Food in South Korea can be unique in many ways, with strong flavours, a dose of chillies and an abundance of side dishes that include the famous kimchi, that is most common in the country. A delicious Korean meal will never leave you unsatisfied (If it does, you’re hard to please) and I made full use of the great food in South Korea that I was able to try on my trip to the country in 2016.

During the 2016 and third trip to South Korea, I had fortunate pleasure of trying many Korean Foods of different varieties, either being homemade style, in a restaurants, take away on a street vendor or a satisfying buffet that is well worth all you can eat fee, it was fair to say I was never left hungry.

The best part about dining and enjoying great food in South Korea is that a lot of meals seemed to have a real positive atmosphere to the occasion, where family, work colleagues or friends gathered with their Hite or Cass beer, and gather around a table to eat a whole bunch of delicious dishes that lay in front of them on the dining table. Dinner time in Korea can last hours.

With all this delicious food talk, what were my favourite dishes in Korea? Well in this segment I’ll tell you the Top five Food in South Korea I tried on my trip to the country.


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food in South Korea

My top five food in South Korea.


The Top five Food in South Korea I tried on my trip to the country


1. Shabu Shabu

A Korean Style, and also a well-known Japanese known dish, shabu-shabu was my absolute favourite of mine in downtown Seoul of South Korea, that I thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t get enough of and I encourage anyone, anywhere around the world to have a shabu-shabu feast.

The meal is thinly sliced beef, with a mixture of seafood, that also goes with various vegetables, dipped into a pot of boiling vegetable stock with added spices that help create the flavours that are wild in your mouth. From there, your thinly sliced beef which has been put into the boiling hot stock for only seconds is dipped into a chilli paste sauce and the taste was nothing short of sensational.


food in South Korea

Shabu-Shabu, a Japanese meal made popular in South Korea.


2. Korean BBQ

One of the famous Korean dishes known through all the world with many dedicated restaurants in most major cities, although the experience can’t be beaten when it’s tried in the home country of where it hails from. Korean BBQ is a thinly sliced pork or beef, that is grilled over a flame in the middle of the table where you sit and freshly cooked by those who will eat it.

The fresh taste is appreciated as it enters your mouth, and just wait until you added some grilled garlic, onions and mushrooms to the menu and it adds to the fine meal in front of you. But the best part about a Korean BBQ apart from the delicious meal, that it’s the perfect combo with a glass of cold beer or three.


Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is a ten out of ten treat.


3. Bulgogi

Another very famous food in South Korea that is a must to try to really experience what the locals love most. Bulgogi is Marinated beef, grilled with onion, mushrooms, spring onion and comes with a selection side dishes that you’ll grow used to during your time in the country.

Korean Bulgogi is a fantastic meal to enjoy with a crowd of people like the convenience to feed everyone at the table in one go can’t be ignored. It is one of the most popular foods amongst the Korean people.


Korean Bulgogi

Korean Bulgogi.


4. Sun-dae

Koreans love their blood sausages and at a local restaurant in a side ally way in the Gyeongbokgung area that was packed with customers queued up outside the shop, I was privileged enough to feast on a famous Korean dish called Sun-dae. No not the ice-cream kind. At my first attempt of this fascinating meal, I found the taste unique but incredibly satisfying.

As I mentioned, Sun-dae is a blood sausage that comes in the form of a soup with the chunky sausage included in the broth and it also comes with rice and other vegetables. while I was nervous at my first attempt of this unique dish, I was glad I gave it a go because when in Korea you must try Korean. What else are you in the country for, if not to try a local experience.


One of Korea’s favourite dishes, Sun-Dae


5. Galbi-Tang

I love my soup, whatever the country I am visiting, Galbi-Tang is no exception with this delicious Rib beef soup that goes down quite nicely where you perhaps don’t want to eat until you explode. Galbi-tang is a basic meal to be truthfully honest, but quite delicious nonetheless, as is most Korean food.

The beef soup is served in a boiling hot stock with plenty of flavours, spring onion and of course, steamed rice, because where would you be without the white rice when in the country.

That’s it, my top five favourite food in South Korea, and naturally, opinions can be divided, so what is your favourite Korean dish? Just be warned when trying South Korea’s favourite alcohol drink, it can get a little nasty as shown in this article that me a fool in Korea.

food in South Korea

Try the best of Korean food when in South Korea.
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