Memories are often created with family holidays, especially when you have children, and you are attempting to bring memories that will last long into adulthood.

Travelling creates a chance to bring all those things into fruition when you head off onto a much-needed family vacation.

Whether it’s a holiday abroad, a family vacation close to home, more referred to as a staycation or an ocean cruise over high waters, there are many ways to go searching for the best family holiday ideas.

Individual families have unique choices when seeking their next family trip. Often, you are looking at being spontaneous by trying to do different things that you have never experienced before.

At times, it might be the cost of a family holiday deals that sets you back, as budgets can vary from trip to trip. Making it impossible to go out and purchase family vacation packages to major destinations, in that instance, you may have to stay close to home or pull back the reigns with budget hotels.

Whatever the scenario, there will always be affordable family vacations perfect for both parents and kids for a carefree getaway.

Now, Let’s get into it.


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Kuala Lumpur rainforest

The Best Family Holiday Ideas for your next getaway.



The best family holiday ideas for your next getaway

It’s a head-scratcher trying to find the best family holiday ideas as you try something different and memorable.

Below is a list of options that may help you create your next family-friendly vacations and take some awesome travel photos for you to look back at long after your children have moved out of home as you reminisce with laughter over future Christmas dinners.


Go on a cruise that has a lot

Take the family on an epic cruise, whether it’s a cruise on the Pacific, visiting the Islands or a Caribbean cruise in Central America.

A cruise is great to please everyone on the trip with fun for everyone from adults to kids. For the kids, you can partake in various activities, watch a movie, have fun on a water slide or even partake in the kid’s club with further fun actives.

For the adults, you can relax in the day spa, lose a little money at the casino or have a few casual alcoholic beverages at the lounge while the kids are entertained elsewhere.

Of course, being on a family vacation, there will be plenty of activities that will bring everyone together for many laughs, and you’ll even enjoy a few off-shore destinations.


Stay at a Luxury Resort

Everyone loves to stay at a luxury resort situated in the tropics of Southeast Asia and other warm destinations in paradise.

Family vacation Resorts are not only about vacationing in the comfort of a deluxe room with swimming pools, but they can also bring families together with a range of activities, whether it being beach soccer, beach yoga or water polo in the resort pools.

Most top family holiday resorts worldwide will come with a kid’s club, which means when parents and kids are sick of each other, each can go their own way and have plenty of fun. Resorts are often considered the first choice for top family vacations.


Find unbelievable resorts around the world for the whole family with!


Khao Lak night markets

Enjoy family-fun resorts.


Take a camping trip and enjoy the great outdoors

Camping in the great outdoors is one of the finest and cheap family vacations you can have that won’t break the bank.

Snuggled in the comfort of your tent, telling stories by the small wood fire burning at a steady pace and appreciating life in a whole new environment, life doesn’t get much better than a camping expedition with the kids.

Activities mount up during the day; whether you are camping by the beach, a river, or the dark forest, the setting will be sublime.

No matter the occasion, the kids will riot in the picturesque outdoors, finding new ways to entertain themselves and the adults will mellow out in the comfortable camp chairs and slip into a nap.

Dinner time will offer new experiences as the outdoor camp stove receives a workout and the sausages sizzle away, with many stories of the day’s events being told.


Go on an Epic Hiking Adventure

Perhaps a hiking adventure is an ideal hobby during a camping trip when you have a few hours to spare for a hike inside the day, or maybe you choose to go through an organisation that is safe for the whole family that requires an overnight camp mid-adventure (probably suited for the bigger aged-kids).

No matter the length of the hike, a family hiking adventure is a great way to bring everyone together, it creates challenges in the ways of fatigue and physical obstacles. Yet, during the problems, you will encounter breathtaking scenery that is only viewed off the beaten tracks of your hike.




wet and wild hike Kuala Lumpur rainforest

Go on a family hiking adventure.


Enjoy a city stay in an Airbnb Apartment

Airbnb has been around for quite a while now, and if you do it right, you can find the perfect apartment at a great price that will suit the whole family.

While Airbnb goes to country towns, beaches and many other locations, you can enjoy a fabulous city vacation in a perfect area close to many attractions, restaurants, shopping outlets and public transport.

Whether you’re  in Kuala Lumpur, Chaotic Rome or staying in Hong Kong, Airbnb is a cost-effective accommodation where you can hit the streets at the press of an elevator button and enjoy your city stay vacation with the family.


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airbnb Kuala Lumpur

The spacious living area of the Airbnb apartment in Kuala Lumpur.


Take a mega road trip in Camper Van

Whether you are on a road trip going around the coast of Australia or hitting Route-66 through the United States, hiring a camper van is a great family vacation to spend together by visiting numerous destinations on the way.

Known as an RV to the Americans, this journey will create new memories of a different kind, where instead of staying in one location, you are visiting broad areas and watching the landscape change in front of your own eyes.

In one holiday you could begin the trip on one side of the country before ending the holiday on the opposite coast. How cool is that?


Go exploring on an African Safari

Perhaps we are getting a little over the budget here as an African safari covering the whole family can be rather expensive, but let’s end the segment in a big way by suggesting an African Safari.

Imagine the kids’ eyes light up when they see a lion in the wild, letting out a mighty roar, or an elephant in the distance drinking from a water hole. It would be an epic trip of all proportions, and it will be spoken about for years after the tour has concluded.

That’s a wrap of the best family holiday ideas, perhaps a few more great options are floating out there that need to be brought to my attention, and I am sure there is.

Please, if you do have a suggestion, let me know in the comments below, I am always happy to know what makes your family holidays as impressive as it is. Happy travels.




ATV Kuala Lumpur

Gear up for one of your great family holidays.

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