It was an evening walk in Singapore which happened by accident.

One of the most beautiful evenings walks that I have had the pleasure to partake in, it created an unforgettable memory which will stay with me often as I think about the sights, the sounds and nature which assisted into a great evening walk in Singapore.  

Not your regular location for a popular hike that gathers credits for brilliant memories, even with all the famous Singapore attractions, I’ll admit to that, no mountains, no gorgeous lakes, no adventurous walk in a tropical rainforest, although this stroll through Singapore had its unique adventure which lasted several hours from late afternoon and into the night.

Anyone who knows me well enough will understand I love a pleasant walk, and on most occasions, it’s a spontaneous spur of the moment decision to put on the walking shoes and go for a pleasant stroll in any environment.


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evening walk in Singapore

An evening walk in Singapore to remember.


An Evening Walk in Singapore to Remember


On this particular December evening in Singapore, a country I was very unfamiliar with, it was no different, unplanned and without any real direction in which I would take.

This article is all about an evening walk in Singapore which I’ll always remember and will have the photos I can always cherish. 


The Walk started in Geylang 

 After spending the day on Sentosa Island, a famous tourist island of Singapore, and already clocking up the kilometres by foot in the hot Southeast Asia heat, getting off my bed at the Fragrance hotel in Geylang was a lot harder to do than you might think.

I had to remind myself that I was in Singapore for a short time and no matter how weary I may have been, it was time to get on my feet and see more of Singapore because there were many other places to see in this busy city. A great decision, in the end, it certainly seemed.

It all started in Geylang, not the most impressive of locations in Singapore, because anyone who knows the area, will know that Geylang is the biggest red-light district in the country. If you do wish to know more in relation what red-light might mean, look it up, as I won’t be getting into that too much here but to suggest it’s an area common for adult visitors.

Wandering through Geylang streets and past a few seedy places as quick as I could, I headed directly south to the Major Sports hub of Singapore, and because I love my sport, this specific zone certainly had my attention.

The sports hub in Singapore contains their major stadium, an aquatic centre, a running track around the main stadium, and whole lot more sporting venues such as indoor stadiums, outdoor basketball courts and other fitness related venues and activities.

The Sports Hub is a busy precinct, and even with no sporting events going on at the time, many people still wandered through the grounds for a little exercise and a peek at the well organised Sports Hub.

The unplanned evening walk in Singapore had got off to a flyer, and the good news was, it only had just begun.


Singapore Sports Hub

Wandering around the main stadium at Singapore’s Sports Hub.

Walking Along the Gorgeous Marina East

One last look at the Sports Hub and the amazing sights and it was time to move on and advance over the Geylang River Bridge into Marina Bay East, the views from here would only get better.

Marina East is the home for rich people of Singapore with a host of wonderfully located apartments buildings, parklands and a golf course. At the front of the apartments buildings and along the Marina Bay foreshore is an abundance of parklands where the kids are having a good time playing soccer and keeping active.

With a walking track along the edge of the water, during the evening time, the area is entirely populated with locals enjoying their daily exercise in the great outdoors after a hard day at the office. I couldn’t think of a better location for some relaxation therapy.

Moving along the walking path by the gorgeous Marina Bay, the vantage point I had of the city was beginning to gain real momentum. The city views were in full sight, and so was the gigantic Singapore Flyer with the harbour in the distance. Everything, and everywhere you fixed, your eyes looked merely breathtaking.

Rounding the corner along the pathway, still packed with other fitness gurus, the Sands SkyPark came into full view. It was hard to miss the magnificent building that does stand out large for all to see, not too far away from SkyPark was the Gardens by the Bay and the famous super-trees, even from a distance it all looked a treat. It wouldn’t be too long until I got a closer look.


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Marina Bay East

I am checking out the towering apartments in Marina Bay East.

Over the Marina Barrage Bridge to Marina South

 From the East side, you go the Southside, and after a couple of hours of stable walking along the Marina, I crossed the Marina Barrage Bridge to the other side of the Bay. The popular area of Marina Bay, I could sense greatness was coming.

Marina Barrage is a dam in Singapore that is built nearby the five rivers, I didn’t spend a lot of time there as by now I was getting hungry, and food was on my mind.

As if my prayers “were answered” in an instant, located in the middle of the Gardens, I came across the jam-packed “Satay by the Bay”, a food court full of Asian cuisines with a mixture of Western food and a bar, where a glass or two of cold tap beer was fully appreciated. Along with the much-needed beer, I got stuck into a decent sized burger with fries and devoured it quickly.

After an hour of my own company and enjoying the atmosphere associated with the “Satay by the Bay” and some much-appreciated sit-down time to give the feet a rest, it was time for the next adventure, Gardens by the Bay – Christmas Wonderland.


Satay by the Bay

Satay by the Bay.

The Magnificent Walk Ends at the Gardens by the Bay with a Spectacular Light Show

I hadn’t done my homework, because I didn’t even realise the Christmas Wonderland was happening at the Gardens by the Bay, it was the month of December, and I should have known better, but sometimes it’s those hidden surprises that you appreciate most in life.

I wandered through the gardens and had a look a few of the super-trees that sat outside the Wonderland location, in their night lights they were simply beautiful, and it made a perfect photo opportunity. Little did I know that I had seen nothing yet.

There was a bit of queue outside the ticket box for the entrance to the Christmas Wonderland and being a lonely traveller on this occasion; I was a little hesitant to pay the admission fee, I made the right call after a bit of pause in the proceeding.  

It was like entering another world of spectacular colour and beautiful music sung by the choir. The Super-trees inside the wonderland was lit up to another level if that was even possible; the whole scenery all around was pure magic.

The show continued as I went up to the elevator of a super-tree and entered onto the OCBC Skyway, the vantage point went to another level with the night lights of Singapore entirely on show, from the CBD, the Sands SkyPark and the rest of the Marina, everything was lit up.

It was from that point I witnessed the Christmas Wonderland Light show and how spectacular it was with the lights flickering between different colours and the music playing through speakers was merely beautiful. Life at that point was at its best, and it was only a pity I was here alone while my family was back in Australia missing one heck of a show.

Around six hours had passed from the moment I left the Fragrance Hotel in Geylang, to when I arrived back to the room. I had a fair Idea where I may end up, but I couldn’t imagine the night would be this memorable.

It was an evening walk in Singapore to Remember and remember, I indeed will.


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Singapore Gardens by the Bay

The lights, the colours, its all a part of the package inside Gardens by the Bay.
Evening walk in Singapore

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