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When you’re heading the Philippines Capital, it makes for a great opportunity to go exploring the best Beaches near Manila for your slice of paradise.

The Philippines is an incredibly stunning archipelago where hundreds of beautiful tropical islands take centre stage. From the north to south, you’ll never run out of coastlines to explore in this vastly beautiful country.

While the most popular destinations are often a quiet plane ride away, you can’t discount the Philippines Capital with so many beautiful beaches near Manila offering plenty for the visiting tourist in the South East Asia country.

Usually, a stunning Manila beach is no further than three or four hours away by car, bus, or ferry, with a few great choices of beach resorts close to Manila that are worth visiting for an extended stay. There are luxury resorts to divulge in, as well as mid-range and budget accommodations that cater to travellers of varying tastes and preferences.

Whether you require a romantic beach getaway, quality time with family and friends, or some solo R&R which we all appreciate at times, you can check out these places to visit near Manila Philippines.


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beaches near manila

The Best Beaches near Manila to visit when visiting the Philippines Capital.




The Best Beaches near Manila to visit when visiting the Philippines Capital



Easily the most popular and accessible beach area when it comes to the beaches close to Manila, Batangas is a massive province peppered with several different beaches to explore. There are areas populated by privately-owned houses, although Batangas has a wide range of hotels to choose from too.

The beaches here have something to offer for everyone: Anilao is known for world-class diving, while Laiya and Calatagan have many affordable white sand beach resorts in Batangas. Vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels here, especially if you’re looking for a private, intimate getaway.

Aside from fabulous beaches, Batangas’s rugged terrain promises exciting, thrilling activities. The many nearby mountains make this a popular destination for day hikes: Mt. Talamitam, Mt. Batulao, and Pico de Loro all have smooth and moderate trails.

Alternatively, there are lots of charming towns in and around that are worth exploring and many mom-and-pop style restaurants that serve up delicious local food. When it’s time to relax and unwind, a cheap massage is never far away.

This is the Philippines, after all!


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Paradise lives in Batangas – Philippines.




Zambales is home to lots of unspoiled beaches near Manila. Located north of Manila, Zambales’ biggest draw is the terrific surf breaks primarily found in and around Pundaquit beach.

This area has many affordable hotel and hostel options, and camping is excellent too if that is your preference. If you’re willing to travel deeper into the province, a gorgeous white-sand island by the name of Potipot is the closest slice of paradise possible near Manila.

With only 7.5 hectares large, there are no tourist facilities in Potipot, but for many, that’s what’s so great about it. This is the perfect island getaway if you want some real R&R without any distractions except a white sand beach that you have all to yourself.

Subic in Zambales is much closer beach near Manila, and it has got everything you need with beautiful beaches, shopping, food, and a wide range of hotel accommodations.

Subic is a full-fledged city with a residential area, but the beaches are just a stone’s throw away.



Zambales is a must to visit and quite close to Manila.


Puerto Galera

Located in Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera’s stunning coastlines have long attracted tourists who want to get away from Manila.

To get Peurto Galera, you’ll need to take a drive to the Batangas pier and take a 2-hour boat trip which will drop you off at various points along the island.

Hiking, waterfalls, relaxation, nightlife, beaches, islands, and much more is going on here: Puerto Galera has it all! This hidden paradise near Manila is big on the experience factor, with most of the activities and accommodations along with this incredible location affordable too.

The aptly-named White Beach is the #1 beach in Puerto Galera. The coast is dotted with restaurants and hotels, and at night, it turns into one big beach party with fire dancers and music blasting.

Puerto Galera is the best beach to go for booking water sports including banana boats, snorkelling, jet skis, parasailing, and island hopping tours. If you prefer an off-the-beaten-track experience, check out Aninuan Beach, Tamaraw Beach, and Talipanan Beach. Puerto Galera also has many luxury and high-end resorts tucked into many of their beaches.

It may not be a beach near Manila, but it won’t take too long to get to Peurto Galera is staying in the Philippines Capital. 


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Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera will mesmerise you in many ways.



Bataan is best known for its rich history and cultural attractions, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for an uncrowded beaches near Manila.

Historically speaking, this is where the famous Battle of Bataan took place, and it also served as one of the last stops of Filipino and American soldiers before they were taken by the Japanese during World War II. Bataan is highly recommended for travellers looking to integrate some sightseeing and history into a beach trip.

You’ll find beautiful beach resorts near Manila in this stunning location with lots of opportunities for adventure, and it’s also home to Mt. Mariveles and Mt. Natib, two renowned destinations for hiking and mountain biking.

In Bataan, there are also turtle sanctuaries, waterfalls, and bird-watching sites to keep you occupied here. You won’t run out of beach and nature experiences while you’re holidaying in Bataan.


beaches near Manila

Bataan is home to some incredible beaches and epic scenery.


Hundred Islands

The Hundred Islands National Park is a protected area in Alaminos, Pangasinan; around 4-5 hours north of Manila. The district covers about 123 islets and islands scattered throughout the stunning Lingayen Gulf, which is believed to have formed over 2 million years ago.

Travellers can opt to camp or book a hotel on Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, Children’s Island, and Marcos Islands: the only islands with any tourist infrastructure is located in the Hundred Islands.

This destination is ideal for sun seekers looking to immerse in the pristine, natural beauty of Pangasinan. The beaches feature majestic limestone cliffs and rocks, vibrant marine life, and white sand beaches: it essentially has all the trimmings of the perfect beach escape not too far from Manila.

If you get lucky, you might even get to spot one of the giant clams while snorkelling in the Hundred Islands. Travellers on a budget will be pleased to know that your money will go a long way here. Banana boating, kayaking, island hopping, snorkelling, jet skiing, and parasailing can all be enjoyed on the cheap in Hundred Islands of Philippines.

Since these destinations are so near to Manila, they make great choices for relaxing weekend trips for those who are hard pressed for time. However, keep in mind, these exotic destinations are best explored over several days to truly get a feel for the local area and immense culture.

No matter how you choose to enjoy it, you can’t go wrong by booking a long-anticipated getaway near to the best beach near Manila.


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Fun in the water is not too far away from Manila.
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