It is not your typical walk in an Australian bush, where you’re generally on the lookout for koalas in the trees or kangaroos jumping about the forest.

Inside the lush forest of the Ferguson Valley region, is one of the unique Western Australia attractions you’ll find, an iconic place which is a kingdom for all those little garden gnomes in this world. You know the ones, those small garden statues which are usually elegantly placed in your garden.

The iconic attraction is known as Gnomesville and while It’s not quite like the movie Gnomeo & Juliet where there are numerous hilarious battles. Gnomesville is much more real, and you can’t help but feel like you are in a magical part of the world, where your imagination is allowed to run wild.

It is a rare sight to see; there are hundreds of gnomes appropriately placed and spread out far and wide in a beautiful part of Ferguson Valley, located in the state’s southwest and not far from Bunbury.

Thousands of tourists come every year to check out the little gnomes and even bring their very own, to permanently place the little garden friends in the quiet Australian bush for the rest of the world to see. It’s Gnomesville in Ferguson Valley, a small place that must be visited when in Western Australia. 


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Gnomesville in Ferguson Valley, Western Australia.




The Gnomes of Gnomesville in Ferguson Valley



Getting to Gnomesville

Gnomesville is located in the Ferguson Valley area of the Southwest of Western Australia. It’s around two-hours South of Perth and a stone throw from the regional city of Bunbury.

You enter through the town of Dardanup, the gateway to Ferguson Valley, and take Ferguson road for about 20-kilometres until you reach the round-a-bout, where Gnomesville is stationed.


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Gnomesville Ferguson Valley

The Gnomes come to life in Gnomesville.


How much does Gnomesville cost?

Nothing, nada, bugger all.

Gnomesville is free to wander amongst the forest and view all the gnomes placed below the tall gum trees in the natural fresh air of the Aussie bushland. Bring your coffee in a thermos and cakes for the trip, there isn’t a cafe nearby, and it is the perfect spot for a refreshing morning tea.



The Gnomes say “Hi,” Why not come to Gnomesville and say hello too!


What to do in Gnomesville?

The best things to at Gnomesville is to bring a picnic lunch and buy a bottle of wine from one of the local  Ferguson Valley wineries to enjoy lunch in nature.

From there, take a stroll with the family or partner and experience the great outdoors with your new little garden gnome friends and listen to the beautiful sounds of the nearby creek and birds chirping away. It will truly feel like a peaceful experience. 


Gnomes of Gnomesville

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the sounds of the forest as you eat.


Ferguson Valley

Ferguson Valley is not just about Gnomesville.

You can spend a day in the Valley enjoying a variety of activities such as hiking in the Crooked Brook Forest, visit waterfalls and enjoy some tasting at the local wineries and breweries.

If you are in the mood for lunch, there are a couple of restaurants located in Ferguson Valley with Moody Cow Brewery being a popular choice to stop by for lunch. Good food, Good beer. Great entertainment, even for the kids.

What are you waiting for? It’s Gnomesville in the picturesque Ferguson Valley of Western Australia.

A fascinating tourist place where the Gnomes come to life (not literally), and if you find yourself in the South West of WA, go and take a peek, the gnomes are waiting to say hi to their new friends and welcome you to their home.


Ferguson Valley

Hiking is a great outdoor activity in Ferguson Valley.


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