Visiting another destination for the first time means it time to get those walking shoes out again, because this time, I’m walking the streets of Singapore and utterly loving life in this fantastic Southeast Asian city.

Firstly, I like to describe Singapore like a well-oiled machine, the city runs like clockwork and is easily recognisable from the moment you step into the Changi Airport and take a taxi to the city centre.

The transition is smooth, even if the traffic is always flowing.

Not to say it’s perfect, it’s not, peak hour traffic is still peak hour traffic, and at times you will run into issues like you would in any part of the world.

However, the great city of Singapore is clean, well-organised and delightful in so many aspects, that it made walking the streets of Singapore, seem like a lazy Sunday stroll in the park.


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Singapore diaries

This is me, and I’m walking the streets of Singapore.


Walking the Streets of Singapore



Stumble across various cultures of the world in one country

I love exploring different cultures, and when Singapore is situated in the central part of Southeast Asia, different cultures are bound to come together. I’ll tell you about a couple of locations that must be considered when visiting Singapore to discover a little culture in other parts of Asia.

Chinatown is a real hit for travellers, and the Singapore edition is undoubtedly up there with one of the best I’ve seen.

Beautiful temples are the major attractions, but often you’ll get caught up in the side streets, enjoying street food, dining at pricey restaurants and buying a souvenir or two from the marketplaces located throughout Chinatown.  

Little India, is appropriately named because it’s precisely that, a little part of India. The streets are densely populated with locals and tourists who are keen to get caught up in the vibrancy of the area and view unique structures and street art.  

Inside Little India is many markets places, retail outlets at plenty of Indian restaurants for those who have a hunger for some delicious butter chicken. 


The tooth Relic temple in China town, Singapore.

The Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown, Singapore.



Get the camera ready and take millions of photos along the Marina Bay Area

The picturesque Marina Bay is where all the tourist flock to capture the best of Singapore, and quite often it’s where most of your time is spent.

I can remember enjoying numerous quality walks in the area that included a length of the Grand Prix track, the Singapore Flyer and the great Harbour area that comes with beautiful city views in the background.

The major attractions of Singapore that everyone knows and love through travel magazine and newspapers is the real winner along the Marina Bay area that includes The Sands SkyPark, The Merlion and The Gardens by the Bay. 

Getting to each significant attraction can be quite a hike, but nothing says you can’t savour every little bit little at a time, and later on, enjoy a good feed at the Satay by the Bay food court that provides numerous Asian and Western cuisines.


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streets of Singapore

Another glorious evening in Singapore over the Marina.


Explore the Nature with Singapore City

Anyone that knows me well enough will know that I love to wander the outdoors for a little fresh air and in Singapore, Nature is well and truly alive with a few beautiful locations to have a stroll in various parklands and escape the busy city area.

You can stroll over to Fort Canning, an only stone throw from Clarke Quay, and enjoy a pleasant walk in the outdoors, while also learning about Singapore Wartime history with a paid tour through a real-life War Bunker that was used by the British Army during World War II.

The Botanic Gardens is an even prettier stroll in the park; it’s fantastic to wander past various themes of a  spectacular garden that covers many hectares on the outskirts of Singapore City.

The National Orchard Gardens with is vibrant colours will delight any traveller who strolls through the gates with well-landscaped gardens and impressive water features.


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Singapore Botanic Gardens

The open spaces of the Botanic Gardens.


 The atmosphere at Clarke Quay is Electric

Night or Day, the atmosphere at Clarke Quay will thrill any tourist who visits one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. To me, Clarke Quay is the perfect spot for a couple to a  romantic time, which threw me off track, being in Singapore alone. 

It didn’t ruin the mood too much, because I loved wandering through the Quay, it has an abundance of riverside dining options (including a Hooters), a mass of cruise boats that are ready to take you down The Singapore River for more breathtaking City views.

The Quay also has a range of retail outlets, ice-cream shops, bars and exciting street entertainment that thrills the onlooking crowd. The action never stops at Clarke Quay.


Clarke Quay, Singapore

Watching the boats come in at Clarke Quay.


Shop till you drop in a world of marketplaces and shopping malls

I’m not a shopping enthusiast by any means, but it doesn’t mean you don’t get caught in the euphoria of it all while walking the streets of Singapore, while you come across plenty of shopping malls and markets.

Bugis Street is a favourite of mine and for most tourists to Singapore. It’s easy to see why, with a vibrant retail area, where you’ve got your modern shopping malls that is a tad on the pricey side.

In another nearby spot, there are market stalls that are sold all types of goods at a bargain price, with a decent food court that offers quality food at an affordable price.

Orchard Street is another upmarket shopping zone that is all class and certainly worth a peek. Even if shopping is not your forte, there are plenty of sights to see and street art to gaze at.

If anything, it’s a great location to sit at Starbucks to escape the heat and enjoy a coffee frappe, you can leave the shopping part to those who enjoy it most, unless that person is you. 


Heart of Singapore city

Bugis Street, Singapore


Life is grand while I am walking the streets of Singapore

There are many fantastic destinations in the world, but walking the streets of Singapore is truly a treat that needs to be savoured and taken slowly, while you devour everything that this charming city has to offer.

Sure, there will be times when you need to take the train to get to your next destination in Singapore, but when you get the chance, take the slow approach and explore this beautiful city with your own two feet, I promise you, that you won’t regret it.


Are you visiting Singapore for an enjoyable old fashioned stroll in the city? Book your hotel room with TripAdvisor.


Marina Bay - Singapore

Enjoy a stroll along the streets of Singapore.


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