How do you organise your future travel itinerary?

Do you use a trusted travel agent and get the assistance needed? Perhaps, you look for deals from the travel section in the weekend newspapers or magazines?

Alternatively, do you use your creative, yet, exciting option of being your own travel Itinerary planner and conducting thorough research for your next adventure?

With do it yourself travel, it’s a great way to find exciting tours, book day trips, find transportation options with Bookaway and seek ideal accommodation options at the tip of an internet search browser.

To plan your trip is one of the most incredible things you could ever do, there is nothing more enthralling than to jot down ideas, review hotels and save a heap of money because you scoured the internet to find the best travel deal available.

Travel agents are great, they can be accommodating and will go out of their way to get you out of a jam, before, during, or even, at the conclusion of your travels, and if you go down that path, that choice is fine.

However, being your own travel itinerary planner means you can avoid paying unnecessary fees and commissions that are associated with agencies. It gives you the option of going straight to the source and cutting the added costs by using a third party.

So next time you plan your vacation, be a holiday organiser and create your travel itinerary with a few of these essential tips provided below.


Create your own adventure by finding a great hotel through!


Travel Itinerary Planner

Be Your Own Travel Itinerary Planner and Save For Your Next Adventure.



Be Your Own Travel Itinerary Planner and Save For Your Next Adventure



Plan your trip online at the ease of your fingertips

The internet is a fantastic way to be your very own trip planner. At the tip of your fingers, you can research destinations, seek travel advice, read reviews of hotels & tours and find affordable flights for the dates you need to travel.

When you plan your trip online, you will save quite a bit of money, for you are cutting out the middleman, avoiding extra fees and creating an itinerary yourself.

Which indeed is rather exciting and teasing prospect to learn more about your upcoming trip.


Get Help planning a holiday with TripAdvisor

There is no better way to get a true story from the average traveller than at TripAdvisor.

At TripAdvisor, anything and everything is written about specific travel topics by people who visited that place and threw in their two cents worth on what they thought.

The best thing about reading TripAdvisor reviews, it all evens out, and the usual score rating is an accurate reflection of the tourist place, hotel or restaurant.


The Best Travel Planner will research Prices of Hotel Search Engines

Prices vary from Hotel Search Engine to another with no cost at one hotel ever being the same.

You know what I am talking about, Hotel Search Engines such as, Hotels Combined or Agoda, to name a few.

For instance, a hotel in Phuket may be cheaper on Agoda, but the next hotel you seek in Bangkok is less expensive on

It’s essential to do your homework and get the best price from multiple sources so you can save money in the long run.


Khao Lak night markets

You beauty! Look at this great resort I found, dad!


Keep a lookout for Holiday alerts for your trip

It’s essential to sign up to email alerts for Airlines, hotels, cruises, and to a lesser extent escorted tour.

Often, I have booked a flight on a whim because of the fantastic prices associated with an Airline seen through email; usually, for me, it’s Air Asia.

The specials are sometimes too hard to believe, but very much legit, so if you think a holiday is around the corner, take note of your emails and get in first for the great holiday specials which are always out there looking for you.


Keep an eye out for Security Issues when researching your travel agenda

Terrorism, elections, protests, unfortunately, they do happen from time to time, even in the most popular of travel destinations.

When researching specific destinations, read about the security levels currently for that destination, more than likely it’s never bad enough to change travel plans, but on the odd occasion, it could be.

For Aussie travellers like me, I always use the government travel website, Smart Traveller; it gives in-depth warning, issues and facts about a destination and whether it’s safe for travel or not.


Ultimately, save money when you plan your trip

Being your very own travel Itinerary planner means you are more likely to save money than not, especially if you go about it in the right manner.

Following the necessary steps provided in this article will help you to avoid the added travel agency cost and work through an individual itinerary to suit your needs and those who you are travelling with.


Cervantes WA

An adventure is best sorted when you work it out for yourself. 


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