Congratulations: you’ve tied the knot!

After a happy wedding day, the next thing on the agenda is the honeymoon trip that generally follows the big event in your life.

If there’s one thing that’s difficult about honeymoons, it’s choosing where on earth to go to find that cheap honeymoon destinations, especially if you’re on a budget and you still want the occasion to be extra special.

Why not consider a country in Asia for your choice of the best all inclusive honeymoon destinations?

Asia is filled with incredibly diverse cultures, and destinations and each country within the vast continent offer a wonderfully rich experience that stimulates all the senses.

It’s known for white-sandy beaches, colourful history, glittering skyscrapers, majestic temples and endless of opportunities for an epic adventure.

When you combine all that with the warm hospitality of its people and the low cost of living, you’ve got the recipe for the best honeymoon destinations in Asia.

You don’t need to look any further than Asia for a plethora of exotic, romantic places, that include stunning all inclusive honeymoon resorts and are ideal for celebrating a new chapter in your life after your wedding day.

Whether you’re into the big cities, tropical getaway or nature stay, the vast continent has plenty to offer for both you and your partner, which you’ll both genuinely appreciate during your honeymoon.

Considering the excellent price points of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia, it’s up to you to decide on a budget and stay for as long or as short as time permits.

The good news is that it’s so easy to stretch your money in most countries in Asia, and you can’t go wrong in terms of finding value for your hard-earned savings and having a cheap honeymoon to celebrate your new love.


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Kuala Lumpur rainforest

Cheap and Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia for Couples to Consider.


The best and cheapest honeymoon destinations in Asia



Get Romantic in Bali – One of the top Honeymoon Destinations Asia

Easily one of Asia’s hottest honeymoon destinations, Bali is a beautiful island that boasts of an extensive array of attractions and activities for all couples looking for a SOutheast Asia honeymoon.

The Island of the Gods has stunning ancient temples, a vibrant culture that everyone loves, volcano trekking, gorgeous beaches to capture a stunning sunset and excellent food that will enhance the lovers dining experience.

Best of all, Bali is an affordable holiday! For around $200, you can get a luxurious private villa with butler service in a location enveloped by lush rainforests.

The cheap honeymoon packages are amongst the best in the region, and as a bonus, the low price of Bali makes it easy for honeymooners to stretch their dollar for a good two or three weeks on the island.

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romantic escape

Enjoy a romantic escape in Bali.

Try something different in Chiang Mai

Thailand isn’t only about the beach and enjoying a beautiful sunset over the Andaman Sea.

If you and your lover want to immerse yourself in the nature, culture, and history of Thailand, check out Chiang Mai. Located in the north of the country, Chiang Mai is a beautiful land-locked province located at the base of some majestic mountains.

The scenery in Chiang Mai is impressive for a honeymoon in Asia, there are emerald green rivers and cascading waterfalls, hundreds of golden temples, tribal settlements, sprawling national parks, and vibrant night markets which are flowing with people.

Chiang Mai is also renowned for its crazy delicious street food and an elephant nature park, where you can make friends with gentle giants for the day.

Accommodation in the region range from boutique hotels to elegant Lanna-style accommodations, and they come in an extensive price range, which is ideal if you’re looking for affordable all-inclusive honeymoon packages.


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The Island of Koh Samui

It’s undoubtedly one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, Koh Samui is a romantic tropical paradise that is ideal for any lover’s retreat and is one of the cheap and best honeymoon destinations in Asia.

The coconut-tree fringed white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and several temples await you in Samui, and like the rest of Thailand, Koh Samui is an affordable holiday!

The luxurious yet affordable villas and cheap massages are a dime a dozen, the food and drinks will cost you no more than the spare change in your pocket. Koh Samui is ideal for couples who enjoy the sea, love the dazzling nightlife and enjoy an adventure holiday on the side.

Because it is a Southeast Asia honeymoon destination, don’t forget to book a romantic spa treatment while you’re on vacation, if you’re lucky, it may already be a part of your honeymoon vacation packages, the locals do deliver an excellent massage. has impressive resorts at a great price available for your Asia honeymoon destinations.





Enjoy amazing attractions in Koh Samui Thailand – One of the best honeymoon destinations Asia.

Paradise lives in Palawan

This semi-remote beach destination in the Philippines is the ultimate honeymoon destination for beach lovers.

Its seascapes are simply unparalleled, with horizons dotted by jagged limestone formations, friendly people, and a laid-back rustic vibe, mainly since it’s relatively new to tourism. El Nido, Coron, and Port Barton are three jaw-dropping tropical paradise destinations within Palawan that are huge on romance!

If you’re looking to relax and take in breathtaking sunsets with your loved one with little to no people around you, Palawan is highly recommended.

You can enjoy a full day of island hopping with lunch included for just $25, with being quite affordable too. This exotic Southeast Asia honeymoon destination is perfect for inclusion to your Philippines Itinerary. 

There isn’t much of a nightlife in Palawan, but for a honeymoon in Asia, it fits the bill to perfection to find those all inclusive honeymoon resorts.




honeymoon destinations

Enjoy sunsets in Palawan.

Enjoy Romance in busy Hong Kong

Tropical honeymoon destinations include a city escape to Hong Kong and is always accessible on the radar for newlyweds.

