple Opening Hours – 9 am – 5:30 pm


kodai temple kyoto

Entering into Kodaiji.

The stunning Architectural Buildings of Kodaiji Temple

I am not the most excellent architectural writer known to man, so I can only give it my best in this department. So, bear with me a little. Although, you can let the pictures do the talking for you.

Getting into it, I loved everything about the structures and design of the Kodaiji buildings. The primary colour that stood out within the main buildings was white panelled walls mixed in with the brown framework. If you looked closely within the temple structures, you’d notice original artist work paintings within the frames of the buildings.

Inside the grounds of the temple, you’ll come across the elegant structure, such as the Kangetsu-Dai, which is a roofed bridge, that leads into another beautiful building and with the surrounding scenery in the background, it looks incredible. Throughout your journey, there are also several tea houses that add to the glamour of the Kodaiji Temple.


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The brilliant design of one of the buildings in Kodaiji.

The Picturesque Scenery in and around the Kodai Temple

The buildings are significant, of course, but the delightful landscape designs do take this temple to another, and it is a privilege to take your time to walk through the temple and marvel at the gardens and the impressive highlands that is the backdrop to the temple.

You’ll be mesmerised by the lovely colours that are rife in the great outdoors, no matter which time of the season you may be visiting Kyoto.

Once you ascend further in, you’ll notice Kodaiji’s great outdoors includes its very own Bamboo Zen Garden, while not quite to the hype of Arashiyama’s version, you’ll still love a gentle walk through the Bamboo Grove, and you’ll discover there are a heck of a lot fewer crowds in this specific bamboo walk.



Kodaiji’s very own Bamboo Walk.

It all blends in Perfectly to be an incredible Kyoto Japan Temple

One plus one equals two, and if that is the case, beautiful buildings plus gorgeous landscapes with astonishing scenery equals a stunning temple design that any tourists would love to be a part of during their Japan trip.

With that being the case, if you are in the Eastern Part of Kyoto visiting the Shrines, the street thoroughfares and other incredible temples in the region, make sure that you add Kodaiji Temple to the list of attractions, because in doing so, you’ll only add in what is going to be a positive Kyoto trip during your travels.


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Kyoto temple guide

Don’t forget to visit Kodaiji in Kyoto.

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