When time is not on your side to take a lengthy trip down to the Mekong Delta and further towards the famous floating Markets, The Four Island Mekong Tour is the next best option for a great day out in Vietnam. It’s a perfect tour for families of any size or age, small groups or couples looking to explore the southern part of the country, and better yet, the famous day tour is real close to Ho Chi Minh City.

In a single day, you can cruise the mighty Mekong River, marvel at the four Islands (although you don’t stop at them all) and divulge in some Vietnamese Food made by the locals on the Mekong. It’s a hectic trip done within a 10-hour tour for every traveller to consider who ventures into the Southern Vietnam region.

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Four Islands Mekong, Vietnam.

Get ready for an action-packed Four Islands Mekong Tour.


Booking a Tour to the Four Islands Mekong Tour

Booking a tour to the Four Islands Mekong can be found in most travel agencies on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, especially the row of agencies that are lined up at the rear of the famous Ben Thanh Markets. You can have a fulfilled tour with lunch included for an affordable price.

Did you know you can also opt for non-mainstream and less-touristy local activities in Can Tho for other Mekong River options? LandedVibe for Can Tho has tons of well-curated activities for modern travellers in the area and around the Mekong Delta.


Four Islands Mekong

We are exploring the Four Islands Mekong with the family.


The Guide of the Tour

The guide on this occasion almost makes the trip, and that is not an understatement. Excellent English speaking, a fun sense of humour and very informative about the Mekong River and the 4-islands as you would expect for a guide working the area, but the way he passed on the information was very professional. Naturally, which direction you get depends on which group you end up with on any given day. But I hear most go that extra effort to entertain their guest.


The guide of Four Islands Mekong

The guide is a hoot.



The Tour Rest Stop

After an hour on the manic and chaotic bus drive through Saigon, you get to stop for a rest at the Tour Rest Stop, an area created explicitly for tour-goers. It’s a gorgeous setting with tropical style cafés and lush gardens with a fantastic water feature providing a picturesque backdrop. You will want to get your camera out at this rest stop, with the chance to take many pictures of nature and the tropical setting of the Tour Rest Stop.


Tour Rest Stop, Vietnam

The Tour Rest Stop.


Tour Rest Stop, Vietnam.

The Cafe at Tour Rest Stop.



Ving Trang Pagoda Buddhist Temple

Another day in Vietnam and another giant Buddha to marvel at during your day trip to the Mekong. The Ving Trang Pagoda is one of many great Buddhist Temples that can be seen in Vietnam or Southeast Asia. The Ving Trang Pagoda is no exception, with the State of Budai the main attraction amongst other popular statures.

Ving Trang Buddhist temple is on the Southern side of Ho Chi Minh City and is seen on tour before reaching the boats. Take some pictures and marvel and the delicate structures that Vietnam do so well; you can also do a little shopping and buy a few souvenoirs at the nearby markets.


Ving Trang Pagoda

The state of Budai at Ving Trang Pagoda, Vietnam.


Ving Trang Pagoda

Ving Trang Pagoda



Cruising the Mekong River

Cruising the Mighty Mekong River is an incredible feeling; a well-known river begins at the Himalayas and makes its way through Laos, Thailand, Cambodia before finishing in Vietnam. It’s an experience to be in the vicinity of the famous river in Southeast Asia and to cruise on the slow boats while admiring the views.

The crocodile filled section of the river around the Four Islands Mekong may not have the gorgeous scenery; the murky waters and the commercial boats can be a little off putting as they are everywhere. It’s important to look past it and admire the Mekong for what it truly is.


Mekong River, Vietnam

Cruising the Mekong River.


Mekong River, Vietnam

Not the cleanest part of the river, as you can see by the banks.



Coconut Candy Mekong Style

Checking out the locals make their coconut candy without the luxuries of a factory is quite fascinating, from shredding the coconut into powder to the mixing and the packaging. It is a detailed process with mainly female workers involved, who work quickly to get the job done and in a proficient matter.

On the taste, if coconut candy itself, it’s okay, but they are cheap, and why not reward those hard-working women by purchasing a pack of six. They could make great gifts for relatives who love their candy back home.


Making candy, Vietnam.

Busy at work making candy on Unicorn Island.


Unicorn Island

Unicorn Island is where most of the tour activities take place on tour.

On Unicorn Island, you learn how to make and try the tasty honey tea, pose with a giant python snake before the unfortunate horse and carriage ride, which is a strain on the horse (you don’t have to ride if you don’t wish). The activities on Unicorn Island begin to add up in quick succession, and the time starts to getaway.

A highlight of the day is the local villagers taking the group on a canoe ride through the canals, surrounded by many palm trees and local housing, creating a welcome relief from the heat, with full shade protecting the canal.

While more than enjoyable amongst pretty scenery, the canoe ride can get a little annoying when the villagers start spending more time begging for a tip than letting their guests enjoy the experience.

Unicor Island, Vietnam

Canoe the canals on Unicorn Island, Vietnam.


The snake handler

The snake handler.


Food of the Tour

A basic lunch is served to the group on Tortoise Island where we had the marinated pork with rice and vegetables but I hear the menu can change depending on the day. If you still feel hungry after the initial meal, you can purchase extra food or drinks at your own expense.

After lunch, you get a good hour to wander Tortoise Island, where resting crocodiles can be seen caged in large numbers, a few market stalls that sell local souvenirs and the best part is the hammocks, which gets a good workout with a few of the people in the group getting a bit of a shut eye after a feed.


Toroise Island on the Mekong

Tortoise Island on the Mekong River.

Four Islands Mekong

Resting on the hammocks at Four Islands Mekong.


Fruits of the tour and a Vietnamese concert

A bit of fruit with some tea was the last on the list in the Four Islands Mekong tour. You are treated to a marvellous performance of Vietnamese music by the locals, with the show running for about fifteen minutes and a variety of artist performing in the mini concert.

The enjoyable performance, contains a few basic instruments, their amazing soothing voices and beautiful women dressed in their traditional dress. It is a fantastic cultural experience to end a day, before heading back home and a sleep on the bus through the chaotic Vietnamese traffic.

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