The Bitexco Financial Tower Skydeck- The Best view in Saigon


The Bitexco Financial Tower stands out large amongst many other high rises in the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh City and the unique design of the Bitexco building only clarifies it’s firm hold as tourist zone in the city. From ground zero, the building bares down at you like a giant standing out from the pack and the unique sky rise is quite a spectacle on the gazing eye.

It is the viewing area of the Bitexco Financial Tower Skydeck of the 49th floor, or the Saigon Skydeck,  that will leave you speechless the most. From the moment you get off the elevator, you step out and stare in the distance at a city that is full energy amongst a mass of traffic, and from above, you can’t help feel in a bit piece when admiring the best views in Saigon from the comfort of the skydeck.

Let’s climb the Bitexco Tower together and discuss a few of the basic information required to help your Bitexco trip to the top, a helpful trip with this rough guide to the Bitexco Financial Tower Skydeck.

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Bitexco Financial Tower

The stands with its unique design stands out above.

Bitexco Financial Tower skydeck

Getting ready to visit the top.



Where is Bitexco Tower

Bitexco is in a popular tourist spot in district one of Ho Chi Minh City, with plenty of other nearby attractions such as Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Centre and Nguyen Hue Walking Street all situated close by.

Once you’re in the general vicinity of the building, look up and you will see the uniquely designed finance tower. From that point finding the building won’t be problem as you visit the Skydeck tickets counter and up the express elevator to the Sky deck.


Skydeck hours and tickets

The Bitexco Skydeck hours operate from 9:30am to 9:30pm, therefore, there is a good dosage of hours during the day to visit the skydeck, with no doubt, the sunset times being the most popular time during the day to visit. Be sure to use your time wisely when wanting to take the elevator trip to the top and visit the Bitexco Financial Tower on a clear Saigon day.

The Bitexco Financial Tower skydeck price is probably the one thing in Vietnam that comes with bit of a cost (although is still relatively cheap). The cost up to the Skydeck is 200000vnd, which in other currencies is about $9USD or $12AUD. So yeah, not much really and worth it for the low price.

Do you need to pre-purchase your Saigon Skydeck tickets? The you can grab affordable prices from Klook with this link.


Bitexco HCMC

Views from Bitexco HCMC.

Bitexco Financial Tower

Great views from the Bitexco Financial Tower.



A little history of the Bitexco Financial Tower

The Bitexco Financial Tower is a new building in the schemes of the things with a short history in terms of completion date. The ground breaking began in 2005, the construction of the tower started in 2007 and it was officially opened October 31 of 2010. They don’t mess around with construction in Vietnam.

Upon completion, the Bitexco Building was the tallest building in Vietnam, but that reign was short lived with the Hanoi Landmark Tower taking over in January of 2011. Although Landmark 81 in Ho Chi Minh City now holds the title of the biggest building in Vietnam.


Go to the Skydeck on a clear day

It goes without saying. If you plan on going to any building or other venue with a view around the world, go on a clear day. Don’t waste your money on an overcast or foggy day. Ho Chi Minh City is quite picturesque with all the rivers and canals running through the city and it’s quite stunning to look over the city from great heights. It’s also exciting to see the cranes and new buildings in progress, it gives you a sense that Ho Chi Minh is a city that’s fast changing.

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Bitexco Financial Tower

Best views are seen on a clear day. Naturally.



The Verdict of the Bitexco Tower

I know what you’re saying, because I say it too, Sky decks can be an overrated thing, not really the case with the Bitexco Tower due to it’s fair admission price and once on top, you’ll appreciate all the action happening on the chaotic streets of Saigon down below and the views, if you visit on the right day, are fantastic.

Once you do visit the Bitexco skydeck for its stunning views, you can head back below to the shopping mall area to catch up on a little bit of a retail therapy, have a bite to eat or drink at a Bitexco Tower restaurant or watch the latest blockbuster movie at the Bitexco cinema on the lower floors. The Bitexco Financial Tower is an icon of the city and when time suffices during your visit Vietnam holiday it more than requires a visit to see the rapidly changing growth of Ho Chi Minh City before your very own eyes.



Capture the streets of Saigon from a birds eye view.

Bitexco Tower

The sun peaks over the Bitexco Tower on a sunny Saigon day.

Bitexco tower Skydeck

More views from Bitexco tower Skydeck.

Bitexco tower Skydeck

skydeck hcmc.


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