A charming, cosmopolitan city it’s hard not to fall in love with Hong Kong upon arrival in the popular Asia destination, which offers city slickers many attractions to explore while on vacation.

Hong Kong is peppered with some natural attractions if you’re looking for a quick escape from the city, majestic places such as hiking the Dragon’s Back, the Nan Lian garden, and a handful of beaches that is on the city doorstep.

Victoria Peak is not to be missed. Arrive at dusk to enjoy some genuinely romantic sights, that includes a famous star light show, it’ll dazzle the hearts in your Asia honeymoon destination.


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honeymoon destinations in Asia

Romance lives in Hong Kong.


Love the Nature in Malaysian Borneo

Couples who love nature can’t go wrong with a honeymoon in Malaysian Borneo, an incredible rainforest location known for its wildlife and untouched nature.

In Malaysian Borneo, you can view orangutans up close in their habitat, explore pristine beaches, meet the tribes of Sarawak and go on an expedition to see endangered animals and insects.

No other destination in Asia can hold a candle to what Malaysian Borneo can offer in terms of raw, rugged adventure that will hold particular value for any newlyweds craving a unique holiday experience.

It promises to keep precious memories to fit into your great photo album upon returning home from your honeymoon in Asia.





Singapore, the romantic city of Asia

A melting pot of Arab, Indian, and Chinese cultures, world-class infrastructure and a wide array of delicious cuisines are what Singapore is all about. City-loving couples will have a blast in Singapore, a vibrant and clean city filled with many tantalising attractions to explore.

From the eye-popping botanical gardens, Marina Bay, and charming city neighbourhoods, urban dwellers looking for romance in the city will feel right at home in this famous Southeast Asia City.

Inside the modern city, there are many restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs to explore, with the romantic heartstrings going up another notch a the ever-impressive Clarke Quay, which offers riverside dining at a premium.

It may not be as cheap as its neighbouring Asian countries, but you’re paying a premium for cleanliness and efficiency, which means you can’t go wrong with Singapore as perfect honeymoon vacation.

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Sunset over Singapore

Romance is alive with a Sunset over Singapore.

Love is in the air in the Maldives

Looking for the best honeymoon destinations Asia, you can try the smallest country in the world; the Maldives is easily the most beautiful country in all the planet.

A gorgeous little country where you’ll find postcard-perfect beaches and a romantic ambience that has been written about for decades.

For many, it’s one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in Asia and a country worthy of being on your bucket list.

The Maldives is known for its secluded and romantic resorts that are set atop shimmering clear waters. It’s the ideal destination for couples who wish to master the art of doing nothing, but in a stunning location that is picturesque in every way imaginable.

By dusk, enjoy romantic walks on the beach before sinking your teeth into the sumptuous cuisine of the Maldives.

You can book the best all inclusive honeymoon resorts in the Maldives with!



Love and Culture is alive in Sihanoukville

This charming beach town in Cambodia has only recently registered on the tourist radar and is the perfect Southeast Asia honeymonn destination.

It’s known for having affordable luxury resorts right by the beach, with trendy bars and hip restaurants throughout the coast.

You can spend your days relaxing on beach beds, while you read a book by the sea or make new friends with other couples.

Even if you desire a quiet honeymoon alone or a party-filled time, Sihanoukville has something for you no matter what you’re seeking. It’s also known for its vast selection of eco-friendly accommodation.

While it is primarily a beach destination, Sihanoukville is located nearby many great attractions like wildlife and elephant sanctuaries that are ideal for fun and for being adventurous.

However, you’ll still find affordable honeymoon packages that couples will enjoy during the best weeks of their life.

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Begin your married life in Perfect Japan – Top Honeymoon Destinations Asia

Japan is among the top 10 honeymoon destinations in Asia and having visited the country previously; it’s easy to see why. Culture vultures and sushi lovers will appreciate a honeymoon trip to this fascinating country; in fact, it’ll be the trip of a lifetime.

Imagine getting lost in a futuristic country where you can’t speak the language, but having the ability to find romance in the charming alleyways and kitschy culture of Japan.

There are many excellent honeymoon destinations throughout the country, including Kyoto, Tokyo, Miyajima, Fuji’s Five Lakes, and Osaka. As a couple, you can visit temples, endless national parks, zen gardens, dine in world-class cuisines, and loads of shopping are just some of the things you can look forward to throughout this incredible country.

If you’re travelling during the winter, why not have a snow-capped honeymoon and cosy it up at a mountain retreat in Hokkaido, Nagano, or Kyoto? Better yet, take advantage of skiing and snow sports, but do it Japanese style!

If you’d like a taste of tropical Japan, check out Okinawa for a few days. The possibilities and permutations for a fun-filled, romantic honeymoon in Japan are endless, so the limit is only your time and budget.

The cheap and best honeymoon destinations in Asia offers excellent value for money. It’s up to you to decide on a budget and stay for as long or as short as time permits.

The good news is that it’s so easy to stretch your money, meaning you can’t go wrong with choosing Asia as your ultimate honeymoon destination.


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Kyoto City

Beautiful Kyoto City in Japan.


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honeymoon destination in Asia
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