When time is short, and you only have enough time in your busy life to spend a day in Perth, it’s a matter of what to do in such little time. Naturally, in a city like Perth, there is so much to do, so much to see and to be brutally honest, a day in Perth is never going to be enough, but that is the case in any city around the world.

The City of Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia and is situated on Australia’s West Coast; it’s a long distance away from the hustle and bustle of the East Coast, where Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast take centre stage on the Australian map. For that reason, Perth is often overlooked as a tourist zone, and it’s through no fault of its own because you can spend quality time in the city and go to a heap of major attractions.

Being so Isolated, you are hardly going to be spending just a day in Perth. However, if you are considering a trip to the great state of Western Australia, and you plan to get in as much of the state as possible, whether it’s the gorgeous South West or Breathtaking Kimberleyin the north. Sometimes you’ll find that there is a shortage of time to spend in the Perth Metropolitan area and you may be keen to get to all the good stuff in quick time.

What to do in a day in Perth? Or Perhaps you have longer to spare, here is a list of things to do that either takes place in the heart of the city or the outer region of Perth. One thing is for sure; you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll need more than just a day in this beautiful city.


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Perth city

Spending a day in Perth – Western Australia.


Getting the Most out of A Day in Perth – Western Australia


Check out Hillarys Boat Harbour

A 15-20 minute drive north of Perth, Hillarys Boat Harbour is the perfect place to have a fantastic few hours out with the family, especially in the summertime. Be sure to bring your swimwear and jump off the pier for a dip in the Indian Ocean, or you can go down the water slides at the water park nearby.

Perhaps you need some retail therapy, at Hillarys, you can shop for all your summer clothing, before dining out in style at a variety of restaurants available at Hillarys, usually with breathtaking views.

Last but not least, take a walk around the harbour, checking out all the sights in the harbour and the million-dollar yachts anchored in the water, If you get to Hillarys around evening time, you might be fortunate enough too capture a beautiful sunset.


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Hillarys boat harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour and the Yachts and Townhouses.



Scarborough beach

One of the most famous of many beaches in Perth, located in the city’s north, Scarborough Beach is a close drive to the city and entertains in many ways without having to enter the beach with a vibrant nightlife with a host of restaurants and cafes.

In the summer months, Scarborough beach is packed to the rafters as the locals and tourist escape for fun in the summer heat and get their tan on. Just don’t forget to slip, slop, slap and look after your body, because the Australian sun can be quite brutal.


Watertown Outlet Centre

A great place to shop for fabulous brands at kind of discounted prices, remembering it is Australia and not a lot comes cheap. The Watertown Outlet Centre is located within the city limits on the west side of the CBD, and when you tire of shopping on the city streets, you can go to the laid back Watertown for other retail therapy and increase the credit card bills.


Watertown Perth

Watertown Outlet Centre.



Adventure World

It’s Perth’s major theme Park that opens for about nine months of the year, usually closing during the winter months.  Adventure World consists of 16 water slides, plenty of swimming pools for kids and adults and two roller coast amongst and a host of other major fun and wild rides that will give the whole family a whole range of fun and dizziness.






Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay was opened in January of 2016 and is located in the Perth CBD along the great Swan River. Elizabeth Quay produces pretty strolls along the river that has stunning views of the city in the background, often creating great photos.

It’s also the home of top quality restaurants, and it’s an excellent opportunity to catch a ride on the ferry for a joy ride along the Swan River capturing many more brilliant views.


Postcards: Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia.



Shopping in the Perth CBD

Perth may not be the biggest city in the world, let alone Australia, however, in the CBD you can still take advantage of the many retail stores that are available in the city centre with an extensive range of clothing stores, electronics, accessories and food courts.

When you are done with the shopping, enjoy a few walking tours on offer in the city with a range of city art, cathedrals and heritage sites of buildings dating back to the 19th Century.


Kings Park & Botanical Gardens

Enjoy one of the most beautiful walks you will ever have at Perth’s famous Kings Park and Botanical Gardens, where nature takes over the city. Take in many views of Perth including the City and the twin rivers of the Swan and Canning Rivers and stroll around the gardens that cover 400-hectares, viewing thousand species of various plants, trees and popular features of the park.

If you are game and you don’t fear the heights, give the Skywalk a try, but don’t look down, because it’s a long drop.




Kings Park

Explore Kings Park in Perth.


A day in Perth, but as I promised a day is never enough, and the list of attractions only covers a little on what is on offer in the city of Perth. If you get the chance to come to this fantastic city, be ready to explore because you won’t be disappointed.


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