When visiting Singapore, it’s easy to be lured into the major attractions on the island and head straight to the famous areas of Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sky Park, Clarke Quay and even Sentosa Island.

While those Singapore attractions are top photo spots and needs your due diligence, it’s essential to see what the outdoors has to offer by exploring the nature of Singapore.

This amazing Southeast Asian country is not only about its modern infrastructure with stunning Singapore buildings that look stunning from a distance.

It’s the natural attractions in Singapore that also have an abundance of well-landscaped parks and gardens that need to occupy your list of activities when venturing to the island country.  

With that in mind, you need to check out this list of the fabulous outdoor parklands, Singapore gardens and even World War II heritage attractions that will not only provide a significant memory in the nature of Singapore.

You’ll also obtain a detailed history lesson of what the country has been through before it became one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.


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Singapore Botanic Gardens

You are in for a treat when you’re amongst the Nature of Singapore.

Explore the Nature of Singapore with these Amazing attractions


Singapore Botanic Gardens

As is the case with any Botanic Gardens around the world, The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a glorious stroll in the magnificent outdoors that should never be taken for granted when looking for an adventure through the Singapore Parks and Gardens.

A whole day can be spent in these stunning Singapore gardens, as you take a series of adventures through many themed attractions that have an abundance of plant species, water features and hidden paths will take you through some well-maintained gardens and miniature forests.

CHECK IT OUT: Nation Orchard Garden – If you seek colour, shade and a tropical walk through a jungle of orchards, then this garden is for you. The Orchard Garden is located inside the Botanic Gardens, you’ll need to pay a small admission fee to enter, but it’ll be worth every dollar, while mesmerised through tropical landscaped gardens.


GETTING THERE: Get off at the Botanic Gardens MRT station on the Yellow Circle Line.


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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Taking a walk Inside the Botanic Gardens is a must when visiting Singapore.

Chinese Garden

Singapore as a whole does enjoy going around the world, and it does it exceptionally well at the magnificently landscaped the Chinese Garden. The Chinese Garden is famous for joggers and fitness fanatics who love to keep active amongst the stunning backdrop of well-landscaped gardens, beautiful Chinese buildings and open green parklands. \\

If you’re not a keen runner, come inside the Chinese gardens for a lovely stroll in picturesque surrounds and to get good use out of your camera, while taking more photos of beautiful Singapore nature.

CHECK IT OUT: The Japanese Garden in the same vicinity provides another cultural garden display that is pleasant viewing for any tourists who love the outdoors.  


GETTING THERE: Catch the MRT to Chinese Gardens station on the Green East-West Line.



Living it up in the outdoors of Singapore

The beautiful Chinese Gardens is one of the lovely walks in Singapore.

Jurong Bird Park

If you are a lover of the friends of the sky or those birds who don’t fly, then you will love the Jurong Bird Park. Come for the day and check out some dazzling bird shows that’ll have you applauding, a variety of bird species that live in all parts of the world, and amazing themes such as the Waterfall Avery which is simply a delight.

CHECK IT OUT: Want to see more Singapore wildlife, then access the big 4 that include the Singapore Zoo, The Night Safari and River Safari with a 4 in one ticket to access all the nature and Wildlife Parks.

ADMISSION FEE: From $29 for adults – $19 for kids

GETTING THERE: Catch MRT to Boon Lay station on Green East-West Line and catch bus 194, 251 to Jurong Bird Park.


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Jurong Bird Park

Up close to the Flamingos at Jurong Park.

Fort Canning 

In the hustle and bustle of Singapore City and a stone throw from the famous Clarke Quay, this Fort Canning is the home of many of Singapore’s historical milestones, that includes housing King Malay and a significant army barracks during World War II.

If nothing else, climb the stairs to the hilltop and escape the busy city to enjoy one of the most excellent walks in Singapore in the gorgeous parklands of Fort Canning.

CHECK IT OUT: The Battle Box tour goes deep into real life War Bunkers used by the British Army and goes through room by room description of the going on in the bunker. It also gives a detailed account of how the British decided they would surrender to the Japanese in 1942.
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GETTING THERE: Catch MRT to Fort Canning Station on the blue Downtown line.


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Fort canning

The lofted hill of Fort Canning in Singapore.

Labrador Park

Labrador Park is another exceptional Singapore nature reserve that has range wildlife, plant species and is home to another piece of World War II history that is filled with gun relics and hidden tunnels throughout the parklands.

The scenic park also has the famous Sentosa Island in its sights, seen from across the harbour, and is a favourite fishing zone for the locals who love to throw in a rod off the pier and take in a pleasant stroll over the boardwalks through the mangroves and over creeks.

CHECK IT OUT: Walk east from Labrador Par, over the boardwalks and towards the unique looking apartments that are the Reflections by the Bay. You won’t miss it, as well the Yacht Club and other multi-million-dollar luxury apartments. It is a true millionaire club of Singapore.


GETTING THERE: Catch the MRT to the Labrador Park station on the Yellow Circle Line.


Labrador Park

Labrador Park.

Fort Siloso on Sentosa Island

Another World War II parkland and this time we are in the Western end of Sentosa Island. Fort Siloso is a little nature walk that is full of military infrastructure, real cannons, guns and includes an in-depth history lesson on important events during the war.

It starts at the Fort Siloso Skywalk, which provides fantastic views of the surrounding areas, and from there you take a walk through the jungle and check out various military equipment that was used to defend the country during the war.

CHECK IT OUT: While you are headed towards Fort Siloso, you won’t be able to miss the stunning beaches of Sentosa Island such as the Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach. Stop in at the beach for a refreshing drink, ice -cream or a swim in the calm ocean.

ADMISSION FEE: Free admittance once in Sentosa Island.

GETTING THERE: Once you get to Sentosa island by monorail, cable car or boardwalk, catch the bus or take a long walk West, past the beaches, until you reach Fort Siloso.


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Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso on Sentosa Island.


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