By now everyone knows Airbnb and what it stands for in terms of a top-class accommodation.

A host rents out their apartment to holiday goers looking for a short-stay rental which often comes with a great deal in an Airbnb location in which you are travelling.

Using Airbnb for families is proving to be a big winner too, and furthermore, families are beginning to save money over hotels, in which at times can be cramped for room and inconvenient to some sort. It is easy to see why vacation rental sites like Airbnb are becoming more common.

Large families are paying a fortune to stay in hotels, depending on the size of the family, either booking two or three rooms and paying extra dollars for interconnecting rooms.

The other option of staying in Villas can at times break the budget, and while villas are pure luxury with ideal space, it’s not always affordable like a family-friendly Airbnb apartment.

The reasons add up for family-friendly vacations with Airbnb, and for this exercise, I am going to come up with a whole bunch of ideas why Airbnb for families is becoming the preferred option, and why you too, may take this path in the future.    


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airbnb for families

The spacious living area of an Airbnb apartment in Kuala Lumpur.



Five Reasons why Airbnb for Families is becoming the top choice Accommodation



1. Family Airbnb Accommodations are Convenient

If you have a large family, no problems, because the convenience with Airbnb there for all to see. In the search engine put in the number of people staying and a range of options will appear.

In the vacation rental websites of Airbnb, you’ll have many apartments, houses, studios, and other accommodation styles to choose from when looking through the list.

A few of those accommodation types are a pure luxury in prime locations to appease any traveller, and it’s precisely what you’re in search for when going on a family holiday.

With the search, you might even be lucky enough to find a place with a gym and swimming pool as I did with Kuala Lumpur Airbnb rental. That’s right all the top features that come with a luxury hotel.    



2. Freedom is the way to go with family rentals

You have the Parents in one room and kids in another room when booking an Airbnb Apartment at a great price; it speaks freedom for all involved staying in the accommodation. To get a similar deal staying at a hotel, you’re more than likely going to paying top dollar that could be out of the reach of your budget.

However, it’s not the case in an Airbnb Apartment. Freedom is what all families want when it comes to a holiday anywhere in the world, and the last thing anyone wants is to be stuffed in the one-room arguing what to watch on television.

Of course, adults do like a little alone time.    



3. You will be left alone by the host

The only time you will hear from the host is when you make a booking or perhaps checking in to your accommodation, even then it’s not always the case.

On most occasions, if you book the room right, the host will leave you alone and let you have your holiday in peace. In saying that, if you need help, most hosts are more than happy to accommodate you with a few issues that may arise from your stay.  


Airbnb Malaysia

Lots of fun at the Infinity Swimming Pool at the building in an Airbnb Apartment in Kuala Lumpur.



4. Affordable housing for families while on holidays

Airbnb is a cheaper option, I do not doubt that, especially when it comes to value for money spent on your holiday rental.

Sure, some prime Airbnb places are expensive, but for the average family, the standard apartment is more than affordable, and the result is that you are saving quite substantially over other accommodation options.    



5. There is an Airbnb Location at your next holiday destination

Whether it’s Bali, Vietnam or Los Angeles, Airbnb is available in most countries around the world where you choose to holiday, and you can rest assured that you’ll find the right family Airbnb accommodation for your vacation.

When looking for the ideal accommodation, it’s a matter of doing your research and finding the best deal for your family holiday. I can assure you that the perfect deal is out there, waiting to be discovered, whichever Airbnb location you are seeking.  


That’s about it for why Airbnb for families is the right choice for you.

Next time you are struggling to find the ideal accommodation for your family, get on the Airbnb website or app and punch in the dates, the number of people staying in the apartment and you might be surprised at what you find while doing thorough research. Happy travels.  


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Airbnb is perfect for families.

Airbnb is perfect for families.


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