Almost as sure as the sky is blue, you’ll be making your way to Sentosa Island when holidaying in Singapore.

It’s little wonder why too when you think about all the entertainment that takes place on Sentosa, which makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore and gets all the tourists flocking to the island in their numbers.

Happy visiting tourists too, especially with all the events that are taking place on Sentosa Island. For instance, the world-class theme parks, superb beaches, delicious foods, lively street entertainment and dazzling colours with fantastic art, that’s a few of the awesome things you’ve got to look forward to when visiting Singapore’s famous Island.


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Sentosa Island

Singapore’s Sentosa Island.




Entertainment Galore at the Magnificent Theme Parks

If you want to catch a glimpse of world-class Theme Parks that will have both adults and kids chomping at the bit to enter the gates. Sentosa is filled with incredible yet pricy attractions that will be worth the admission fee and promise an exhausting day full of fun.

Whether it’s thrilling rides, slippery slides, magical live shows, or visiting the friends of the sea, you are guaranteed to have a ripping day visiting your favourite park. The only problem will be you’ll find it fits in all the entertainment into a day, which assures you’ll be back to the island for a second day.

A list of fun-filled theme parks on Sentosa Island:

Universal Studios: Plenty of rides, live shows, and amazing attractions that will stick into everyone’s memory bank for long after you’ve left the island.

Adventure Cove Waterpark: Waterslides, tubing and wave pools, what’s not to like about a day at the Waterpark.

Trick Eye Museum: Let Imagination get the best of you with a little trick eye, Singapore Style.

KidZania Singapore: The kids can have a small glimpse into their future as they explore a few career options.


Universial studio Singapore

Universal Studio.


Fun in the Sun at a selection of Pristine Beaches

 Swim, relax, stroll, drink or eat; are the great options at the calm beaches on Sentosa.

It’s fun in the sun as a tourist takes a beautiful walk along the paths with the white beaches in full view and stops by for some delicious coconut ice cream. You enjoy a few cold drinks at the beach bars before giving in to the temptation to get out your swimwear and head into the water for a swim.

Catch a bus, train or walk to the beaches with the idea of spending the day relaxing with a cocktail in hand. Don’t forget your sunnies or apply your sunscreen; it’s hot.

The best beaches on the Island:

Siloso Beach: The most western beach, Siloso Beach has plenty of swimming spots or a drink at the bar.

Palawan beach:  It’s the most central beach on Sentosa island. Palawan beach is the most comfortable to get to for any traveller staying on Sentosa for a short time.

Tanjong Beach: On the island’s eastern side, with a trendy beach club, great at night.


Palawan beach

Palawan beach on Sentosa Island.

Enjoy the Lively Walking Strips of Sentosa Island

Tropical gardens, creative art and a lively walking strip, it’s all part the central entertainment hub of Sentosa Island, which is full of retail outlets, dining options and plenty of cafés to rest your feet from the Singaspore heat.

Wander through the exciting city like attraction and be amongst other happy travellers who are marvelling in all the sights and sounds around them and in full joy partaking in the festivities of Sentosa island, whether they mean to or not.

Even if you are only coming to the Island for a short time, it won’t be a wasted trip to spend a couple of hours taking in all the atmosphere in central Sentosa Island.  

Why don’t you check out some of the best walking trails on Sentosa Island.



Walk down the entertainment and retail hub of Sentosa Island.

Take a step back into History at Siloso.

 World War II History is alive on Sentosa Island, and to catch a glimpse of the events that happened in Singapore during the terrible war, all you need to do is head to the Western end of the island to Fort Siloso.

It starts at the Fort Siloso Skywalk, which provides excellent views into mainland Singapore and the Reflections by the Bay skyscrapers that appears so close on the opposite side of the bay. From the Skywalk, you take the path through the lush rainforests and pass by different military defence armoury and hidden tunnels used to fend off the Japanese in 1942.

A must do to partake in the Fort Siloso 1D tour; it provides accurate details of the significant World War II events in Singapore, from the lead-up and surrenders to the Japanese in 1942 to the Allied attacks that led to the Japanese surrendering in 1945.

It caps off a busy where on Sentosa Island, where it’s guaranteed that one day will never be enough on the island. There is always the option of staying at one of the hotels on the island, so you can appreciate everything Sentosa has to offer for the tourist, but you’ll need to pay a pretty fortune for a night’s stay.


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Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso.

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