Many travellers wish to find suitable accommodation at the lowest cost possible!

It’s what I seek when finding the appropriate hotel deals on hotel booking sites like or Agoda.

I have a system I use, mainly through, the best hotel search engine out there I feel, and with this system, I’ve hardly left a hotel feeling disappointed by choice of hotel rooms.

What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 

I can tell you a few secrets right now, so you too, won’t be left disappointed in your choice of hotel accommodation that you’re seeking for your getaway to the perfect paradise.


Find your perfect hotel at and save money!


Mai Khao Lak

What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 



What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine?


In the past, I have had to find the best hotel deals for family travel, a solo trip or a romantic getaway.

In doing so, I have used the same basic research to find the best hotels available to fit a personal criterion.

And you know what?

The system is necessary too because I don’t like to leave things to chance and I’m sure you’re in a similar boat when searching for a hotel online.

Therefore, let’s get into at What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine? 



Put the essential requirements into the hotel search engines

Naturally, this is all up to you, the final destination, the number of people travelling, type of accommodation you seek and the specific dates of your travel?

Once you fill in the essential information into the hotel finder, it’s then time to narrow down the online hotel search even further.


Do you have a budget?

We all have a budget while travelling, whether it is $30 a night to a thousand bucks a night and once again, that is for you to decide.

I always start with the budget first, so I am narrowing down the hotel search options and not looking at any accommodation out of my budget range.

Also, by doing this, I’m not getting teased by extravagant hotel deals entirely out of my price range by putting it into the conversation, and I’m focusing on what is affordable.


What to Look for When Booking a Hotel through an Online Search Engine

Even in paradise, you could find a budget.



Select a preference of Hotel Star Rating

Perhaps it matters, then again, maybe it doesn’t.

You might be the type of traveller that doesn’t mind a one-star hotel, or you’re might be travelling with kids, and you’ll need a few comforts of a higher rated hotel.

I always find bargain hotel rooms when I only select accommodations of three-star hotels or above, it is what I prefer, and I am hardly ever let down.

Therefore, I filter the hotel rating to three, four- and five-star hotels and move onto the next step.



Narrow it down further with a selection of 8+ Customer Rating

People’s opinions matter when seeking a hotel, and that’s what I pay most attention to when looking for the right hotel.

In the filters on, once again, I only select hotels that have a customer rating of eight or above.

In this scenario, I’m choosing a room favourable with guests who stayed at the hotel and completed their review.

Keep in mind; the reviews consider the factors of the price they paid, the comforts of the room, the attitude of the staff and any added features of the hotel.

Let me tell you when you’re taking the opinions of thousands of travellers who generally love the hotel they stayed in; it’s hard to get it wrong as your final choice.


Mai Khao Lak Rooms

What do the guest think of the hotel?


Set the filter to lowest price first

Start from the lowest price and work your way up; that’s the way I go through the process.

Naturally, at the end of my thorough search, I have gone through every single page, clicked on many hotels and made a personal shortlist of hotels.


Put at least ten hotel options on the shortlist

By the time I have gone through the process, I have at least ten hotels on the shortlist.

Yes, several hotels will be a clear favourite, but with my due diligence and study techniques, I am careful to consider every appealing hotel.

Hence the shortlist of a minimum of ten hotel options.


DIning Mai Khao Lak

Maybe the hotel comes with a cooking station of your favourite eggs.



Carefully read through the hotel features

I have narrowed down the accommodation options, and now I am going over the hotel selection process by reading through the hotel features, going over the reviews by guests and considering the final price.

Even while doing it, hotel search engines like will give a guest rating for specific type traveller who stayed at the hotel. For instance, an average rating provided by solo travellers, families, business people or couples.  


Make your decision and enjoy your holiday

After hours, or even days digesting the information, it’s time to make your final selection.

Don’t fear, with the hours you have put into your research and realising what works for you; you’re bound to make the right choice.

Of course, there will be times when left disappointed, that’s life.

However, through this process, I’m confident you’ll find the ideal hotel to settle for your dream vacation and enjoy the time in paradise.

Remember, many hotel search engines have a free cancellation policy depending on the price option you select; therefore, if something is not right, you can cancel the booking with no hidden costs.

Enjoy your holiday!


DIning Mai Khao Lak

Selecting the right hotel deal means happy family vacation.

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